Why Didn’t Capcom Rebalance Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition?

By Spencer . June 15, 2011 . 2:05pm


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike has graphic filters, single player challenges, and new music. What it won’t have is rebalanced characters. Capcom tweaked Super Street Fighter II HD Remix and even added new moves like a fake hadouken for Ryu, so I was curious why they didn’t rebalance Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition.


"We had discussed it, actually, somewhat extensively," Seth Killian, Strategic Marketing Director of Online & Community, answered. "The first time I wrote this document for this game was probably, maybe, two and half years ago. When we put together the basic pitch, we did have as part of the potential budget a rebalance. In order to achieve some of the other things I felt were absolutely necessary for the game to be released – budget was going to be an issue, playtesting in terms of time, and balancing was going to be an issue"


"Third Strike had over ten years of a competitive history," Killian added. "For anyone who wants to say the game is ridiculous in terms of balance or anything like that – there are very few games that have that kind of history that are actually as bad as they say they are. But, we do understand where they are coming from and it is something we considered."


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition will have a training mode to teach players how to parry. And for the pros you can upload replays directly on to YouTube. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition will also have downloadable content, but Capcom has not revealed what kind of content at this time.

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  • godmars

    Because its Capcom, and sadly they have a tendency to half-ass things.

    • kupomogli

      Either half ass things or hand off some of  their best franchises to developers who will half ass things for them.

    • I’m not sure if you’ve seen all the new features and stuff they’ve added to the Online Edition, but they’re definitely not half-assing things here.

    • fermented

      Except that there’s no half-assing here.  They made a conscious decision not to change the character balance because it would no longer be 3rd Strike but instead be a new game, SF3: 4th Strike.

      They’re aiming for the already established competitive 3S scene with an arcade perfect port along with bug/crash fixes while providing plenty of additional features and content to help new players learn the game.

      And oh yes, GGPO netcode.  That is all the reason I need to support this game.

    • mikanko

      This is pretty much the best port of a fighting game to console ever.  From the training mode to trials to online options it far surpasses any game on the market.  It’s as far from being half assed as it could possibly be. 

      Balancing a fighting game is a lot easier said than done.  Third Strike has fans who’ve loved the game over ten years now, and changing it would be doing them a disservice. 

  • RagnaXBL

    and this game was soooooooooo close to being perfect
    and they do this…

    • They already made a perfect version of Third Strike.  It was called Third Strike

      • BadenBadenPrinny

        Current age Capcom rebalancing 3s? do not want

      • neo_firenze

        EXACTLY.  Quite frankly, rebalancing a masterpiece had a better chance of making it worse than making it better.  Third Strike (one of my two all time favorite games, along with Alpha 2) simply doesn’t need it.  And to anyone who says otherwise, I say “You have no dignity!”

        Despite a high number of Ken/Chun/Yun in high level tournament play, you’ll still regularly see Ryu, Urien, Dudley, Makoto, Akuma, Ibuki, etc.  And really, that’s high level tournament play – the vast majority of people don’t have the skills to truly be affected by differences that may come out when you’re talking about the most highly skilled players.  Despite the fact that someone might be able to beat their brother, their buddies, and some people on XBLA… they’re no Daigo. 

        HATING the god awful graphics filter though, good thing that abomination can be turned off.  It’s definitely “Gutter Trash”.

        • mikanko

          The crisp filter isn’t so bad, the smooth one is pretty hideous though.  I’m really glad they have scan lines as an option too.  Props to them for including more than one filter option.

      • If you think Third Strike is perfect, you’re not a real fan. You’re just some fanboy who hasn’t watched much tournament footage or played at high enough of a level to see the game’s problems.

        There is no perfect fighting game. Treating third strike, one of the most imbalanced popular fighters, as a sacred cow is hilarious.

  • kupomogli

    “And for the pros you can upload replays directly on to YouTube.”

    I’m sure it’s for noobs also :P.

    • Fair enough, but I dunno if “noobs” will want to upload matches where they get pummeled. :P

      • No but the other side might want to, just to show how much they win.

        • True players will only upload matches with worthy opponents. There is no honour in thrashing gutter trash. 

    • Code

      No, there’s probably a filter for that >w<' It'll just upload bad replays to daily motion instead.

    • mikanko

      One of the coolest features is actually how you’re able to sort through other players matches and filter those of a certain ranking, character etc.  You can easily find a top player of a character you’re interested in playing, then browse through their matches to figure out tactics.  It seems far more detailed than any similar feature in other games out there. 

      It also seems pretty easy to filter out vids of random flow chart Kens if you’re not interested in learning the secret art of mashing DPs.

  • Scallion



  • Wait…new…music?  They changed the one thing that they SHOULDN’T have changed?

    • There are optional remixed tunes from Bionic Commando: Rearmed composer Simon Viklund.

      • RupanIII

        Nice, I liked his remixes on Final Fight Double Impact. But I also want to be able to switch back to the original OST.

    • mikanko

      It has multiple remixes and the original soundtrack. You’re allowed to choose whichever you prefer.

  • I still think they should have changed it so Chun-Li only had one stock for SA2. 

  • chun li is crazy strong but i am more worried about makato players.

    • Isnt’ Chun-li god tier in 3S?  I just read about her match-ups, and a lot of them are in her favor.

      • Chun is in the top 3x, along with Yun and Ken. (I don’t remember exactly who was top of the top)

        Now this said, Makoto was a rather close 4th. Mak in the hands of a skilled player can be absolutely terrifying. ‘dat damage!

  • d19xx

    Why? Purist and nostalgia geeks will nerd rage if you change anything. Bugs are easter eggs and unbalance gameplay is a feature etc to them :p

  • As long as Sakura is in it, I’ll roll with the punches.

    • Umm, I hope you’re prepared to be dissapointed then. . . 

    • Code

      Sadly Sakura isn’t in 3rd Strike omo;

  • xxx128

    Balanced fighters are nothing but a myth. Than handful of bland games that are actually balanced because every damn charater plays the bloody same are no fun at all.
    3S is probably the best fighter ever because the parry system puts a great deal of balance back into your street fighter game.
    I played 3s for years and its bloody awesome game design in every which way.
    I also found that those guys who were using terms like “top tier” etc all day werent really the most talented players to put it mildly. Great game, buy it despite the blurry upsaceled HD shite!!!

  • There IS a rebalanced version of 3s, called rev.b.

    No one liked it. You can check any arcadeboard street guide, rev.A is 4 times more expensive than the newer bug fixed version…

    On consoles 3s (on PS2,XBOX,DC), you can get those rebalances back in the options menu called “new blocking”.

    Seriously though, if capcom changed anything, you would not get the core base of fighting gamers to buy the game and everyone would make a massive stink about it at this year’s Evo.

    • neon6

      You mean like HD Remix?

  • I’m curious about that DLC line.  An upscaled port getting dlc?  Sounds interesting.  New costumes please!

    Hopefully they don’t mean playstation avatars,Avatar clothes or something along those lines.

    • The game’s menu has an option for downloadable content, so I suspect SFIII: 3rd Strike OE’s DLC is more than avatar items and gamertag pictures.

  • mikanko

    They already tried rebalancing Super Turbo with HD remix and they wound up making the game worse.  I think they learned their lesson.

  • Genei Jin and Urien infinite nerfs were needed Capcom! Damn you!

  • Capcom


  • this proves it! someone will always be dissatisfied. capcom threw in everything else except the kitchen sink, which means some will be pissed capcom didn’t add the kitchen sink too. if capcom did monkey around with the game play, I’m sure purists would die of heart attacks. Capcom cannot win.

    on a side note, if capcom ever truly needed a game to screw around with to rebalance the game play, it would not be street fighter. it would be marvel vs. capcom 2, which concentrates ultimate power in just a handful of fighters, while neglecting everyone else. Cable is down right sick, having the ability to HVB the entire opponents team all at once. I personally hope, at some later date, Capcom truly does toy with MVC 2, and tries to bring it into balance. THen we would see more people picking more bizarre teams, rather than sticking with Cable, magneto, sentinel, storm, etc.

  • PrinceHeir

    still kinda bummed they didn’t offer a balanace and unbalance mode :P

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