Snake, Mario, And Monster Hunter Mascots In Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2

By Spencer . June 16, 2011 . 5:37pm

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 has a take on social networking through the mintsubu system. Similar to Twitter, avatars chat and occasionally link players to event scenes.


Many of the avatars are video game parodies. See if you can spot "Sneak-san", Hunter-san, and Maryo standing next to characters like Nepgear, NIS, and Gust.












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  • They sure are putting a lot of love into this game. Can’t wait to play it. Did they say if the combat was going to be different? The first one was alright… but it didn’t fully hit it home with me. I liked the combat in Trinity universe slightly better. less stuff to memorize.

    Don’t get me wrong, still liked the game.

    Oh, and since this is a NIS topic(kinda) what happened to that interview they said they were going to do last week or so with NISA?

    • You mean the interview Siliconera was doing? It’s done and you’ll see it soon-ish… along with many other (some surprise) interviews.

      • DanteJones

        Oh Spencer, you tease. ;D

      • kroufonz

        hohoho tease us more spencer

    • kroufonz

      ah i remember siliconera have a chat with nisa prez in e3, haven’t seen any follow up after that mondai nai mk2 article,

      • Expectations are always a debacle when we do fan-powered Q&As…. but the interview took place and we have answers coming….

        The other alternative would be keeping interviews like this a secret, but I like to have reader feedback as much as we can (although.. the questions for the past two fan-powered Q&As weren’t up to par…)

        • Well, um, I couldn’t think of some great ones to ask. I did decide to get the 120 one from the website. And I do hope you asked the Disgaea vs Darkstalkers fighting/rpg.

          • I wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular, but since you brought it up – that’s the kind of question we wouldn’t ask because its basically a fan pipedream since it involves another company. Also NIS America’s parent company, Nippon Ichi Software would have to initiate it. If we were speaking with the president of NIS Japan that’s a different story then.

          • Ah, I see. Well, that was my first time I ever had a chance to ask a developer something like that. I should have thought have better things to ask. Last night I was thinking I should have asked about the VA’s of Disgaea 4, and when will we see an english trailer.

  • Rihawf


  • Maryo? Lol that is sly and I wonder what the Luigi lookalike is named? I only recognize Mario, Luigi and Toad any others?

    • It took me some time to see “him”… Look for a cardboard box…

  • DanteJones

    Is that… is that Aigis from Persona in the Leanbox pic, lower left?

    • No its not. Leanbox refers to Xbox franchies I believe

      • DanteJones

        Oh d’oh, that’s right, completely forgot. Ah well, it’d be awesome to see a Persona character but I dunno what the chances of that would be. XD

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    I love the creative wordplay in the Snake and Mario cameo / parody as スニーカ (suniiku) is very similar to スネク (suneku)

    It’ll be amazing if they won’t get in trouble with Nintendo considering how defensive they are with their IPs. I imagine having a character that looks similar to Mario and having their name spelled マリョ which sounds exactly the same as マリオ could possibly cause a bit of trouble.

    I don’t really get the Luigi one though. 二テール translates to two tail, I can only assume it’s a reference to how Luigi is a side kick like Tails.

    • niteeru.. miteru… “looks like”? maybe because he looks like mario? xD *just making up stuff*

  • Toad is so moe.

  • woifdsag89


  • Stop tempting me I really want this and this is my drought period for games yet it’s coming out in Japan first….

  • Guest

    Where’s Segata Sanshiro? I saw him last time

  • epy

    Hey NISA, how about another shipment of the first game? I can only find it at amazon or ebay going over 80 dollars!

  • maxchain

    I see what they did there with キノ子.

  • I’m curious about the Dark Nepgear >._.>
    (she’s between Iffy and Nepgear in the first picture. Red/Yellow hair accessory)
    She has almost the same name as Nepgear, except the last character is different.
    Anyone can tell me who she is? Or what they’re saying?

    • Knets

      The name seems to say “Nepgima”(??)
      since “ma(マ)” and “a(ア)” are somewhat the same looking shapes. Must be an imposter character or something.
      Oh and she says “Let’s have some fun tonight, just the two of us”

  • shy_mel

    I know it’s probably not him, but the chef in Lastation looks like the Wonder Chef from the Tales series a little bit to me. 

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    I really wish i could find the first one i really want it. :/

    • wakaki2d

      Order from Amazon or Gamestops website. Not tryn to support them but usually have niche games.

      • Jonathan Rodriguez

        At Amazon its about $80 but at gamestop its about 50$ but none are available is there a digital release on psn of the game? any other good places to try to get the game?

  • maryu ….

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