Insight Into The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Fishing Minigame

By Ishaan . June 19, 2011 . 12:30pm

The ongoing Iwata Asks feature for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has been updated with another entry. This time, Iwata speaks to another round of members from the development team of the original Nintendo 64 game.


Included on the panel is Kazuaki Morita, the programmer for the bosses and the fishing game in Ocarina of Time.


It turns out the fishing game was never “officially” planned for the game — Morita just went ahead and began to work on it in his spare time, until he could present it to the rest of the team and ask them to help flesh it out.

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  • hope someday to get a 3DS just for this.

    one of the best story and great graphics from it’s time.

    i like to reply it and between i still own my gold N64 cartrige

    • lostinblue

      One of the best stories told in a videogame up to this point.

      It’s just so good without being in your face it’s awesome.

      • Caligula

        I liked OoT and all, but the story was minimal at best, as it always is in Zelda games.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    Best fishing game ever.

    • kupomogli

      Breath of Fire 3 and 4 have the best fishing games.

  • When do I get to fishing? I just started today but stopped playing after I was forced to start at the beginning of a dungeon since saves apparently dont start me from where I left off, when my 3DS died. 

    • Once you go to Lake Hylia you can fish.

    • When you save in a dungeon you ALWAYS appear at the beginning of it >8D, its tedious but it makes your brain work more >8D and also you BECOME 1 WITH THE DUNGEON!!

      • Dude, it stresses me out, lol, its too hardcore for me.

        • lostinblue

          It’s also necessary. Imagine you were in the middle of something and haven’t touched it since forever, since dungeons work as sequence you’d be left stuck, beginning at the start means you’ll have to recall everything up to that point.

          Still, if it was just the batteries that died the game should have resumed as if it went to standby, that would be the right way to do it.

          • Its a portable title, I mean, surely starting where one last saved is normal for most games these days?

          • It’s a console title, put on a handheld. It’s also not your typical level to level game you play like God of War. 

          • You start at the entrance of the dungeon but everything you did inside of the dungeon is still done. You just need to explore a bit more to get back to where you were, which never takes more than a few moments, especially since you go all throughout the dungeon several times over most of the time.

            If modern games seriously get annoyed at having to walk a bit to where you need to go then I have to say that’s just lame and lazy. Exploring the dungeons and traveling the world is what sucks you into the game. At least, it’s what sucked me into the game when I was a kid back in 98.


        • Phoenix_Apollo

          It’s not like dungeons are uber big. Design wise, it would make more sense to start you off at the beginning. Let’s say for example that you screwed yourself and got stuck or got into an unwinnable situation (as rare as it might be). You’d have to restart completely, versus just at the beginning of the dungeon.

          Also, you do realize there’s no voice acting, right?

        • Joanna

          I didn’t like that about Zelda at first too, but it grows on you.

    • Did you get Farore’s Wind? If you can tell the battery is about to die (assuming the power light turns red when the die like the DS), use Farore’s wind then save. When you restart at the beginning of a dungeon, use the spell again to warp to the point where you last saved.

  • origami_samurai

    Woohoo just got a 10 pound fish to get the heart container, 9 hearts and on the water temple lol

  • WonderSteve

    Now I just need to wait for a revised 3DS to come out….with a longer lasting battery…

  • Man i remember stories about the infamous Hylian loach!

    we were like nah thats bs the magazines and guides are lying and then my bro caught it i was like :O

    That Gold scale was sexy

    sorry just went off on one after looking at the picture !

  • It’s sad that it was sold it on day one release for this game and it’s no joke on it.

    • fallen

      : (

  • Actually Aonuma caught him playing the fishing game and so the rest of the decided to make it into a minigame.

  • This is old news.

    Morita told this story once back when “Twilight Princess” was released…

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