Japan Gets HD Remastered Resident Evil Games On September 8

By Spencer . June 21, 2011 . 5:32pm

re4compAre you ready for El Gigante in HD? He’s coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Resident Evil: Revival Selection, a retail package with remastered versions of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, is slated for release on September 8 in Japan.


According to reports from Famitsu, Resident Evil: Revival Selection will be a two disc title on Xbox 360. The PlayStation 3 edition is on one Blu-ray. First run copies of the PS3 release will include a product code for a digital version of the Resident Evil archives special edition. This has over 100 pages of information from the Biohazard archives and Biohazard archives II books.


Resident Evil: Revival Selection will retail for 4,490 yen ($56). Capcom confirmed both games for North America, but Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X are digital downloads here.

  • darkfox1

    I wonder how Resident Evil 4 is gonna feel like on a Controller. I LOVED the Wii version for its controls. 

    • badmoogle

      ^I’ve played the PS2 version and the controls were great.

      I’m still undecided about this collection…the reverse bullshot fiasco of the early comparisons (for those who don’t remember Capcom downgraded GC RE4 screenshots in order for the HD ones to look significantly better) kinda put me off tbh.I guess i’ll be waiting for the reviews and other people’s opinions before i decide.

  • Wasnt there an image showing how many times RE4 has come out? Regardless, nice. I still need to find a point to enter the series, I wish they just did straight up movie adapttations. 

    • Draculoid

      I think 4 is a fine time to enter. Honestly, Thats the first RE game i played back when it came out on GC and you really don’t need much backstory considering its not even dealing with the virus or zombies. I got into 5 afterwards with still little trouble and later went back and played the earlier games. I also find the games do a good job of giving you lots of little pieces of mythology, it can get hectic at times to keep track of everything if your new but its easy to get the basics.

  • Looks like the year of the FPS games are going down. (Finally.) Bring on the HD remasters! 

    • I’m expecting the FPS Oversaturation backlash, anytime now, similar to the whole JRPG backlash, late last decade.

      Also, I’d love to get another chance to play Nemesis, as an HD redux.

    • Modern Warfare 3 will sell more than Black Ops. Battlefield 3 will still sell upwards of 6 mlns. Resistance 3 will sell a cool 2 mln at least. Halo remastering will still sell upwards of 2 mln. In terms of sells, FPS games will still reign supreme. 

  • Arcm

    Looks like I’ll be importing again. Disc > Digital

    • Aoshi00

      I prefer disc to digital too, but the text would be in Jpn though despite the dialogue being in Eng…  I dunno, if the price is right, I would go digital, like SF4 Arcade for $15 as DLC, I could forgo the $40 disc…

      I got RE5 on 360 and then got Gold on PS3 because it was on disc.. but I didn’t know it wouldn’t let you play the new DLC chapters until you finish the game first, and I don’t feel like playing the whole thing again.. so now I still haven’t played the 2 new chapters yet :(… I could’ve gotten the DLCs on 360 for real cheap when they were on sale before…

    • PrinceHeir

      agree ^^

      i mean Prince of Persia HD trilogy was dl exclusive at first but fan demand made them release on discs.

      plus i don’t have to worry about space and can borrow this on multiple consoles without having to redownload everything once again.

      come on capcom :P

      also please give us RE1 and RE0 Remake!!!

  • I tell you Japan seems like they don’t want to compete by making new games. Instead let us remake, remaster, reboot, and then throw it into a collection. They did  this with some of the anime, and now they are doing it with their games.

    • Aoshi00

      So far the ones getting HD collection like Tomb Raider, GoW, Ico, MGS/ZoE are worth it I guess, and more people get to play them if they didn’t have a chance before.. I just hope they don’t make HD collection for everything and anything.. but yea, this feels like getting people who own DVDs to buy the same titles on Blu-ray or Blu-ray/DVD combo again..

    • Jellybit

      I think you have some kind of confirmation bias going on here.  Let’s go over the games that are getting HD remasters:

      Sly Cooper Collection
      God of War Collection
      Prince of Persia Collection
      Tomb Raider Trilogy
      Splinter Cell Collection
      Ico Collection
      MGS Collection
      Silent Hill Collection
      ZOE Collection
      Resident Evil Collection

      That’s a pretty even split between western and eastern games.  No need to spin this as Japan not wanting to compete with the west.  It’s just smart business.  No one complains when they bring out Seven Samurai, or Aliens on Blu-Ray instead of “competing by making new movies”.  There’s nothing wrong with preserving classics in a way that makes the beloved creations more timeless, while not screwing with the original by just doing remakes/reboots (like movies are wont to do).

      By the way, I own Seven Samurai on DVD, and rebought it on Blu-Ray (even though my Blu-Ray player can play DVDs).  I did this because I love the movie so much that I want to have the best version of it that I can get. Something that preserves the classic in an even better way.  I rebought movies I owned on VHS when the DVDs came out for the same reason.  I never accused movie studios of trying to get away with not competing or whatever.  I was just happy to have my classics in an even richer capacity.  It’s strange to me that people are taking this accusatory perspective with games, when they recognize the value in movies.

  • Mister_Nep

    I think it’s naive to think it’ll stay a digital only release for long. Capcom probably just wants a download version out first, because it’ll fund printing for a disc version.

  • vadde939

    Any word on whether the EU release will be physical or digital? Since I don’t want to import a game in a language I don’t understand I’ll have to pass on this altogether if PAL regions are stuck with a digital only release too. -_-

  • Well, for those who played before good for you but please do not take the chance away for those who never get a chance to own a PS2 or PS1 when they were younger… Or for the new generation whom probably will not really get to taste the old consoles, by saying things only on your own side such as ripping such and such…. Classics should be experienced by every gamers!!

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I’ll definitely be downloading RE4. Code Veronica, though, I would have to know if they gave the option to play it with analog controls or if it’s still the tank. Tank controls were fine for me in 1998. I can’t deal with them now.

  • Nei_chan

    hm..if Europe is getting retail release i’ll wait and get the EU one.
    If it’s not and the jpn version is region free i’m gonna import.
    The problem is, if it will be no region or not, i don’t get capcom’s policy on this matter, half of their games are region free and the rest is not.
    Anyway the point is i don’t really like digital releases.

  • September 8 on Japan? It will then be released on September 19th on Europe and September 29th on America. Sounds like a dumb prediction but this release date pattern was seen with Resident Evil Mercenaries (which I preordered).

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