Universal Studios Monster Hunter Event To Have Full Scaled Monsters And Village

By Ishaan . June 21, 2011 . 4:01pm

This August, Capcom are holding a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd event at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. Part of the collaboration with Universal, they revealed, will be to create locations and monsters from the game in real life. Amongst these will be a full-scaled 1:1 model of the rare Silver Rathalos.


More monsters will be revealed in the coming weeks, such as Jinouga, Doboruberuku, Tigrex Subspecies and so on. Meanwhile, Studio 8 will contain a replica of the Spa House and Yukumo Village itself, from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, along with replicas of weapons and armour.


And yes, there will be Monster Hunter-themed food as well. The event, titled “The Real Monster,” will kick off on August 2nd, and will last for almost an entire month, all the way to September 30th.

  • KotaroInugami

    *RAGE QUIT* <<< American

  • Still hoping they will announce Monster Hunter for 3DS.. >.<

    • danemc95

      Id prefer one for the Vita tbh, cuz yknow, 2 thumbsticks

      • I know but Id prefer one for the 3DS tbh, cuz yknow, 3D without glasses.
        Also Monster Hunter Portable survive with the PSP so I don’t see any problems with the 3DS..

        • How would 3D benefit the game?

          • danemc95

            Exactly, 3d is just a gimmick, just like motion controls, it does in no way, shape or form improve how a game plays, which is what you buy games for.

          • Lan

            Okay, so? Just turn the 3D off and it’s still the MH game we all know and love!

  • I wonder if the world is ready for a life sized replica of Jhen Mohran or Deviljho

    • I guess by the time the world gets ready for Lao Shan Lung or Shen Gaoren.

  • Code

    rar, I wanna eat monster hunter foods omo; and sit on top the scale model replica Silver Rathalos omo;; Actually I just wish Capcom would announce 3rd for North America opo;;

  • ikiryou

    I’d give a wombat’s left buttock to take a photo with a Rathalos :)

  • Dammit, wish this was more popular in the US. I’d love to sit on the back of a Tigrex. Afterwards security would escort me out.

  • badmoogle

    Hope we’ll at least see some photos…

  • heartless141

    gah osaka. no dice for me then :(

  • I’m pretty sure that rathalos picture’s scale is off.  I’ve never battled any rathalos that my character could without issue fit comfortably inside the tail of.  Oh well.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the models though!  XD

  • August 2nd to September 30th is almost two months, not one.

  • shuratan

    Oh why can’t I go to Japan whenever I want to :(

  • lets see if they will put a real life size raviente in it lol

  • Gundams and now Monsters. Ohhh I so want to go to Japan again.

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