All About Nora And The Time Studio’s Battle System

By Spencer . June 22, 2011 . 2:37pm

While gathering items to synthesize, Nora may run into monsters. Nora and the Time Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest has two places where you can get attacked. On the world map, monsters are shown as icons so you can decide whether or not to fight. Encounters are random on fields rich with items you tap to collect.


nora2 nora1


Don’t let the grid mislead you; Nora and the Time Studio is traditional RPG. Players start by selecting three party members and placing them on a 3 x 3 grid. The formation affects attack power and range.


nora3 nora4


Battles are turn based and similar to the Atelier series, the main character relies on using items to deal heavy damage. Nora can use her time bending powers to synthesize items in the middle of a fight. Other party members back Nora up with special attacks and support skills. One character can steal items, likely an important ability if she can pilfer materials.


nora6 nora7  nora8 nora9nora10 nora11 nora12 nora13


Nora and the Time Studio doesn’t end if your party gets wiped out. The entire group returns home with time lapsing one day, presumably so injured characters can rest.


Atlus has Nora and the Time Studio slated for release on July 21.

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    rar, there’s something obscenely cute about this battle system opo;

  • “The entire group returns home with time lapsing one day, presumably so injured characters can rest.”

    Does this game have events mapped to certain days?  That can motivate gamers to not fall in battle.

    • If it’s anything like the Ateliers, some specific dates have events that can’t be seen in any other day, like new year festivities and such.

  • The pixel art is so charming!

    No game overs when a party is wiped out? That’s great!

    Do want~

  • I love the bleaching color vibe nostalgic feeling this gives off. It makes me truly think I am looking at and will be playing a old school traditional rpg.

    • puchinri

      Right? It’s definitely one of the cooler parts of the game.

  • Killin’ em with cuteness.

  • The sprites are adorable! Reminds me of sprites from Pokémon games, except a tad more magnified.

  • puchinri

    I’m really excited about this game~. Has there been any talk or hints of localization yet? I don’t remember seeing any.

  • Any word on the game’s music composer?

  • I’m going to be stealing everything. >:D

  • you know, the more they feature nora on siliconera, the more i’m eager to play it even in japanese version.I know this is Atlus we’re talking about but at least we take precautions right………..

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