Here’s A Proper Persona 4 Anime Trailer

By Ishaan . June 24, 2011 . 12:00pm

After all the teasing and brief clips, here’s a proper promo video for the Persona 4 anime, scheduled to air in Japan this October. It’s nice to see some of the effects from the games made it in:


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    AND YUKIKO<33333333333

    MAAAN!! i cant wait to see the persona games become more popular after this, and if someone just doesnt play games, the people that watch anime can still feel this awesomeness. (even if i still feel P3 is more epic and would make ppl cry T-T)

    Me talking to friends about persona 4 while they watch me clueless days might end soon :D!

    • Shinji Kazuya

      Chie & Rise <3333333
      I hope the Original Soundtrack will be as awsome as the game one!!
      And yes, THIS WILL BE DAMN EPIC!!!

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Awesome, I’m even more fired up for Persona 5 now! ;)

    • Shinji Kazuya

      I sure am hoping for a Persona 5 into the near future! Can always hope!

      • They are making us wait so much T-T

        • Shinji Kazuya

          I know!!! ;_;

        • DanteJones

          Maybe something at TGS this year! Maybe!!

          • Crimson_Cloud

            Yeah, I hope so too. 

  • Not in the US, huh?

    • An anime coming out in the US the same time in Japan?

      We can dream big dreams…

      • Zero_Destiny

        As far as I know it only happened once. Kurokami (Black God) was the first ever anime to be simultaneously released in Japan and the US. At least as far as I know.  It was dubbed and each episode aired like a day after they aired in Japan.

        Though Kurokami was originally only on some channel that’s broadcasted over a small range. So it was only on in certain areas like New York City. But Bandai did eventually do an internet simulcast through youtube (as a dub only too) like half way through the show. So yes it has happened.

        But I’m just stating this as trivia and not saying that this is common (it really isn’t) or that it would happen with this anime. We’d be lucky if someone gave us a release a year or so down the line.

        • That would be very nice if it happened. And I didn’t know that happened Zero thanks for telling me.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    I can’t wait to watch this anime!!! I’m a huge fan of the Persona games and 4 is my favourite so far by a long shot. PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION HERE I COME!

  • malek86

    They should be able to easily put the entire story in 13 episodes, if they skip all the filler cutscenes. But then, without the filler cutscenes, it wouldn’t be half as fun.

    • Ren

      But you forgot something. It’s anime, and they alway try extend it the most to profit more with DVD/Blu-ray sales. It’s the reason why so many anime have horrible pacing (looking at you Stein;Gate, 3 episodes for what the manga adaptation did in one).

      • Haruhi Suzumiya 2, 8 episodes for ONE chapter~

        • Yui

          Ugh, Endless Eight! Ridiculous. The most annoying thing I’ve ever encountered in a series. Highly rewarding when it finished up, but still…I’d much rather have just seen it twice, thanks. XD

      • Aoshi00

        Wait, what, Steins;Gate anime had excellent pacing, it was a very long game, some Jpn players finished it in 30+ hrs, I logged in like 50+ hrs (since I don’t read as fast as Japanese).  Right now they’re half way in the story at ep12 by staying pretty faithful to the game (total 24 eps) alrdy omitting some details that wouldn’t flow in the anime, if it were a regular 13ep, it would’ve been a condensed mess. I thought they managed to squeeze in a lot in every episode. The Steins;gate anime is probably one of the best anime I’ve seen in a long time, I intend to collect it on blu-ray like I did for Honey & Clover. The animation quality is very consistent and the voice work was excellent as usual, all the animation is drawn by Jpn studios instead of being outsourced to Korea or China, they really pulled out all the stops. maybe the first half of the story was too slow paced for people who didn’t play the game?

        I have not read the manga though, I don’t know how the story is in the manga, but from what I heard on Amazon Jpn, the manga is horrible compared to the game. In the anime, they could’ve never gotten to ep12’s contents at ep6, that would require omitting pretty much everything. Even the detailed explanation of time traveling by Kurisu (how she explains all the theories are impossible in practice), they just glossed over it in the anime because it would take too long.. the anime’s pacing is alrdy faster than the game’s. Just for reference, the game had 11-12 chapters (each one quite long), so w/ the anime having 24 episodes, it’s like 2 episodes per chapter.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Getting 26 eps. out of P4 is gonna be a bit of a stretch and I can see the claim that Steins is still a bit ‘talking head’ at times. In P4s case you ain’t gonna be jumping into endless shadow fights (hopefully) or the months or more of downtime in between each character’s arc.

          World God Only Knows got a bit creative the first season where they used mini eps (15 mins) — finish one, start the other, or just move quicker. I could see such working in P4, where you still get 1.5 or 2 eps per adventure, just paced differently. 

          • Aoshi00

            I still haven’t beat P4 yet, I just beat the stalker in the 8 bit castle dungeon and Naoto just came out.. so I don’t know how long the anime should be.  The length of the episode isn’t important, it’s always 25mins (I don’t like the mini ep format, it would feel like each ep having not enough or too much is cramped in), I just want them to take their time and not omit a lot.  It’s like Scott Pilgrim the movie, it’s only 2 hours, so of course it only used stuffs here and there from the 6 graphic novels (like the Jpn Dragon twins had no story or lines at all and Kim didn’t get kidnapped, the game was closer to the comic), I would love to see it animated like the MTV short, wait it’s Adult Swim on CN, it would’ve turned out to be 12-13 episodes instead of 2 hrs, like each graphic novel being turned into 2 eps..

            But Steins;Gate, yea, it’s not really an action game w/ supernatural battles like other RPGs, it’s a visual novel and there’s lots of lots of meaningful dialogue, it took me over 50 hrs to finish the game (I played it bit by bit for weeks).. but the anime really added a lot of different location and animation compared to the game.  I have decided to collect the whole series on blu-ray w/ the bonuses.. the first blu-ray just cost me like a $100 *.*…  I just hope the animation quality for P4 anime would be good, I love Steins;Gate’s new anime char design different from huke (not like BRS) and that the animation quality is very consistent, they didn’t outsource to studios like Korea or China at all, all the animation are done in house if you look at the end credit of each ep, it’s been a long time I’ve seen an anime all drawn in Jpn.

  • I don’t watch anime all that much anymore but I am so excited for this. Although some may disagree, I think P3 should get an anime as well. (but that might just be me being such a fan girl over P3 lol)

    Can’t wait to watch this! (esp. when they get to the school trip to you-know-where)

    • Darkrise

      P3 had an anime adaption a few years ago that was completely unrelated to the original plot, it was very disappointing. =/

      • I don’t even regard Trinity Soul as a P3 Anime >_<

  • Elemiel


    • Exkaiser

      Oh, it’s not thaaaat exciting. They moved in-game, too.


    Yu’s talking! :O

    HE’S TALKING!!!!!!

  • DanteJones

    I’m glad they kept the close ups of the characters when they do an attack, always loved those in the Persona games. 

  • papuruka

    Definitely looking forward to how the anime’s gonna portray the Social Links; one of the past teasers showed paper cranes.

    It’s important, since it’ll lead up to the eventual face-off between Yu and Margaret and the reasons behind her doing so.

    Also, eventual voices. Johnny Yong Bosch as both Yu and Adachi? FRIKKIN’ SWEET!

  • Chow

    YEAH GUY! ;)

  • solbalmung

    this looks quite promising :O
    Now I just wonder wich ending will they choose to adapt for the conclusion, the good ending, the true ending or a new one……

    • I’m hoping for something new, personally…

  • Caligula

    While I’m doubtful the plot will easily translate over into another medium like anime, the animation does look pretty nice.

    I hope the MC is still silent.  Just because.

    • Hahaha! That would pretty interesting. Usually in games, most characters just put words in the silent protagonist’s mouth. It’d be great to see that in action in anime.

      “What’s that? You’ll help me do a whole bunch of fetch quests? Thanks!”

      • That wouldn’t be interesting, that would be really, really stupid.

        Its already annoying to me in a videogame.

        • Ryos

          I generally find it to be a pretty poor characterization device, though if the character actually IS a mute, then it’s not so bad. 

          I’m somewhat interested in the anime version of this, but I’m a little hesitant about the Persona attack graphics.  Though since it’s anime, the odds are there may not be a whole lot of combat scenes anyway…

        • Of course it’d be stupid, but it’d be interesting to see it happen in anime.

          There was a movie I watched, where a character was never able to say anything without being interrupted until the very end where he pulls off the manliest of all monologues.

          But yeah, in video games, it’s not exactly the most revealing of a character. Although, some of the “choices” that you’re given to respond with can be pretty telling sometimes.

        • Aoshi00

          I was ok w/ mute MC back then like in Chrono Trigger, because none of the other chars actually “speak”, but in P4, everyone speaks out loud, so it’s weird his dialogue is limited to text and everyone puts words in his mouth..  It’s hard for me to get immersed in a VN unless the MC actually has a voice, otherwise it feels like the other chars are just talking to themselves (like both MCs in Chaos Head or Steins;Gate actually talk), it gives them more personalities, instead of being a distant observer from afar.

          • Which reminds me! It always irked me when voiced games gave the option to name your protagonist, which resulted in an awkward pause in dialogue, It kinda made me giggle through the entire Suikoden V.

            “Ohhh >silence<, my son." :/

          • Aoshi00

            I know, the unnatural pause is very awkward to me too, like “Oh… you!”..  I don’t like picking my own name either.

    • Doubtful. He talks in the Manga I believe.

      • AnimusVox

        Just to make you believe more in yourself; he does.

      • Aoshi00

        He’s been talking in the 3 drama CDs too, but now he just has a different name :)

    • I disagree, the plot was pretty much built in an anime format that would work as a video game.  Also when you get right down to it the protaganist has a personality.  Most proper S-link answers were of a similar tone, personality, and intention.  Same with persona 3 as well.

  • Commencing fangirl scream in 3… 2… 1…

  • puchinri

    I don’t know if I really want to watch this… But it does look cool, and I’m wondering how they’re going to translate everything into the anime. 
    (Who’s social links will stay and which will be left out, etc.?)

    • Ryos

      My guess would be the characters will be there (if in limited doses) but the concept of social links won’t.

      • puchinri

        Ahh. Yeah, I was mostly wondering which relationships would be focused on most (and if even all of them would be explored). But that’s a good point, limited doses may be the way they go (maybe with plenty of characters).

    • AnimusVox

      I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this anime either, despite my love for the SMT series and this game, it just seemed a bit pointless considering I beat the hell out of the game and know what’s up.
      But than with the anime it could go more in depth with each character, preferably Naoto considering he wasn’t in the game that much and was near the end.

      • puchinri

        Yeah, pretty much. And then there’s also taking into consideration what parts of the game we enjoyed most personally and what parts the anime might focus on instead.
        But that’s a good point. If anything, I’d watch near the end of the anime just to get more Naoto.

  • I really can not wait for this!! It looks like all the original VA for the main cast at least is still intact. AT least I’m hoping. Even though I know some of VAs in Japanese.

    Also the trailer music is awesome as well

    My concern is how many episodes will the P4 anime will have? Here’s hoping for 26(+).

    • Caligula

      I feel like 26+ episodes would be unnecessarily dragging things out, but that’s just me.

      • But 13 feels so unjustified giving the story. 22-26 is my final offer XP

  • Xeahnort

    I hope some quality fansub group have plans to sub this anime.

    Every day’s great at your Junes

    • Zero_Destiny

      It would be really great if someone like Crunchy Roll simulcasted this anime. I would love that. ^_^ Well it would be great for me and other people in the regions that can access them. Sadly licenses are hard to apply to a global market. :( Anyways I would love for an easy access simulcast. If not though then I do hope someone subs it. (Though this is PERSONA so I’m not really worried about that. lol).

  • I really want to see this!!!

  • Strain42

    Am I the only person who really doesn’t care about this anime? I mean sure, it may have a few cool fight scenes and some fanservice but…I mean we know the story already. What’s the point?

    • MisterFoxInc

      That’s true. Atlus be milkin’ again! Still, although I was pretty much of the same opinion as you, I’m game now. WELP

    • Because Persona 4.

    • Maybe because of its release, they missed out on potential fans. This is prolly more for the people who haven’t played the game. The only reason why it makes sense to make this anime, to me at least, is prolly cuz they’re gonna release new games.

  • I’m gonna watch this whole series. Then I’m going to go and pick up the giant bright yellow premium box set that we all know NIS will release sometime next year

  • Rihawf

    No Naoto :(

  • This looks awesome

  • nanako’s pudding in 720p

  • The animation doesn’t look much different from the game and the colours are faded.

  • cj_iwakura

    Wow. This is looking phenomenal. PLEASE don’t let me down.

  • ZBaksh386

    i need that dubbed fast.

  • Wow! This is really great news! I really loved the game and I wanted to repeat it but my cd was broken. :(

    I picked Yukiko as my girlfriend on the game. I wonder who will the protagonist will be picking here. :) 

  • ZBaksh386

        I do want the main character to be fleshed out more and him being an actual person because his player insert self won’t really work in the context of an anime where you can’t decides things for him like how he reacts to certain situations or what clubs he joins.

     Plus him not having voice wont really work here unless they establish him as a mute which could work.

      As long as they don’t make him into the next tsukune aono from rosario+vampire then we would be fine because that dude would work out better as a player character in persona since he had no real personality or traits that made him unique.

  • PrinceHeir

    i need to finish the game O_O

    • I need to get a PS2 again and a copy! But I don’t see that happening, even when I have the money and the means to do so.

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