Nintendo of America Take Notice Of Xenoblade Chronicles Fan Campaign

By Ishaan . June 26, 2011 . 5:38pm

“Hey fans, we appreciate your enthusiasm. Look for more updates to come soon!”


That’s a message Nintendo of America left on their Facebook page after a fan movement campaigning for localizations of Wii games Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, dubbed “Operation: Rainfall,” took off on the IGN message boards.


Eventually, the movement snowballed and fans took to mass-pre-ordering Xenoblade Chronicles (currently known as Monado: Beginning of the World in the U.S.) on Amazon, resulting in it rising it to the top of the videogame charts on the site.


Developed by Xenosaga developer, Monolith Soft, Xenoblade Chronicles, under its U.S. name, Monado, was listed on Nintendo of America’s release calendar for many months after they showed the game at E3 2009. In fact, the game was shown in the U.S. even before Japan, but little has been heard regarding a U.S. localization since. In Europe, Xenoblade Chronicles is slated for release this year.


Judging by their Facebook message, Nintendo of America have taken notice of attempts by fans to get them to be more forthcoming on the issue of a U.S. release.

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  • Eddie

    Good to hear!

  • Nice, however, I feel it would be given some 2012 release date, if they havent been working on it already. Actually maybe they have been working on it and would announce its release date just two months before release, its not like they havent done that before…

    • Tatsuya1221

      Well they did it with dragon quest 6, i don’t see why they wouldn’t with xenoblade.

      Nintendo seems to be very careful about putting a release date on any of their releases that aren’t mario, zelda, etc, games they know will sell.

  • shy_mel

    I do hope something happens because of the effort people are putting in this operation.  Thanks to all of y’all!

  • thaKingRocka

    I’m really confused as to why they wouldn’t localize these games. I always thought they were meant to be big releases. I’m not really interested in Xenoblade, but I really want to play The Last Story and I thought Pandora’s tower was an action game. Those aren’t all that tough to localize. I hope they come through with these games, but I’d settle for just The Last Story. I really enjoyed Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey was pretty cool.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Now this is what can be called “Fans United”! Putting the game in 1st place on Amazon top 10 Bestsellers list is a great feat in my opinion. Can’t wait to play the game! Waiting impatiently for Nintendo of Europe to announce the PAL release date.

  • Nice to hear that Nintendo finally realized that a whole community wants those games. I really hope that when those updates comes they will confirm Last Story and Pandora’s Tower too.

    With Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Kirby and Zelda; that’s a good way to say goodbye to the Wii (it would be even better if they consider Fatal Frame 4, Disaster and others)

    • puchinri


      And I still want Capt Rainbow… (But I know to be realistic about it!)

  • AnimeRemix

    I’m guessing that in the end, America will get all 3 games, or at least 2 of them. Glad that NOA is noticing how much us Wii Gamers want these games. 

  • Dimentionalist

    Allow me to repeat something someone posted back when they announced Graces due to fan requests.

    “Funny how the power of annoy works.”

  • SirRichard

    It’s really hard not to be negative about this, but Nintendo of America are seriously coming off as jerks in regards to localizing anything for the Wii. I mean, they seem DEDICATED to not localizing Xenoblade and they’re only doing it now seemingly because of pressure.

    Meanwhile, Nintendo of Europe (those magnificent people) are not only localizing Xenoblade, but are now apparently doing The Last Story too ( ).

    Now I wish I didn’t give my Wii away…

    • Shinji Kazuya

      Oh My God! Are you serious? I can’t read that, don’t understand French (it’s French right?). If NoE brings The Last Story too I’ll explode of happiness! :3

    • Zero_Destiny

      Hm Not gonna say I’m happy about the lack of RPG’s for the Wii in the States but I wouldn’t say jerks. More like for whatever reason Nintendo found those games not profitable over here. But now that the fan base has come out and is being more vocal they may reconsider it.

      There’s that or there’s the fact that Nintendo is just usually silent about their products. Maybe Nintendo of Europe is just being more vocal about it and Nintendo of America is in fact releasing the games as well. Of course if this is true then we have to evaluate Nintendo of America’s silent marketing. I guess that could be jerkish.

      Ether way I don’t think jerk is how I would word. Just a business being a business. No one is gonna release a product if they don’t think it’ll sell or are worried that it won’t reach expectations. Even if there is an already available European release if Nintendo of America is worried that it won’t sell they won’t release it. Losing money is not a good thing after all. It’s more like for whatever reason Nintendo of Europe is ether more vocal about their game releases or just have more confidence in these kinds of games.


    • kylehyde

      We are the world

      We are the gamers
      We are the ones who make a brighter day

      So let’s start playing

      There’s a request we’re making

      We’re saving our own console

      It’s true we’ll make a better day

      Just you and me.

  • Hey It worked with Tales of Graces, why not Xenoblade? Just like with Namco, Nintendo probably see’s it’s hard to ignore fans that want to give you money. 

  • Didn’t Operation: Rainfall took off on GoNintendo first, then IGN linked to it?

    It might just be me, but I’m personally hoping for a Last Story remake for Wii U’s launch instead, I feel that that game deserves a bit more attention (and what better than being an epic first party title launching alongside the hardware?), than being a forgotten final gem on Wii. The original Paper Mario on N64 suffered that fate and it became a very hard to find game because it sold so horribly.

    • I think making it a launch title for Wii U would be riskier than a straight localization, especially considering said localization has been so iffy.

      The Wii was  a nice console that never quite got the quality of developer support it deserved, and a lot of gamers felt scorned by their purchase. They crave games like The Last Story, and what better way to send off a system than give folks the games they’ve really been waiting for?

      Make it a Wii U title and you not only have folks regretting their original Wii purchase even more, but also considerable doubt with the new system. The Wii U looks like a lovely console, but I think people have every right to be skeptical. Nintendo and third-party developers had promised support in the past only to flake out. It’s also only about 50% more powerful than the competition’s 6-year-old offerings, launching at least two years before any other new consoles. It will in all likelihood be the recipient of mostly ports until the PS3 and Xbox 360 are succeeded and even then there’s no guarantee that Wii U will receive enough exclusive content after its competition launches.

      Nintendo’s found themselves in a very tight spot in my opinion.

  • I wish people would stop demanding this game be released in English. Don’t they realize that if it does get released outside of Japan, it won’t be cool anymore?

  • DanteJones

    I’ve been following the group through IGN and gamefaqs for the past couple days, and it’s something amazing to watch.

  • Wonderful news! I just modded my Wii the other day to be region free, now I feel kinda silly. D:

    Sure hope The Last Story is picked up though. Mistwalker is just about my dream team at this point, maybe a few members shy. I’d hate to miss one of their high profile games.

    • puchinri

      Well it was smart to do anyway, for just in case. And maybe there might be another title that’ll see use for the modding~.

      I’m hoping for TLS too. Maybe they won’t talk about too soon, but I hope they say something at least.

      • I figured I’d still import Xenoblade if the NA release drifts too far from the European release.

        As long as it’s in English I’m not too worried where it comes from.

        • puchinri

          That’s smart~.

  • Jirin

    I mailed Nintendo to ask them about it and they said “It has already been confirmed for localization, it just hasn’t been given an official date.”  Also, it’s already been translated to English, so it wouldn’t even cost them anything.  I really think the chances of not getting this game are zero.

    Companies that localize JRPGs to the USA just need to realize that JRPG fans have gotten really paranoid about their most anticipated games getting localized, and start telling us stuff sooner.

    • Croix

      Too true. Titles that aren’t Final Fantasy in the genre are always at least a bit of a mystery as fans are becoming aware of the troubles of localization, and the especially large (and vocal) fanbase behind the Tales series is feeling a bit the victim on this front.

      I’ve been looking forward very much to both Last Story and Xenoblade, as it had a lot to do with why I bought my Wii last year. Glad to know that it may not be in vain.

    • puchinri

      That’s encouraging~. And agreed on the translation and such (and from what I remember, it did sound like a ton to translate, so I understood if they were going to take a while).

  • Xenoblade 3DS  Pleaseeeeeeeeee.!!!!!!!

  • kroufonz

    i’ll believe it when i see it NoA!

  • puchinri

    I saw a comment about the letters and everything too (and considered sending my own). Glad they notice. I wondered if they’d stay quiet or not.
    I’m hoping we’ll see some confirmation (and maybe they can use some/all of NoE’s localization or none), but I just want to see Xenoblade localized. Getting TLS and Pandora’s Tower too would be awesome.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Yes, I know it is Amazon, but Monado has been on there since darn near the launch of the Wii — 3 years at least. That means even back then, some sort of ID number had been generated for it. It’s great we may see it, but I’d be really hard pressed to draw a direct link to the effort flipping any final ON switch at NOA.

    Hobbyist-targeted games like niche RPGs are very often the last games to show up for a console; as hobbyists keep systems long after others have moved on. The Saturn had Rayearth, HM64 was very late to the party for that system, Sakura Wars on the PS2 and even that last series of GBA RPGs from Atlus and a few other brave souls.

    • I sort of see this as being identical to the Catherine situation a few months ago. The game was always coming out, it was actively being worked on. The only problem was, people weren’t willing to wait, so they flooded Atlus and spread rumours, which eventually resulted in a similar, “Wait for further news” type message.

      I dunno, I appreciate the effort all of these people are putting in, but these games were always going to come out, imo. Folks just need to learn to wait.

      • Agreed, though it is fairly disheartening as a fan when you get a response similar to what Nintendo originally gave for The Last Story. From developers like Mistwalker and Monolith, boasting the credits of Sakaguchi, Uematsu, Takahashi, etc., “No current plans” carries an all too familiar sting that usually follows long bouts of silence rather than the acknowledgement of an official statement.

        Really, it can be difficult not to become bitter as a Western JRPG fan these days, though I’m sure you’re well aware considering you’re contributing the news we all complain about. :P

        However, Nintendo did admit that their original statement was a poor choice of words and that localization of TLS wasn’t completely ruled out, so kudos to them. I think they’re actually handling the situation about as well as you can for a subject that’s so fragile on both sides of the fence.

        Edit– Well, that was meant to be a reply to Ishaan. Not sure why it showed up as an entirely new comment thread. :(

        • Yea, like Jirin said in this thread, JRPG fans seem more paranoid now than ever. I don’t know if it’s entirely fair to expect publishers to take that paranoia into account, though. If you’re someone like NIS and JRPGs are your largest source of revenue, then yes, you’d be smart to ease the concerns of your fans. 

          If you’re a larger publisher and you have such a wide breadth of titles, you can’t always cater specifically to every single niche. It is possible, of course, and it would be fantastic if they hired an external party to help them do it, but  well… 

          • Ladius

            As much as I would like to see many more jrpgs localized I have to agree, if you consider the whole multiplatform offer the jrpg localizations are astoundingly numerous for such a niche market, to the point that’s economically taxing to support the whole offer and almost impossible to play all of them (at least if you’re a working adult).

            Of course there are still bizarre occurrences where a series isn’t localized even if it could sell far better than most of the other niche titles, or of titles that could be more profitable if handled differently, but still the situation is incredibly better than it was back in the days, when fans actually didn’t even know of niche Japanese games (no Siliconera back then :P) and the localization of such titles was almost an event.

      • Ladius

        I think the two situations are a bit different, Atlus USA has an history of localizing every SMT-Persona game (and Catherine is a Persona Team title, even if it isn’t a jrpg), and personally even if I’m not a fan of Atlus USA’s recent localization patterns I never doubted that Catherine or P2 IS were being translated (Devil Survivor 2 was a great surprise, though :) ).

        Nintendo is a different beast altogether, with many titles released only in Europe, or only in the USA (sometimes even to the detriment of their Japanese fans, see Advance Wars Days of Ruin) and even more staying in Japan. After NoE localized Another Code Wii, Disaster DoC, Last Window, Inazuma Eleven, Solarobo and other titles that won’t be published by NoA in the USA I think our American friends had many reasons to worry about Xenoblade’s arrival in their market, and the lack of XB-related announcements at E3 (when the game had already been announced for the European market) was truly worrisome. Amazon’s preorder page could be seen in many ways, since it was opened back in the days of the first trailer (before the game’s name was changed to Xenoblade in the Japanese market).

        Of course you may be right, and the lack of XB infos on NoA’s part might be simply a mistep in a crowded period, but then again I think consumers have every right to speak up, provided they are polite enough and really want to support the titleseries (and that’s the problem with part of the Tales fanbase, sadly).

        • Agreed. NOE have handled themselves far better on several occasions and been more forthcoming, but something we’ve wondered though is if the lack of info on a U.S. localization is because they’re trying to figure out when to release it. 

          Nintendo’s a Japanese company, and they’ve lost a lot of money due to the state of the dollar in comparison to the Yen and Euro. Perhaps NOA aren’t talking because they don’t even know themselves when the “right” time to release the game would be. 

          Just saying, it’s super easy to point fingers, but we all need to keep in mind that NOA aren’t much more than a sales/marketing mouth piece. It’s very clear that Iwata’s the one that calls the shots in the majority of cases, and this could be one such situation. :)

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yup, we are talking about times where a first party US release is a guaranteed 20-25% paper loss day one. That has to be brought into consideration with a genre in decline, and with developers whose titles have not been completely accepted by many of these same vocal folks as of late.

          • Ladius

            Sure, and I fear Baten Kaitos Origin’s terrible performance as an USA-only localization could be the reason of NoA (or NCL)’s unwillingness to localize Xenoblade, even if the two situations aren’t really so similar because of the different hardware and market contexts.

            I really hope fans are able to make this venture profitable if NoA caves in and decides to publish the game in the USA, considering how Amazon charts work it isn’t as difficult as many think to boost a game to the top 10 if some hundreds of fans order the game in a short time frame, but the game will need to sell tens of thousands of copies to set a good precedent.

      • malek86

        In that case, however, it would be Nintendo’s fault for keeping silent. If they were indeed working on the game, why not say it immediately? It’s not like they waited a lot to talk about the next SSB (apparently it’s not even in development yet!), Pikmin 3, the new Super Mario for 3DS…

        I don’t see Nintendo as the kind of company that waits until the last minute to announce their games (though they do wait a lot to show the results), so I don’t think they were actually working on Xenoblade already.

      • FStubbs

        Atlus has lost a lot of fan goodwill over the past year and a half with their Naruto/wRPG/minigame focus these days. That was why the Catherine situation happened.

  • The Emperor is displeased with NoA’s apparent lack of progress.

  • I’m not a Wii owner, but I’m glad to see that a Nintendo system is getting some RPG loving. FINALLY!

  • About time NOA took notice to fan demands.  :|

  • Croix

    Agree or disagree: titles and series in particular genres would do better if tied to particular consoles.

    For sake of illustrating what I’m getting at, would games like Xenoblade and The Last Story have been more profitable had they been released for the PS3, the current console which statistically has the largest library of JRPGs? But I don’t mean to limit it to just these games. This is something I wonder about on a regular basis. In my opinion, there were titles that thrived on the PS2 because it was the console owned by people who loved JRPGs. I think there are a lot of games on that system that, had they been released for Xbox or Gamecube for example, they would have sold not nearly as well. Not because of anything to do with those systems in particular or the companies behind them, but just because the consoles trended certain genres. A fan of the (at the time) newest shooters probably didn’t go for a Gamecube over an Xbox back in the day.

    The current consoles have a lot of overlap now, which is great for the console sales, but I wonder if it’s hurting the individual games. My personal opinion is that the Tales series in particular would be a lot more popular if it stuck with a particular console line (especially as their main titles generally trend toward Sony consoles, which I still believe has the best reputation as a platform for JRPGs).

    But that’s just my opinion. I want to know what other people think.

    • Croix

      (Also note that this is NOT in any way a request or plea for Xenoblade or The Last Story to get a PS3 release. I already own a Wii and would be happy to play these games on it, and I think a port would be unlikely, difficult, and perhaps not profitable at this point.)

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        As a PS3 owner, as much as it would be cool to see them, they are owned by Nintendo, so PS3 ports would be just as impossible as the God of War series showing up on the Wii U.

    • I think it’s difficult to say one platform would be best this generation. Perhaps in Japan it would be fairly obvious, seeing that PS3 versions of previously exclusive Xbox 360 JRPGs sold significantly more copies, but in the West I’m not so sure.

      The PlayStation 3 might statistically have more JRPGs, but the Xbox 360 has some of the very best we’ve seen this generation. Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia. The first two sold surprisingly well, the latter not so much.

      As a developer/publisher I could see the Xbox 360 as a viable option due to the early push for JRPGs on the system, particularly Mistwalker’s success, and even Final Fantasy XIII’s performance on the platform. However, with the PS3 getting a handful of Xbox 360 ports, Graces f and, eventually, Versus XIII, the system is also a strong contender.

      I miss the days when most great Japanese games found their way to one console in general. :P

    • M’iau M’iaut

      The thing to remember about a Wii game is so many things developed for it were done with an eye to the motion sensor. So perhaps in initial planning and development, traditional controls ala the PS3 were not in the equation. Nor can one be faulted for looking at the first year and a half of tea leaves for this generation and deciding that RPG development was better done for Sony’s competitors.

      • Croix

        Anything that makes specific use of a console’s particular unique functions, or that ever even planned to at some point, could be understandably excluded in this discussion. The unique features in a lot of Wii games is what makes them what they are, and to remove that would be to defeat the point a lot of times. So in that sense, I completely agree with you.

        But on the other hand, if a game in development has no particular plans, say, to make use of the Wii’s unique functions, would it be better suited on another system with more similar titles?

        Notably, I’m not committing to a ‘yes’ on this, because I do think exposure of different genres to each console has its own value as well. I think there are some X360 owners who have discovered the JRPG genre and received it favorably because of some of the exclusive titles on it.

    • Not anymore. Everything is multiplatform so nothing is tied to any console anymore but first party efforts. The problem nowadays is that JRPGs don’t sell anymore in America, regardless of platform. Nintendo has been stung with Fire Emblem’s lackluster sales on Wii and DS, Microsoft’s been stung with the Mistwalker games (and their efforts with Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery) and Sony’s been stung with White Knight Chronicles (they aren’t bothering to bring the sequels, D3 is doing it). 

      Platform holders need system sellers, and sadly, JRPG’s don’t really cut it. I know that this is a big JRPG site, so I can understand if it sounds negative, but Nippon Ichi and Atlus localize stuff because they only need 20-100K to stay profitable, but bigger publishers have a lot more overhead and need much more than 100K to be a success. 

      I feel like the bursting of the anime bubble in 2006-7 has to do with it. Since then, Americans seem to like anime less, they’re pirating it or watching fansubs and they can’t combat that. In the last few years, I’ve seen anime conventions rise in attendance and I thought it was counter intuitive to where the industry’s going and I see that it’s more internet fandom than Japan-related fandom (expect more Valve references than ever with Portal 2 out). The American Otakus, though have been decreasing and the leftovers are pirating DS games on R4 carts than anything (I was at a Pokemon tourney at one this year and over half of them had R4 carts, now think of the hit Atlus takes from that). Well what I’m getting at is that the Otakus do not have the purchasing power than they used to and JRPG’s go into that category.

      Now this isn’t against you guys in particular, since you get excited about such news and cooperate in a community such as this, but remember that your numbers aren’t that strong as you once were and those numbers are dwindling every year. That is what Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony think too and that’s the real problem.

      • Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon sold fairly well, with most of their sales coming from the West. I think Microsoft dropped Mistwalker because they weren’t impacting the Xbox 360’s presence in Japan as much as they’d like, rather than lackluster performance of their games globally.

        • Fairly well wasn’t enough to warrant the overhead for the development though. Microsoft helped create Mistwalker’s studio, hired them for three projects, but only two shipped and sold less than a million combined. In order for Microsoft to make the money back, they needed strong Japanese numbers (which they didn’t get) and strong American numbers (which they fell short of). It definitely sold better than most of this gen’s JPRG’s, but Microsoft expected millions and they didn’t know that wasn’t possible. Those two titles never even got rereleased as Platinum Hits (but then again, neither have any other multi disk games for some reason, like the 2 million+ selling Halo 3: ODST).

      • Croix

        You’re pretty practical in your analysis, which is good. What you said seems to be the current state of things, but I feel like JRPG as a genre can recover in the West. To be honest, I feel like the prior success of the genre was due to rallying behind strong titles, in particular the Final Fantasy series. Now, I don’t mean to open a can of worms in the comments here, but I think it’s more or less agreeable that the last two main Final Fantasy games weren’t held as highly in public eye as those before them. I say this based on what I’ve seen, not my personal opinion. What IS my personal opinion, however, is that the Final Fantasy series, especially games VII, VIII, IX, and X in the series, have spearheaded JRPG popularity during their times. I feel that they were an easy way for most people to identify the genre.

        Am I putting too much emphasis on a single series within a whole genre? Maybe. I’ve always enjoyed branching out and trying games by other companies, and personally I’m a big fan of Gust and Tales games more than anything. But for so long, Final Fantasy VII in particular was the banner of JRPGs for a lot of people. This situation was compromised when FFXIII and FFXIV were unpopularly received (which isn’t to say they were bad, just unpopular, and that’s all it takes).

        If this seems like a bunch of rubbish, so be it, but I think there’s truth to it.

      • badmoogle

        As Croix said i think you are spot on on the analysis of the current situation,but as he said i think the lack of a game like FFVII or FFX in the current generation really holded back the publishers into risking investing bigger budgets on their titles and localizing some of the existing ones.
        Sooner or later though the success of the shooter genre is going to decrease (i think it already started) and gamers will start looking at other genres to entertain them.If at that time a groundbreaking JRPG comes out then it is possible (with the right marketing) to make JRPGs become a trend again.Btw when i’m refering to JRPGs i don’t mean only the traditional ones,i think the only way forward for global success is to blend the line between west and east a bit more something that From Software is currently doing with Demon’s/Dark Souls quite successfully.That’s not to say that traditional JRPGs will ever eclipse,it just that i don’t think they will ever regain the power they once had if they don’t change.Some will not change from their traditional roots and this is good as well because there will always be a need for them (especially in Japan) and variety is good.

        • Though many people hated it, Final Fantasy XIII did sell better than Final Fantasy X (5 million to 3-4 million or something). It just sent a bad vibe to the mass market once they played it.

          I was thinking Demons and Dark Souls were exceptions, but they are very very different to other JRPG’s. While they are excellent, they play, look and feel a lot like Western RPG’s. If all JRPG’s were like that, I expect the Tales or NIS community would get pissed off. On another note, the Western RPG has stolen thunder from the JRPG too. Mass Effect, Fallout and Elder Scrolls offers an RPG experience on a console now that was formally a part of a PC-centric crowd and Americans would rather have that sort of experience. Demon’s Soul’s success sort of backs it up.

          I agree that the shooter market is shrinking, but it’s only because of a monopoly of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Though I (oh God) hope that these shooters die down once the Afghan War ends in 2014, when they feel outdated now that we’re not there.

          • Croix

            You make a good point to note the sales of the two games, but as you said, XIII’s reputation was more what people were looking at than the sales. But in spite of the not terrible sales, I’m glad to see that Square Enix did respond to criticisms in the development of XIII-2. It’s good to see developers that interact with their fans.

            The shooter market, more than any other, really has become a case of people paying for and playing the exact same game over and over again. Particularly whichever shooter first introduced chest-high walls. That and God of War with all the imitations it inspired. Not to say that the JRPG genre doesn’t have shallow imitations in it, but I feel that as a genre it really does trend toward at least a bit of innovation. Tri-Ace in particular is very good at making a new and unique experience with each game, not just with the story and characters, but with the controls, gameplay, atmosphere, and basic mechanics. Just think of how many games are similar to Resonance of Fate…not many, to be sure.

          • That’s the exact reason I think I’ve followed JRPGs my whole life. While you can only do so much with, say, an FPS, you have a lot more creative freedom with RPGs. For example, an FPS is already limited by its very genre definition — it has to be first-person, and you have to be shooting. So you can only do so much.

            RPGs? Could be future, could be past, first-person, third-person, shooting or slashing, etc etc.

            Not to mention RPG battle systems are much closer to the game’s programming code, so there’s a lot more flexibility and way more opportunities to tweak something small to change how everything plays (turn-based, ATB, semi-real time, etc). Compared to a style of game where you can… choose which war to fight in, real or make-believe, but still shoot stuff and be in first-person.

            Preaching to the choir? Perhaps, but I love RPGs because (aside from the same-same stories) I feel like the ones I played ten years ago and the ones I play today are SO different… but still familiar without seeming -too- familiar.

    • Kris

      From what I understand, the games wouldn’t be happening on the PS3. Part of the reason that Xenoblade and The Last Story were built on Wii was the distinctly lower price point of Wii development. If the two games were built on the PS3, they would be distinctly different titles, perhaps much smaller in scope.

      I think that whenever an exclusive game is released, it’s built specifically with the console in mind, so to that end, I think that it’s hard to say that certain genres would be better served tied to specific consoles. Besides, it would lead to a lack of variety on each console, and I don’t know if that would be healthy for the industry. Imagine if you could only buy shooters on Microsoft consoles (both FPS and shmup), platformers on Nintendo ones, and RPGs on Sony hardware. You’d probably get tired of playing the same genre over and over. :)

      • Nintendo owns the IP’s too, so it’s impossible.

      • Croix

        I think Xenoblade and The Last Story both already have a very strong identity as Wii titles, to the point that it would not be in the best interest to port them at all, so this is more of a theoretical console=genre discussion, but I do think it’s relevant to the perceived trend of declining popularity of JRPGs and the fans’ reaction to it.

        Personally, I would kind of like to only see certain genres on each console, but maybe that’s because I like certain ones very much and others not so much. I think people who are into multiple genres are more likely to buy multiple consoles anyway. If you only prefer a single genre at all (I do enjoy a few at least, but imagine), your choices are either buy multiple systems with only a few games between them (is it worth the investment?) or pick one and hold out while missing the rest. Now, I do say kind of like, but I would would also kind of dislike it. If all RPGs were on Sony hardware, I don’t think we’d see as many games with new and refreshing control schemes like we do for the occasional Wii RPG. It’s a complicated topic, I know, but one I find worthy of discussion. Hence, the discussion.

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          I only own a PS3, which I purchased solely for JRPG’s, and I must say that I’m happy with my purchase. I’ve only missed out on four games in that genre that I really wanted, with these two being among that list. I can stand to see other systems get good games too. NISA has me covered.

          That said, the PS3 is currently ahead of the console JRPG pack, but it only has maybe 20 or so exclusive JRPG’s. Considering the dozens and dozens of JRPG’s during the PS1 and PS2’s hey-days and the amount available on portable systems and that’s not much at all.

    • I don’t think it’s that simple… for example, look at how Monster Hunter and Tales (Symphonia specifically) have done very well on Nintendo systems, despite being “PlayStation brands”. Similarly, look how No More Heroes has done just as well on 360 and PS3 as it did on Wii (at least in Japan). 

      More people being aware of your product and having access to it is always a good thing, I feel. Unless you label yourself a developer devoted primarily to a single console (like NIS have), I don’t think being on a single system makes you more stable or likely to succeed. 

      On the flipside of that argument, NIS seem mostly incapable of publishing games on any other system at this point. Either they can’t because they don’t have the resources to, or they won’t because folks on non-Sony platforms don’t care for them. In a way, you could say that has hurt them.

      • Croix

        You make a valid point with NIS, but at the same time, they have an extremely dedicated fanbase to the point where even other developers take notice of it. NIS America perhaps moreso, as they can pretty much sell any game they market at this point, and I think that has more than a little to do with the fact that they are feeding a hungry group of people who own PS3s and want JRPGs. I don’t know what their sales could be given a different situation, but right now their sales are pretty consistent.

        You’re absolutely right about getting exposure on other consoles though. For the JRPG genre in particular, I think a decent amount of people were happily introduced to it by Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. While one can only imagine what the effects would have been had they been released on different systems, I think that as it stands they were a success.

  • Guest

    Mistwalker and Monolith Soft has also responded,

    Mistwalker – Thank you for the link. We appreciate all your support. tears…

    Monolithsoft – Thanks a lot for hoping its North American release. :)

  • If only Capcom cared about the fans when it came to DmC and Monster Hunter.

    • FStubbs

      And Ace Attorney.

  • AzureNova

    Now only if we could get Square Enix and Namco Bandai to listen to us…..

    • anxiousheart

      seriously, if type-0 is not localized I might explode.

      • I would implode and create a black hole

    • Amen to that!

  • savvy30039

    I preordered my copy of Xenoblade yesterday, and I’ve wanted the game for years. Xenosaga was all well and good, but it’s my unreasonable love for Baten Kaitos that got me interested in this.

  • I feel bad for not contributing since I really don’t know if I have spending money right now…

    But it’s amazing how this effort is turning out, and I will be ever thankful if it works. It’s always nice to have a better Wii RPG library with Xenoblade and the Last Story. Pandora’s Tower would be nice too.

  • ninjaonizuka

    im glad i started but it was 2 days ago i mainly want pandoras tower omg i luv tht game i imported it i waant a localization :>

  • This makes me very hopeful, if these games do well we could also see Monoliths next game, as well as others Nintendo might have been iffy about localizing. Very happy to see so much support, going to do my part and buy all 3 games day of if they get a release.

    • Ryudo9


    • Ryudo9

      Why I will support these games by buying them 3 times over.

  • kupomogli

    I don’t own a Wii, but hopefully these are released for me to pick up once I eventually get a Wii U.

  • Christian Wright

    i just hope they dont call it monado. sounds like some lame fruit drink.

    • Hraesvelgr

      If they eventually decide to release it, it doesn’t really matter what they call it, yes?

  • Remina

    I have been watching this game for some time now and am happy to hear there may be good news for the Wii on the way. It makes me happy when I hear that developers were influenced positively by consumers to bring over great games to north america.

  • puchinri

    People (here and elsewhere) keep mentioning years and such a wait, which confuses me, because the game has barely been out for a year? (And TLS and Pandora’s Tower were just released this year.)

    It has been disappointing to have the news with Xenoblade be so back and forth and vague, but I think people are really beginning to exaggerate the situation now… (I feel like it’s going to grow to Tales levels at this rate.)

    • Well, Rune Factory Oceans was released some months ago, and the game will be released soon. But i feel it has been years xD

      • puchinri

        Lol, well that’s another thing too. That game was released just earlier and is already getting released later this year. x’D

        It does feel like quite a wait, but some people are actually saying they’ve wait years for the games and like that justifies their anger. It’s just silly to me. It makes me wonder what game they were talking about, lol.

  • MrRobbyM

    Great! Now we just have to do the same for The Last Story, Earth Seeker and Pandora’s Tower!


    • malek86

      Let’s not push our luck here… we don’t want this to end up like Tales, where fans went “Graces? Cool, but where’s Vesperia? No buy if we don’t get both!”.

      That, frankly, must have been embarassing for the community.

      • To be frank, that’s one of the reasons I find it rather hard to sympathize with the Tales fandom in general. I perfectly understand their frustrating situation which usually repeats every time there’s a new game comes out. But… they themselves, or at least a part of them, can be pretty obnoxious when it comes to discussions about official English releases.

      • Those guys are not the real fans, noobs, they know nothing, and i can assure you at least 50% was just trolling, or have played just like 1 tales of games in their life

      • Darkrise

        Probably just a bunch of people hopping onto the bandwagon and those who only recently got into Tales just because of Vesperia being on the 360 and Symphonia II.

  • Aoshi00

    Wow, it’s kinda nuts it shot straight up to no. 1 on Amazon.. but I’m not sure if that’s a 1:1 indication of pre-order to sales (or everyone just did this for the sake of “campaign” thru twitter and facebook etc), since people are free to cancel an Amazon pre-order at any time before the items ships, so there’s no harm or obligation to pre-order it at all since it’s not a money down reservation.  I know many JRPG fans want the game, and since it’s done for Europe alrdy, they might as well release it here, they can’t lose money.. and Nintendo doesn’t need to ask people to “sign up” unlike a smaller developer.. but I mean, actually No. 1 on Amazon, how many pre-orders is that? does it mean it really went beyond CoD Black Ops and Zelda 3DS?

    Personally I prefer Last Story to Xenoblade (even though the latter is also a beyond excellent game), that’s why I finished Last Story very quickly but still haven’t beat Xenobalde to this day…  some dungeons and traversing the open fields just feel too big for me (again, even though it’s a sight to be behold).  I suppose I’m just more partial to Sakaguchi’s game design and narrative..  both games’ battle system are extremely addicting though, in very different ways..  Xenoblade just seems more epic over all but Last Story more personal (I have only played 20hrs of Xeno even though it felt like 50.. it’s like Persona 4 to me, long dungeons, but Xenoblade you could save anytime, which avoids unnecessary dying a lot and wasting time)

    I’ve gotten my copy of Pandora’s Tower like 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t wait before but now that I have it, I still haven’t touched it yet *.*, just busy w/ other things, and beat Alice Madness Returns, loved the game.. Sry Noto Mamiko :(..

    • Yea, that’s the dicey thing about pre-ordering. There’s probably going to be a lot of people that end up canceling after this is over and done with. I’d imagine those numbers were just inflated by people asking friends and family members to pre-order the game, even if they have no interest in it.

      About TLS and XB…I haven’t played either, sadly, but TLS has always sounded like the more “compact” game, with Sakaguchi’s comments on how it’s meant to be relatively short (30-ish hours?) but replayable. That makes it a lot more digestible, I think. I love when games are dense and replayable. :)

      • malek86

        There might also be some europeans who are only partecipating in the campaign to help out their friends, but obviously would never buy the game (since the european version is already confirmed).

        It’s why I’m a bit worried about these petitions. They can backfire, you know.

        • Yep, exactly. That’s part of the reason we chose not to report all of this until Nintendo provided an official response. No point fanning the flames. ><

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, Last Story was more fast paced and digestible for me :)  Some Jpn gamers said they finished in 30hrs, they probably skipped some sidequests and such.. I really took my time and finished single player maybe in 42-43 hours (I’m slow) by doing all the side quests and looked into every nook & cranny.. then I played several hours of multiplayer just for fun so it got to like 46hrs so I didn’t feel it was short, but there were times I wished it was longer because it was so good.. it’s like Alice in Wonderland, it’s a short game, but I probably played it for 15-20 hrs instead of 10 hrs?  and I intend to beat it in Nightmare mode (w/ the help of DLC weapons/dresses lol). 

        The no. 1 pre-order is definitely a very big number.. and it doesn’t feel like everyone would go thru w/ their order, and I’m sure Nintendo knows that..  this is like voting w/ your money, but at this point it’s not costing anyone anything..

  • It’s such a shame that American JRPG fans have to fight so hard for games to get localized now. I was hoping for Tales of Graces would come but the Tales of Graces F is coming for the PS3 instead (which is great, it’s just a bummer that Namdai simply couldn’t bring both versions, but that’s Namdai). I’m also waiting for Dragon Quest X unless it gets bumped to the Wii U (please don’t Square, please). Hopefully things will go well and this game will be brought stateside.

  • Any word on the Level-5 DS Game Ni No Kuni?

  • XypherCode

    Next stop…The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower!!! :D

    • Darkrise

      And that other game that Monolith soft is working on. =)

      • XypherCode

        yeah and i wish they’re making something for the 3DS too.
        It’ll be cool to have a very good RPG on it as well like Xenoblade. Most of the RPGs right now on the system are ports…well i’m also happy with ports :D

  • To arms my compatriots! We must let our voices be heard! 

    I do wonder why they changed the name for the US release. Xenoblade was just fine. 

    • Darkrise

      Maybe they will for the sake of copy-rights and all that with the name “Xeno” in it. Though I hope not.

      • The Xenosaga games and Xenogears was made by the same company right? 

      • Tommy Lee

        Monado: Beginning of the New World was the original name. It was changed to Xenoblade to “honor Tetsuya Takahashi, who poured his soul into the game, and who has been working on the Xeno series.” 

  • Nowadays, everyone and their mother are initiating all sorts of petitions. But how many of you are willing to put your money where your keyboard is? 

    • malek86

      That we’ll see if the game launches and we get actual sales figures.

      Well, I know for one that I’d probably wait a price drop before getting the games. Asking for a game would make me feel like I’m morally tied to buying it day-one.

      If I complain, the game comes, and I wait to buy it, Nintendo would be all “what gives? You had asked for it!” and then the next time they wouldn’t localize anything. So I’d rather not partecipate in this kind of petitions.

  • krokounleashed

    Good luck to my american buddies.

  • Guest

    They should add Zangeki no Reginliev and Earth Seeker to that list. Another Code R and Disaster Day of Crisis too.

    Captain Rainbow

    • Lord Highawesomeparty

      I don’t know if Nintendo would want to bring Captain Rainbow over here considering one section of the game involving Birdo…

  • and don’t forget Ougon no Kizuna

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    Let’s hope Nintendo does take action and this doesn’t end the same way as the Sonic 4 campaigns.

  • eilegz

    hopefully this help and awake the interes of NOA in brnging this game to america, and why not the last story and pandora tower too

  • They should localize every non localized rpg already and realize that they are gonna sell much better outside than they do in Japan, I’m 100% sure of it.

    • Daisuke Inuzuka

      This makes no sense
      Nintendo is one company and should not be held responsible for the translations and localisation of everyone else’s games just because they are released on their system.

  • Darkrise

    Please let it be this year. =(

  • they copy pasted the same thing on twitter

    I’m not really moved by this as they’ve had zero news and zero press since last year on Wii titles.  I would still be shocked to see even one of the three localized.

    Unfortunately, I want ASH and nobody apparently wants to bring that over.

  • thebanditking

    Honestly this is why I will always have a chip on my shoulder with Nintendo. They are a huge company and should localize these titles even if for minimal profits for their fans and supporters. Spare me the associated business logic because both Sony and MS do this consistently and neither have seen the kind of cash flow the Wii and DS generated for Nintendo this gen, and yes when you have the money you should take the risk, it takes money to make money.

    Though I must wonder where the power to make these decisions lies. Iwata made a big deal about pushing for core titles on Wii in Japan (with these titles leading the charge) then proceeded to state that they would fill the Wii’s anemic US/EU line up with unpublished Japanese titles. NOE seems to have followed that directive but NOA once again seems brain dead to the concept of getting core content for starved Wii owners. This is where the disconnect always is for me, Iwata does seem pretty competent as a leader so why does his underling of arguably the biggest market for games (Reggie) consistently under achieve?

    This is why I feel Nintendo is out of touch with the core game market anymore, I don’t think Reggie truly understands this industry and its supporters enough to realize where their attention needs to be focused. The casual market is quite large as it consists of everyone who does not play games but no one in that category buys half the amount of titles that most of the commenters on here do. Which is the true value of always supporting your core gamers because we buy more then 2 games a year. If Nintendo can’t understand what titles absolutely need to hit each region from a core perspective then how the heck are they ever going to get Wii U off the ground? A console aimed at the core market is simply not going to fly if they have to beg and plead to get core titles for it.

    All that said all 3 of these should be localized and released this year with an actual marketing campaign, hell do a montage of all 3 together if that pleases the bean counters. Why all so close together, simply because for once in its life cycle Wii could use to be swamped with core titles.

    • I thought everyone praised Reggie when he first started out with the company and was championed as its hero, surely, Nintendo is not out of touch. I think money has got to them and their rather conservative these days, they just make innovative new ways to play but never offer a constant and compelling and diverse line up of titles as the other core games by Sony and Micrsoft try to do, who both make sure that we know their lineup of games.

      • thebanditking

        You wont find me among those who “championed” Reggie, personally I don’t find him to be any more gaming oriented then the now removed Cammy. The only thing that made people (mostly the Nintendo die hard) notice him was he has a big presence and is quite loud/outspoken when compared to NOA reps/Presidents of past (personally I liked Perrin Kaplan as a rep better) in reality though he is all talk and he has done little to give Nintendo a hardcore edge/appeal since that initial speech.Also allow me to rephrase Nintendo as a whole may not be out of touch but NOA clearly is.

        The complaint stands there is no reason to not localize these titles over here and yet when given the perfect arena to do so (E3) NOA dropped the ball again, I have even read rumors that NOE donated/volunteered english footage to NOA for E3 but was told they did not need it because “there are no plans to release this in NA”. Also I don’t think Nintendo’s lack of core titles has anything to do with not knowing their lineup, rather we have all known their line up for the better part of 20 years: Mario , Metroid and Zelda.

  • PrinceHeir

    please that would be awesome :P

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