Mistwalker Thanks Fans For "Operation Rainfall" Support

By Spencer . June 27, 2011 . 2:50am


Mistwalker and their Wii RPG The Last Story are part of the Operation Rainfall campaign where dedicated fans pushed Xenoblade (aka Monado: Beginning of the World) to the top spot of Amazon’s pre-order chart.


A representative from Mistwalker responded to users tweeting them about the campaign with "Thanks for your continued support" and "Thank you for the link. We appreciate all your support. tears…" directed at the growing comments on Nintendo’s Facebook page.


The Last Story has not been announced for North America. According to Gameblog.fr, the game will be released in Europe. Ludovic Amouroux from Nintendo France said like how Xenoblade will arrive this year, The Last Story will be released next year.

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  • That’s very much good news then.
    then i have  high hope’s that it will be release in NA as well someday.

    as for now my import copy still stands ^-^

  • It’s turning into what happened with Namco Bandai and Tales fans.

    • puchinri

      Except people aren’t spamming forums for other games and fb pages for the games? (And the other heinous, atrocious things that Tales fans apparently do that have yet to happen.)

      • Or demanding to see the games released on such and such console (which would never happen anyway since Nintendo pretty much owns Mistwalker).

        • puchinri

          Actually… Elsewhere people have mentioned something close to that or something? But no, not like that. Not in a bad way or anything. 

          Supposing it gets Tales bad (Tales fandom has set a standard for being bad! Wow we’re awesome), I won’t know what to think. (Maybe by that point, the case will be fandom everywhere deteriorating as a whole?)

        • Ren

          You’re confusing things. Nintendo doesn’t own Mistwalker, they own Monolith, the ones who made Xenoblade.

          • mikanko

            Pretty sure they’ve help fund The Last Story though and think I recall hearing Nintendo owns the IP.  It’s not like Mistwalker can release it on another console.

    • malek86

      Well, I hope it won’t get that bad.

      • Hahaha.  Most I’ve ever done is tweet Sakaguchi every once in a great while asking where The Last Story’s U.S. release is.  He’s never responded though.

        • malek86

          Most importantly, I hope it doesn’t end up with people asking for “both games or we won’t buy anything!”.

          It was already pretty bad with the Graces F and Vesperia situation. We don’t want to look like that, right?


            oh god that would be terrible why did i even think that

  • Hope they really do see it as a compliment rather than just a bunch of obnoxious folks. I support the message, ’cause I love Mistwalker, but I can’t say I feel like spamming Nintendo at every opportunity.

    There’s a point where they’ll either get the hint or ignore it entirely, and I think that’s already passed to be honest. Not that it will have influenced them much, because I think the games would have eventually come out anyway.

    Didn’t stop me from voicing my concern in quite a few other articles though. I need my Mistwalker games darnit. :P

    • Kaoro

      Well, I think at this point people are frustrated because there really is no way to show Nintendo what we want. Other than DQ, there aren’t any RPGs they’re putting out that people could support. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds DQ games a bit too oldschool and tedious.

      If companies can utilize social media as fancy advertising machines, the fans can use them to push an agenda too.

      • DQ definitely is a bit outdated. Nintendo does release the Paper Mario RPGs, but those are apparently limited to one per console, sadly. There has been no news on a new Mario & Luigi, or my beloved Fire Emblem either.

        They definitely NEED Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story, and Xenoblade to fill the drought.

        • theworldofnoboundries

          It is a shame that the jap guys have the kind of thought that the west hates tactic games which cause Fire Emblem to stay in their shell forever and ever…….

          • It probably didn’t help that the last one released in the West, Shadow Dragon, was kind of sucky and boring. But I thought they sold all right here…I sure bought all of them.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    As far as I’m concerned, the Amazon thing has pushed this past the Tales campaign.

  • Aoshi00

    No, thank YOU for making such a wonderful game Mistwalker/Sakaguchi :), look forward to your new projects and continue to support as always.

    • Ah, you’ve gotten to play it. So jealous! I listen to the soundtrack just about every day. Uematsu never ceases to amaze me, and I expect an equally impressive game from Sakaguchi and the fine folks at Mistwalker.

      Sort of reminds me of Square in their heyday with all these great new IPs, even if they haven’t been met with the same acclaim.

      • Aoshi00

        I liked the lighthearted moments and char interaction in the game :)  It’s a very different soundtrack from Uematsu but I still like it, the battle and boss themes were cool and the main theme was nice, I like the aristocratic villain themes :).  Last Story reminds me of the good feeling I got from playing older FFs. If Lost Odyssey had used such a great seiyuu cast for its Jpn dub like Last Story, it would’ve been even better.

        • anxiousheart

          Meh, the Last Story ost was subpar imo. Xenoblade on the other hand…

          • Ren

            I have to kinda agree with you. TLS OST is kinda meh. All tracks are good, but very, very few are memorable. Toberu mono(principally the main menu version) and Chitsujo to konton are great, but I really can’t remember anything else. In the other hand, Xenoblade’s OST is not only great by itself, but it becomes even better after you played the game. Confrontation with the Enemy is still my favorite track.

          • Aoshi00

            For the soundtrack, yes I agree, Xenoblade had a better soundtrack than Last Story overall, very diverse and epic, I bought both.  But for the games, I prefer Last Story to Xenoblade.  Other than a couple of more memorable tracks, I have to say Last Story’s OST wasn’t as good as Uematsu’s other recent works like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Anata wo Yurusanai, Sakura Note, etc..  this time the music is more cinematic and sound good when you play the game, but listening to it by itself some are only so so…

          • anxiousheart

            (In response to Aoshi00 & Ren) Both you have valid arguments about how playing the game augments your experience listening to the OST; however, I find that I am probably more music direction oriented rather than game direction oriented. Therefore, although I have not played either TLS or Xenoblade, I base my opinion on the cohesiveness of both soundtracks and Xenoblade is clearly the winner.

  • Guest

    Should just release them now. Next year? Then it’ll be buried by the Wii U and other titles

    • I dont think anyone has high expectations for the title. Last Story would have to come out next year. RPG fans with both consoles would buy Graces F/FFXIII-2/ME3/Skyrim/DragonsDogma, effectively burying Last Story anyway, without Wii U titles. This year would have been perfect for it and Xenoblade/Monado. Oh well, its Nintendo, hopefully they do limited editions and mass marketing and fans actually go out and buy the games. Continuous Wii support for next year is at least nice considering what appears to have happened with the last year of the gamecube if Im looking at Gamecube release lists right…

    • Ladius

      Probably it’s needed for the multi-5 localization, having to translate a game not only in English but in French, German, Italian and Spanish must be far more time consuming (and costly) than the average USA localization. According to an insider, it was one of the European translations that delayed Xenoblade’s announcement in Europe.

      • Guest

        Then U.S. should jump on it

  • Kaoro

    This role reversal of NoA and NoE sucks for NA. Is there some rule saying only one Western Nintendo branch must be competent at any one time?

    Oh well – got my Monado preorder in, and will do the same for Last Story when they announce it (“when”, not “if” :D ).

    Worst case is importing. Would rather not softmod my Wii, and importing sucks because of the dollar.

    • WonderSteve

      We are not even certain if the games will be region locked.

      Knowing Japanese publishers and Nintendo, very likely they will be locked.

      • Kaoro

        I was under the impression that all Wii games have their region code enforced by the console.

        • WonderSteve

          I have no idea about the details. All I know is I never saw a Wii game without a region lock and now the 3DS is first portable with region locking.

          Also on the 360, the games that would benefit for being region locking-free are usually region locked. The ones that don’t benefit from region locking-free are NOT region locked.

          This is all just screwed up

  • krokounleashed

    Yeah, pretty intresting how Europe gets all the love this time, while NoE even doesn’t have a twitter-account like NoA. And we don’t have a wellknown person like Reggie. As I said before, I wish you the best to get both (Xenoblade and Last Story).

  • don’t forget another missing JRPG …Ougon no Kizuna

    • neo_firenze

      Ougon no Kizuna is positively awful.  I’ve played it, and it is simply hideous – something I’ve seen backed up by comments from nearly everyone else I’ve seen who has also played it.  This one needs to stay buried.  Quite frankly, a  it would do more harm than good the reputation of Japanese action RPGs.  Plus, it would need a publisher since it was released by Jaleco in Japan.

      Now, Zangeki no Reginleiv on the other hand…  Solid enough action RPG-ish game, which WAS published by Nintendo in Japan.

      • Ladius

        Yeah, OnK’s development was rushed and it really shows : Wizman’s World on Ds, on the other hand, is really good and it’s a shame Jaleco saw it bomb too, not to mention the lack of an English localization.

  • This is kinda funny, it feels like all of we are like HUNGRY FOR JRPG, or something xD

    • İ wısh actual JRPG sales in the west would say the same thing~

      • Ladius

        To be honest, TLS wasn’t exactly a million seller even in Japan (I think its LTD is slightly below 150k).

        • İ know, but İ thought that’s “OK” for a new IP. Tho İ thought more of how the voices here are mostly from the west. İf the actual JRPG sales here would speak the same thing the JRPG fanbase on the net does, İ think we wouldn’t feel so “left out”~

          • Ladius

            150k is great for a new IP, surely, but for a first party title on the best selling home console of the gen, with an heavy marketing push and even a console bundle? Not so much, I’m afraid, even considering the poor performance of many jrpgs on Wii.

            Just to compare, Blue Dragon sold more than 200k on X360, a console whose userbase in Japan is a grain of sand compared to Wii’s beach (and that was years ago, when X360 was even weaker). Lost Odyssey sold poorly too (110k LTD), but at least it enjoyed a far greater success in the western markets.

        • Kaz

          TLS sold 170k so far -__-. Also new IPs on Wii in this state of gaming would NEVER sell 1 million. All Wii million sellers in Japan are First Party. Shoot the only thing that really sells 1 mill in japan is Nintendo games, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter.

    • I’m hungry for jrpgs on the wii.

  • Ladius

    Even if I haven’t liked TLS so much I really hope it can be localized in the USA, as an European gamer I can understand how frustrating it is to see a jrpg localized in another western market but not in yours.

  • Wow I didn’t know all this was going on. I’m really excited for these games and I really like how this campaign had the added element of people actually laying down money on Amazon for the games, so companies can actually see that people want to buy, not just say they will.

    • It doesnt cost anything to preorder on AMZN so no one actually put down any money. The game has been on AMZN for a long time now as well.

      • Thanks for explaining, Tsuna.  Awww man, I was thinking it was like Gamestop, where you have to put down at least 5 bucks to pre-order. Here’s hoping people follow through with their commitment. 

      • YsyDoesIt

        I don’t think I remembered this.  

        *goes to pre-order*

  • Wake

    I just love Mistwalker. I hope this makes a difference. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey just hit a certain nostalgic spot in me when I played them. Makes me wonder though what game Sakaguchi would make if he had the backing of a much bigger company like SE. What kind of Final Fantasy game would Sakaguchi come out with…I miss JRPG’s glory days.

  • neo_firenze

    Hopefully Japanese developers can take a lesson from this: games can appeal to a significantly large Western audience without being developed to pander to misunderstood “Western tastes”. 

    The game in question here was so much not developed with the West in mind that there has been serious doubt of it even getting a North American release.  Yet guess what happens… you make something good on its own merits without making a misguided attempt to “Westernize” it, and there are fans dedicated enough to make this extraordinary effort to get the game released here DESPITE Nintendo of America’s reluctance/slowness to make that decision on their own.

    • eilegz

      completely agree i hate how the whole gaming its getting segmented by western or japanese taste… Games use to be good or bad thats all. Make a good game with good graphics and good gameplay mechanics and people will buy it

      • unfortunately, that’s not always true.  Good looking games with good gameplay will get overlooked unless they set themselves apart from the pack.

  • When did NoE become so cool?

  • epy

    Xenoblade is pretty much safe for me as I can import. Hope this makes a difference for The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower though.

  • DanteJones

    I really hope something comes of this. The Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower all look like amazing games and I’ll be pretty disappointed if it’s still decided not to bring them over to NA. ;(

  • XypherCode

    Seeing the FB page, I think Xenoblade is already hands down. The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower next! :D

  • evilhero

    I really hope this works, otherwise I don’t think my Wii will ever see action again. :/

    If Nintendo doesn’t have plans for it already, I don’t think this will change their minds.  Remember Starmen.net’s campaign to have Mother 3 localized here?  One of the biggest, creative, most well put together campaigns I’ve ever seen.  Still didn’t make Nintendo budge on the idea, and this is even after the new Smash Bros came out featuring a Mother 3 character. 

  • Shinji Kazuya

    These are great news! I am now extremely happy! As an European player I know the feeling of wanting certain game to get localised and then know it never will. Here’s hoping North America will get Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story as well. These are really good times for a RPG lover like me. First Tales of Graces F, now Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. :3

    • Feel relieved, the US never got Terranigma, so missed the best RPG ever.

  • Darkrise

    I’m glad that they’re paying attention to NA, hope we can get Last Story next. ^^

  • I kinda confused now…if the game will already be released to europe, the main problem is over right? It will be in english.
    So thats alright to me.

    • wii games aren’t region free so Americans won’t be able to play them on their North American consoles.

  • 128bitigor

    Now there’s no excuse not to buy Wii, I was thinking about this console for some time, but I felt there were too little games I would actually want to buy. Now it seems like a must buy. 

    • irzbos

       I have an excuse and that is that the Wii U is backwards compatible, so why not wait for that

      • Because it will be region locked as well and sure as hell not cheaper than the wii…

  • WonderSteve

    I can never understand Nintendo…

    I guess I am never their intended audience, because I only buy about 24+ video games per year.

    • Their target audience with the wii are mothers and grannys that buy one or two casual fungames and leave it at that… for whatever reason they kinda forgot about their loyal followers in favor of the casual crowd.

  • I really hope The Last Story gets released over here. Sakaguchi has the best storylines.

    • blah blah

      Have you played Blue Dragon yet?

      • Nope, but I heard that one was good too.

  • LezardValeth

    We need to show domestic and foreign devs that NA isn’t all about shooters and sports games…..Of course the Action, RPG, J-RPG community is a little more fragmented, but there are still PLENTY of people out there to make a difference, this event is proof of that. FF7 was a massive seller back in the day, Legend of the Dragoon as well as many others…there’s too many to list in the “successful” category as far as the PS1 & PS2 are concerned….what happened to this generation….. RPGs were plentiful and there was actually a decent selection to choose from back then, nowadays it’s almost obligatory to get hyped for any kind of RPG release period….I’m hoping there’s a resurgence in the genre, for I cannot stand shooters any longer, and with Modern Warfare 3 looming on the horizon my hope fades as it grows ever closer ;

  • PrinceHeir

    im gonna buy this Day 1 :P

  • Covnam

    What I’m curious about is how it got listed on amazon? If it hasn’t been announced, why would amazon list it in the first place? Not complaining, just curious.

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