PlayStation Vita Facial Recognition Tech Demo Shows Video Chat With Avatars

By Ishaan . June 30, 2011 . 12:02pm

Sony recently attended the Game Tools & Middleware Forum 2011 in Tokyo, where they demonstrated face recognition technology being developed by them, in the form of a tech demo. The upcoming PlayStation Vita will be able to make use of this.



The video chat tech demo above demonstrates some of the technology’s features, with two people using their avatars to communicate with each other. Sony also showed off a brief augmented reality video at the event. You can watch this over at 4Gamer, who were in attendance at the forum.

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  • Now thats a great use of cameras in a portable video gaming device. I cant wait to communicate with it. Im glad they arent just relying on Skype…

  • karasuKumo

    Wow there’s no delay between the people’s movements and the avatar’s! The one on the left is super creepy but I like the one on the right. Looks like something out of Animal Crossing lol.

  • The recognition is splendid. However, the lip-synching seems very sensitive. There should be an option to tone it down.

    PSV is getting a lot of my points so far. Not to say that I have no interest in 3DS, but if there’s a choice for only one, it’d be PSV, the way things are now.

    • Raksha5 Akashi

      Yeah, there should be… it looks kinda scary o_O”

      • You know what? There should be an option or a program to make your own Anime/Manga-style 3D avatar. And make the lip-synch transitions with about a split-second delay and smooth transition between lip shapes. That way, not only will Avatars look good, it might also get the Western gamers more used to cartoon-styles. Potentials, potentials…

        If Sony is really serious about this facial recognition, there are three games on PS3 I can point out for having good lip-synch:

        – 1st is Valkyria Chronicles. The lip-synch in that game generally matches the syllable, if a bit delayed, and it can adapt to whether it’s Japanese or English dub track. Great 3D example.
        – 2nd example, Tales of Vesperia, is about the same, though the lip-synch was much faster.
        – 3rd is Hyperdimension Neptunia. Being 2D, it didn’t adapt the mouth shape, but it made the mouth size adapt to the speech in real-time. Very fast and precise. Nice 2D example.

        I’m sure there are other games to take examples from, but these are just some titles in my recent memory. So… yeah. PSV is looking great. Keep it up, Sony.

        • It’s not as easy as just making a program that does all that…

          • If anybody is serious, yes, they can. I bet on it. Don’t underestimate the advance of technology. Like I said above, at least 3 games have done it already. It’s only a matter of when, who’s got enough motivation to do a good work and finish it, and whether he/she is fortunate enough to be supported throughout. If I may assume a bit, Sony is in a great position for it.

          • I didn’t say it was impossible, just not as easy as you made it sound.

          • Of course it’s easier said than done. But look at the video: Sony has already done a good chunk of it, including avatars that can imitate the user’s face. Some more development and polish, and it could turn out great.

            You’ll have to excuse my optimism though. I know what you’re getting at. It’s just that, at this point, what I mentioned is merely a variation on what Sony’s already doing. It is within the range of possibility for them.

        • Seems pointless and a waste of money. The games you name, none of them have really broken or delivered high sales…

          • I wasn’t talking about anything commercial; just that lip-synch technology has been done serviceably before.

            But about the sales figures: Neptunia not selling much, I get. Valkyria Chronicles, yeah, in the West. But Tales of Vesperia? I’m afraid I find it really difficult to believe that a Tales game didn’t sell well. Besides, sales figures don’t tell about the quality; only that they got enough advertising. How would you explain the Shin Megami Tensei: Raidou Kuzunoha titles selling very little in the US despite the undeniable quality?

  • jujubee88
  • CombustedGremlin

    Does anybody else think that female avatar looks like Glen Ray from Seed of Chucky?  O_O!

  • Ok…Now i’m Scared

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    Anyone else find it REALLY creepy how one eye blinks but the other doesn’t?

    • jujubee88

      The fact that technology such as the PS Vita is capable of such things is amazing. 

      At this juncture the current facial recognition prototype can be used in games as is for reading expressions. 

      Very cool. :)

    • reminds me of all those old porcelain dolls with blinking eyes 

      • Ryan Sinclair

        Yes, it does and that is what makes it so catchy! It reminds me of something Tim Burton would make and that is precisely why I like it. Thats yet another feather in my hat for me to buy the PSVita.

    • Well its the big 4 letter word “DEMO” that says it all, its still in the developmental stages but its still the most advance facial recognition that ive ever seen so far

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