We’re About Halfway Through The BlazBlue Saga

By Spencer . July 1, 2011 . 5:21pm

BBSS_20100129163152 copyWhile BlazBlue is a fighting game, Arc System Works created an elaborate world and story for the series. The plot begins with humanity on the brink of extinction at the hands of the "Black Beast" who is defeated by the newfound power of Ars Magus. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger follows Ragna the Bloodedge, a rebel who has a large bounty on his head.


Toshimichi Mori, Producer on BlazBlue, has an idea about how the story in BlazBlue will unfold. "Now, we’re a little bit over halfway through," Mori said to me while we were talking about the BlazBlue series. Earlier, we were discussing the complexity of BlazBlue and I made a joke about how Arc System Works games should have many "systems" in them. I’m glad he got it. Mori was in a cheerful mood even though I asked about the lack of a sleep feature in the Nintendo 3DS version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II.


"The plan was to finish the series with the next title, but at the moment it’s getting pretty hard to wrap everything up," Mori continued.


We’ll have more about the BlazBlue series next week when our interview with Toshimichi Mori goes live.

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  • already halfway done? really? expected it to be pretty long. but the story is amazing and i really cant wait to see how things unfold. im guessing the next 2 main titles will be the last ones. hopefully this gives more hope on them delving into guilty gear completely once more

  • d19xx

    and once the series reach its conclusion, can we have a Guilty Gear crossover?

    • As cool as a cross-over would be, I think they should be kept seperate. However a new Guilty Gear would be bloody awesome!

    • neocatzon

      Terumi saw that possibility

  • Arcm

    Honestly, just as long as Jubei is playable in the next one I will look over the 3DS version of part 2.

  • Merulana

    I really want to see how the series will wrap up. The story is amazing. Especially for a fighting game.

    I’ll be depressed when it ends ):

    • I’m also eager to see how this game will end up. The conclusion, I hope, will tie up all the ends and conclude on a high.

      If ASW wanted to, they could do prequels and perhaps have Nine, Relius and Rachel’s father as playable characters. Oh the possibilities… Just another possibility of the Continuum Shift.

  • PrinceHeir

    i hope they finish Guilty Gear too you know :P

    • Mori-san wouldn’t be involved with that. That’s Daisuke Ishiwatari’s department.  :P

  • The Continuum Shift almost makes me feel like there isnt a set storyline. That being said, in playing CSII, I feel like Calamity Trigger almost doesnt matter much. Oh well, Im still working through endings in CSII and cant wait to see how they are expanded upon in PLUS. 

  • cj_iwakura

    Calamity Trigger had a great story. CS’ is good, but it’s a lot more chaotic.

  • Souji Tendou

    Halfway? Thanks goodness, that means it won’t take long to finish this series.

  • Darkrise

    I can’t wait, ACW has really outdone themselves with BB’s story, hoping to see a conclusion that will really do the series justice. (it’ll suck but all things must come to end you know.) Also, a list of characters I hope will be playable:

    Tenjo’s son

    And more characters we haven’t met yet could be added in to add in a little more variety.

    • Something tells me some high level BB storyline craziness won’t make Saya playable. As for Kokonoe and Jubei I think everyone says its about time those 2 are playable. At least Jubei there really is no excuse for him really lol.

      • Darkrise

        I think there was a mention from Mori saying that having Jubei playable would be a little impossible since he’s suppose to be the strongest being in the universe of BB. I hope it’s not true…

        • Aww that sucks… I mean it makes sense but that sucks :/

  • AxeL

    Awww BlazBlue a fighting game that breaks grounds on every fighting game that I have ever played. Not reference to the button controls, fighting style etc. but the way everything was constructed. I literally thought there was an anime in the works at some time, or maybe a project that saw little funding. Overall, the game got me hooked and played it for a day and half straight.

    I will be sad as well when it finishes but until that time comes I will continue to support anything that comes our way. Whether it be a prequel, remake, sequel, etc. Was going to buy the fightstick as well but just bought a MVC3 and Chun-Li arcade stick. sorry guys.

  • XypherCode

    are they really finishing it? bummer :P

  • The whole “On the Road to Ikaruga” story should be used for an anime. Seriously. If the next story is gonna be there, I’m not gonna expect a variety of stages.

    • Wasn’t there SUPPOSE to be an anime in the works? Or was that just a big fake post on the BlazBlue page on Facebook?…I don’t even know anymore.

      • The anime was mention by ASW, but it wasn’t “announced.” I guess they were more concerned with the DLC and patching of CS2, not to mention all those ports. Regardless, they still should’ve done that…so long as it’s not done by Gonzo.

  • ForeverFidelis


    Finally an inkling of news about the inevitable thirdquel

    The first day I play as Jubei will be the best day of my life

  • mikanko

    So long as Tsubaki doesn’t fall back down to her CS1 level I’m cool with more BB.

    • As a Tsubaki main, I’m heavily inclined to agree.

  • Ah, so Arc System Works does have a planned ending. That’s good. A series that goes on endlessly only risks going stale with every extra step.

    • Ladius

      Honestly I don’t think a beat’em up series should be limited by its narrative. As much as I like BB’s story mode, it shouldn’t kill the series when they could go on improving competitive play and adding characters.

      • There are always the dreammatch games for that~

      • I was talking about the story. For gameplay, there’s always DLC and patches. That’s how ArcSys handled the balancing and updates with Continuum Shift.

  • Yui

    Hmm…if they have a while to go, does that open the possibility of a translation of Blazblue: Phase 0? Just so us western BB players have as much understanding as the eastern players.
    I love the series, but in particular I’m quite enjoying the plot, and it’d be nice to have a more rounded understanding.
    Happily willing to make a further investment in this series, but honestly, I don’t want it to turn into another Street Fighter. Or, hell, Guilty Gear. :D

  • I just got into the series because of the price drop, always wanted to play it and i was a GG fan so I’m sad to hear this. However, even if the story were to end it’s not like they can’t keep making more games, it’ll probably turn into a street fighter kind of thing, but it would be ridiculous if we start seeing Super Ultra BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 3 Alpha Plus lol.

    • LynxAmali

      How does the make you sad? Wouldn’t it make you happy because it allows you to experince the series and characters longer?

      I know for sure it makes me happy.

      • Well its bittersweet im excited but sad that it may be the last game on the series

        • LynxAmali

          Halfway= 4 games.
          If it only had one game left, it would 2 3rds.

  • Guest

    Jin: Brotherrrrrrrrrrrr


  • I just hope the series has a super hardcore ultimate ass kicking final boss with it’s respective theme and if it must be like 3-4 transformations or the like!!!

    …You know nothing better to destroy an awesome story with a dead lame boss~

    • kupomogli

      Like Dead or Alive 4, Tekken 6, etc?  Cheap last bosses are cheap.

      • You mean how lame they were? Yes those are the kind of bosses I definitely hate~

        I would like the game to get an awesome endboss for this series, one you really start to hate through the story and someone who screams “Climax time!!” :P

  • TT_TT

  • AnimeRemix

    I wonder what will happen to Ragna and that Troll (Hazama/Terumi). 
    Hopefully we get to play as Junbei and Kokonoe!

    BlazBlue has a amazing story, so glad that I picked up Continuum Shift on PS3 that one fateful day in walmart. When I bought it, my life was never the same again, because I was sucked right into the awesomeness that is BlazBlue!

  • Hope to see an announcement about Blazblue 3

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