Monolith Soft Open A New Studio Closer To Nintendo

By Ishaan . July 8, 2011 . 9:00am

Things are moving along at Xenoblade Chronicles developer, Monlith Soft. Recently, they announced job openings for a new project, which turned out to be an upcoming Wii U game involving mechs. Now, the Nintendo-owned company has opened a new studio.


Previously based only in Tokyo, Monolith Soft now have a new studio in Kyoto, which is where Nintendo’s main headquarters are located. The move, Monolith reveal on their website, was taken in order to strengthen their relationship with Nintendo.

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  • I wish Nintendo would stop building and commit that money to beefing up the graphical capabilities of their systems.

    Hopefully they work on New IPs.

    • LynxAmali

      Graphics whore.

      With that being said, I really hope Monolith does continue on strong. I’m still hoping for Xenosaga Episode IIIDS.

      • DanteJones

        Did that Xenosaga I & II ever leave Japan? Xenosaga in game-anime form would be awesome.

        • XS1&2 for the DS hasn’t left Japan yet. People are still trying to get it released outside of Japan atm.

          • DanteJones

            Ooh word, that would be cool to see. :) Loved the Xenosaga games.

      • kupomogli

        Why not just buy it for PS2?

        • LynxAmali

          Did you not see what I did? It was a play on words.

          IIIDS= 3DS. I was trying to make a joke. >_>

      • skymap

        This would have to be under Namco. The chances of that happening, however, are slim to none.

    • And hopefully we’ll get those new IPs in US and EU?

    • What does this have to do with anything…?

      • Isnt Nintendo funneling money to a Nintendo owned studio meaning that Nintendo funded development for this new studio? This seems to be another investment into building thats been done by Nintendo recently. I was just expressing that I would rather they invest the money in funding more for their hardware development versus new buildings and studios. I thought it applied to this discussion at hand.  Sorry if it seemed offtopic, I will eliminate my comment if that is the case.

        • Well, it is kind of off-topic, but since you brought it up… :p 

          It isn’t a matter of them not putting their finances into hardware development at all. Nintendo already invest a hell of a lot of money into R&D for their hardware. I mean, they’ve always been a hardware company. It’s simply a matter of balancing out features and cost without selling things at a loss like their competitors.

          • Not to mention that one of their “building investment” is precisely a bigger R&D facility.

            And one of the missions for every R&D department is (gasp!) better graphic hardware. What do you know?

            Still, I will always prefer new exciting games over bigger graphic horsepower anyday of the year.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Really good for them. I hope this Wii U game turns out to be something great, like Xenoblade Chronicles.

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait to see their next game :)

    i would love to see another game in line with Xenosaga and Xenogears :D

    can’t wait to see how they take advantage of the Wii U :)

    i also wonder what happened to Soraya Saga? kinda wish she’s part of Monolith Soft team :(

    • skymap

      They seem pretty disillusioned with those two. :( I know how you feel though. I’d give anything for a Xenosaga IV.

      • PrinceHeir

        hell yeah :)

        played the Trilogy this year. 

        it was an amazing game but i definitely would want to Monolith Soft’s own vision of the saga.

        still the final boss of episode 2 was the best moment in video game history :D

    • puchinri

      Well, since Xenosaga was a spiritual successor of sorts to Xenogears (since they couldn’t actually return to the series), maybe they can do another game in that vain some time. This might be it if it isn’t a Baten Kaitos title~?

      • PrinceHeir

        anything in the vein in both games would be fine :)

        would love to try Xenoblade though :P

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I wonder if we’ll ever see this upcoming game on our shores…

  • gatotsu911

    Maybe this means that Nintendo will stop marginalizing Monolith’s games and start giving them the backing and publicity they deserve. And, y’know, overseas releases.

    Hey, a man can dream!

    • puchinri

      How do they marginalize their games? I haven’t heard anything like that before I don’t think. 

      • gatotsu911

        They are released with nonexistent marketing or not at all in foreign territories, they get a minimum amount of publicity even in Japan, and I don’t get the impression that Monolith are exactly working with the best production budgets Nintendo has to offer. The whole studio is currently treated like a B-list developer.

        • puchinri

          Actually, only recently have I even seen marketing/advertising for Mario games really, so as far as we go, I guess I’m kind of not surprised (and that isn’t so bad). What gives you that impression about the budget though? 

  • gatotsu911

    Also, what is this about their upcoming game involving mechs? Last I heard there’s speculation going around that it may be another Baten Kaitos game.

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