Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Covers 13 Final Fantasy Titles In One 3DS Rhythm Game

By Spencer . July 11, 2011 . 12:53am

the1Square Enix and Retro Game Challenge developer Indies Zero has a new take on the Final Fantasy series. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a music game with the gods from Dissidia: Final Fantasy mythology, Chaos and Cosmos. The space between them isn’t empty it’s rhythm, which fuels a crystal that spreads music throughout the world. Discord in the universe made the crystal lose its luster and your job is to lead Final Fantasy warriors to restore its brilliance.


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy spans the numbered series with heroes from Final Fantasy I-XIII. Each game is actually its own episode in Theatrhythm. Players pick a party of four characters and go through three stages – field, battle, and events. All of these are played as a music game. Don’t worry if that genre is not your forte, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy has multiple difficulty modes. After each stage characters will level up, a feature Square Enix plans on explaining at a later date. Players can also unlock music and movies for their collection.




Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will draw upon the series large library of music. Square Enix confirmed a few songs like the Final Fantasy theme, "Battle on the Big Bridge" (Gilgamesh’s theme) from Final Fantasy V, "One Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII, "To Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X, and "Sunleth Waterscape" from Final Fantasy XIII.


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is in development for the Nintendo 3DS. Square Enix have not announced a release date for the title.


Warrior of Light

image 114 image 127 image 121 image 129


Onion Knight

image 147 image 162 image 166 image 156



image 170 image 182 image 189 image 191



image 201 image 214 image 216 image 218



image 221 image 229 image 238 image 244



image 250 image 259 image 271 image 263

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  • you know innovation is welcome but i would have prefered a game just as this, but with regular turn based battles, towns, dungeons, good story, each characters own moves, also each character from the final fantasy series from I-XIII in this game, but hey everyone can dream for a dissidia complete RPG

  • XypherCode

    at least the game covers some common FF characters. and i love FF tunes :D
    can’t wait to play it ^^
    hoping for kingdom hearts songs as well xD

  • I want this.. a lot. Final Fantasy spin-offs have been kind to me over the years (most recently 4 Heroes of Light <3) and this is focusing on one of the series' biggest strengths? Count me in!

    Hopefully Final Fantasy IX is well-represented. Hands down my favorite OST of any game (also my favorite game :D).

  • I don’t care if you think One Winged Angel is overrated, I’m glad it’s in this game. Now I’m just waiting on a confirm for a certain Man With A Machine Gun. >:D

  • It seems like the songs from FFX-2 would be a perfect fit for this game, hope they are not overlooked!

  • Peter Johansson

    Finally another title that made the 3DS worth buying, can’t wait to go nuts on this title! :D 

  • I always thought that they’ll do a game like The Black Mages/Final Fantasy: Rock Band

    • Guest

       I hope Black Mages Maybe I’m a Lion is in this…

    • doomspeller10

      Final Fantasy Lego Rock Band?

  • I got noting to say just will see how it turn’s out to be.

  • Bunzi

    With chibi, simple characters like this SE doesn’t have as big an excuse to play hyper elitist with their character selection as they do in Dissidia. I’d love to see Freya, VII!Cid, Vivi, and a few other supporting main characters make the playable list.

  • Waves of a new day
    Clear all the gloom away
    Hope is what we simply need to proceed.

    Im so glad my favorite song made it in there. 

  • Lordphantomhive

    Well this is something new.:P I have faith in Jupiter so I might check this out.
    Edit: Oh it made by Indies Zero. I thought Jupiter was working on this too? Guess that was just a rumor. Whatever I still keep a eye on this.

  • Guest

    They shoulda just used Dissidia graphics

  • Methylene

    The characters look like the models from KH:RE:coded, or is it just me?

    • Lordphantomhive

      The avatar stuff that based from KH mobile? Yes it is the same artstyle.

    • doomspeller10

      Actually they look like some unlockable chibi icons in Dissidia 012, but it was probably based on the KH:REcoded style.

    • doomspeller10

      Here’s a screenshot, I made a new reply because I can’t add pictures when editing.

  • Christian Wright

    good to see squenix trying something new!

  • IB2004

    Only because its final fantasy I’ll buy it

  • Barrylocke89

    As a mild fan of final fantasy, and a slightly bigger fan of rhythm games, i’m interested.

  • Suicunesol

    The art style is cute, but I don’t like how all of the characters have the same expression–Circle eyes, triangle mouth and nose, Pikachu cheeks. Sephiroth better not have a face like like that. At least give him some angry eyebrows.

    I hope I can see it in motion soon. I’m sure these screenshots don’t do the game justice.

    I’m also a little worried about the music-style… while it’s likely that there’s going to be more musical variety than in Dissidia, a serious, epic score might not fit the art style. The music in this game might be chibified like the art-style. Who here wants to hear a chibified One-Winged Angel?

  • BGMcDF

    Thanks, Square. Now I have to buy a 3DS for something other than Megaman Legends 3. Oh, who am I kidding, I couldn’t be more excited for either project!

    Hopefully it allows for more than just protagonists, but I should know better by now. 

  • Rihawf

    It’s not that bad as people says. Might try.

  • xflame10

    okay this goes on my do want list, i hope you can go between normal attacks, magic, and limit breaks with different combinations of notes/buttons. Also playing along with the music…….. boss battles will be beyond epic XD.

  • xflame10

    and heres hoping for some kind of dragon quest 9 meets rock band multiplayer mode, you guys ( and……..girls?) know it can work!!!!!!

  • Omikuji

    Grnnn oh goodness, it’s so cute looking. When this comes out by the looks of it I’m going to have to cave and buy the blasted 3ds. Here’s hopeing though that they’ll have a bunch of characters that wern’t in Dissidia. I demand, or er more preying for, that they’ll include a large cast including Edgar, Faris, just a whole bunch of other characters. If there’s a claim of lack of space for more then the 012 cast, I’m going to call shinanigins D8<

  • Im getting this for sure! The chibi character look is so cute! :D

  • Haha, Bartz looks adorable! Plus, the older games are getting some fanservice as well.

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