Here’s How You Progress Through Super Pokémon Rumble’s Areas

By Ishaan . July 15, 2011 . 10:08am

New details on Super Pokémon Rumble were made available this week in CoroCoro magazine and on the game’s website, and managed to scoop them up. Super Pokémon Rumble’s story is about “Drops of Light” that allow Pokémon to do battle. These have started to disappear, and once they’re gone, Pokémon will be unable to battle at all.


You have to enter to Toy World to collect the Drops of Light in order to prevent this from happening. Each area in Super Pokémon Rumble is accessed via gates present on the overworld. You need to complete each area’s various challenges in order to progress to the next. Cape Area, Beach Area and Forest Area are three examples of areas. The image above is of the Beach Area, while the one below is of the Cape Area.

Each area also contains its own type of Pokémon, and depending on challenges, may place certain restrictions on the kind of Pokémon you can use as well. Some of the Battle Royale endurance challenges, which return from Pokémon Rumble on WiiWare, are an example of this. These get progressively more difficult to survive.


We also previously reported on a new feature in Super Pokémon Rumble, called Charge Battles, which have now been detailed a little further as well. Charge Battles pit two armies of Pokémon against each other, and your teammates are automatically chosen based on the strength of your party leader. You continuously rotate the 3DS Circle Pad and tap the A button to control these.


Super Pokémon Rumble also has a password system that you can use to unlock rare Pokémon. One of these was revealed in CoroCoro this week — 5155-4087, used for unlocking Tornadus. Passwords for Snivy and Gallade will be revealed in Famitsu and Pokémon Fan magazines respectively. Serebii has a password page to keep track.

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  • I love, LOVE Pokemon (obviously, look at my avatar), but…is it just me, or do those graphics look like crap (and in the 2nd screenshot, literally)?

    I never played the original Pokemon Rumble. Can anyone tell me if it was actually good and fun?

    • No it’s definitely not just you…. I thought it was just me.

      • It’s disappointing, isn’t it?

        • Yeah. Cute and super deformed doesn’t have to mean clunky.

    • It is from Ambrella who rather makes some of the *ahem* “lower tier” Pokemon titles like Dash and that Ranch game.
      I just think it is the developer since the other games weren’t exactly great looking either (first Rumble game was Wiiware but still doesn’t mean anything when there are some good looking titles on the service).

      Haven’t played them yet btw they could be fun but keep in mind that the original was a download so might be worth the price more who knows.

    • Exkaiser

      …Looking at your Avatar, I had no idea it was a Pokemon character. Cilan, right?

      For the longest time, I thought it was an oddly-colored Eureka from E7….

      • LOL, I can see where it might be hard to tell from the zoomed-in shot. Yeah, it’s Cilan (my favorite character in the series!).

        But now that you mention it, I DO see the resemblance to Eureka…I wish I would’ve watched that series through to the end.

  • The original me and my daughter play. It’s fun but the main mechanics (albeit addictive) are quite simple.  I’m not sure i’d like it as much if my daughter did not.  The battles are fun, but the main mechanic of fighting hordes of pokemon to collect is the main fun.

  • Code

    I feel like Nintendo’s onto something with Pokemon Rumble, but I feel like they are only 1/3rd of the way there opo; Still think it needs specific movesets per Pokemon, and versus mode to really stand out and feel like a more finished concept. 

  • Isn’t it supposed to be Cave Area since the katakana says “keibu?”

  • It looks very cute!

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