Expect More Pokémon “Surprises” On Both Nintendo DS And 3DS

By Ishaan . July 20, 2011 . 7:15pm

Pokémon fans should expect more surprises across both the Nintendo DS and 3DS, according to The Pokémon Company’s president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, who appeared in an interview with Famitsu magazine this week, partially translated by 1UP.


Ishihara says that, aside from Pokémon Rumble Blast (October release in the U.S.) and Pokédex 3D (out on the 3DS eShop), there are just as many Pokémon “surprises” planned for the second half of this year as there were in the first half. According to Ishihara, the idea behind Pokédex 3D was an attempt to get people playing Pokémon Black/White on the 3DS.


Developing for the Nintendo 3DS isn’t easy, Ishihara says, because it has so many different features that it results in a lot of ideas. Pokédex 3D came about as an endeavour to create the “ultimate Pokédex” when the Nintendo 3DS concept first arose. While not as many people have downloaded the free app as Ishihara would like, the people that have downloaded it are happy with it. Going forward, he’d like to expand Pokédex 3D to include information on Pokémon across all the series’ regions.


Speaking further on the subject of Nintendo 3DS development, Ishihara reveals that the 3DS features two CPUs — one devoted to the game and one for network communication functionality. Taking full advantage of both these CPUs and their ability to work independently without bogging down the other will be the key to developing for the 3DS.


“I don’t think every Nintendo DS user has immediately upgraded to the 3DS, so while we’d like to keep DS gamers close in our minds, we also want to show people how much the world of Pokémon can be expanded with the 3DS’s feature set,” he stated.

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  • vadde939

    hmmm I’m guessing Pokemon Grey for DS/3DS with cross platform connectivity and maybe some extra content in the 3DS version.

    • Making Grey for both DS and 3DS doesnt really show people how much the world of Pokémon can be expanded with the 3DS’s feature set if the base game is still offered on the DS.  If they want people to move on then make it exclusive to 3DS.

      • vadde939

        It doesn’t seem likely to me that they would bother making the first ‘real’ 3DS pokemon game until 6th gen when they can just reuse the assets from Black/White for Grey like the other third version pokemon games. It wouldn’t be the first DS to 3DS port after all.

        • theworldofnoboundries

          For the next pokemon on 3DS u hope they will make the game like the stadium type battle screen however still using the same formula when we are exploring the world map as i think that looks cool.

      • dragoon_slayer12

        Not really the ds version can be a “copy and paste” version of black and white (emerald, platinum), while the 3ds version can be a full upgrade/standalone title (3ds capable graphics, sound, features, etc).

  • I swear the DS had two CPUs as well.  But with the 3DS costing $250, and a dangerous lack of color choices, it’s no wonder people haven’t bought one yet.  Not to mention the severe lack of games.

    • punkchobit

      “I swear the DS had two CPUs as well.”

      It did. Thus 3DS needed 2 to play DS games.

  • Is this a tease about a 3D (in more ways than one) Pokemon game?

    • dragoon_slayer12

      Or a tease of the xd remake

  • dragoon_slayer12

    I love the 3ds, the library just sucks. I’m not sure if Rumble is a purchase on my end, but although I called black my final pokemon game for a while, Grey on the 3ds is warrant enough. What I would truly like is either a soul silver 3ds remake (full 3d, not just same game with “3d” features), or a game that is full 3d (snes to 64 type of jump) that lets the player either travel to all the lands, or majority of them. And with the 3ds, it is truly possible

  • Make 3DS Pokemon game using that graphics engine dammit

  • If you tell me, I’ll still act suprised.

    Seriously though, I’m a little curious as to what they have planned, since I don’t imagine it will be a totally new entry in the Pokemon series. I wonder if it will be more tease-software like the 3D Pokedex, although I’m still too sleepy right now to think what that would be. An extra Pokemon for putting your cart into the 3DS seems too small scale. Hmm.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    So America will get that Pokemon Typing game next year, eh? That’ll be interesting.

    • Phoenix_Apollo

      And that PokePark DS game we got, too. That’d be nice to see over here. :P

  • I wouldn’t tease for very much longer.  The 3DS needs something like this right now.  There really isn’t time for surprises.  The console’s had enough already for people delaying or pulling out their ideas altogether.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I’d like to see a Pokemon Colosseum/Stadium kind of game on the 3DS that would be really interesting :P

  • xflame10

    for it to be the ultimate pokedex you need an electronic voice to tell you the name and description of each pokemon. just like in the show :3

    • punkchobit

      And locations of the pokemon. It doesnt help you find them atm…

      • xflame10


  • punkchobit

    A processor dedicated to network functionality?

    It seems somewhat underused then. You’d think there’d be some sort of achievement system, messaging, etc. I can barely even get ResEvil: The Mercs 3D to get online…

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