MangaGamer To Offer Select Hard-Copy Games Via J-List

By Ishaan . July 20, 2011 . 11:37pm

MangaGamer and online shop, J-List, have struck a deal to distribute select MangaGamer titles in disc format. As of this week, certain popular MangaGamer titles are available for buying on Jlist at varying prices.


Three of these include KiraKira (All-Ages Version), Higurashi When They Cry, and Higurashi When They Cry Kai. You can view the complete list, including some of their adult titles, by searching for “MangaGamer” on J-List’s website.

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  • I’m begging for a Koihime Musou hard copy, and  hard copy release of DearDrops, and especially of Dengeki Stryker ;~;

    • Dear Drops and Dengeki Stryker hard copies would be sweet~

      • kroufonz

        most likely possible since it is overdrive title

    • If they release DearDrops, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN i would be so happy, i would get is so happily, i played the jap ver and i cried like a btch in one of the endings, normally i can resist or my eyes get teary, but this time i couldnt, the ending was so perfect, awesome and epic it made my cry.

      I’ve read that Dengeki stryker while good, is kinda short tho. Anyhow, anything that Overdrive does and has milktub’s music, must be good xD

  • kroufonz

    what about play-asia?

  • Room201

    Well, this means I might wait a little more to see if they offer Kara no Shoujo in disc format. I’ve been meaning to buy it since the trial version got me interested but I’ve been a little too busy recently to play VN on my computer.

  • Ooh, that’s good to hear. I was hoping to buy Higurashi at some point (when I get a new laptop) and it would be nice to have a physical copy.

  • SolidusSnake

    Nice, will definitely be picking up Higurashi, as well as Kara no Shoujo if they offer it in the future.

    Edit: I wonder why Kai is twice the cost on jlist? Maybe it’s an error. I’ll have to send them an email and unravel the mystery. Hopefully Oyashiro-sama isn’t behind it.

    • Darkrise

      It’s not just Kai, a lot of J-lists games seem to be double or overpriced compared to the real cost.

  • I keep seriously hoping that one day, Higurashi will show up on Amazon.

    Cause then I’ll finally be able to buy them. (Only place I can order from online is there due to me using a parent’s account)

  • AzureNova

    Yes! My killer lolis are back!

  • Awesome, time to pick up Higurashi!

    I think MangaGamer was pretty smart to do this download then disc.  After what happened with Hirameki, I think a lot of companies probably felt iffy about bringing VNs over, but it seems like it’s working out for MangaGamer and now we’re finally able to get disc copies.

  • I want Higurashi. ^__^  Price seems okay too, what a relief.  Is this the only retail because I would liked Amazon but whatever.

  • Mister_Nep

    Very happy about this news. I’m interested in pretty much all the games listed. Will definitely pick up at least one of these right away, and then the rest when I have more money.


  • Juuu

    Well, MangaGamer, you may have finally won me over as a customer. :] This is very pleasing news for collectors and those who prefer hard copies over digital in general.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff :D

    will buy it sometime this year for sure :P

  • Ladius

    It isn’t an hard copy title yet, but… buy Kara no Shoujo, for the love of good. It has to be one of the best visual novels ever released in English. So many choices, different outcomes and endings, such good artworks, such a nice, well written plot… not to mention the OST and the interesting setting in ’50 post-war Japan.

    • BTA

      I have to ask: how bloody is it, really? I keep hearing great things about it, but that’s what’s keeping me from getting it sometime in the future.

      • Locklear93

        In text descriptions, it’s EXTREMELY graphic.  In images… well, if you hit a bad end, at least one of those is also extremely graphic.  I haven’t seen any of the sex/violence mingling people were concerned about, if that’s what actually worries you.  If it’s just a matter of the blood, sex or not, though, yes, it can get quite bloody.

        That said, it’s not like you’re running into gore every two seconds.  I was disturbed by an image of a crime scene, and a bad end.  Otherwise, I didn’t see a lot in the way of blood on screen.  I also haven’t gone back since the bad end though…

        • BTA

          Ah, ok. If it’s not too often, I can stand some blood and gore. And as I was also concerned by the “sex/violence mingling” that’s also good to hear about. Thanks! c:

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