At Last…English Screens And Trailer For Tales of the Abyss

By Ishaan . July 21, 2011 . 3:32pm


It took a while, but Namco Bandai are finally releasing English screenshots for Tales of the Abyss. They also released an English version of an older trailer we posted earlier in the year. You can watch that above.


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  • The font could use a bit of work :

    • Shinji Kazuya

      I like the font. Don’t see anything wrong with it.

    • SerendipityX

      I was thinking the same thing. There’s something a little off about it in the text boxes.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yeah it was the first thing I noticed right away. It’s definitely a different font from their PS2 game. Wonder if that’s b/c they had to change the font when they put it on a 3DS cart or something? Maybe to save space? But I think it’s more because they wanted it to be easier to read you know? With this being on a small screen and all the old font might of been harder to read. Anyways I think it looks fine. Nothing’s really wrong with it. Everything is nice and even and easy to read. No overlapping and no junking lettering. I got no problems with it.

      • Exkaiser

        It’s definitely so it looks cleaner on a lower resolution. The DS Tales games use the same font.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Yeah I figured as much. The other font looked like it would be cluttered and murky on that little screen.

  • SpiderCVIII

    Alright, all that’s left is for them to give us a release date.

    • Exactly. And if we don’t get one by the end of Comic Com, we’re going to have a problem Namco. Still can’t preorder it at GameStop.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Oh man, I can’t wait ta get my hands on this in November!

  • Wow. Now don’t get me wrong, this is one of my favorite games ever, but all the lines they used in that trailer sounded absolutely terrible and boring acting skill-wise.
    To anyone who knows nothing about the game and they watch this trailer, I feel really bad for them cause they would have to perceive it as the lamest thing ever actual dialogue content-wise.

    • kylehyde

      Sad but true.

      I’m still interested on this game, but you are right, I just hope that the rest of the voice acting sounds a lot better, or better I hope that this port includes japanese voices.

      • Nah, don’t worry about the voice acting. In-game its incredible, nothing wrong with any of it. That’s why I was so amazed at how bad it was for this trailer. How on earth did they manage to do that?

        • That’s what happens when you think you hear good voice acting from a trailer, even worse when you’ve heard all these line 5+ years ago.

          The english voice acting is good regardless. Though I doubt NB tried to voice the skits.

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      You read my mind. I was gonna ask if the PS2 version’s voice acting was that… uninspired when it came out, but you answered my question. Kudos.

  • shion16

    I who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee who opens the gates of hell
    Come forth divine lightning! 
    This ends now! 

    Id love to see that in 3D

    • I love Indignation, and the different way characters say, best move (I will never forget the way they said it in the GBA version…( )

      • Zero_Destiny

        I always loved that too. The best line ever: “What the heeeeeeck is that?!`” lol And then “It ends Her ya~!!!!” lol I loved that so much. I would start over again and again just for that scene. ^_^ As silly as it sounds in retrospect I thought it was such a cool thing to hear voices come out of my GBA SP and really the acting isn’t half bad. Although those two lines make me chuckle so much now. XD It’s still pretty epic though.

      • Suicunesol

        OH God. That voice acting is so bad. >_< I'm sorry, but Dhaos's line sounds like something Falco Lombardi would say.

        SNES (or PSX) version remains my favorite version. GBA is… is a poor remake, in my opinion.

        BUT HEY I get to try Tales of the Abyss for the first time! I was sorely disappointed with Symphonia so I hope this is better. :)

  • Fonic

    I wish Tales trailers would show more combat. There was some but to really get potential fans interested they should probably focus a little less on the story and more on the flashier stuff.
    Although Abyss does have a pretty good story for a Tales game.

    • I think if people wanted more combat they would just look at the mystic art exhibition videos… ( ) I do it for all the Tales games. Epic attacks.

      • Fonic

        Yeah but I wish they’d show more of that sort of thing in the official trailer since that’s probably what people new to the series will see first. If people aren’t interested then they won’t bother to look up additional videos, particularly unofficial ones. Show off what the battle system is capable of with flashy attacks and combos. Sort of like what Marvel vs Capcom 3 did.
        Also, it sounds a little gimmicky, but they might want to mention it’s in the same series as Symphonia.

  • well,i already have this game for the ps2.but i cant wait for graces and xilia.thats if namco really cares to bring the later to the west >_>

  • Buying this, buying this so hard!

  • I might buy a Nintendo 3ds when this game comes out. Never had a chance to play it on the ps2.

  • FINALLY!  Now we just need a release date, Namco Bandai, so I may begin throwing my money at you~!

    And now the US and Europe can experience Jade lightning faces off with Indignation in STEREOSCOPIC 3D!!!  (Also, rappigs)

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    Is this a really good Tales game? I haven’t played any of them and I want to try this one out since there isn’t much else on the 3DS right now.

    • Draparde

      I’d say it was pretty good. probably one of the best to start on in my opinion. 

    • Exkaiser

      It’s the only one that has a really good story. Combat is pretty okay, but nothing special, but the writing is really well-done. One of the few Tales games I’d really recommend.

      Go for it.

    • Croix

      I would honestly say that this is the BEST Tales game out in English at this time. There are those who would argue that Symphonia is better (not that I fault them, because), in the end, they’re both really good. This game was pretty much the turning point/trend setter for what console Tales games following it would be like.

  • Draparde

    It would be even awesomer if they snuk voiced skits in…seeing as how the origonal PS2 NA version didint have it. 

    Needless to say im buying it though. and im glad to see an english trailer for it :D

  • Awesome. Finally a reason to buy the 3DS. And I cannot wait.

    • Shinji Kazuya

      Yes indeed! I don’t have a 3DS yet ’cause Tales of the Abyss hasn’t come out!

    • Going out to buy this and a 3DS the day it comes out.

  • Looks good. I already have it on PS2, but I’ll probably pick it up on 3DS anyway just to support the series.

    Also, can’t believe I’m saying this, but I didn’t know Abyss had alternate costumes. I don’t think I got a single one in my time with the PS2 version. Guess I have something new to look forward to when I snag the 3DS version.

    • Masengan

      Yeah they have some pretty awesome looking ones.

    • Exkaiser

      They’ve got a pretty decent amount of costumes. Most of them are only available at the very end of the game, though.

      It’s why I transfer my titles over to new game+.

  • Please have Japanese dialogue options available! PLEASE.

    • Catnipcookie


      • nyoron

        Voiced skits.

      • As nyoron said, we dont have the skit voiced on tales of the abyss, really a shame -_-

        • And?

          • xXDGFXx

            It’d be acceptable if the japanese version didn’t have voiced, but they do. This is cutting content in localization AND unnecessary(yea, it is. You have the dialogue in the box. That’s a good a enough translation.) recasting for dubs if they weren’t going to fully dub it. Also, i’d like to state that the VAs for skits just make it sooooo much better. otherwise, it’s just pop-ups with bouncing avatars…

            Of course this is MY opinion, but it does have some truth to it.

          • That’s still no excuse to “beg” constantly for Japanese audio when we don’t even know if NB will allow it like they did with DW:G3. It’s true that the skits are funnier and more interesting when voiced, I personality don’t think it’s a big deal when I played TotA and that issue shouldn’t divert players from the experience in front of them. That said, it’s too late for NB fix what they couldn’t do, given the fact that every voiced line in every video game costs money. If they were able to recast the English voice cast, Bandai Entertainment should’ve done the same for the anime (but that’s a fail on “their” part).

          • And…? What? He said why and i said the reason.

            Btw, im not begging (read your post below) for anything, keep your assumptions to yourself, i could just keep on playing the japanese ver. and forget about buying the english, but i won’t, i’ve brought every english tales of games.

            I’ve just said, that’s the only lame thing namco bandai did when localizing, same happened with tales of symphony (though i dont remember if it was them or nintendo)

            I think im on my rights to whine about the localization every now and then, considering i love the series, and got all of them (but vesperia, planning to import it for ps3) so far, just like anyone could whine about any other game they loved.

            For example Lux Pain, had an horrible localization, but i loved the game nontheless, does this means im begging for them to redo the localization?

            If you want to put an “And?” at least go with the person that seems to be really begging, like the first comment that started all this thread of comments.

          • Why are you, a player of the Japanese version complaining?! For that matter just keep playing it in Japanese.  People clearly are content with playing it in English in the form that it is offered. I am.

          • 1) Because i love the games. It’s not that big of a deal, not that many have been localized anyway

            2) Stop freaking making assumptions…. Im not saying im not happy with what ive been getting so far -___- god …

          • WildArms, It is a big enough deal that you have to comment about it. It seems to not really make sense to complain about a lack thereof Japanese dub considering you just said you would play the English (from the other reply you made to me).

            There have not been games that have voiced every single solitary line of dialogue in the game, at least, for a game as line heavy as Tales.  You are given the game in its original format in English and now in a portable format with touch controls on the 3DS and are complaining about issues that stemmed from a release so many years ago. You probably do play RPGs that arent voiced so why is it a huge deal to not have an aspect of this Tales game not voiced when so much of the rest of the game is voiced. How many other Japanese RPGs released this year had voice acting that is in the same magnitude that is offered in this PS2-era game. Tales of the Abyss is in no way less fun with some lines of dialogue not voiced, if so, then you are playing games for the wrong reasons.

            If it is that much of a game changing feature that puts you in so much distress then, like I said, stick to your Japanese version and enjoy that while not complaining.

            Complaining implies you are not happy with the game, wholly.

          • Double post, freaking disqus -_-

          • You still dont get it? *sigh* Ok, ill make it clear since you seem to talk about the “happy with” thing

            Im happy with what i got at least, is hard for me to find a game that makes me feel 100% happy anyway, there is always something weird, something to complain about, its normal. I never in any moment said im not happy with what i got. I just said the reason why i would like to get jap dubs, since english doesnt have voiced skits.

            At least they put english voices for all the skits on tales of vesperia, sadly, i dont have a xbox so ill import ps3 ver.
            But i hope that they do the same with tales of graces. If they do it or decide not too, i might get kinda mad yeah, but i will still buy it.

            Darn, now it seems that complaining about one thing of a tales of games is completely a different thing than complaining to other game

          • “If you want to put an “And?” at least go with the person that seems to
            be really begging, like the first comment that started all this thread
            of comments.”

            I’ll give you credit for explaining yourself. As far as I’m concerned, there’s almost never a Silicon blog about a video game (JRPG or otherwise) with English audio that doesn’t have someone saying “JAPANESE AUDIO PLZ! PLZ!”
            Sounds like begging to me, so I can’t help but assume.

          • Again double post, 2 in a row, please delete…

          • Yeah, i can understand that because i have seen it too. But i tend to ignore it, and if i say something about it, it should easily be noted in what the person said -_- internet is a place where people can twist easily what you say.

        • Catnipcookie

          Well, ya know, back in my day we didn’t have to worry about how they dubbed the voices in RPGs, there were barely ANY voices to be heard. Everyone should just be happy that we are getting this game, and that we are getting Tales of Graces but nope. 

          • When did i said i wasnt happy? and i have the ps2 ver. and still planning to get it, thank you.

            I was just pointing the reason why i would like the japanese dubs to stay, voiced skits are awesome, without voices they dont feel so good. I say this because ive played all tales of games so far and im used to have voices in most of the skits. That is ALL.

            Tales of the world games had voiced skits and some voiceless, at least namco could had done that on this one.

            Just as i said below, keep your freaking assumptions to yourself, im so tired of people coming with the line of “i should be happy” when i assure you, i was one of the first ones jumping around my house when the games were announced

          • People want more Tales games, then when they come over people write of them for being lazy and angry that the content isnt voiced. Either accept what is offered or dont both expressing disappointment over a game that is not a remake or up-port.  At least Namco Bandai considered bringing this game to people who dont have access to the Japan version. Accept what is offered and be glad they are even bringing it and Tales of Graces F instead of joining numerous other people continually hampering and decreasing the quality of every tales of thread on this here site with minor complaints.

          • Did you even read what i said?

            Btw, just to clarify, im a person that, if has the 2 voice options, japanese and engish, always plays the game in english, i love english dubs, i just said the reason why i would like japanese dubs instead.

    • Hraesvelgr

      They won’t. Don’t even know why anyone would expect it.

  • Errrrr…that voice-acting. I’ll deal with it since we’re finally getting a Tales of in America ever since hm…Symphonia 2?

  • TEAR<3 LUKE<3 YAY!

  •  Did the voice acting always sound this, umm… monotone like?

    • Darkrise

      I want to believe that the reason was 3 years really took a toll on Namco’s common sense in hiring proper voice actors.

    • Tommy Lee

      It sounds a lot better in context.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Can’t wait for this to release. This is the only must have game with an actual release date.

  • Release date? hope its not far away, tales of games are king

  • One of my favorite tales of titles (Tear ftw!). Even though I own the original I’ll definitely be picking this up day one on the 3ds. Now if only we can get Bamco to localize more Tales titles….like Rebirth or even Hearts. 

    • xXDGFXx

      I wish they would put the translated tales of innocence on an official cartridge… Seriously, that is the best fan translation i have ever seen on the ds.

  • XypherCode

    i still prefer the japanese voice acting though and i don’t remember these were the english voice acting back on the ps2…or is it just me :D

    • epy

      I also played the japanese version but I SERIOUSLY doubt Bamco would re-dub it so its most likely the same.

    • Hraesvelgr

      It’s the same. Maybe it sounds a little different because of the sound quality.

    • Croix

      I think it’s a quality thing. Some of it sounds exactly the same to me, some sounds just a bit different. In particular, Luke’s voice appears to have suffered some quality issues, though it could just be the trailer.

    • XypherCode

      it would be great if they feature a dual-audio settings for this :P well…beggars can’t be choosers :D

  • RagnaXBL

    Well i’m excited!

  • The Final Promise

    I think the only thing holding me back from getting this is the fact it’s identical to the original.. But, as a Tales fan, I’ll still pick it up.

    • xXDGFXx

      I’ve only played a bit of Tales of Innocence for my first Tales game. Too small in some aspects but overall and enjoyable experience. This will be my 2nd and i seem to think i will thoroughly enjoy it.

      On another note, your avatar makes me wishful for another radiant historia.

    • While it is a port, the load times have significantly improved. There was a comparison video, someone was able to go back and forth between two load screens like 5 times, and the ps2 one was still loading just to get to the next area… once.

      It is that much faster, and believe me, the load screens on Abyss for the PS2 were horrid if you remember and/or played it.

  • Looks impressive as a 3DS game.

  • This is 1 of Tales games i never played, looking forward to it.

  • Give me a date, Namco.  I need to know by when I need to have a 3DS.

    • Indeed. And having a bundle for this would most certainly light up my day.

  • No one says anything about the music? Looks like we won’t have “Karma” with lyrics this time either. Pretty dissapointing.

    The electric guitar thing is pretty cool, don’t get me wrong, but this is one of the best “Tales of” opening songs, if not THE best.

    And yes, the lines are pretty poorly chosen. They make this game look like the usual teenage angsty plot, when it goes way beyond that. As some people say, this game has probably the best plot in the series. And the voice acting sounds rather poor when they are out of context (in game they’re actually pretty great).

    In this series, characters and dialogue are allways superb, but the plots are pretty irregular. They go away thanks to the anime tropes deconstruction most of the time.

    But “Abyss” is probably the only game in the series that has both great characters AND a really good plot.

    • LynxAmali

      Great and Good plot? I’ll give you the plot but I for one wouldn’t say it’s the only game with both. Take a look at Vesperia. That’s got great characters and (cliched) good plot. Although in Abyss, Jade < 3.

      As for the theme, eh. Personally prefer the guitar myself. But then again, I've always liked the instrumental themes.

      • TomSkylark

        Agreed about Vesperia’s story. I found the plot pretty tiresome, but the characters were so charming and likable that I didn’t really notice or care all that much.

    • I think they assume we dont like japanese music , but alass i prefer instrumentals than dubs of songs , execpt if they are from the same singuer ,cause thats usualy somewhat ok , i do however wish we could choose between original and english orrr a no voice option , i usualy like those reminds me of snes and ps1 era .

      • Hraesvelgr

        Eh, don’t quote me on this, but OP/ED songs are generally separate licenses and, supposedly, it sometimes costs quite a bit extra to get them. Of course, since it’s an instrumental version of the same song, I’m not sure if that applies here, but it’s possible that it was cheaper for them to do it that way.

        Considering they can’t even be bothered pay more to dub the skits, that seems more likely than anything, to me.

    • TomSkylark

      That was my first thought, too. As I noted above, I assumed this had something to do with international royalty issues until I realized they had no problem including lyrics with Vesperia. Of course, that was re-recorded in English, so it seems like the omission might rest on the (very weird) presumption that having a theme song with Japanese lyrics would wig out JRPG players (which, again, is a silly notion) and/or alienate new players picking it up for the first time on 3DS. Which… really? In 2011? 

  • Am I the only one that doesn’t mind the English dub of this game? I enjoy the voice acting for this game on the PS2, the only bummer was not having the skits voiced.

    • No, you’re not the only one.

      Of course, the ideal would have been to give the people the choice, but the English dub in this game is pretty damn good. Yuri Lowenthal nails his character (both of them) and Kirk Thorton makes the best “Indignation” chant EVER.

      • Well, that’s true. The English dub isn’t bad at all. I never complain about dubs (unless they sound mental), I’m just never used to them. Other than that, this game looks well done. I look forward to see how this turns out.

    • Hm. I’m like everyone else, except with my own opinion. Games made from Americans should have only English voices and games made by the Japanese should have Japanese voices only (unless they mix it up like in Tekken). I never like dubs for some reason. Only their original languages and voices. The only dub I like was in the anime Fooly Cooly (FLCL).

      • We can go on all day about what a game should ought and needs to have, but we live in a world of constraints, restrictions, and basically a real world. 

        I think people opinions ignore the wishes of others. Why would one want ONLY and exclusively JPN VA? I imagine going only subtitled route is a limiting factor in a genre that is already in need of needing to be expanded…

        • Basically I’m like this because I lived in Japan for most of my life. I see and hear their Japanese media when I have spare time, and I have to say, they put so much passion, emotion, and feeling in their own media. Same as the Americans and so on. Most of the time when I see an anime or video game dubbed over, they put too much into sounding good (which they did at first) that it hurts my ears. When I see an American sitcom or media dubbed over to Japanese (yeah, there are many of them), they sound like they talk too fast or just too silent. These are just examples and my opinions, so please don’t take them seriously.

          • It’s a matter of professionalism.  Especially for a series with all English voice-acting to just 180 it’s stance and stick to Japanese?  That would just seem lazy.  If they did do something like that, then it’s good to have an option between the two languages.

    • Im just glad the game is coming. 

    • TomSkylark

      I also really liked the dub. I wish they’d put the vocals back into the theme song with this release, but I’m guessing there’s something about international royalties (though it didn’t stop Vesperia).

      • Yeah, but Vesperia had the advantage that they planned for an overseas release from the get go.

        Hence, they made the Opening song both in Japanese and English while they composed it. Actually, I understand that the English version was the base.

    •  I’m honestly a huge fan of the dub, it’s one of the games that got me into being a fan of Yuri Lowenthal.  After that were the .hack//G.U. games that made me become an even bigger fan.

      Since then, I’ve been able to pick up on damn near anything he voice acts in these days.  The numerous bit parts he’s played are kinda…  amazing, at least in the quantity.

      However, in comparison to the more diverse and better performed production out of Vesperia, it’s not as good…  If only because it seems like Namco Bandai blew cash on Vesperia it was hoping to get back.

  • thebanditking

    I go back and forth with this re-release. I just don’t know if I really want it or would want to play it again on a handheld, especially since I still find the 3DS screens to be too small. Though if I don’t support it thats just another reason for Namco to not localize Tales games….ugh why couldn’t Graces F be the first release

  • Sakurazaki

    Oh yeah Luke? There isn’t a lot of ‘change’ in this version, lol.

    Had to do it, sorry… Don’t get the idea I’m bashin’; cause I ain’t.

  • TomSkylark

    I’m ambivalent about this. On the one hand, I loved the original and have been putting off a replay in order to play this on a portable. On the other hand, this just continues the 3DS’ yet-another-remake syndrome, which isn’t really a reason for me to sign onto the console just yet. In other words, I’ll probably pick this up once I have a better reason than nostalgia to purchase a 3DS.

  • I’ll get this. I’ve finished the game more than 10 times in the PS2, it’s worth another playthrough. :D

    PS. Namco Bandai must concentrate more in 7th generation consoles not in this console.

  • xflame10


  • So so so so so so so so SO ****ING PSYCHED.  Between this, the hopes of a stateside release for Class of Heroes 3D, Rune Factory 4 and the other potential titles, I’m looking forward to some solid titles to play when I finally pick up a 3DS.

    And yes, I’m still waiting to get one…  And for all I know, this may be the reason I finally get one.

  •  Bamco, I’d like to add in, I hope that by buying this game and Graces F when it comes out, you’ll be encouraged to reconsider the release of the ‘Perfect’ version of Vesperia.  You will get money from my wallet, I PROMISE.

  • Nyron

    Who cares? This game was awful when it came out the first time. Why couldn’t we get Hearts or Innocence instead?

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