Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono Says Darkstalkers Aren’t Dead

By Ishaan . July 21, 2011 . 2:59pm

Darkstalkers is something people ask Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono about a lot. All day, everyday. On Twitter, in interviews. At events like Comic-Con. Naturally, Ono came prepared for this, as you can see from the picture we took above.


While a new Darkstalkers game has not been approved, Ono revealed at the Street Fighter X Tekken panel, Darkstalkers is not dead. He then asked fans to hold up $10 or $20 in support of the game and took a photo of the audience, saying he would send it to Capcom’s president.

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  • Kris

    I’m ready to buy it. If I were there, I’d just hand Ono my wallet.

    • Let no one ever question your taste in fighters, sir. :D

    • mikanko

      I would hand him my bank card and pin number if he promises to let Lei Lei keep a cancelable pendulum.

    • NTyron52

      Same here. I’d give him my credit card and money from a blackjack game just so I can play with any character from a new game again.

  • Nelson Ocasio

    If they go through with it all my rage from the Mega Man BS they’re pulling will be sedated.

  • Optical_Matrix

    My body is ready

    • Pasta_Soup

      All aboard the hype train.

  • Hahaha! This is the photographic representation of the phrase, “Just take my money.” If this isn’t enough to convince Capcom, nothing will.

  • city_debut

    Megaman died, so that DarkStalkers may live.

  • Setsu Oh

    i hope they use a competent engine for it. ssf4 engine is ded. mt framework 1 is over. come on!! now about mt f3?

  • ForeverFidelis

    Officially tsundere for capcom

  • I wouldn’t have held up my money

    If it does come out whatever store i’m buying it from used will get my money

  • Well just when never here darkstalker they say it isn’t dead. And when you here megaman Legend 3 coming soon it’s dead.

  • SirSleepalot

    $10 or $20? … I would just give him my credit card

  • Sorry Cap, you can’t just buy me back like that.  This seems like a cheap trick to me

  • SirRichard

    I’m sorry, Capcom, but Darkstalkers can’t fill the void left by Mega Man.

    …Though, it’s pretty close.

  • Mm, not entirely sure how I feel about this one. The problem is, this is pretty much no different than all of Ono’s tweets like “LET US KNOW HOW MUCH YOU WANT IT!”  I’ll believe that Darkstalkers aren’t dead (at the very least) once we see the game actually being worked on and produced. In the meantime? This doesn’t really stand out that much to me. Just another case of Ono generating hype, which seems to be what he does best.

    My pessimism now aside, I will happily, willingly, and without hesitation buy everything related to a new next/current gen Darkstalkers. I will buy ever repackage Capcom makes of it, and every bit of DLC. Fighting game kids are already a bit fanatical for their genre, and I will happily pay Capcom for a new sequel (provided it stays true in playstyle to the originals) in my first, and to this day favorite series.
    Here’s to hoping.

  • Give us Darkstalkers 4, Capcom!!! Please! Dx

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    … The things I would do for a HD Darkstalkers… are illegal in most states. The ball’s in your court, Capcom.

  • Regardless of what’s going on with Capcom, we can still count on Yoshinori Ono. Unlike Inafune, this guy has a sense of humor (especially when it comes to hassling Harada and Namco with Blanka)

    • Have you seen Inafune’s latest game? I think the guy definitely has a sense of humor. 

    • FireCouch

      Can you stop spewing nonsense?

    • You are kidding right?

  • Send that to Capcom’s president while you’re at it.

    Sorry, had to. I’m all for a new Darkstalkers, but the thought of another game’s fate resting upon the fans’ enthusiasm is a bit unsettling, especially when I don’t think they went about gauging said enthusiasm correctly the last time.

    I won’t let myself get excited until there’s a game in my hands.

    Edit– And no, I’m not going to keep bringing MML3 up in all Capcom articles. This is it. :P

  • “Update – Capcom’s Wes Phillips notes that they “have not announced a new
    Darkstalkers game”. This is just a teaser though, and I’m sure it
    means something is coming.”

    Sounds like an HD Remix to me. I am sick of this nonsense Capcom. I like your games I really do but you guys are quickly the company that only makes fighters.

  • I can forgive capcom if they do a Darkstalker and Rival School…and if they don’t realese expansion and dlc in less than a year.

  • cmurph666

    I fall more in the Rival School revival group than in the Darkstalkers group…

    • Code

      Agreed, I’d really love to see a new Rival Schools game owo; Although I have to admit a new Darkstalkers wouldn’t be bad either, I’ve never really had a chance to get into the Darkstalkers series, so I have to admit I am rather curious about it. Still a new Rival Schools would really hit the spot right about now opo;

      • You should pick up Chaos Tower then, its cheap and its a really good game especially if u like to try out the Darkstalker games

    • puchinri

      I want a new Darkstalkers game way more, but I’d like to see both and think that both deserve a new game and more love from Capcom.

  • godmars

    Just wish if this happens it’ll be sprite animations, not what they’ve been using.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    That ‘money shot’ is actually pretty effective marketing.  Well done, Ono-dono.

  • Locklear93

    Crap, man, $10 or $20?  I’d give $100 for a good, genuinely new DarkStalkers.  It was my favorite 2d fighter from its first iteration (199…3? ’94?) all the way up to Blazblue just a few years ago.  So tired of just cameos for Morrigan and Felicia in this, that, and the other…

  • Idk if i can get hyped or not.  One, we get a new Darkstalkers game and get to see some badass characters besides the usually Morrigan and Felicia that Capcom likes to Whore out but at the same time, i can see Capcom messing this up and ruining another good franchise.  I just got to say i hope it will have 2d Sprites but this is Capcom :l 

    • puchinri

      Yeah, that’s how I feel about it. I really want another Darkstalkers game, but I don’t know if I want them working on it as they are now.

  • I have never played one of these, but hope they make a new one.

    2-D sprites is probably wishful thinking.
    Although do want to see 3D Anakaris. (Can’t remember how his name is spelled)

  • I wonder how many of those people ACTUALLY care about Darkstalkers and how many just raised their hand because of the social pressure. Not that the picture is entirely meaningless but come on. This could range anywhere from “well, I dont want you to look like a jackass so I’ll help you out” to “well my friend will think im a prick if I don’t,” and in any case, the guys at a capcom conference wouldn’t be a good indicator of the general public.

    • Actually, most of the hardcore fighting game community loves Darkstalkers, I wouldn’t be surprised if every last one of them would shell a dime for a new one.

  • puchinri

    And here I thought they wanted us to believe otherwise. I suppose nothing can be said until we see real results though (as in, some kind of official announcement). But I’m hopeful.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    II would love if it would look like blaz blue or kof xiii. I can’t imagine dark stalkers with sf iv or tekken detail

  • I’m quite psyched for a new Darkstalkers, but I hope they keep it faithful to the original. I don’t want them to make it like SFIV. I want this to be fastpaced, wacky, in-your-face and full of personality.

  • Souji Tendou

    I don’t care. Even if this turns out to be a new Darkstalkers, you’ll cancel the project anyway. Sorry guys, I’m bitter right now, MML 3 being canned and all. >_>

  • b-b-b-ut

    I’m pretty sure some of them are. . . partly dead. . .

    • Mmm i thought he was..kinda XD

  • RagnaXBL

    Wait what? did capcom just actually do something right?
    we’ll wait and see

    definitely one of my favourite fighting franchises

  • C’mon, Capcom, don’t serve Darkstalkers into some red herring. >_>

    Also, if you’re gonna really revive Darkstalkers, how about some storyline resolutions:

    1.  Morrigan vs Dmitri (spelling?)
    2.  Donovan’s ultimate fate vs his vampire heritage
    3.  Anita’s maturation as a savior

    • How many plotlines were actually resolved in VSav? I know Talbain’s ending is just “HRM. I’M NOT SURE I’M READY FOR THE TRUTH” and he makes absolutely no progress as a character. -.-

  • Those with their hands raised in that picture are those who don’t play Darkstalkers at all, but just oggle at Morrigan and Felicia’s breasts.  Just saying.

    • this…..
      nowdays a lot of ppl considering darkstalkers are just some average joe captivated by design AND boobs, but they ignore completely the finesse of the game, that while being inferior to some new 2d fighting game, is as close as can be to and old-school 2d fighting game…

  • RagnaXBL

    For the love of god this better be 2D

    • Indeed. Do not make it 3D people. They said last time about making DS3 that they’ll make it into SF4 art style. I say NO! D O  N O T  D O  T H A T! If they announce info of the game and put it in 3D, or SF4 art style for that matter, I won’t even bother looking at the pictures and gameplay of the game, because that’s full of mental retardation there, and I’m not the only one who thinks of this. If they release DS3 or Capcom vs SNK 3 in HD 2D, I’ll start buying their games again. Until then, we wait! (and Capcom please, for the love of god, TAKE YOUR TIME!!! AND NO MORE RERELEASES UNLESS IT’S PORTS!!!) :)

      • RagnaXBL

        Amen bro, completely agree *Hi5*

  • Ono looked like he cares a lot for DS and their fans. Its really good to see that but why is he asking them to hold up their money? I bet his boss likes money more than making great games. So sad.

    Anyways, if DS is coming out then I’m definitely buying it. I’ll even buy the ‘other’ versions that they will release later. There you go Capcom. Now let Ono make the game!

  • Hew Weng Xin

    I want Dmitri to have Midnight Bliss please. That move was so fun to use on enemies as their jaw opens up wide.

  • With the whole western focus Capcom has going on right now, i don’t see this getting the green light. Sorry guys but that’s the sad truth.

  • Place your bets now:

    Cancelled 6 months into development because of them realising it’s not monster hunter, street fighter or Resident Evil.


    Outsourced to a completely inappropriate European developer.

    • Hrmmmm. I’d like Option 3:
      Outsourced to Arc System Works, considering that (from what I’ve read online at least) they’re the guys who actually made Darkstalkers in the first place, while working under Capcom.

  • “He then asked fans to hold up $10 or $20 in support of the game and took a photo of the audience, saying he would send it to Capcom’s president.”
    As you can see, they care about the money. 

  • I love the franchise, so this could end up just bring a grave insult like MML3. I’ll get excited once it’s actually released.

  • XBLA PSN Darkstalkers collection please !

  • Please, bring about Darkstalkers 4!

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