Rumor: Disgaea 3 Coming To PlayStation Vita

By Spencer . July 25, 2011 . 2:26am

image While none have been specifically announced, Nippon Ichi is developing games for PlayStation Vita. And… an overzealous Prinny fan at Yahoo! Japan may have leaked one of their upcoming titles.


A video game release calendar update lists Disgaea 3 Return as an upcoming PlayStation Vita title. According to Yahoo!, it’s a launch game. Yahoo! quickly pulled the article after publishing it, but not before other sites caught the potential news.


Nippon Ichi usually adds new storylines and characters with their ports. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice has a fair amount of downloadable content too. How does a portable version of Disgaea 3 with Raspberyl’s side story and all of the DLC cameos plus a few other extras sound?

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  • Well.

    Guess I’m definitely getting a Vita.

    • I’ll wait until confirmed but yeah.. seems like I’ll be getting it day one :3

  • This was… not surprising. 

    :( I’m glad it’s going portable, but I probably won’t get a Vita soon. 

  • NetscapePizza

    Disgaea works so much better on handhelds with a sleep function.

    It’s just not feaseable to play it on a regular console if you have a job, because it can’t save anywhere. Unless they fixed that in the PS3 versions, but when I used to play on PS2 I had to set aside over an hour of my night if I wanted to do an item world run because you never knew how long it would take. While on the PSP version I can jump in and out of it whenever.

    • OneOkami

      I agree that its much more convenient for me to play Disgaea on a portable.  I’ve had the pleasure of playing the “Afternoon of Darkness” and “Dark Hero Days” versions and indeed every time I go to an item world I’m glad I have the ability to put my PSP to sleep (because I often have to).

      If this news of a portable Disgaea 3 is true (given the series’ history, its very easy to believe so), especially if its indeed a launch title, then that’ll pretty much guarantee I’ll hang on to my preorder.

      Also, given that this console with likely be region free, I can’t help but be much more excited for the Vita and its future right now than the 3DS.  That aspect alone will likely make it my preferred of the two. 

      • Yu_TheKing

        Its even more convenient with the PspGo’s Pause Game Function. I found spamming Item World in post-game runs for grinding a little tedious so I’d just pause, play something else and return to it.

    • neo_firenze

      Amen.  I really got into Disgaea 2 and Phantom Brave in their PSP incarnations after letting them sit in my PS2 backlog forever.  I’ve played some Disgaea 3 but not gotten really into it, but I am pretty confident I would if it was on Vita.

      Like others are saying, not really that surprising.  Very good news though, and I’d be a day 1 buyer. 

  • Ben Tan

    will get it if it has “transfarring”

  • And now we wait for the inevitable Disgaea 4 Portable so we can have all the Disgaea games on one system.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Wouldn’t this mean they’ve redone the sprites for the vita’s screen resolution? I thought that was one of the reasons they wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do HD collections for these games, since redoing the sprites would take forever and a half?

    • Exkaiser

      D3’s sprites are the same size as Disgaea 2’s.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        I know there wasn’t much of a difference between DS2 and DS3, but I’m talking about making the sprites more “HD-looking” since the Vita has a much better visual output than PSP. I was wondering if they would redo the sprites so they won’t look so… aged when/if the game gets released for Vita.

        • Exkaiser

          They certainly didn’t feel the need to redo the sprites to not look “aged” when they originally made D3.

          They’ll leave the better-looking sprites for D4 Vita.

  • Exciting news, I would buy it day 1. I would hope the storyline extra involves Almaz, he was likeable enough and my favorite character, apart from Axel, Prinny Kurtis, and Laharl.

  • Fayharn

    Another reason for buying PS Vita.

  • Who DIDN’T see this one coming with the eventually D4 release years later?

  • Juho Vuolo

    The rereleases of two first Disgaea games were pretty much the reasons I bought PSP. I can see myself buying Vita for this reason in the future. I hope NIS also introduces spectacular original titles, as well, like Zettai Hero Project on PSP.

  • Methylene

    Good news for N1, if this turns out to be true. Launch title means more exposure and the possibility of picking up new players who had never heard of N1 before.

    However, yeah, not picking up the Vita at launch XD I’ll wait until the price drops and they get the “second version” out or something.

  • i’m a fan of nisa and i think that they should have done makai wars on the vita instead of disgaea 3.i mean i’m sure that everyone that wanted to play the ps3 game got a ps3 for that very, what i’m saying is that as fun as the disgaea games are to play. i think that nis/nisa shoulda come up with another flagship and let their franchise rest for awhile because of “player’s fatigue”….

    • Maybe they will make a new game for Vita and a port of D3?  Nah…

    • Lord Highawesomeparty

      Wasn’t ZHP supposed to be another flagship franchise? I recall reading a story in which the person interviewed said that. I’ll have to go look for it…

    • Theres been more Atelier franchise releases then Disgaea and fans dont seem to have experienced fatigue…Its safer to use Disgaea as a first entry on the new platform than a new series, they can guage the market better while having something compelling. And based on comments on this page “everyone that wanted to play Disgaea 3 did not get a PS3 and the game to play it yet…”

  • Don’t have a PS3 but I do still want one, but I might go Vita for Disgaea 3.

  • sandra10

    If true (which I wouldn’t doubt), I’ll buy it Day 1 just to support NIS. Still have to play the first two, though.

  • While I wasn’t too much of a fan of Disgaea 3, i will pick this up if i get Vita and Nippon Ichi might add in things from Disgaea 4 like they did with Disgaea 2 so it be cool

  • haqua

    Yeah, saw this coming from a mile away. After all, Disgaea re-released after D2 and Disgaea 2 re-released after D3.
    I won’t have a Vita for a few years, but good luck, NIS. :y

  • ForeverFidelis

    Feels apathetic, man.

    I would have been esctatic for a release on PSP a few months ago, but I finally scrounged up enough money for a PS3 and Disgaea 3.

    Beat the main story over the weekend and I’m currently in post game.

    I’ve gotta say, it was worth the weight. Addictive as hell

  • Yu_TheKing

    Please Be True :U. I’ve yet to play this game and a Vita Launch would be splendid.

    • Dude you don’t know that which you are missing. D3 was awesome!

  • Shinji Kazuya

    It sounds great Spencer. Even more ’cause I don’t have Disgaea 3 for PS3.
    Been thinking about getting it since some weeks ago but now that I saw this article, I’ll just wait for the Vita version.

    And it’s a launch game, huh? A great reason to get a PS Vita!

  • dragoon_slayer12

    When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and mption…..


    Great game with a great cast and story. Not better than 1,but puts 2 to shame (although I hate 2’s story and cast, it plays best of the 3). I have purchased everything disgaea related since 1’s release in 03/04 (including psp ports and digital copies), and I am glad to see 3 join the fray.

    I own 20+. Digital psp games, and I know I’m always gonna have a dead vita every time I go out, and with support like this, I may purchase a second one so I can just swap the memory card and keep playing. The vita is going to be a beast

  • Rihawf

    Vita is nice, the game as well. :3

  • … it hasnt been that much since i played the ps3 ver, even if i liked the story and chars, this isnt disgaea 2 where i LOVED LOVED EVERYTHNG!! so i had to get the psp ver xD…. i think i might end up passing on this one

    • xXDGFXx

      High five! I, too, love disgaea 2 more. I just loved the characters and the slurring frog was awesome :P

      • haqua

        While I didn’t like Tink too much, I had a gamer crush on Adell and Axel (as embarrassing as it is to say, haha) but I didn’t get that feeling from any of D3’s cast, even though I /really/ liked Almaz, Master Big Star, and Sapphire.
        It makes me sad to see that D2 is the one people like the least. D:

        • M’iau M’iaut

          I think perchance that’s somewhat because at the time there was all that Laharl love. And to see him treated as Midboss by Rozalin was hard for some to take.

        • As for me i loved Rozalin and adell’s combo, didnt felt anything close on D3 either, in D1 a bit, but i did enjoy D2 more

    • “It hasnt been that much?” huh?

      • It hasnt o-o, at least for me

  • ShinNoKami

    :/ So much for my finding no reason to want a Vita.

  • MCoelho

    Needs to be true, Disgaea 3 was addictive enough to make i drop my beloved P3P.

    • haqua

      How can you even choose between the two!? I would play both at the same time.

      • MCoelho

        I don’t like to play multiple games at the same time, i played Disgaea’s story after i finished P3P MC’s story, then went with Raspberyl mode, and later playing the female MC’s story.

        Only some games i go play like HELL, as Disgaea, P3P or Demon’s Souls

        Btw sorry about my english. ;_;

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    I really really hope this is true. It’s practically already confirmed when you look at NIS’ track record with re-releasing their games; however, an official announcement would be awesome.

    As for being a launch game… I don’t know if I’d want that, I’ve got to get a $1400 keyboard and Disgaea 4 is the only game I’m getting this year (OoT3D aside) so the less money I have to spend the better. This would most likely be coming next year.

    Disgaea 3 is my favorite game so I’d gladly pick up a Vita for this title alone, I’m sure it would have all the DLC characters (with a few new ones for additional DLC) and the Raspberyl mode already on cartridge.

  • shion16

    Right when i was looking for a copy of the PS3 version……..yay xD

  • hope its true, was kinda hoping it would be 4 to be honest

    • Lord Highawesomeparty

      When 4 isn’t even out in America and Europe yet?

  • I think that Disgaea 3 is considered the black sheep in the series. It would be nice if it came with better graphics and other improvements. 

    • I thought Disgaea 2 is…its method of item world and etc is just different.

    • Methylene

      I’ve never heard of D3 being the black sheep, more D2. Heck all I hear is about how D3 is the best gameplay wise so…

  • It’d be interesting if there was a “transfarring” feature.  That way I can play the game on the go.

  • Natat

    It would be cool if they upgraded the sprites, although I doubt that will happen. Still, this is hardly surprising, so waiting for confirmation and what new content it may have, I guess.

    • haqua

      Well… Mao and Raspberyl (maybe Almaz, too, judging off DLC) already have sprites. I don’t think it would take /too/ long to make the others considering how fast Gig’s sprites were made. Then again, they could of been premade…

  • SirRichard

    And THEN they’ll port/remake Soul Nomad.


    At any rate, I’m going to pass (did not like Disgaea 3 at all), but here’s hoping it does well enough to encourage them to work with the platform more and maybe finally get around to giving Soul Nomad a second chance.

  • Disgaea 3 for Vita… awesome! At least there is one game I want for Vita now xD if this rumor is true though.

    • Lord Highawesomeparty

      Keep in mind that this hasn’t been confirmed

  • I would love if it had a way to import save from the PS3 Disgaea 3 or something like Ruin that let’s you use the save on PS3 and PSV.

  • MarkMario

    I really hope this isn’t just a rumor !

  • theoriginaled

    Sony Should jump on this. This is the kind of info that will SELL Vitas.

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