Persona 4 Anime Also Has Singers From The Game

By Ishaan . July 26, 2011 . 12:16pm

The Persona 4 anime has music by Shoji Meguro, but it looks like Shihoko Hirata, who sang a number of songs for the game’s soundtrack, is on the staff list as well. Here’s the latest trailer with a new song by her:


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  • Exkaiser

    A bit more substantial of a trailer than the last few, huh?

  • pridesin

    I really hope this also release in the U.S when DVD (& Blu-ray) comes out.

  • omfg this is gonna be freakin amazing! the art of the anime is just as the art in the game which is great. nice to see the social link characters in the anime as well. which makes me ponder the question how long will the anime actually run for? im guessing around the late 20 episode mark. but hell i dont mind alot more

    • 4shiki

      It’ll be two cours, so…possibly 26?


  • Shinji Kazuya

    I’m gonna love this fall and guess why!!!

    • The beautiful changing colors of leaves and the crisp autumn air?

  • Testsubject909

    I’m bear-y bear-y happy to hear that!

  • OK, more Izanagi, NAOTO(!!!!) speaking Yuu and awesome music, that was without a doubt the best trailer so far!!

    Also:  “Everyday, young life, your Junes~”

    • DanteJones

      Wait, I didn’t see Naoto! Where?! :O

      • Ok I’m sorry I think I may have mistaken the blue haired girl for her cause I watched it in a hurry >__<, tho I don't know any other blue haired characters in P4…

        • Yumii 123

          From what I understand and read, Naoto actually won’t be in it.

          • ThatBlackGuy

             Naoto trailer isnt until September

          • They officially said that? Cool thing!

          • ThatBlackGuy

            @RaiohAGE:disqus Yeah that’s a dude that’s kou if i remember right

          • Yumii 123

            Oh that’s why! A lot of people on forums assumed they cut her out in case it would just be 12 episodes. Now I feel a lot better :)

          • Mokona Modoki

            It’s been confirmed that it would be more than 12 episodes. It’s going to air half of a year so it will have about 24 episodes.

        • DanteJones

          Oh haha, it’s all good, was just worried that I missed the awesome that is Naoto. xD

        • Mokona Modoki

          I think you are talking about Kou. The guy who plays basketball and is a friend of Daisuke.

          • Oh yeah now I remember, lol he looks so much like a girl here tho it confused me to no end >_<
            Thanks for the clarification now I can rest in peace~

            Lol thanks all and please excuse me for forgetting him~ xP

        • Do you mean the one at 0:23? I think that’s Kou from the basketball club.

    • Aoshi00

      Love the song, and Nanako singing to the Junes theme at the end was hilarious (look at Yuu’s expression :).  Great to see all the same seiyuu would reprise their roles, they got such good chemistry. Looks like another great game-based anime after Steins;Gate.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I hope Johnny Yong Bosch is warming up his vocal chords….oh wait, he’s Ichigo, he’s ready to roll then.

    • Well who will get the rights to this anime in America. If NISA does then I dont think it will be dubbed.

    • OneOkami

      Do his vocal cords ever get the chance to cool down?

  • Lovely. A must see show.

    So far it seems much much better than the previous persona anime. And that show had a bad start but got a bit interesting at the end so.

    Also plus points for it seems as if we are going to get the characters shadows as well. With added value :)

    This is going to rock so hard!!

    • Xerain

      Well Trinity Soul didn’t exactly set the bar very high.

  • Well it was going to have Shoji Meguro doing the music so yeah, i’m not that be surprised

  • I was honestly not expecting the Social Links to be there. Kou, Daisuke, Ai! Awesome! And even a bit of Morooka!

    Also Im digging the new song of Shihoko Hirata. Her other P4 songs, like Never More, still cycle on my IPOD frequently.

  • Hyosuke575

    I am so psyched for this anime and the official twitter account said that the series will be two cours, according to Chrunchyroll.  Which means it will air over 26 weeks.  Which also means everything in the game has a chance to appear in the anime, especially the scenes we love so much.  Though this way they can actually dedicate episodes to characters from the social link, which also means we might go all the way up to the true ending of the game.  I’ve very excited about this.  Now to just hope and pray they don’t screw it up, especially if it is going to run 26 episodes.

  • It looks good. Lovin’ the music. Shoji Meguro can do no wrong. Nanako at the end was cute~ I sure hope someone dubs this and gets the entire English voice cast to reprise their roles.

  • Champ W

    Is there a chance we’ll see romance between MC and other female character?

    • Yumii 123

      The manga is going toward Yukiko direction, mostly because all the other characters are paired up with someone else (Youske/Chie, Kanji/Naoto). Rise got her idol-life and Kuma isn’t human so that leaves them out.
      MC/Yukiko is somewhat the “true pairing” of the series.

      • Champ W

        I see.

        By the way, I find pairing Kanji with Naoto is rather cute in a way~

  • Sakurazaki

    Seeing an animated King Moron makes me want to punch his mouth even more.

  • Xeahnort

    Just release it already!

  • origami_samurai

    Argggg, can’t wait for this anime. The game was pure awesomeness and I know the anime will be as well…………CHIE ^_^

  • I know alot of people are Pushing funimation for the dub but I really want a complete reprisal of roles from the game and for That to Happen I only see Aniplex being the proper fit Since Funimation is based out of texas and Johnny Yong Bosch Yuri Lowenthal Wendee Lee  all work out in L.A. and have worked  with Aniplex before Most recently on Durarara

  • Fryxell

    Not that bad for a trailer.

  • I am now in eager anticipation. You had better not disappoint me, adaptation!

  • P4P 3DS or GTFO.

    • You’ve already got P1P coming to the 3DS…
      Don’t take anymore from us Sony people

  • mon khaos

    Why not hope to Shin megami tensei 4?

  • mon khaos

    Or the P2P punishment as well

  • AzureNova

    Shihoko Hirata’s voice is very beautiful, and the end of the trailer was funny and cute lol

  • haqua

    /drinking  water ‘Well, this is a nice song.’
    /sees Kou ‘PFFFFFFFFT-‘

    Anyway… the world would be a sad place without our Engrish…

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    Really hoping this gets dubbed XD I just recently finished the game (this morning in fact true, ending and everything lol).  Persona 4 has to be one of my RPG’s ever and I’m super excited for the anime. Yay =^-^=

    Will the cross-dressing scene be in it, I wonder?  That was friggin hilarious if not a bit disturbing.  Kanji pulled off Marilyn Monroe realllll well.

    Wait I just thought of problem if they did decide to dub it with everyone reprising their roles….. Bosch was the voice actor for the MC and Adachi.  And since Yu speaks in this anime, it’ll be pretty hard not to notice that they have the same voice.  I’m thinking Bosch will probably have to reprise one role and pass the other to someone else.  His voice is very distinct and I don’t think he can pull off sounding like two entirely different characters.  So… Will it be Yu or Adachi? 

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    Yu?… You? haha kinda ironic when you think about since YOU’RE the main character in Persona 4, deciding both his words and actions.  (I know it’s a Japanese name, but still XD)

    • haqua

      Yu Narukami means ‘You are god’ or something like that.

      • SuigetsuHiramura

        Well that’s pretty sweet if not a bit narcissistic XD

  • Travis Nolen

    anyone else just jizz their pants?

  • PrinceHeir

    I cannot wait for them to make a Catherine Anime :D

    i still have to finish this :(

    but Summer Classes is over!!!! ^^

  • vivaluis59

    i just got P4 this summer after playing p3p to death… So i will have to finish before this comes out.. I’m excited for this but i wonder if atlus is also working on another game…. I Really want a Devil Summoner 3 with Raidou Kuzunoha still as the MC…. I know he would be old but hes like the Asian Batman! He is the hero Devil summoner deserves…

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