Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance To Have Controllable Event Scenes, Too

By Ishaan . July 31, 2011 . 4:17pm

A couple of weeks ago, we reported a few details from a Famitsu magazine interview with Tetsuya Nomura, discussing the Kingdom Hearts games and what’s next for the series’ story. That interview has been translated by SQEX GAL.


Speaking to what Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance’s story will be like, Nomura also told Famitsu he’s trying to explain it to Disney little by little, since it’s difficult for them to understand it all at once. Interestingly, Nomura says the reason Kingdom Hearts has a complex story is that Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, once told Nomura long ago that he needed to make the story more complex than planned, or else it wouldn’t be able to compete with other games.


The 3DS game, however, will be somewhat different from the previous games in this regard. “The theme this time was ‘bold action,’ but we also wanted to stress the importance of the story’s tempo,” Nomura said about Dream Drop Distance.


“Though the story is important to fans as shown by the results of the [Famitsu] survey, it won’t be drawn-out,” he elaborated. The Famitsu editor conducting the interview asked if this meant the game would have fewer cutscenes, to which Nomura replied this wasn’t the case.


“Not meaning that we’ve decreased the number of cutscenes, but having each one explained one by one reduces the tempo of the game, so we’re introducing a new system to make up for it,” Nomura replied.


“It’s a directionally different system like what’s being introduced in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which won’t have cutscenes; it’ll be a sort of integration where you can play during the event scene. Along with that, Sora will fight alongside different friends. There’s also a secret movie being prepared, so please look forward to it.”

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  • A secret movie. In a KH game. What a surprise.

    • Room201

      Actually we would be surprised if it didn’t have one, right?

      • Right. Oh a hypothetical? Sorry.

    • MizuMikomi

      Days didn’t have one, so that was a surprise =o

  • Complexity is nice. I cant wait to see how the final product turns out and how intricate it really is.

  • 128bitigor

    Sorry, but the story in KH series is not complex, it is just plain stupid and pretentious. The first game was a tale of friendship, it was simple and digestible (I don’t really know what were the gummi blocks doing there but anyway). Then Nomura must’ve heard this BS from Sakaguchi, the guy whose FF7 and FFX is apparently all complex and weird (it is not) and, to put it in a metaphor, he added all those belts and zips to the story. As a result – pseudo-philosophical crap with tons of yaoi fan-fic material (I thought Organisation XIII would be something more than just pretty faces), loads of silly names (xehanort – NO HEART X, omg, how smart!) and convoluting the story just for the sake of it. Along with really phlegmatic direction and boring music (I am mainly talking about Disney pieces) it was a chore to play through. Meh.

    • its complex to some and with others its not. complex doesnt mean good, im disappointed Nomura is so hell bent on something a senpai said but watever. the series is good but not terrible. its just past its golden days, i think all the series needs is to get back on track (and not releasing a game for every system known to man) yes the series is really cheesy but sometimes thats wat makes it good. its not changing anytime soon, seeing the japanese dont particulary like change. ur outlook is ur outlook but it seems nomura is still passionate about it and wants to expand and wants everyone to completely understand things before the arc finale. dont be so harsh man. unnecessary

    • OneOkami

      I’ve just freakin’ lost track of everything that is going on.  It felt like I was just jumping from module to module of story betwen 1, Chain of Memories, 2, 358/2 Days, Coded and Birth by Sleep and I really just lost track of structure of the canon and then things started not making sense to me anymore.

      Ultimately, I feel like the series has been a tad bit over-exploited and spun-off/branched out all over the place.  I often wish it could have remained just a firm continuous canon with a Kingdom Hearts 3 immediately succeeding Kingdom Hearts 2.  With the story (to me) seemingly all over the freakin’ place, I’m losing interest in the series.

    • I feel like complexity is something he misunderstood the meaning of. But I guess this kind of thing is kind of inevitable when it was the plan to make it a popular franchise in the first place.

      Complexity can be delivered without having to introduce a million new plot elements and characters to it. It can, but it doesn’t have to. Complexity can happen by building with whatever elements you already have and give it depth. Like atmosphere, mood, script or game play. I understand this is also a fanservice game, so why not more depth in the character interaction as well?

      Anyway, I don’t wanna be mean – because I’ve only really played through the first one and a bit of the second one. I admit that I never really liked this series, but I’m trying to be fair about it. I like the whole no heart and disney character business, but just not this “complexity”.

    • I’d say it’s complex, just not in a good way. The metaphysics, new plots and constant new characters mean that there are a ton of arguments over what the heck’s going on. It needs to get simpler and resolve these things or by the end even the Japanese fans won’t know what happened.

  • Sorry only thing I hear is Kingdom Heart,3DS. I really want to hear a release date.

  • Room201

    Nomura, your complex story telling sometimes comes across as cash-cow products. Not saying that all of them are because I do enjoy some of the games (and sequels) you have directed but when you keep pulling games out of a timeline that has already concluded and you start adding the most ridiculous stuff without explanation…I start to question your “complex story.”

    • Locklear93

      It’s a Disney/Final Fantasy crossover series.  It’s possible to be complex.  It’s probably possible to be fun.  Coherent?  That’s another matter entirely. :P 

      The purpose was fanservice (not the eye-candy kind, mind you), from the start.  Selling KH on the plot doesn’t really work for me. :P

      I should be fair and note that I quit playing the series at the first game, when I heard Lance Bass’ voice come out of Sephiroth and almost died laughing.

      • The story is actually Very Coherent (For the pieces that are supposed to be known, of course. Mysteries are mysteries for a reason.

    • Can you elaborate a bit on what ridiculous stuff he added without an explanation? If it’s about the controllable event scenes, I’m kind of interested to see how it’d work. Unless you’re talking about stuff in the plot itself… In that case, I’m assuming he’s not giving any explanations to leave more room for sequels.

      Also: Is that avatar Punpun? Because I love that manga and that goddamn bird.

      • Room201

        Well, when I meant of ridiculous stuff without explanation was I thinking more of Advent Children and Crisis Core (even though he was a Supervising Director). Everything Nomura directed came to my mind at the time I was writing this response so I apologize.

        I did feel that KH 358/2 Days was something added to the storyline without previous explanation or at least hints (unlike BbS which was sorta hinted in those secret movies). It was a tiny bit ridiculous because it tried too hard to justify itself by trying to place itself into the KH timeline and became too serious when there was Disney elements in it. But maybe that was just me. Something I did notice was that there was some incoherencies with the events that happen in CoM. I don’t know if it was to make it spoiler-free for those who didn’t play CoM or because Nomura forgot his KH games’ timeline.

        Don’t get me wrong, I do like KH as a whole but I feel that maybe if all these games were shown to us in order instead of the, “Well, this also happened before so and so game!” it wouldn’t feel as if Nomura was just pulling this complex story out of his as* or something. I do like Kingdom Hearts story but sometimes I feel like this story is getting too complicated and going everywhere (by placing part of the story in every single console doesn’t help it) that is such a mess and I just want to go back to where it was just a story about friendship and Disney Characters.

        Also, yes it’s Punpun! It’s one of my favorite manga even though it is a little bit on the wtf side. I love anything by Inio Asano.

        • SerendipityX

          My thoughts exactly I re-played the games in order and suddenly KH didn’t seem as confusing as it once was to me. I often wondered why they didn’t just release the games in order (after KH1).

    • NoElixirs

      It would probably appear convoluted when first explained to someone without prior knowledge, but that’s perfectly fine. I still enjoy the series despite all of its tortuous explanations.

  • Now if this game comes out before Versus 13 ill laugh.

    • I think I’ll cry instead…

    • kupomogli

      Let’s make bets.  Versus 13 20:1.  How much you want to bet?  I “might” accept that Kingdom Hearts will come out first.

      • Ill put 5 down on Versus 13 not coming before this.

    • badmoogle

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it came before Versus.

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      It probably will…. with how SE has been tackling it’s projects.

  • XypherCode

    that’s something to look forward to i guess :D

  • darkfox1

    Sad to see what some of you think of the KH series. I don’t think the story is hard to understand at all and If you played all of the games you would know it. It’s the mindset people have that games like Coded,358/2,Birth By Sleep are “fillers” and don’t play them then they say “oh I don’t get the story”. o_o lol whut. There is no such thing as a “filler” KH game. All the games contribute to the story in some way whether you deem it true or not. Dream Drop Distance looks like it will be really good can’t wit till it comes out.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, sometimes I think it’s the hipster mentality leaking in, Kingdom Hearts was new and strange with KH 1 then it got popular so it wasn’t cool anymore. I honestly think that gamers like us adopt an attitude that since we like niche Japanese titles that we’re in some kinda exclusive club or that we can’t enjoy mainstream titles, sorry but I love Halo and I just discovered I like sports games. But will I still concoct crazy things as a girl wearing a frilly dress in Atelier Rorona? Heck yes. Gamers are so fickle sometimes… :/

      • Well, I don’t think that’s necessarily true. If anything, it would be great that more people play niche japanese titles, so I can stop looking like a complete loser otaku in front of my anti-anime friends. :P

        But what I will say, is that games change over time – and some gamers don’t like that. The reason why it wasn’t cool anymore is because it’s popular and the developers begin to add things that make it seem cash cow-like.

        I might be speaking for myself only, but I’m always afraid that a sequel will lose what made the original special. From what I’ve seen of some of the later KHs to the original, it is a whole lot different. And that’s not strictly to KH either.

    • IB2004

      just as long as you play chain of memories only to get that what the f*** ending the other games already allude to the first enough so you’ll just get the gist of it quickly

  • The Kingdom Hearts story is really only complex to those that haven’t played all of the games (i.e. Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II). Chain of Memories adds more to the overall story than either 358/2 Days or Re:coded, but I still wouldn’t consider it essential. Although, 358/2 Days does introduce a particular character that will be showing up later (presumably in Kingdom Hearts III) that some folks may be confused about.

    If you play Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II and then Birth by Sleep, paying attention the entire time, you’ll be good to go. If you aren’t, you probably weren’t paying attention (not trying to be rude here).

    As for the story itself, it is essentially what you make of it. It certainly is convoluted to a point, but it’s a series of video games made up of a number of established, yet entirely separate, properties. You play as various teenagers wielding oversized keys, traversing an incredibly vague universe of strung-together Disney worlds, inadvertently drawn into an even more vague war between the darkness and light.

    This was never meant to be the pinnacle of cohesive storytelling.

    Put just about any game or film under a microscope and you’ll find shallow characters, continuity errors and plot holes galore. Some try to hide these better than others, occasionally it has little bearing on the experience à la Kingdom Hearts. For what the series is, the types of themes it attempts to convey, I believe it does a decent enough job.

    It’s always been about emotion in my eyes, which I think is what the series strongest story-related aspect is.

    • You pretty much said what I meant, but couldn’t find to words to say, lol

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Gonna be fun to play! One more cool title on the 3DS as it needs more.

  • sandra10

    If you actually play the games, they’re not that complex. I tried reading about the plot of the “fillers” and just very got confused. Then I played them. They’re very easy to understand after doing so because important characters and scenes tend to be rememberable. And the portable games have been some of my favorite titles on those handhelds (CoM, 358/2 days, and BbS) so I look forward to playing 3D as well.

  • SerendipityX

    KH is kinda complex but then its kinda not complex. But if you compare to it to say something like…Xenosaga, KH is actually pretty straightforward in it’s storytelling. That being said the sheer amount of fanservice in KH games for both FF and Disney, along with the unique gameplay in each installment makes me love the series more even if the story is “confusing”. Can’t wait for Dream Drop Distance (…that name is just so terrible IMO >_<)

  • joesz

    I suggest for anybody that wants to fully understand the story play in this order: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,Kingdom Hearts,Kingdom Hearts Re:coded,Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep,Kingdom Hearts II.

    • Are you insane? That makes no sense for people who will play in that order. The true order must be like this: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Coded

  • I think the (minor) plotholes that they (intentionally) put in to leave questions in the next games are plenty complex enough.  It took them 2 games to properly explain the obvious questions they intentionally avoided mentioning or answering in KH2.

    I dislike that method, and I’m by now legitimately prejudice to the story of KH, but as much as I hate it, they’re good at what they’re doing.  REALLY good.

  • am not a KH fan but i do look forward to versus as a long time decade FF fan.

  • Daniel13789

    I’m glad the 3DS got a price drop. Now I’m hoping for an announcement of a bundle with this game

    • SerendipityX

      That price drop on the 3DS was a godsend. Without it I doubt I would be able to get KH:DDD.

      • Daniel13789

        Honestly, same here. It came out of nowhere but it was one of those amazing surprises.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      Looking at past titles in Japan, the DSi got a KH bundle with Days and the PSP got a KH bundle with BbS. So there might be a limited edition of DDD with the 3DS….. Though that might be a Japan exclusive as the others were :(

      • Daniel13789

        There is hope, I got my BbS game in an official PSP bundle pack in America (With an amazing box of awesomeness!)

  • Ren

    Kingdom Hearts games have always good gameplay even though it can get pretty repetitive(KH1 though not Final Mix, and CoM and Re:CoM) or button mashy(KH2), so I don’t really understand why people have so much hate for it.
    Yes, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but then again, nothing is.

    Yes, it does have a problematic story telling, but I find the exact problems people tend to have with the story are pretty idiotic compared to the big flaws and plot holes the game throws at you and seems so proud of.

    I mean, I love the series, but let’s be honest, all characters, Disney, Final Fantasy and original are flat. Completely and utterly flat. They have little depth, you can resume their personalities completely in two words, watching them interacting is not particularly fun, they don’t get any real or plausible development. They are just hollow archetypes with few things to differ them from many other characters out there aside from their design, and even then most of the characters they resemble generally have more depth or are actually fun to see interacting. If it wasn’t for the outlandish setting and the story progression, they wouldn’t be entertaining in any way.

    The plot progression is at best haphazard. Most of the games lack any kind of pace or development because you are simply going from world to world and getting involved in other people problems that have no relation to yours until you stumble in something that has to do with the actual plot. This also makes sure no character gets any real interaction or development, because the Disney characters are too occupied acting a abridged version of their original stories with some changes to allow the story to take place, while Sora(or your protagonist) can’t really get any good interaction or developments because he’s put on static re-imagining of fixed stories that don’t allow him to get too close or else the story breaks, and their usual lack of plot relevance tend to hurt this even more. KH2 was the worse with this, while BBS did it the best(although still not half as good as it could be). It basically feels like you are playing hours worth of mindless padding that could have been better utilized.

    And if you try to analyze the story with any kind of logic, it starts to crumble, even by it’s own logic, both from plot holes or completely bad explaining. It has no internal coherence.
    Say, didn’t anyone find unrealistic how Sora completely forgot everyone from his world existed Riku and Kairi aside when it got destroyed? Why didn’t he worry at least about his parents, even after he knew for sure that there was no way they could have been alright. Or how he could just walk back home on the ending of the second game without any repercussions? His parents fucking forgot he existed for almost an year, and when they remembered he did exist, they couldn’t find him anywhere and noticed he had being gone for an year.

    So, alright, you might argue it may have simply gotten ignored by the nature and scope of the story, but let’s consider the nobody situation. Nobodies are the body of people who lost their heats. When someone loses their heart their bodies disappear, and those disappeared bodies might become a nobody. This is what the game and all sources explain, it’s the rule.
    Now, think with me, if a nobody is a body of someone who has lost it’s heart, then how could both Sora and Kairi have nobodies while they got to keep their own bodies? It has being said they their nobodies are special in many ways, but the games seems to try to avoid this one the best they can. If they can exist at the same time, then it would mean the nobodies can’t be people’s bodies and the whole explanation is flawed or a lie, and if they are people’s bodies, then why people can have two bodies at the same time?

    Now, that wouldn’t be so bad if the games foreshadowed nobodies aren’t exactly what they are thought to be or if they ever acknowledged this immense plot hole existed. Instead, the games treat this plot hole as insignificant and dodge it away like it never existed in the first place every time something confronts it. We know pretty much everything there is to know about Roxas and Namine being special, aside from the fact they can’t exist in any way in the story. And the worse thing is that, even if they do have this part thought out and things do make sense after all, their lack of foreshadowing or even ability to acknowledge this problem in their storytelling in the first place will make it seem like a complete asspull and feel like they just tacked it there to try to get some consistence(like Xion’s whole existence was made to give some meaning to Days’ story, which failed utterly in my opinion).
    And the thing is, this is not the only important part of the story that crumbles by it’s own internal logic when you give it any though and that can’t be solved by anything but complete retcons and the worst kind of asspulls conceivable. I’m not going to say anything more about this, because it would take me more words to describe all the ones I noticed than a pretty wordy one-shot and this has already too much text and I need to wrap it.

    But then you go and say the problem is the story is ‘too complex’. Too complex?! No, it isn’t complex. I could explain it all to my 8 year old brother at the time and make him understand everything perfectly, if it was that complex there would be no way he would understand it.
    No. The truth is the story is convoluted. It lacks internal sense, it doesn’t try to make sense, it has piss poor execution and characterization and it can’t seem to decide what things should actually mean and what it should retcon this time, but the actual story progression is extremely simple and linear, to the point a 8 year old can understand it perfectly how and why things unfold and the order they unfold even if he may not understand completely the actual logic or reason for everything.

    And, even though the story has few, few good points, it still manages to be entertaining. It’s cute how it’s trying to be this big and complex thing but completely failing even at the basic premises. It’s like how it’s cute to watch a baby being a idiot and doing stupid stuff as long it doesn’t hurt itself, and it’s fun to simple go with the flow and do stupid stuff with it and accept and try to understand thing by its baby logic. It’s bad when you stop and analyze it, but it works.

    It’s like Laura said to me, it’s like a fairy tale. It doesn’t have much logic and it’s no good thinking too much about it, but it’s still entertaining, and as long you take it at face value, it should be enjoyable. And if it isn’t, you can always laugh at how bad it really is, because I think the gameplay is worthy. And I’ll will say this, as a fan of the series, the only place you are ever going to see it having any good writing or story is on the least likely place: fanfiction.

    • doctorpope181

      I’m a big fan and obsess over the Kingdom Hearts franchise but TL;DR.

      • Ren

        If you didn’t read or try to understand my point then why did you comment anyway? :D
        If you don’t have anything to share, saying something will only make you seem stupid. Don’t do it.
        And I do like to obsess about it too, but it still doesn’t make any sense when I do, that’s why I said it’s no good, because it won’t take you anywhere even if you do. If you have fun obsessing over it like I do, then please continue, if something is fun and isn’t hurting anybody, then there no reason to stop it. But you should also remember that some people might find obsessing over this series frustrating(because it is.)

      • I don’t see how it’s smart to poke fun at a commenter for trying to start a discussion? If you have nothing useful or interesting (or even funny) to say, then don’t say anything.

    • Hew Weng Xin

      If my friend that sick Disney fan was here. He would have said something that could counter this whole thing. But I sadly can not. It’s how you see it and how you see fit. Not all Disney and Final Fantasy characters have flat personalities. Mind this.

      • Ren

        No, most Final Fantasy and Disney characters can be pretty deep and fun to watch in their original series. In KH though… yeah, not a chance.

    • “it’s like a fairy tale. It doesn’t have much logic and it’s no good thinking too much about it, but it’s still entertaining, and as long you take it at face value…”

      Yes. That’s was kinda the point the whole time. No need to throw logic in the situation as if you had the whole thing figured out.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      Apart from your last two paragraphs, all I read was “bitch, bitch, bitch”.
      Your entire comment just enraged me. You claim to be a fan of the series, yet why do utterly destroy the game with logic? If every game revolved around logic there wouldn’t be any good games. Do you think Bandicoot’s actually run around collecting apples?
      Judging by the survey that Famitsu did the people who voted said the story was the most important part. I love playing these games to find out what happens next, i.e I love the story and I don’t find anything wrong with it. How can you be a fan of the series if you blatantly bash it?

      Actually after reading your last two paragraphs again I still read “bitch, bitch, bitch”. If you were a fan of the series you would be grateful that there is news and not f***ing whine about the entire series making no sense (when if you look over it and actually pay attention it does and all the characters are fine the way they are).

      • Being a fan of something doesn’t mean you completely ignore it’s flaws, it’s about embracing it despite them. While I do disagree with some of his parts, I can definitely see where he’s coming from. He wasn’t blatantly bashing it, just pointing out several SPECIFIC inconsistencies that he found lackluster. It’d be blatant bashing if he’d said something like: “KH sucks because the characters are boring and the story sucks”. While that is the essence of what he says, expanding upon it shows that he at least cares to know what he’s talking about.

      • Ren

        Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch,

        Nope, now you read “bitch, bitch, bitch”. Like @facebook-100000301072427:disqus said, being a fan doesn’t mean worshiping the series as if it was a pinnacle of greatness that will never be surpassed. No, being a fan means simply linking it and wanting to know how it continues, or in the case of video games, wanting to play the next installments. Everything sucks to some degree or other. Even the series I like the most and worship as a pinnacle of greatness that can never be surpassed have at least one thing that is sucky, be it something personal, or something that is generally accepted as sucky. What makes a good game/book/form of entertainment is simply being more entertaining than it is sucky, because, let’s be realistic, everyone will always find something they won’t particularly like it

        Is Kingdom Hearts story flawed? Oh boy/girl, I can assure you it is, to a very big degree. I have seen better badfics than it, and I’m no literary genius or major, but I believe I have read enough of everything to be able to say that Kingdom Hearts story is just a shell of what it could be. But is Kingdom Heart story entertaining, even though it’s pretty bad? Yes, it is. It’s fun to try to ignore the clear plotholes and retcons and try to understand the hints that Nomura like to give about how the major picture fits. It’s fun to see many of the Disney worlds I saw as a kid and being able to walk and explore them. The games are fun, and I like them. But that still doesn’t fix any of its flaws.

        Now, I wouldn’t try to bash this series with logic – I play Mario for god’s sake, you don’t get much more illogical than that without trying or without Suda51 on the development team(I love you Suda!) – if it wasn’t for the fact the series makes itself as something intelligently and good written and it leaves a lot of hints so you can try to piece the puzzle pieces on your head. The series wants you to think about it, it wants you to speculate. And that’s the point, if it wants to make me think about it and go all “wow, everything made sense in the end”, then it should at least make sure that everything will make sense in the ending without pulling so many retcons and asspulls. It’s the story’s own fault for trying to make sense of itself and failing to hold up. I wouldn’t be able nor I would want to “destroy the game with logic” if the game never let and enticed me to do so in the first place. Think about that.

        And if you can rant about my post enraging you, I’m allowed to rant about how pretentious this whole series is and how it doesn’t actually holds itself up, and that it’s still a good game even with all of its flaws. Oh, and let me add that its fanbase is so unwilling to actually look at the flaws the game throws right at them that they laud it as a pinnacle of perfection and get all pissy when someone throws the game faults at them (which just means they accept what that person said as truth in some level and are trying to fight against it). But then again, every fanbase is like that.

        TL;DR All of your points are null. I won’t say I’m sorry for enraging you, because that was never my intention. Your rage is your own fault. But I’ll say that I never wanted you to be angry with what I wrote in the first place and that “Dude/dudette, you need to calm down. I’m just a guy on the internet. Aren’t you better than that?”

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          You’re right. You’re just a guy on the internet and I should know better. I just felt a little annoyed earlier when I was all happy about new KH news so soon after we just got some on the future of the series and I felt a little rushed at reading your original post. Your right every game has its flaws no game is perfect and no game will ever be perfect. As much as I love the series the gameplay in Re:coded was a little bad mainly because of the controls, the load times were long in BbS despite the install and the missions were a tad bit repetitive in Days. Of course these “flaws” didn’t stop me from enjoying the game. I know the story inside out on KH and it never occurred to me to start going ok now where is the flaw in that? The KH series is bashed by different people every day mainly because “teh lack of KH3” and the so-called annoying fanbase (which I proudly sit in) so I completely misread the concept you were going by. 
          I shouldn’t have lashed at you and even though we are all anon here we shouldn’t go blah blah blah at one another. I have seen the light now.  Though I still have my own opinion on the entire series as being great mainly because well I’m a sad sad fan who longs for these games and enjoys them non-stop. (Hence my name and avatar >.>) I feel a little silly now that I have completely made an ass of myself in one comment and find myself apologizing in the next >.> 

          • Ren

            Don’t worry, we all have times like this. And I thank you for the apologize, many people would have just left at that and disappeared. It takes a real man/woman to finish what you started.

            I don’t really understand why all this rage for KH3. Yeah, I want it, but as long the side games are good and actually add something(like BBS) and don’t see the problem in we getting them. And even if it released tomorrow I would still not be able to play it, because I would wait until the final mix version released and I don’t have a PS3(yet, I hope). We already know it’s not going to even start development until Versus releases, and Versus isn’t until 2012, so I don’t really see any point on complaining why we haven’t got it yet. Besides, 3D already looks great, and more fun than Re:Coded and Days could ever be. So, which music do you think they are going to reuse this time? I think they’ll go for Sanctuary since it happens after KH2.

          • KHSoraKeyBlade

            I felt I had to say sorry :P

            I’m not sure I think it’s because they are on handheld and not on a home console. Actually I think 3D will be the exact same as CoM that bridge between the main games where you need to play it to understand it, oh and a secret video as well sounds great. Versus will be great (well what we’ve seen so far of it). I don’t understand why KH3 is the only thing on peoples mind, I mean they have announced it ok we know not a lot of it but it’s there and will be made, as well Nomura said that there will be more games afterwards…
            Any ways, 3D will be great and looks to live up to what BbS gave us :D The more games the better.

      • Come on, there’s no reason to start flinging insults around. This is a civilized community, so let’s keep it that way. Thanks!

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          Sorry I was just really angry at his post earlier. I don’t normally comment so I should be respectful to people’s opinions. It’s fine I’m calm now xD

    • I have to disagree with you on Some points.

      I feel that KH1 was probably the pinnacle of character development for the main cast. The tension between Sora and Donald was very good, as it showed that they weren’t immediate friends like later in the series. While initially, Sora was a nice guy, he was also very hesitant. Through his travels, he gained that certain “umph” he needed to make him the Master he is.As far as him getting home without his parents freaking out, they didn’t show any indication either way because they never actually showed anyone besides the initial DI crew, so we don’t now HOW his parents feel.

      I do, however, agree that some of the parts Nomura has created do come off as Convoluted. However, I, personally, shll wait for the upcoming games to see if all the info he’s created is relevant or if it were just created just because (For Example, the introduction of the Fallen or the relevance Xion will have overall).

      PS. One example of a Plothole/Retcon is that in KH2, Donald and Goofy say that Mickey sealed Pete away, but in BBS, it’s Minnie that does it.

      • Ren

        The one I personally think to have the best character development and presentation in general is the original CoM(Re:CoM too, but they changed some lines I liked, so it loses some points). I’ll say that I completely hated the exploration in that game because it was too repetitive, but I have to say it has a pretty well done story compared to the other games. It foreshadows the villains and tries to give them some personality and goals before they appear, it deals with Sora’s and his gang’s struggles against their memory loss and the goal they are trying to reach, Sora actually feels like he’s developing as a character through the game, and some of the Disney stories are done less annoyingly than in other games.

        My problems with the first game were that most of Sora’s development was too, I don’t know if this is the right word, instantaneous. It could be because I haven’t played the first game again in two years, but they just came in weird times, some for no reason and they rarely mattered. But it’s still much, much better than KH2 and Days(to a certain degree).

  • TempestTwin

    Kingdom hearts 1 never had such a FANTASTIC story like all these other people say. I only really started to enjoy the story was when BBS came out. In all honesty I prefer the story of Tales of games more then Kingdom hearts.

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      Yes I believe the story of KH IS overrated.  I once read on a website that the story of KH was better than all of the Final Fantasies combined… yeah right, lol.

      • KH – Overrated? Yup; doesn’t mean it’s bad, but I’d agree that people really hold it in high regard for little to no reason.

        Tales of – it’s not fair to compare the games really; I love the majority of this franchise, and think as a whole it is better than KH; but KH is too young of a franchise to compare it’s evolution. In short, Tales of is that eccentric wise monk, while KH is that peppy young trainee.
        Final Fantasy – stopped having coherent plots around 8 and 10. After that, it became very much a matter of how much you could follow/care about characters and plot points that felt so out of place, lacking relatability. Would I say KH has a better story than FF8, 10 and 13? Yes, actually. As inane as they get, I can follow them and the gameplay supports it enough. Does that make KH better than FF? Not really, and again I can say it’s kind of like Tales of, where we have a crazy old man, who may or may not be a master anymore; and some young peppy trainee.

        • TempestTwin

          You have a point, still regardless with tales of the story is different each game unless they make a squeal / prequel, where  as KH is one big story. I also think disney wrecks the game.

  • Hinataharem

    Controllable cutscenes, huh? 

    I wonder to what extent. *wink*

  • Yumii 123

    I don’t know if it’s because I’ve outgrown Kingdom Hearts, or if it’s because I just don’t think a game that needs a chart like this for ONE character (There is need for even bigger one for other characters) is worth playing anymore.
    Call me hater if you want, but KH is to me just another cash-cow that lost it’s potential.

    • AdrianHeng

      As a KH fan, I’ve gotta admit that the series has become rather convoluted since the first game. And yes, Square-Enix really can’t help but milk this series for all its worth … just as much as I can’t help giving them my money. T_T

    • I must just be so used to confusing and overly complicated narratives, because that barely fazes me at all lol

      thank you Hideo Kojima

  • v Yeah, maybe if you read the article—he did it for a reason.

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    I fell in love with the Kingdom Hearts series through Final Fantasy, but to be honest I never really liked the story.  The inclusion of classic disney stories into KH did nothing to improve the plot of KH; it only made things more scattered.  To me KH always played like a FF game with disney characters thrown in to increase the profit.  The story would be better if they hadn’t added disney characters in the first place, but it’s too late now.  Plus, I’m getting kind of bored with Sora… Roxas/Ventus forever!

    • ShinGundam

      Do you realize that this game is an action adventure in Disney worlds to begin with?

      • action RPG to be correct.

        And I have to agree with SuigetsuHiramura; KH is just one of those series of games I feel works entirely for the gameplay and things not revolving around the Disney licensed characters and locales.

        As confusing as some of the plot-lines have become, they work better than imagined, and better than some of the recent plots in FF titles (FFXIII).

        Honestly, I wonder how different the game would have been if you’d of just removed Disney from the equation and replaced it entirely with Final Fantasy.

        • ShinGundam

          Action RPG is a is a type of action adventure not RPGs :o

          • SuigetsuHiramura

            Fits both categories if you ask me.

        • SuigetsuHiramura

          Kinda what they’re doing with Versus, similiar gameplay with a FF-esque story.  Well, we’ll see how that turns out… sometime in this current decade, lol.

        • I personally disagree with both of you.  The first game heavily revolved around Disney for pretty much everything.  However, it’s clear that they have been running out of Disney material to add, if well, every game after the first was anything to go on.  However, adding more and more disposable original characters isn’t the way to go, either.  Chain of Memories was a decent game and Organization XIII was introduced very well.  And then in Kingdom Hearts II, the story was just a mess.  You had Pete and Maleficent’s plan which never went anywhere, and then you had Organization XIII, where they got to the end of the game and threw 3 organization member fights right in a row because they realized the game was over and not everyone was dead yet.  It was really irritating.

          • SuigetsuHiramura

            I lost patience with the first KH BECAUSE of it’s reliance on Disney worlds/characters.  The original characters they added later clashed with the Disney characters leading to a screwy plot with lots of holes.  SE tried to please both Disney and FF fans with KH2, but maybe they were a bit too overzealous in doing so.  The FF aspects were incomplete as were the Disney aspects.  Gameplay is the major redeeming quality in most, if not all, of the KH games.

  • SirRichard

    Another game in which all the talking about important plot drama and darkdarkdarkdark will be spoiled by me being unable to resist having Sora rub up against things.

  • eilegz

    well at least its not canceled for 3DS

  • This and Tales of the Abyss 3D are still my main reasons for getting a 3DS. Been excited for this game ever since it was announced. Birth by Sleep was an amazing game and my expectations are now through the roof for the franchise.

  • 358/2 and Birth by sleep were just cash-ins for me. Re:Coded, of course was, it has the least relevance to overall plot and was rehashed from the previous titles. 358/2 days was poorly executed and BBS didn’t bring any brilliant revelations upon the story; It just gave Xehanort backstory for a reappearance. Aqua was just excused from the story, she was there for an objective scenario in the story; which didn’t amount to much.

    SE needs to decide to manage their man power properly and take some of this work from Nomura.  Subarashiki kono Sekai/The World Ends with you and KH:CoM both were partnerships with handheld developer Juniter and both turned out perfect as far as stand alone titles go. Either let Nomura over see story alone or art alone. Someone should always co-director with him for best results. This a man that purposely admitted the remnants of Org.XIII were created for the sake of putting more fights in KH2; no one in KH2’s Org.XIII had character establishment outside the world you encounter them on and The world that never was. He could have just NOT have created them and made proper use of the conflict between Ansem and Xehanort.

  • Rihawf

    “We need more complex ways to milk”

  • seeing sora back in his kingdom hearts 1 clothing pisses me off.
    just a sign that they’re moving BACKWARDS instead of forward. they’ve already bridged the gap between 1-2, showed what happened BEFORE 1, just move the hell on and stop milking the story with BS.

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