Luffy’s 3DS Adventure Sells 170,000 Units, Tales Sails Right Behind

By Spencer . August 2, 2011 . 1:00pm

imageNamco Bandai shared sales data for four key titles in their most recent financial report. One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP sold 170,000 units. This Nintendo 3DS game is a port with One Piece Unlimited Cruise Episodes 1 + 2 and bonus content on one cartridge.


As of June 30, Tales of the Abyss moved 150,000 units. That’s also the game’s release date in Japan so sales should be higher. Rounding off Nintendo 3DS releases Ridge Racer 3D sold 90,000 units in North America. The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z sold 70,000 units this quarter with cumulative sales of the PSP game totaling 450,000 units.


One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP will be released in Europe later this year, but the title will not be released in North America. Tales of the Abyss is slated for release in both territories this year.

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  • malek86

    “As of June 30, Tales of the Abyss moved 150,000 units. That’s also the game’s release date in Japan so sales should be higher.”

    Ok, then we know those are shipped numbers, considering the first week sales of about 70k. The second week sales were also much much lower, so I wonder how long it will be before the price gets slashed at retail. That is, I’m not expecting that 150k to get any higher anytime soon, because it will probably be a long while before they exhaust the stock.

  • alastor3

    is those number any good or not ?

    • Unless we know the budget of the games it would be hard to say. Both of those games are ports, so it is probably good…

      • Yesshua

        Siliconera posted a few weeks ago that Namco Bandai is aiming for 300,000 domestic sales of Tales.  These numbers indicate that they won’t quite make it if the game follows a normal sales arc.  The 3DS price drop might give it an extra boost though.

        Either way, the sales aren’t looking to be significantly higher or lower than projected for that one.

        • malek86

          Actually, they said they were aiming for 250.000 for japanese sales.

          However, with the first shipping at 150.000, of which there have been about 90.000 units sold until today, I don’t think it will happen. Unless they make a massive price cut.

  • “but the title will not be released in North America.”

    WTH!? You sure of it?
    where did you get this information from?

    oh geez, i want OP SP for my american 3DS ='(

    • From a Namco Bandai rep. I can’t say we should be too surprised, we missed out on the two One Piece Wii games and Gigant Battle, all of which were released in Europe.

      • I thought there was a chance due to numerous companies waiting for a re-release to localize a region only game.

      • thats wat we get for region-locked. =(

      •  Well hopefully that Rep doesn’t know what they are talking about.

      • EggmaniMN

        The US got Unlimited Cruise for the Wii. I should know as I got it from Gamefly.

        • No you got One Piece: Unlimited Adventure for Wii, that was the game before Unlimited Cruise 1 and 2. Those games were released for Europe only and with only Japanese voiceovers.

    • lostinblue

      Namco will be Namco. :(

  • Christian Wright

    there has to be some kind of way to rebuild the one piece franchise in the US. i dont watch alot of TV, but does one piece still come on here? all i see is funimation releasing boxsets

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      You can thank 4Kids TV for the catastrophe they caused for the series. I really would like to see One Piece do better here in the states. But first things first, NEVER advertise it as a kids series. OP is much darker than people give it credit for (mainly cause of the art style).

      • Christian Wright

        i started reading the manga around the rescue ace part and it sure was bloody. bloody goodness. every time i go to anime conventions it seems like there is still a huge fanbase but the manga barely comes out where i live.

      • Thats making the assumption that the series would have been grasped as large as it has been in JPN, which based on sales of manga, the US is more Naruto Bleach focused…But the show is a kids show, look at all the products that get advertised for it and merchandised, the cheesy effects and cheesy jokes in the anime, Chopper even…

        • really, the show is for everyone, and most people I know who read it have read it for years.

          Yeah, it’s cheezy, but it’s awesome cheese; aged to perfection.

          give it a read sometime, it’s pretty fantastic, and it was a shame that it was pretty much turned into a junk-food show here in the US; considering it deals with death, sacrifice, racism, slavery, crime, etc.

    • I doubt any channel would pick the show up this late in the game beyond the Funimation Channel. Too long and too late to start. Funimation dub did run on Cartoon Network, but I guess it just wasnt popular enough to warrant CN continuing it in that space.

  • SerendipityX

    I often wonder why it is we don’t get OP games…T_T

    •  I know; IT SUUUUCKS TT A TT

  • Glad to see that Tales of the Abyss actually did nice! Given the fact that it is a 3DS title, and one of a game which already was released before in that territory (and not so long ago if you give it some thought). I would say it’s quite a nice achievement.

    Then again I’m a huge, blatant tales of fanboy, so you can take my opinion as nothing more than a biased opinion from a fan :P But it is quite an impressive number still, after a whole month of sales.

    It really is. :3

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