Sundae Funday: A Half Minute Of Fighting Games

By Ishaan . August 7, 2011 . 10:29am


Only another couple of weeks to go until Deus Ex: Human Revolution! And we have have the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo releasing this week on PSN as well. Following both those, it’s just one big game after another until the end of the year.


It’s the same story every year, but I really like a lot of what’s coming in the second half of 2011. Has anyone started sorting out their game budget for the rest of the year?





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  • DanteJones

    Ugh, another year, another completely cleaned out wallet. Curse you video games for being so fun. ><

  • I don’t get to buy a lot of games, due to my natural thriftiness. But I do know that I’m picking up a copy of King of Fighters, no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT.

    That Sonic popsicle looks like it’s part terminator.

  • AnimeRemix

    Love eating Sonic ice cream! <3 Taste so good… Even the eyes! XD

    • Sonic makes anything better! :)

      • AnimeRemix

        Yup! The fastest hedgehog alive that is cool and blue can do anything! =D

  • badmoogle

    Nowdays i’ve to be very careful with my budget so i managed to narrow the games i’ll buy (already pre-ordered) for the second half of the year down to four.
    1.Xenoblade Chronicles
    2.Team Ico Collection
    3.Dark Souls
    4.Uncharted Drake’s deception

    I may also get some downloadable games from PSN but not much.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Me, I’ll still be buying September games in December. Ico Collection, God of War Origins, Disgaea 4, Atelier Totori, White Knight Chronicles II. It’s just too much for one month. I don’t even know how I’m going to afford the Silent Hill HD Collection, the MGS HD Collection, Uncharted 3, HOTD: Overkill, and KOF XIII. Had to decide to put Deux Ex, Dark Souls, and Arkham City on the backburner for “when I get money.”

      • badmoogle

        Priorities man,you have to make priorities.:pFor me the 4 aforementioned games are the cream of the crop for this year.I just can’t take out anyone of these from that list without regreting it.
        Skyrim would normally also be among these games but i’m sure it will be full of bugs upon release so i’ll just wait and get it sometime next year when they would’ve released all the patches for it.It will probably save me some money too.
        Also very important (but less than those 4) are Inazuma Eleven and Armored Core 5 (which thankfully got delayed.)

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          Well, don’t own a Wii, and even if I did, I live in North America, so Xenoblade would be out of the question for me.

          As for Skyrim, it’s not even on my list of “to get when I have money.” I don’t like Western RPG’s, for the most part. Deus Ex seems less like an RPG to me than an action game I can play in different ways.

          Dark Souls…I loved Demon’s Souls, but it can wait. I bought the first one day one, mostly to support Atlus releasing a PS3 exclusive, with the hopes that it’d be a good game. Turned out to be a great game, but never got around to beating it, so the spiritual successor isn’t that high on my list of priorities. I don’t think I’ve ever bought the sequel to a game I haven’t beaten before.For me, if I had to list the top 4, the biggest priorities are the MGS HD Collection, the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection, the God of War Origins Collection, and Disgaea 4, with KOF XIII very close in the running.

        • Come on, you have to trust Bugdesda and that it will actually be a solid release. The Collectors Edition for it is awesome, so why not get it on day 1?

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            Betheseda games are like Rockstar games, in that it’s best to wait for a month or two of patches. Some of the Fallout and Oblivion bugs were legendary, even to someone like me who does own either.

          • I just hope it isnt as bad as LagOut New Bugas, but they are doing so much hype and video of Skyrim that I think it will be just fine. 

      • I would hate to miss out on day 1 for some of t hose. Though do you really need all those HD Collections so fast? Maybe focus on new hotness?

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          Yes, I do. Love the God of War games and never played the PSP ones, so that’s two new games. Never played Ico so that’s a new game for me. Shadow of the Colossus is probably my favorite game of all time, so that’s a must buy. Metal Gear Solid 3 is also in my top 10 best games ever, so that’s a day one, besides never having played Peace Walker. And I’ve always felt 2 & 3 were the two best of the Silent Hill series, so must buy them too.

    • Uncharted 3 shall be hot. The Dark Souls is tempting only because of the memorabilia/paraphernalia filled edition they are releasing. Im still torn on the Ico Collection and if it is truly a story driven game.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    No! [insert spoilericfic name here]… Who else will I have ice cream with?

  • Just preordered Macross Frontier Sayonara no Tsubasa Hybrid-Pack and preordered 2nd SRWOG a long time ago(not sure if it will come out this year tho >_<) also ordered Catherine, Agarest Zero and Gundam Musou 3 for a nice ending of the first half of the year. I fear for my wallet 'cause currently I don't have any money at all, but I WILL get the second half of the SRWZ and Tales of Xillia and Disgaea 4, and other awesomeness which escapes my mind right now!

    • Youre so lucky to be able to understand those games and even get Tales of Xillia. Disgaea 4 will be awesome. 

    • Kibbitz

      Yea, if you’ve gotten the first Z2, you definitely must get the second Z2. Too much potentially delicious insanity waiting in the second arc as all the stories are resolved. Hope you work out a Survival Strategy for your wallet =P

      • Haha that’s brilliant a Survival Strategy for my wallet and future as a gamer~

        And yes definitely! I can’t wait to see how they are going to show the upgraded mechs, Z2.2 is going to be a power fest!

  • malek86

    The most important event of next week is, of course, the release of Touhou 13. Well, that and the FF0 demo, I guess.

    I’ll need to re-hone my shmups skills.

    • I can’t.. ;___; I can’t defeat normal mode, and easy mode is for elementary school kids.

      • malek86

        I used to say that too, but after many hours of training, Normal mode has become almost trivial for me now. I’m usually able to 1-cc the Normal mode of a game upon the first day I get it. Except for SA, where it took me a bit longer to do it. Well, I expect TD to be easier, the demo was not too hard.

        Still, for some reason I find the new games to be actually a bit harder than the old ones, even though the general consensus among the fanbase is exactly the opposite. Maybe because I often can’t bring myself to bomb. If you have trouble, try with IN, I find it to be the easiest one.

        By the way, for the sake of training, just cleared a run on PCB Normal with Reimu B. 575 millions. My record is 646 millions. I haven’t played in a while…

        I wonder how many of the fans actually play the games.

        • Haha, that’s why I started playing Touhou this summer – because I didn’t want to be one of those fans that don’t play the games.

          It’s too bad I’m a complete shmup noob, because I really like the bullet patterns and the music. I’m currently playing EoSD, and I never get to hear the end of Meiling’s boss theme because I keep dying halfway through. It’s just so rainbow and distractingly beautiful that it’s hard to keep concentration. xD

          I can’t bring myself to bomb either, though when I’m desperate I bomb random enemies for extra lives. *__*

          • malek86

            Hehe. It was the opposite for me – I discovered the series by playing the games, and now I’m into the doujinshi and fanart too. I’m not exactly among the old time fans, as I’ve only started in 2006, but I’ve always eagerly expected the games upon release ever since MOF.

            PS. speaking of MOF, still for the sake of training, I just cleared a Normal run with Reimu B. Meh, this time I sucked. 275 millions and three lives left at the end, while my record is 583 millions. Didn’t even enter my Top 10. But in my defense, I always hated the scoring system in that game.

            I guess you could say that about all the newer games, they all have some sort of weird annoying gimmick. The bomb system in TH10, the special powers in TH11, the UFO things in TH12 which allowed you to farm lives, and now the spirits in TH13… I liked the older games better, they had score gimmicks too but at least they were more straightforward.

            PPS. you got trouble with EOSD? If you haven’t already, try applying the patch to make the hitbox visible. It makes things much easier, and feels a bit more like PCB.

            I cleared it ages ago, wish I could play it again, it was good. But for some reason, if I play it now, the framerate is too high and becomes unplayable.

          • Hahaha high frame rate? Sounds like a recipe for madness.

            So much training for all those high scores. @[email protected] I never can’t even collect enough bonuses to gain lives, so I never get super high scores like that.

  • How that Sonic ice cream looks makes me want to scream. It’s terrifying!

    • d19xx

      Scream like “SEGA Y U No Make Good Sonic Game?” 

  • Sorting out a budget, what sorcery is this! Screw budget, when money is no object!

    Mr. Ishaan is right the second half of 2011 is simply awesome. Im getting

    No More Heroes Paradise (PS3)
    Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition (PS3)
    Resistance 3 (PS3)
    Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Premium Figure Set (PS3)
    SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS)
    SMT: Persona 2 IS (PSP)
    Sony PS3 Wireless Headset
    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition (PS3)
    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector’s Edition + Guide (PS3)
    Assassin’s Creed Revelations + Hardcover Guide (PS3)
    Sonic Generations (PS3)
    Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights (3DS)
    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact (PSP)

    Art of the Mass Effect Universe (Artbook)
    Shigenori Soejima Artworks SC
    Assassin’s Creed Encyclopedia 

    So many awesome gaming experiences await. Though its gonna be hard to balance all those games with animu like Bakuman, Fairy Tail, and BLue Exorcist< Bleach + movie 3, Naruto Shippuden + Movie 2 coming.

    • Urgh, I didn’t account for art books. I really want the Monster Hunter one Udon’s publishing.

      • Bah, just reminded me that Udon finally got the Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive released!

        I don’t usually pick up art books since games bleed me dry all on their own, but I’ll have to make an exception this time.

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          If you like Valkyria Chronicles, you’ll love the art book. Mine came in this weekend and it is stuffed with info from the first game. Everything from pre-production notes and sketches, to final character drawings, and even how they came up with the battle system. I think it was a dang good purchase.

      • mikanko

        No kidding.  The Atelier and Valkyria Chronicle book already cut into my budget this year.  The upcoming Ar Tonelico and Soejima Udon released books will be wedging out more space out of my gaming budget in the months to come.  Monster Hunter book is pretty tempting too, I’m almost glad I’ve yet to find time to sink my teeth into that particular franchise.  unnnnggggghhhh!!~

        But they’re all so very pretty! ^^;

  • Not that I’ll be able to afford even half of these at release, so I’ll have to do some prioritizing, but going into early next year:

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked
    Xenoblade Chronicles
    El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Solatorobo: Red The Hunter
    Persona 2: Innocent Sin
    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
    Final Fantasy XIII-2
    Mass Effect 3
    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (no date yet, but I’m sure it’s coming)

    • Apart from the unannounced title. Mass Effect 3 is the last to release up there, in March 2012. I believe I preordered the special edition. Nice list.

  • For the rest of the year…I’ll definitely pick up that Persona 3 Portable CE (european here) which I still haven’t had a chance to get my mits on. Add the EU version of Legends in the Sky: TitS (lol) and El Shaddai. I’ll also get No More Heroes (Ps3), Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie, Solatorobo…and some other games I might be missing still.

    And I’m getting a 3DS as well, so add Tales of the Abyss 3d to that list, as well as Resident Evil Mercenaries and Revelations (is that one releasing this year?), and that Zelda game I never played either. I’m also getting an iPod so that means some ioS games I missed (looking at ya, Chaos Rings!!!!)

    • Ah youre so fortunate to have waited for the 3DS relaunch. Tales of the Abyss 3D shall be splendid.

      • I had no idea this would happen though, I simply held off my 3DS purchase because I never ever get consoles or handhelds on launch. Guess that thinking like that had it’s profits :)

  • Elemiel

     Aww dang, I love those character popsicles.

    • They make me feel bad for eating them. :<

  • kylehyde

    Well those are my planned games according to my budget

    Kirby Mass Attack
    Alien infestation
    Professor Layton and the last specter
    Tales of the abyss
    Mario Kart 7
    Super Mario Bros Land 3D
    Mighty Switch Force
    Kid icarus (if is released this year)
    10 free nes titles and 10 free gba titles (if those last are released this year)

    • Wow nice list though are you a handheld exclusive gamer?

      • kylehyde

        Yes, I am

  • PrinceHeir

    we’ll be getting this by the end of the year

    King of Fighters XIII
    Parasite Eve II on PSN
    ICO Collection
    Deus EX Human Revolution
    Dark Souls
    Uncharted 3
    3rd Strike Online Edition

    im still wary of buying these:

    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection(the lack of Substance and Subsistence versions as well as extra’s like theater version; MG1 and MG2 MSX games, but they still have time to include these)
    Silent Hill Collection(replacing VA of 2 and 3 as well as no SH 4 or even the revision Shattered Memories; at least give us a voucher for Silent Hill 1)
    Resident Evil Revival Selections(still no RE1 and RE0 REmake, no Resident Evil 3 REmake)
    Silent Hill Downpur(i will give konami a chance, but if this fails then forget about it)

    i still NEED to get this

    Shadows of the Damned
    No More Heroes Paradise
    Assassins Creed Brotherhood
    Yakuza 3 and 4
    Castlevania Lords of Shadow
    God of War 3

    tons more…

    not to mention 2012 is already jam packed O____O

    Metal Gear Solid Rising
    Zone of the Enders HD Collection(please include the extra’s from the JPN LE)
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII(i am definitely sure this game will come out next year at least in Japan)
    Final Fantasy XIII-2
    Rumored DMC HD Collection 
    Persona 5 or new Shin Megami Title??
    Mass Effect 3(the final chapter :D)
    Assassins Creed Revelations
    Armored Core V

    and other unannounced games.

    wow just wow O____O

    i think i won’t be getting a next gen console anytime soon.

    • badmoogle

      You forgot The Last Guardian for 2012.;)

      • PrinceHeir

        oh how can i forget that???

        silly me “-_____-

    • mikanko

      List needs more Skullgirls!

  • malek86

    What I need to get until the end of the year? Uhm, interesting question. My purchases are usually a spur of the moment, and I don’t plan so far as the next two weeks. So it’s difficult to say.

    Well, I guess one is guaranteed: Skyrim. The PC version will do nice, so that even if the game is bugged or has some stupid Oblivion-like mechanic, I could mod it for the better.

    Another one might be the Halo remake – the announcement of Classic mode has got me very interested, as my original Xbox version is the crappy PAL50 one. I wish Nintendo had also included a classic mode in OOT. Anyway, this one will depend on the price. I’m not getting it for more than 40€.

    Finally, Super Mario Land 3D will be my go-to 3DS game for the holiday.

    Oh yeah, and I got The Gunslinger already preordered for September, just in case I forget about it. Gotta try and use that Kinect somehow.

    I can’t think of anything else right now.

    • I’m just thankful that my main go-to console games this year will be good on PC. Well, hopefully. Batman is pretty much guaranteed to have great PC controls since the first one did, and everything they’ve said about Deus Ex makes me think that’ll work out, too. Just worried about system requirements at this point…

      I really want to get into Elder Scrolls again (last one I played was Daggerfall way back when), but they’re just so…vast. I’d never be able to dedicate that kind of time to a game that huge. These days, I’m more the type that likes to complete games and then replay them, since the good ones are almost always more fun the second time around.

      3DS go-to game for me will be Mario Kart, hahaha. That’s probably the first 3DS game I’ll play seriously online. DOA has a very tiny online community, and I get my ass kicked in SF way too often. I want to play Mercs 3D online, but I’d rather do that with someone on my friends list than some random Internet stranger that the game finds for me.

      Mario 3D Land should be…interesting…to say the least. After yesterday’s Wii game sales post especially, I’m wondering if 3D Land isn’t going to cause some confusion with the more casual buyers, since it’s neither strictly 2D or 3D.

      • malek86

        The newer TES games aren’t nearly as vast as Daggerfall. Of course, they aren’t randomized either.

        A game like Morrowind isn’t particularly big: you can walk from one end of the map to the other, in around a hour of real time. Compare to Daggerfall, where a hour of walking barely got you to the next city (instant travel was a must, lol). It also isn’t nearly as dispersive.

        If you want to get back into TES, Morrowind is a good start. Skyrim will probably be bigger.

        Alas, I don’t particularly care about Mario Kart, never did. And if I really wanted it, the GBA version Nintendo is giving me for free will do nice, eheh.

      • Are Nintendo systems the only that you own, apart from the PC?

        • Nope. Just that my portables and PC tend to get the most use since they’re more convenient to game on. Work doesn’t leave much time to play games.

          • Oh, I thought playing games and games was your work…it just seemed you tend to speak mostly about pc versions and pc games or Wii.

    • Hm my go to 3DS game will probably be none. I wish it had a more robust line up of titles than a port, upport, and a puzzle game that, although looks cool, Ill probably have it completed in a week. Mario Land 3D will be interesting, but if its as I suspect, will be short like the other 3D Marios.

  • There’s a lot to buy, I haven’t thought of my plans however.  Good thing I don’t have a PS3/360 yet, supporting DS and PSP alone is more then enough I can afford!

  • skyblaze

    I BOUGHT LIKE THREE OF THOSE YESTERDAY AT THE ICE CREAM TRUCK! the eyes are full of derp, but it tastes amazing XD

  • d19xx

    I was hoping for Sega’s western release announcement of VC3, PSP02 Infinity and Black Panther. But it looks like they’ll just keep murdering the Sonic franchise instead.

    Anyway Persona 2 for the PSP is where my money is going and I’ll be picking up a 3DS this holiday.

  • Setsu Oh

    “For Tekken X Street Fighter, I want to keep it where players use left punch and right punch,” says Tekken director, Katsuhiro Harada.
    best gaming news of the week

  • Kibbitz

    Game budget for the rest of the year? Can’t even remember what’s available mostly. The only ones preordered are:

    2nd OG
    To Heart 2 DX Plus LE (yes, friend psychoed me into taking the LE one with the huge Konomi/Tama-nee bedsheet >_>)

    Most of the older possible buys are older things that I had interest in but am waiting for either Platinum Hits or cheaper 2nd hand, but I do have an active interest in Deus Ex. Will likely buy Bastion for PC too, that looks pretty ace. Also, really, really, really scratching my head over [email protected] for PS3 since, well, I haven’t made up my mind whether to wait for 2nd hand, Platinum Hits or buy normal… or buy LE and buy the anime BDs too >_>

    Looking at some of the buy/wish lists here makes me wish I had much more disposable income, but honestly, I can only afford one to two games a month at best, assuming I have nothing else to be paying for. Which is never true, with money gone this month to an A Channel fanbook as well as the Phantom Breaker fanbook, as well as a live performance by Suara. Which I suppose also means that it’s good for me (as sad as it is) that I’m not as passionate about games or as open taste-wise since it means less things to buy.

    Also, mild scream: DAMN YOU, ALL KAMEN RIDER RIDER GENERATION. I ALMOST LOVED YOU, BUT LOOK WHAT YOU DID (or didn’t do). Sigh. So close.

  • mikanko

    My gaming budget for the rest of the year is something like:

    Ico & Nico
    Skullgirls x2
    Third Strike
    KoF XIII
    Xillia (~maybe)

    listed in priority.

    Allotted 10-200$ bound to be inadvertently sucked into a Steam sale somewheres.

    Guardian Heroes on XBLA will get purchased pretty instantly too, and I’m sure there are other downloadable games I’m not even thinking of.

    Deus Ex and Skyrim I think I have the willpower to hold off on for a long while. They’re bound to hit steam sales next year, or have goty versions eventually as well.

    Too many fighting games o.o;;, but they really keep me busy enough I don’t have time for much else, and I am keeping up with a fairly significant backlog as is. I have a feeling AC5 will be consuming my soul in similar fashion next year.

    I’m sure I’ll pick up Uncharted 3 and Dark Souls within a month or a few of their release if I can’t afford to get them the day of.

    And anyone who likes fighting games I hope gives Skullgirls a chance. Looking like the biggest labor of love the genre could receive.

  • Juuu

    My budget USED to consist of Totori, Harvest Moon 3DS, a preorder of Aselia the Eternal, Third Strike, then later on in 2012 Hakuoki and Fate/Extra, but sadly, there are some other external issues that have made me freeze my gaming budget and use it for other things.

    As long as I get Hakuoki, and later, after the holidays, Totori, I’ll be okay. :] It gives me time to work through the backlog 2011 has wrought upon me.

  • SerendipityX

    Hmm, my gaming budget for 2011 ;D ish:

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact
    Person 2: Innocent Sin (I’m actually still on the fence with this one >_<)
    Tekken Tag HD
    Tales of the Abyss (don't have 3DS but I will still buy this game XD)

    Wow, thats a short list now that I think about it. For 2012 I got Hakuoki, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Tales of Graces F and whole bunch I can't really remember right now.

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