SNK’s Shock Troopers No Longer Lonely, Coming To PS3

By Spencer . August 9, 2011 . 4:27pm

One of SNK’s run-and-gun games is getting a PlayStation 3 port. SNK hasn’t announced Shock Troopers yet, but Australia’s Classifications Board says it’s on deck for re-release. When Shock Troopers starts you can choose to either travel with a group of three characters you can switch between or be a lonely wolf that shoots through the game solo.



We presume Shock Troopers will be re-released as an upcoming NeoGeo Station digital download. These re-releases add online play and save states to the original ROM. The last two NeoGeo Station titles, The King of Fighters ’95 and Baseball Stars 2, came out in July.

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  • SNK has a lot of awesome games, but there’s one I’m dying to play again, GIVE ME WAKU WAKU 7!

    • patience my friend patience

    • d19xx

      WakuWaku is a Sunsoft game. But yeah I want this game on PSN. 

  • PrinceHeir

    im glad SNK has been releasing some old games for me to experience Neo Geo :)

    though would want their other stellar games like Samurai Shodown Collection, The King of Fighters Collection, The Last Blade, Metal Slug Collection.

    don’t care about being HD, just release them and i’ll buy them all in a heartbeat :P

  • godmars

    Now if only they could go back to supporting arcades in Home. Offer cabinets and get Namco back into it.

  • I love classics! I’ll be getting this day one. Keep it up SNK!

    • Learii

      me too i  love classics games

  • AJ

    Ikari Warriors 4.0?

    I kid, kind of, but this game looks good.

  • d19xx

    I never finished Shock Troopers 1, but I played Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad to death, the one with the busty blonde, but I use the short haired girl the most. I hope 2nd also gets a PSN release.

  • keep it up SNK…  Shock Troopers 2 would be great, too.


    LAST BLADE pleeeaaaassseeee

  • Learii

    old school games r my fav <3

  • neo_firenze

    They did officially announce this a few weeks back, in the form of a trailer that hit PSN alongside the release of Neo Geo Station KOF ’95 and Baseball Stars 2.  The whole batch of upcoming games is:

    1) Baseball Stars 2 (already released)
    2) KOF ’95 (already released)
    3) KOF ’96
    4) Metal Slug 2
    5) Shock Troopers
    6) World Heroes

    • mikanko

      I don’t suppose they’re allowed to release Data East games, huh?

      I was just thinking how much better that list would look with Windjammers and Magical Drop 3. :|

      • neo_firenze

        I’d categorize that as “never say never”.  SNK did release several ADK games in their PS2 collections (and World Heroes is coming to the Neo Geo Station line), and they also released a Sunsoft Collection on PS2 (Galaxy Fight and Waku Waku 7).

        G-Mode acquired Data East a few years back and has been releasing their back catalog games though, so they’re still active.  Several releases on Wii Virtual Console, a compilation disc on Wii, and I think they may do some mobile stuff.  Stranger things have happened than G-Mode possibly cooperating with SNK to get some of their Neo titles on the PSN, so I wouldn’t call it impossible.

        • mikanko

          Something to hope for I guess.  I know I picked up MD3 off PSN for 600 yen, but I’d totally get it again with online play via Neogeostation.

          I’ve actually heard KoF ’95’s online isn’t ass, so I’ll probably gamble on some of the other fight games that come down eventually if they add stuff like Real Bout 2 and such. 

          I don’t suppose any of these have the cd arrange versions for the soundtracks?  KoF ’95-’98s arrange tracks are favorites of mine, not to mention if Samurai Spirits 2,4 get releases.

          • neo_firenze

            No arrange BGM for KoF’95 (just double-checked), or any others that I can recall.  However, the music player utility shared by all of the Neogeostation games has a button to select original/arrange, and says it will add arrange tracks to the player if selected.  Nothing happens with any of the current releases though, so maybe that’s just a possible feature that got cut, or might show up in some future releases.

            I haven’t actually bothered to play online yet, though I do hear 95 is improved.  The emulation/port quality is excellent though, and the optional graphical filters are some of the best I’ve seen to get the true original look on an HD display. 

            I just hope they keep cranking out releases on PSN instead of letting this slowly die off.  With SNK always starting with early games, we’re missing out on some impressive stuff like the later FF and KOF games, and they seem to skip some of the less well known but still good Neo games.  That being said, I’m a sucker for Neo Geo games and I’ll certainly be buying KOF’96 too (even though I already own it in multiple formats).  It’s just that it would be nice to see stuff like the post’98 KOFs, Garou, AoF3, Rage of the Dragons, Shock Troopers 2, Cyber-lip, Sengoku 2, oddball stuff like Stakes Winner, etc…

          • mikanko

            Yeah, my money’s a bit too tight these days and I actually have to stop and think how much time I’ll really spend playing something before picking it up.  My cursor still hesitates whenever I pass the SNK stuff on the PSN store though. 

            A lot of my PS1 games purchased Japan’s PSN didn’t meet the same scrutiny, as nostalgia pretty much won out.  Yen rates increasing the way they have the last few years haven’t helped matters much.  I guess my wallet’s lucky they haven’t figured a way to re-release Japanese Saturn games over PSN yet!

  • Never heard of this game before looks good. Also I would love if Rage of The Dragons was released.

  • MAO
  • Played this via Arcade Classics on the Wii and loved it.

  • Göran Isacson

    Hells yeah, Shock Troopers! Loved that game on emulator when I was a kid- big flashy colors and constant explosions was little me needed to be a happy boy.

  • fermented

    With SNK releasing many classic games on PS3, does that mean that Sony is no longer against non-HD 2D games being released on their system?  I can only hope that Cave Co. can release their shmups on PSN so that I don’t have to buy a JP360 to play them.

  • Shock Troopers is one of my favorite arcade games of all time. I bought the SNK Arcade Classics game for Wii JUST for it. I’m pumped to see it come to the PS3. But I’d prefer it to be like Athena and release as a PS Mini across the PS3 and PSP for a smaller price point. F*** the SNK Neo Geo Station and it’s inflated prices. I bought Wii VC games; I’m done with paying inflated prices.

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