Flame Red 3DS Launches With Star Fox 64 3D In September

By Spencer . August 10, 2011 . 1:27am

n3dsdBack in July, Nintendo released a flare red 3DS model along with Star Fox 64 3D in Japan. Nintendo of America is following the same marketing plan.


They announced a flare red Nintendo 3DS, which will retail for $169.99. It comes out on September 9, the same day Star Fox 64 3D and its new tilt controls debut in North America.


If color doesn’t matter to you, Walmart is selling Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black 3DS units for $169.99 now. These units are still eligible for the 20 free games from the Nintendo ambassador program as long as you log on the eShop before 11:59PM (EST) on Thursday, August 11.



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  • Punch me please…truly they that wait, when the next system from Ninty releases I wont be buying it on day 1 at all, Ill just wait and grab a new color and a lower price.

    • Hinataharem


    • Nobody made you buy it on day 1. You knew exactly what you were getting into when you did. Stop crying and be an adult about the nature of product release cycles for a change.

      • His complaint was rather legit. Your comment came off as whiny and pompous actually. No one KNEW that the 3DS would be a somewhat fail. at least not to this extent. A large number of units on shelves, A huge as price drop, and a new badass color. No one would have expected those things to happen this early in the 3DS life cycle.

        • Video game console purchases are investments. All investments carry risk.

        • I actually preordered my 3DS about 5 months early, and went to the midnight launch because I assumed they would be in short supply with high demand. Boy was I wrong! I’m still having fun with it though.

      • neo_firenze

        I don’t think he’s “crying” at all, quite the opposite – looks to me like Tsuna is taking full responsibility for his decision to buy early, but saying that he learned his lesson to be more cautious about Nintendo system launches thanks to the 3DS launch fiasco.

        •  I saw the opposite of whatever you said. I would not take responsibility for something by asking a stranger to punch me.

      • Aoshi00

        It’s hardly whining though, I imported my 3DS on day 1 (not for $250 but for $380 even) expecting that it would price drop in maybe 1 to 2 years and for about $50, not 10000 yen ($80).  So I was prepared to pay $50 more to play the system a year ahead, but no one expected a $80 drop (10000 yen) at all, certainly not out of the blue in less than 6 months, as Nintendo put it themselves, it’s unprecedented.  As early adopters are given 20 free games to make up now.  And yet some could even pick up from Walmart at $170 and still get that 20 free games, same as those who paid $250 at launch.  No use crying about it, but it is indeed messed up.  I paid $250 for my Wii and bought other games on day 1 for $60 instead of $20 months later, but I felt those were all worth it, this sudden steep price drop is just annoying.  Now I’m wondering if I should head to Walmart to pick up a US system.. since my Jpn one cant play Netflix.. or wait for 3DS lite :(…

  • malek86

    Well this is annoying. Couldn’t release it on launch day, uh? Guess paint costs too much, you know, those pigments don’t just make themselves.

    But, I guess it’s fine. I didn’t really want the red one, I wanted the orange one shown at last year’s TGS.

    • Yeah. Paint doesn’t cost a dime. Neither does maintaining a large amount of SKUs when a lot of sales are expected. I had a lot of difficulty settling on my white Wii back in 2006, but that was the only color they had left.

      • I think that was the only one available. The Gamecube launched with two colors though. I was very sad to have to get a white Wii at launch. 

  • …i’ll stick with my Ambassador Cosmo Black, thank you.

    Nintendo, don’t you dare release a new color with preloaded Ambassador freebies, or i will sock it to ya big time.

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, I’m thinking of getting a Cosmo black w/ the free games too (I have a Aqua Jpn one now).. Red is too flashy since the inside of the 3DS has a glossy shiny finish..

      • i couldn’t even enjoy the gloss finish… it just gets smothered by fingerprints. i don’t get why in the world would anybody design a gadget to have glossy finish when you know it’s gonna have full hand contact… that’s pretty dumb, IMO. if it’s just gonna be displayed, go full gloss. if it’s gotta get touched, go matte. dumb pricks. :/

        • Aoshi00

          I agree, I always choose matte for consoles if there’s an option, but finger prints/smudges don’t show up as bad on the cosmo black 3DS as the piano black PSP right?  I don’t think it matters on the light color, like white PSP or on my Aqua 3DS now, don’t notice fingerprints at all, I don’t think it’s a problem for this flare red either.. but I do love the feel of matte giving a better grip like my DSi or Mario DSi XL which had a more burgundy red that I like (this one is a bright red on a shiny finish which might be too distracting for gameplay).. For my 360 Slim, I went out of my way to get the 4Gb and then bought the 250gb HDD separately just to get the matte finish instead of glossy.. the Phat PS3 was so glossy it attracted dust like crazy..

          Anyway, a bit disappointed it was sold out in Walmart (I rarely go there it’s kinda a trashy place..) maybe I could hit up Target and ask them if they could sell it for $169 tmw.. or maybe I should just wait for a limited edition or eventual 3DS Lite.. would be so messed up if a 3DS Lite comes like 3 months later lol.. heard this time it won’t be a while for a revision, but you never know just like this sudden crazy price drop..

          How’s streaming Netflix on the 3DS anyway? I heard some reviews said it’s actually not bad and the battery is good enough to even finish a 3hr movie..

  • That red is sexy! Kinda regretting getting the black one now…

  • I wonder when this is coming out in Europe.

    Not for me, mind you– I’m so happy that a blue one came out at launch after so many years of the color getting jilted in terms of American presence (I did not get a DS Lite until the black and blue one came out), but my friend over in the UK really likes red, and it’d be easier on their part to stick with a European model over a US model.

  • thebanditking

    Nice for those that like red, I want the purple (already own blue) oh and better made hinges and paint quality while your at it….

  • I love red, but I’m not a fan of the black top and red bottom. I prefer the way the Crimson Black DS Lite looked, personally. Red on the outside top, and the rest was all black. Star Fox makes it VERY tempting though…

    • aoihana

      Only the inside of the 3DS is black, the outside is all red, kind of like the Aqua Blue.

      • Hmm…that sounds better than I thought, but I’m still not a huge fan of the color schemes on the 3DS.

        • Covnam

          Neither am I, the “blue” is too green and that black uses too many shades of grey, but I went with that. My other DSes are all nice shades of blue too, would have been nice to have a similar 3DS.

  • AnimeRemix

    Mhm!!! Nintendo was like “We can’t lose AnimeRemix now! Hurry and announce the Red 3DS for America! Then we’ll grab him and he’ll automatically get it for christmas!”. I just can’t resist it! I must get this for christmas! *__* Nintendo just always know what move to make to hurry and catch me before I sail away.

    But I’m glad that the Flare Red 3DS isn’t being BUNDLED with StarFox 64. If it was, I would just get the game and sell it at GameStop and get money off it since I’m not a StarFox fan at all. ¬_¬

    Edit – And now I’m not to keen on getting 3DS. Meh, I’ll stick to getting Anime DVDs + PS3 games for christmas.

    • SerendipityX

      LOL I felt the same when I saw the Red 3DS too but then I was like meh I’ll just get some anime and a PS3 too. XD

  • aoihana

    Great news! I  was actually expecting this closer to the holiday season, but sooner is better than later, I guess. I’m still set on a import console though [damn you Senran Kagura!]. I’m just waiting on the price drop to order mine.

  • DanteJones

    The red one is nice, but there was a green one they showcased a while back that looked really cool. Wonder if they’ll still release it?

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    I’ll stick with my aqua-colored one, thank you.

  • sexy

    do want

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    “If color doesn’t matter to you, Walmart is selling Aqua Blue and Cosmo
    Black 3DS units for $169.99 now. These units are still eligible for the
    20 free games from the Nintendo ambassador program”


    • Aoshi00

      lol that’s pretty messed up right..  I just drove to my local Walmart to check, they indeed dropped the price early but it’s sold out..  and later I went to Toyrus (they have some clearance games for 50% off, was thinking of getting Kung Fu Rider for $5 but sold out as well *.*) and told them Walmart dropped the price 3 days early and if they could match it, guy said no deal.. oh well..  was thinking of getting another US one that can stream Netflix (my Jpn 3DS can’t) and play the US games later .. and I don’t care much for the Flare red either, guess I would wait patiently for the eventual 3DS lite to get a US system.. The guy at Walmart said they might have new stock overnight and check back tmw, but I have to work during the day..

  • EvilAkito

    Well it’s about time! With the price drop and the new color, I’ll probably finally get myself a 3DS… not that there are really any games that I care about. But if my impulses get the best of me and I buy one anyway, then it’s not a big deal.

  • thaKingRocka

    Wait, tilt controls and 3D? I don’t have a 3DS yet, but won’t tilting it kill the 3D effect? The Pilotwings store demo seemed to require pretty strict positioning to maintain the effect. That’s why I didn’t buy one right away.

    • aoihana

      Yeah, you’d have to play without 3D or tilt your head in sync with your hand movements, like some guy suggested LOL

      • thaKingRocka

        I think I just realized that I’d probably rather just play it in 2D with no tilt … on an emulator on my PC. I want a 3DS, but I want some 3DS games. Man, when are they going to start making games for this system?

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