Saiki, The King Of Fighters XIII’s Newest Challenger, Gives Ash A Beating

By Spencer . August 10, 2011 . 11:05pm

The King of Fighters XIII has a few more fighters on consoles such as Billy Kane and Saiki. These videos give us a look at Saiki’s teleporting combos and the metamorphosis NEOMAX move.


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  • Saiki sure sounds like Rugal laughing during his HSDM.

  • It’s “Saiki”, not “Saki”.

  • Setsu Oh

    enough with the wait already!! announce rock howard!

    • I doubt they will, if they do that’s cool, but if not its still cool cuz we’ll be get some other good characters

      • mikanko

        Agree here, but it would be a nice surprise.  Seems there are two other dlc characters besides Iori ’98, and possibly two or three others that’ll be on disc.  Hard to know for sure because it seems Rising Star/Atlus aren’t even who SNKP have been working on.

        A handful of characters like Eiji, Kasumi and a few others have more or less been deconfirmed since they show up in the new backgrounds.  An Agent team or Those from the Past team seem the most likely if they do add a new team.

        For DLC I could see an EX Kyo, and someone else similar.  I get the impression the dlc characters will be extra versions of characters already in the game like ’98 Iori, but I could be wrong.  Just seemed like it from the vague wording they used in the last Famitsu article.

        Regardless I’m happy with the cast without new characters, just happy they’re putting the effort forth, as it gives hope XIV might be a possibility. 

        Only real concern is whether the online isn’t trash again, which most games released this year promised were good (MK, MvC3) and were anything but.

        • The snk dude at Evo said some promising things about the online play .

          Finger crossed

          • mikanko

            Marvel 3 online was supposed to be the “speed of light”.  u_u

            …and for the most part it’s probably pretty close in Japan.  The problem is the US’s internet infrastructure is still years behind theirs.  What a small Japanese focused company like SNKP might think is great online can easily fall apart when exposed to North American networks.

            We’ll find out soon enough!

          • dont jinx it !

            or i will have to orochinagi you from the UK


      • xAKUM3TSUx

        SERIOUSLY I LUV ROCK HOWARD TOO!!! But sadly it wont happen for 1 reason. SNK Playmore specifically made KOF’s stories take place at a time where Rock is too young to participate in tournaments. It would make sense to put him in a Dream Match title (Becuz they aren’t story relevent). But for various reasons SNK would like to “Respect the GOW: MOW team” by steering clear of his inclusion in any original KOF game.

        We all know he made it into the  KOF: Maximum Impact series. But many don’t know that Maximum Impact is set in a different universe than the original KOF. This didn’t make sense to me until SNK confirmed that the Maximum Impact original characters do exist in the original KOF universe. They just havnt appeared in the series yet. Rock Howards inclusion in M.I. makes since because the universe isn’t relevant to the original KOF universe. There are different situations going on in M.I. universe that allow Rock to be in. 1 being because he’s older. Sure He could be a “Guest”. It could only boost their sells :) 

        • mikanko

  check out 2:56. Not that non-canon ending cameos mean much, but eh. Rock could easily be a guest character the same way Hotaru was in XI.

          He’s still pretty unlikely though. It’s not like they have plans to continue the Fatal Fury series anytime soon. Considering their money issues it’s most likely KoF XIV will be the next game they make, and only if XIII’s console port does well. I could see him being in XIV if it’s another Dream Match.

  • PrinceHeir

    cannot wait for this :)

    will definitely pair this with Ash and K :D

    The King of Fighters FTW!!!!!!!

  • Really looking forward to this instalment! Could this be the definitive KOF?

  • dr000d

    Saiki, not Saki.

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    Awww Silicon’ TT_TT why you gotta make Ash look bad lolz. Nice vidz!!!

  • saiki is pretty cool i knew snk would make him unique in his own way very nice.

    im trying to stay calm while typing

    this game is at the top of my list and i can not wait !!!!!!!!!!!!

    if this is region free i am going to sell my 1 year old niece to pre order the limited edition!

    ok next up a trailer of iori dlc please !

  • haku67

    lol I might pick up saiki for my leona, ash, grappler team.  as a sub or main.  saiki might need an damage nerf through 

  • TELEPORTION!!!!!! YOU SERIOUS???? oh well bet he’ll be a annoying character to fight against

  • Göran Isacson

    I think this is why I’m no good at fighting games- I look at that character, and all I see is that Saiki is essentially a femmey bishonen in the same vein as Ash Crimson- hell, they even look like they shop at the same fashion store! They may PLAY very differently, but I’m just no good at telling that from videos like these- all I’m seeing are two guys who look pretty same-y.

    Up until Saiki turned into that gigantic fuck-off demon thing. Now THAT’S something I’d like to see more off.

    • KyoyaHibari

      Lol THAT form is the sub-boss, and bosses for KoF games usually have some pretty cheap moves, luckily his true form is only a Neo Max, I look forward to trying him out.

    • Spoiler, I guess. Saiki’s related to Ash, and that form is the sub-boss. There’s a reason why they look similar, and fight similarly. From the people who tried him out at EVO though, he plays very different from Ash, so not too much to worry about.

      • Göran Isacson

        Mmm, I had a feeling that was the case- that he was part of that weird organization and related to Ash in some way, but it still feels like a pretty samey character design. But yeah, if I can accept Ken, Ryu and a ton of shotos, two guys who look alike but play differently can work… I just think it’s a pity, because Ash was so ~~fabulous~~ in a way few other KoF guys were. He feels less unique now.

  • Saiki looks far too much like Ash. They’re clearly cut from the same cloth, design-wise, and they’re lacking in the personality of your older-school KOF fighters. Also these videos are unsatisfying. Is there really a good reason why all 3 portions couldn’t be on one video?

    Oh well.

    KOFXIII still looks pretty cool:) If it’s better than XII, I’ll pick it up. It already has Mai, who was inexplicably missing from XII, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking this up anyway. 

    • It’s infinitely better than 12, and from the looks of the console version, everyone should be balanced. (Shocking, I know)

  • Bunzi

    I know the Japanese aren’t well regarded for their political correctness concerning other country’s cultures, but wow. That 3rd video’s background….

  • Souji Tendou

    I’m sorry for being nitpicking Siliconera, but his name is Saiki, and you just posted about him few days ago. :/

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