Star Fox Concept Art Slips Out Of Namco

By Spencer . August 10, 2011 . 2:01am


Speaking of Star Fox, a cache of concept art slipped out. All of these images are from Star Fox: Assault, which Namco developed for the Gamecube, are from a former artist. While Star Fox Adventures threw Fox McCloud into a Zelda-style adventure, Star Fox Assault brought the series back to its shooter roots and promoted Krystal to a permanent member of the team.


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  • WOLF! Hell yeah!

  • I can’t believe we haven’t gotten a Star Fox on Wii. It’s a crying shame!

    Maybe on the Wii U? Preferably without the on foot missions this time.

    • Pointer controls would have made too much sense, just like a new Space Harrier or Panzer Dragoon for Wii (or starting with Move and Kinect: all consoles. Still wondering about that Project Draco for Kinect). Well, perhaps Rodea will deliver.

      • At least we got Sin & Punishment 2: Star Successor!

  • puchinri

    Assault was my favorite Star Fox game. It could have had better gameplay in some areas, and it should have been much longer, but it was just such a fun game. I hope the Wii U gets a good Star Fox game~.

    • raikage

      Actually the Starfox series is almost dead. Nintendo said, they won’t kill the series, if Starfox 64 3D sells well.

      • That would be a shame.  Basing that on the sales of one game on a handheld that has yet to find its footing isn’t fair…*sigh*

      • puchinri

        Huh, that seems odd. I didn’t know that~. Where did you hear/read it? And I would think 64 3D would do well enough, but I hope it does superb really. 
        (I might get it before I get a 3DS.)

  • Do a Barrel Roll.

  • shion16

    who the hell is panther?

    • raikage

      He’s a member of the Star Wolf team.

      • protofox

        all i remember about panther is that he was like..creepishly hitting on krystal..alot..

  • I like how the male characters got all bases covered, from gross to cool. As for Krystal, she looks odd to me, perhaps not sexy enough (compared to… say Solatorobo’s female characters)

  • It’s amazing how cool the art look, but the game they made sucked. By far the worst of the 4 Star Fox games. Too much land action, on foot missions, and below average Arwing stages. Also the soundtrack was way below average.

    • I agree, the art looks great on paper. However, in-game…I wasn’t feeling it. I missed the beautiful fur effects on Star Fox Adventures.

  • Ren

    Leon was posted twice.

  • I wonder how many furries scrolled down searching for the art of Krystal?

  • I still maintain that Krystal looked much better in Dinosaur Planet.

    I wish they’d bring back Fay and Miyu from Starfox 2 someday. Fay in particular. ^_^

  • I swear i came across a article somwhere that said Shinji mikami was intrested in doing a starfox game.

    God i hope that happens

    i mean he loves space ships !

  • I always liked the characters from Star Fox Assault the most:) They had cool uniforms; really felt like a team of crack pilots when they’re dressed like….a team of well trained, crack pilots:) Having actual flight suits tends to do that.

    But yeah, that game wasn’t good. Not nearly focused enough. I think there were only 2 on-rails levels with the Arwing. A lot of aimless, “free-roaming” stages with too much emphasis on the Landmaster and on-foot. And the stages were pretty bad too.

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