A Swarm Of Kirby Mass Attack Screens

By Spencer . August 12, 2011 . 1:30am

i_30252More Kirby is coming to Nintendo DS. Ten of them exactly. After a bad guy splits Kirby into ten pieces he goes on a quest to restore his form.


In Kirby Mass Attack you guide the tiny Kirbys with the stylus. You can throw a Kirby in the air by flicking it or tap a spot to make them swarm. HAL Laboratory also included a few mini-games like pinball as part of the package.


Kirby Mass Attack is slated for release on September 19.


i_30240 i_30241 i_30242 i_30243  i_30245 i_30247 i_30248 i_30249 i_30250 i_30251 i_30253 i_30239

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  • puchinri

    …Somehow, Kirby games just look cuter and cuter. I was kinda iffy about this one for a while, but I am really looking for to it (and the Wii game).

    Oh! And isn’t this the first time they gave Kirby the angry eyebrows but actually allowed him to smile!? It could be because there are already three ‘hardcore’ Kirby’s, but still, quite nice. (And yay for not all of them being angry, lol.)

  • Having played the game in Japanese, I’m a little disappointed it’s not a standard Kirby game, but like Canvas Curse the game is still very polished and well done.

    Then again all Kirby spinoffs have been like that to some extent.

  • Göran Isacson

    … Am I the only one who finds this concept TERRIFYING? Imagine this from an enemies perspective… Dedede was just going to go out to hunt for his kingdom. They had warned him that the Devourer had been sighted nearby, but he smiled at them and told them he wouldn’t go alone. He would hunt in a great pack, with many others to stand beside him should The Mouth That Always Hungers attack, some so large there was no way he could swallow them. Surely, they would be safe.

    But then it all went wrong. They were carrying home the spoils when they heared that tell-tale, high-pitched wail on the winds (stupid, they should have tried to mask their scent better), but when the cry rose again and again and eventually OVERLAPPED, a veritable chorus of “~HIIIII~” they turned as one to look behind them and- no, it could not be. Surely it was just their fearful minds playing tricks on them, an illusion of the horizon and trickery of the light! But the cries came closer, and closer and closer, and those who did not freeze in terror ran all the faster. The Devourer had MULTIPLIED… and each Mouth hungered. ALL of the Mouths hungered.

    Dedede survived that day because despair gave his lungs the power to outlast any of his underlings, and his arms the frenzied strength to throw those in his way into those many manic maws. But they were so many of them… and as the chase wore on, fewer and fewer to sacrifice. Galbo’s, Poppy Bros, Scarfy, Sir Kibble, Waddle Dee’s and Doo’s… in the end, he was the only one left. The Mouths had claimed them all as he finally outran them, but only in body. In mind, Dedede knows they will never leave him. Every time he shuts his eyes, he will hear the Keening Chorus. Feel the power of The Wind Without Escape multiplied, hot on his back. He will never escape them. He can only hope to one day beat peace with the knowledge of what is out there, constantly hunting, constantly hungering…

    • I totally agree with you.

      Kirby is like a zombie in this one, except his maximum infection rate caps at ten.

  • That one screenshot of all of them trying to fit on the warp star is.. is too cute. :X

  • YoungTeeth


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