JManga To Include “A Few Thousand” Titles By First Year

By Ishaan . August 13, 2011 . 4:30pm

“We plan on starting with a few hundred titles at launch and increasing to a few thousand by the first year and working towards 10,000 by the third year,” JManga’s Robert Newman revealed in a recent interview with is an online portal for manga created by the Digital Comics Association, a group of 39 Japanese manga publishers.


Its goal is to provide more manga than is currently available to the English-speaking market, and to do it faster. We’ve covered JManga in the past but you can learn a whole lot more about it at the link above.

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  • PrinceHeir

    could be awesome :D

  • IceRomancer

    Out of a few thousand there’s bound to be something for everyone :)

  • Just please have Seikon no Qwaser, Loveless, Our Kingdom, No. 6 please.

    • How can you stand Seikon no Qwaser…?

      • Shinji Kazuya

        It’s the boobs I tell you.

        • I like boobs like any other straight man, but DAMN that was overdoing it.  I could not get past the first episode.

          • puchinri

            Isn’t it basically most other anime coming out now and Senran Kagura, just with breast milk? 

            Sadly, that stuff seems popular enough, so overdoing it sells enough for them to keep doing it.

          • glemtvapen

            Thank you! Someone gets it. I would understand it if it was marketed as a complete hentai but DAMN. The story’s concept of titty-sucking alone is 18+ category.

          • Bakuryukun

            but….the premise is so hilarious and amazing. That show is sooooo good lol

          • Yes it was!

          • Guest


          • Great art direction, good animation, fanservice, nice fights, and actually interesting characters, reason enough for me to watch something~

          • I think you need more emphasis on “fanservice”…

          • YUS!

      • Sasha-kun is just so cool. Tremble prostrate before me in fear! Ahaha! Just love it. The action and intensity is so epic. How can anyone not stand it?

  • Well, I thought Jmanga was gonna use the crunchyroll model, but apparently you have to subscribe to everything you want to read. And the pricing is up to the publisher, no CR type flat fee to read everything you want. My hype has officially been crushed.

    I don’t see this being popular anytime soon, as It’s gonna be quite expensive.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      That sucks… (also the “you” is referring to JManga)

    • Covnam

      Did they mention that in the article linked above?
      That’s unfortunate if that ends up being the final model. It’s not like people will be reading hundreds of titles at a time, but unless it’s priced aggressively it could end up being very expensive to follow more than just a few titles.

      • lurkingsalt

        All that was said is that each publisher is in charge of pricing. Each one can decide to sell by chapter or by volume.  From my understanding after reading through the whole thing is that is that they are going to take feedback very seriously. Even if they decide this type of model at launch, I think it can change with enough customer demand. I expect that pricing is one thing that’s going to go through a lot of changes in the long run.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          But that long run will be a very short one if folks pop in and see a multitude of different price scales. Folks will get confused and just walk away. The crunchyroll model of unlimited access after the monthly fee is really the only way things are going to work.

          At a few hundred titles, let alone 10k, you’ve got to allow folks to try things they don’t know and then read them going forward. Otherwise you will only get  folks coming to read Bleach, TWGOK or whatever title shows up as wishes on this thread. 

          And there are already plenty of ways one can do that, without having to pay a monthly fee.

          • lurkingsalt

            But there’s 39 Publishers here. I don’t know how splitting the costs among each other at a low monthly price is going to work either. The bigger/more popular companies are going to want a bigger cut then the smaller ones etc. I just see a much harder time of them accepting a deal all amongst each other for an unlimited plan. Hopefully I’m wrong and they figure it out really quickly.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            But CR already shows there’s a way to do this with anime of wildly differing popularity and production houses of different sizes. Far more watch Bleach and Naruto than White Album, but one does not pay some special Naruto tax. Nor are they dissuaded from trying one of the many lesser-known romance titles, just because the first ‘subscription’ they paid for was Fortune Arterial.

          • Covnam

            You do have a point that nearly 40 publishers is a lot to split a single monthly fee amongst. It would probably require a more subscribers than is likely to happen, at least in the short term. While I’d prefer an unlimited/all access option, I could see an a-la-carte model working. A monthly fee gets you access to a set number of any titles.
            The key thing is though that all the publishers need to work on a consistent pricing. One website featuring 39 different publishers shouldn’t have 39 different pricing schemes. It will just confuse readers and drive people away.

  • Translate all of the Kino no Tabi light novels and I’ll consider it.

    • lurkingsalt

      I loved the anime. I never knew it was a novel. How many books are we talking about here?

      • Wikipedia says 14.  I honestly want them in book form.  I have the one translated by TokyoPop, but I’ve heard and also read about how they botched that pretty badly.

    • Soma

      Yes, this. And Gakuen Kino.

  • doubletaco

    mite b cool

    But punctuality is key here. I can get my The World God Only Knows chapters a couple of days after the week’s Shonen Sunday hits, and at very good quality at that. I’m all for supporting the industry, but they have to show that they can provide a solid product in a timely manner in order to get my money.

    • Kai2591

      True that.

      And TWGOK FTW.

      • haqua

        Hell yeah! (Yuiiiii~)

    • M’iau M’iaut

      In an earlier thread about this, I’d floated the idea harnessing the Red Hawks and other top teams of the internet world made the sense in moving this program forward. The best scan teams have garnered their own followings, especially regarding unpublished in the US manga. As you note, these teams, working on volunteer time, produce within a week darn near publication quality work.

    • I think its too much to be expected that the chapters make it in time for the weekly release. Maybe volumes will be simultaneous with online english versions released online when the street dates for the published JPN version is released. Would you be willing to pay by the chapter for TWGOK…

  • sounds cool, but isn’t the name JManga a little redundant? >>;

    • dusk

      Using the same reasoning, you would think J-Comi is an oxymoron, right? But all the cool names have been taken by fan-scanlation groups. =(

  • Kai2591


    If they can pull it off….it’ll be a manga revolution, perhaps?
    I don’t mind investing some money for that.

  • Soma

    A few hundred titles at launch is good. If there are enough interesting titles to start with, I don’t think that it would be hard for JManga to muster the support to bring them to a few thousand within a year of launch.

    I am in full support of this. Honestly, it should have started sooner.

  • amagidyne

    Hopefully we can get some yuri now! I’d love to see Fu~Fu, Aoi Hana or Girl Friends brought over.

    • Mister_Nep

      And here I thought I knew just about every single yuri title out there.

      What’s Fu~Fu?

      • amagidyne

        A very sweet slice-of-life-ish series. According to MyAnimeList it’s also referred to as ‘Wife and Wife’, so you may have heard of it by that name instead.

        Although, I don’t know if Ichijinsha is a part of the Digital Comics Association. Does anyone have a list of the publishers involved?

        • Mister_Nep

          Oh Wife and Wife! I love that manga! It’s so adorable. Such a good title.

    • Juuu

      I’d LOVE some Girl Friends in English. such a great series, even as someone who has never read any yuri before~

  • shuratan

    I truly think this is great for the english manga fans out there, though as it is I’m one of those old fashioned people who likes a book in their hands for reading. Hopefully this can turn the tide where people just get all their stuff free online and think that it’s perfectly okay.

  • Roses4Aria

    Well, with that many possible titles surely there will be a few good shoujo or josei series in there.  A girl can dream…

  • thaKingRocka

    I like it.

  • Göran Isacson

    I’m all for this service- I don’t think it will ever be as fast as scanlation sites because most scanlations sites actually give us the scans SOONER than they’re printed, but if the translations are high quality? Oh yes, I’m all for this.

    If they ever extend the service to Europe, that is.

  • Given how incredibly unreliable scanlations are for less popular series I approve of this.

    Hoping they go after a decent range of Seinen titles rather than just mainstream shonen and shoujo.

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