Latest Melty Blood Version To Be Bundled With Carnival Phantasm Season 3

By Ishaan . August 14, 2011 . 5:00pm

Carnival Phantasm is an anime series with Type-Moon characters in non-canonical stories. A limited edition Blu-ray package for the third season of the series is scheduled to release in December, and will contain a little extra. Type-Moon are bundling in the latest version of Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code for PC.


Version 1.07 of Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code includes the two new character additions to the playable roster — Powerd Ciel and Shinso Arcueid (AKA Archetype Earth), both of whom you can see in this older post.


Season 3 of Carnival Phantasm will be available on December 31st for 8,400 yen. Season 2 will be go on sale on October 28th. Season 1 went on sale this week at Comiket 80.

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  • But when is the PC version of the game being released? Is it only being released with the season 3 (so 12/31)?

  • Arcm

    Sweet I’m excited but one question where can I import this from? Any reliable site like Playasia?

    • I am sorry to be off topic, but you sir, i love your avatar.  long live flying winged cats!

      • Arcm

        lol, thank you viva la flying winged cats!

    • mikanko

      Probably amiami would have the best price.  Yesasia or playasia will most likely have it as well.  It’ll be on the third blu ray OVA that’s released in December (so you don’t buy one of the first two OVAs without the game on accident)

      • Arcm

        Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on amiami. I heard about amiami a few times I just never actually looked at the site till now. : )

  • Exkaiser

    Oh, finally, a PC version of Actress Again.

    Now I will be able to TRIPLE my Shiki matchups!

    Well, I suppose it’s even more than that if you factor in the different modes of each Shiki, but let’s not get into that.

    • mikanko

      Banana Shiki > all others

      • Exkaiser

        Banana Shiki’s uniform is the same color as the uniform in Fate/Extra…

        Fate/Extra MC confirmed for top tier.

        • mikanko

          Fate/Extra is one of the only games I was already for sure getting “OMFGOSH Day 1 baby!1!1tilda” but I didn’t know it could feature mind numbingly sick mixups!

          Totally hyped even moar nao~

  • fermented

    $110, not including shipping, for an anime that I don’t care about just for a copy of the latest version of Melty Blood on PC which might not have online netcode is unfortunately not something I can afford.

    • The Carnival Phantasm page says there’s no support for online.

      • mikanko

        No ver. of Melty Blood has had online standard, but as Ivy said someone will for sure be writing up code for the same fanmade online that the game has had. 

        Winds up working better than the online that comes with Japanese PC games some of the time anyways. ^^;

    • A certain mauve has said he’s 100% up for writing up another caster.

      • Exkaiser


  • If they can just release this in America like they did with Fate/Unlimited Codes….

    • You sure you want to trust Capcom again?  They were the ones to bring Fate/unlimited codes over.

      • O.O *Memories of them cancelling Mega Man Legends 3 and playing with the fans’ emotions*
        …….I’ll just order online…..

        • There’s always Aksys.  They’re bringing over Fate/Extra.

          • Oh yeah! How lovely! Maybe they’ll bring this game over too. I don’t know. All we can do is wait and see what people will do.

          • mikanko

            Aksys doesn’t localize PC games, or handle PC/Arcade to console ports.

            If Arc System Works picks it up for a console port that’d be kinda awesome.  Aksys would have a shot at localizing it then. It’s still very wishful thinking as the people behind this game don’t have a relationship with ASW asides from being competitors in the arcade.

            Still, Examu and ASW worked together for AH3, and they were competitors too, so anything is possible!

            edit: Yeah, if Aksys did that it’d be pretty awesome. Though we’re probably more likely to see this hit console, or not see this at all.

          • No harm in Aksys entering the PC market by localizing MBAACC.  Would be nice if more devs brought their stuff to Steam, too…

  • thaKingRocka

    That’s the best kind of bonus I can imagine. I won’t be buying the product, but I love where their heads are with this idea.

  • This is sorta cool and all but how about putting it on Consoles and such?  sigh

    • Exkaiser

      Actress Again sans Powered Ciel and Archetype Earth having her own sprite has been on the PS2 for years.

      • I know that…i’m talking about having the series on Ps3/360…

  • mikanko

    Seriously like… My PC doesn’t even have a blu ray drive, and Kara no Kyoukai box set is about all the type moon inport blu ray budget I have for a year regardless.  x__x;

    I wish they had done this as a hybrid PS3 game instead, though I’m sure in Japan they probably feel the game still has its strongest roots on PC.

    Hopefully Arc Sys can pick it up from them for a PS3 release sometime in the next year, probably the only chance the game would have for decent online too.

    Never mind the fact setting up PCs for local tournaments rather than consoles is a major pain in the rear. Button config for individual sticks is beyond bad, and it’d be hard enough to get people to want to play this game as is -_-;

    • fermented

      Giving MBAACC the Arcana Heart 3 treatment minus the distracting animated sidebars would definitely be a great idea.

      • mikanko

        As much as I was pleasantly surprised by AH3, I really do wish they could’ve released the game with static wallpaper sidebars like you’d find on a Cave shooter.

        • Mister_Nep

          You can do that. Select no animation. It leaves the borders with a still image. And you can always do away with the borders all together if you really wanted.

          • mikanko

            I guess I just mean less noisy than the large character portraits.  The multiple wallpaper backgrounds Cave offers in their shooters have a nice variety of subtle non distracting images. If it was just a solid color it’d be less distracting, but once you get used to it I don’t really mind the portraits in AH3 too much with or without the animation on.

            Not sure what you mean by taking off the borders altogether, unless you mean widescreen?  … which is kinda game breaking. I am bad enough as is, and I play Petra. Wouldn’t want to add more confusion to my already plentiful dropped combos.

            It’d be cool if they handled the widescreen similar to how Senko no Ronde did it.

            edit: Senko showed you more of the background while keeping the same playable area that it had in the arcade, putting a transparent overlay over the borders so you could tell where you could and couldn’t go while still filling the full screen up nicely. probably a lot easier to do in game with 3d graphics rather than 2d sprites though.

          • Mister_Nep

            Yeah I was referring to Widescreen.

            What did Senko no Ronde do?

          • Code

            rar, did someone say Senko o3o~? I like how they made it so you could see all the inputs actively come up on the background borders. I wish DUO had that as an option over the obnoxiously large character portraits T3T

          • Code

            rar, mikanko! I don’t remember if I have ya on the PS3/360 (just because of different username’s between Siliconera and stuff) and but can I add ya >w<?
            My gamertag/PSN is codemakura, both the same o3o~!

    • Eh, I for one am happy to see it return to PC. My poor modded PS2 has pretty much passed on, so playing an import copy of Actress Again is now out of the question. :C While a PS3 release would have been more convenient for a lot of fighting fans, you pretty much said it yourself that most of the roots have been on PC, and as far as I’m aware that’s where most of the MB scene has remained. (With a possible exception in this due to Actress Again being PS2 only up until now.)

      “Never mind the fact setting up PCs for local tournaments rather than consoles is a major pain in the rear. Button config for individual sticks is beyond bad, and it’d be hard enough to get people to want to play this game as is -_-;”Actually, this is where I disagree sir! I think any TOs providing a laptop setup would make it painless! Any laptop with a blu ray drive (or any modern laptop period if there are blu-less installs) can simply be hooked up to a TV through HDMI. Plug in two USB sticks (PS3 or 360, doesn’t matter! :D) and profit!

      • mikanko

        Yeah, it’s not that bad, and I understand the reason for it being on PC still.  I think the cost and getting a blu ray drive I otherwise have never had need for is the biggest things that deter me.  I am sure there will be a less scrupulous method to play that I’d be more inclined towards with that being considered. c.c;

        Bringing laptops isn’t too bad of an option, I still don’t think my scene would be too interested in something not on a PS360.  Plugging in a USB stick works, but unplugging and plugging in new ones with Melty tends to cause large delays as the button config can be a pretty large chore.  It’ll work if everyone doesn’t mind using the same stick I guess! It is probably not as bad as MK either, but that’s kinda comparing apples and more apples.

        My work schedule doesn’t let me meet up for locals too often as it is, and I’m in a fairly small city where most people just play SF and Marvel.  Yay for online.

    • PrinceHeir

      yes please :)

      arc system works handling the port would be beastly :D

  • Guest


    Call me when there’s a PS3 version with online.

    Till then I’ll be on mah Arcana Heart 3 yo

    • PrinceHeir

      aww i was hoping they would do a PS3 version game.

      i mean if Macross Frontier, Tekken Hybrid did it. why can’t Type Moon do it also???

  • LuciferD666

    Well hopefully,after “UnderNight In-birth”,TYPE-MOON will allow French Bread create an HD Melty Blood. Like “cowcow” I’m only interested in a PS3(at least) ver. I think that we’re past overdew for them to make another PS2 disc.

  • wat!? 8400 yen?


    but the bonus is really tempting indeed. It will be horror to survive if I continued to buy this >.>

  • Bringing Melty Blood in its latest iteration back to PC is pretty awesome, going back to the roots. (Especially since we haven’t seen Melty Blood on PC since Act Cadenza vB) My only wish is for Melty Blood to be on a separate DVD and not the Blu Ray itself. D: Blu Ray drives are expensive! =(

  • AzureNova

    Yes! Yes! Yes! >_<

  • Personally, it would be a better choice for Type Moon if they put Actress Again on Steam, in case I won’t be able to import this; even then, I am more curious how the Limited Edition and specs for Actress Again PC are like, respectively.

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