What Is (Zone of the Enders) Z.O.E. 3DS?

By Ishaan . August 15, 2011 . 7:03pm

To be honest, we have no idea. What we do know is that Hideo Kojima made the following tweet (with the image) just a little while ago:


“Found this at Omori-kun’s desk. What’s this?”


Is Kojima pulling our legs or is this really something to look out for? Provided this pertains to an actual game, perhaps we’ll find out more next month at the Tokyo Game Show…unless Konami decide to make an announcement before that.


Unlike “Z.O.E 3DS,” a Zone of the Enders project that has been confirmed is Zone of the Enders HD Collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • lunier

    ZOE backwards is 3DS?

    • urbanscholar

      a good number of the internet is freaking out thinking that it does right now. I say we kick back and enjoy the crazy show of speculation. Also if it is real fans will follow the game to whatever platform.

      • kupomogli

        There are very few hardcore Zone of Enders fans, it’s an amazing series, but I wouldn’t buy a 3DS solely for the game, even if it was both ZoE1 and 2 and neither were being ported to the PS3 and 360.

    • True but notice that the “O” in ZOE is an actual “O” but in the other you can tell that is indeed a “D” anyways it may shock many people but it would be awesome.

  • Suicunesol

    That mecha figure is SO awesome!!

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Oh dear god I want this. Make it happen, Kojima, and I’ll be more persuaded than ever before to get a 3DS!

  • DanteJones

    Trying to not get my hopes up but, I hope it is what I think it is!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    But it cant be a 3DS game unless the marketing department can come up with some annoying Zone of the Enders: D D D subtitle.

    •  Determined Deadly Destroyers?

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Dingo Dingo Dingo?

        • Zero_Destiny

          Destroy Darkness’ Dread ?

    • Exkaiser

      D.D.D. will be A.D.A.’s new name.

  • All games deserve to be on all platforms. The issue is will the developer create them, and then will the consumer buy them. The 3D effect on flying games is awesome! Zone would look incredible on the 3DS now will they make it. We will have to wait to see.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Then why should there be more than one platform? If I can get every game on everything? Where does the competition come from? Why should any manufacturers try to give me a better product? If everything’s available on everything, then there’s no reason for anyone to try to do better.

      • They try and do better to make their handheld the handheld of choice

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          And how would they do that? If every game is available on every system? What exactly would they do to make something their console or handheld of choice, as you said? Can’t add extra features to any game, because that’s an exclusive. Can’t have 3D unless all systems have it. So, do tell me what exactly a company would do to make people buy that system over another if every game was available across the board?

  • xflame10

    so umm i know this is kind of unrelated (what’s zone of the enders anyway?) ishaan u missed a bunch of new re revelations news and screens, you should get on that. and as a hint as to what its about heres a pic :P .

    • AzureNova


      I hope that has answered your question. You're Welcome =^_^=

                     Azure Nova =^_^=

      • xflame10

        looked it up.. my first thought was “gundam?”. but yeah the only consoles(not counting portables) ive ever owned are a gamecube and wii so ive never played it.

    • Exkaiser

      ZOE is okay.

      Probably the most overrated mecha anything, though, even more than the entire Gundam franchise.

      Not bad games by any measure, however. First game is short and unsatisfying, second game is better.

      • I think I don’t have the right to talk about it since I never played a ZOE game before, but I agree with you. This game is so overrated, I just can’t believe the happy reaction of people when Kojima announced the PS3 collection. While I saw a couple of trailers and videos about the game before a long time (in the PS2 era), but it didn’t catch my attention or made me interested.

        • Then get to playing it and u’ll know why

        • Anna Darmawan

          Never played the game but you can tell the game is overrated
          Just wow

          btw AIS:2, maybe it’s actually 5:21AM

      • mikanko

        I agree.  It’s not a bad game, though the first is really more of a long demo. I’d still rather take Assault Suit Leynos 2 all day every day.

        edit: I guess for me, for being a “mech” game… it’s just not manly enough. Or maybe mechly enough. I think those might be the same thing, not sure!

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Gee, I dunno, what could it be, Kojima?

    That’s ZOE 3 all right. Just probably not the ZOE 3 many were expecting =P

  • IB2004

    now I can see what the big deal bout this series is

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Hm I have yet to play this series. All I have is Fist of Mars (I think that was it’s subtitle was) for the GBA in my backlog. I guess it’s natural for the next portable installment to be on a Nintendo handheld? I guess this is some kind of test to see if it will sell (maybe the same with the Collection coming out)

  • epy

    I would preffer it on Vita, but if its coming to the 3DS, this game just sold me one.

  • I must be seeing things Z.O.E coming to the 3DS ….Hells Yeah!

  • LaserVision

    It’s probably another radio drama guys.

    • Aoshi00

      To hear Jehuty in a radio drama, I wouldn’t mind that either :)  I will be getting the Snatcher one (even though they would air it online) and aldy pre-ordered the Senritsu no Stratos one even though I haven’t played the game yet..

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Whatever this is, I’m sure there will be a Vita version as well. Don’t forget the PS3 version of the Z.O.E. HD Collection has a Transfarring logo on it. But there’s no portable Z.O.E. game. Do the math, people.

    • If it there is a Vita version, there should be a PS3 one or the transfarring will not work.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Not necessarily. They’re saying Wipeout 2084 for Vita and Wipeout HD for PS3 will take advantage of the crossplatform features. But does that mean 2084 will have WOHD tracks? Does it mean WOHD will get the 2084 tracks as DLC? We know of it working one way, but how do we know that it won’t work another? There are still many questions to be answered.

        I doubt they’d allow you to use your save between a PS3 and a 3DS, so the Transfarring logo on that collection must mean…

        …something is coming…

    • kevinposta

      There’s a portable Z.O.E. game! DA FIST OF MARS!

  • jugun

    Who here feels 3D is mad gimmicky =.- I do,when you get 4D,I’ll be impressed lol 

    • Exkaiser

      4D is a terrible gimmick that doesn’t affect gameplay at all.

      But now that all the consoles are focusing on 4D displays and 5D controls, gaming is finished.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Riding Duel Acceleration!!!

        • PrinceHeir

          Over Top Clear Mind!!!!!

    • puchinri

      When people are content with 2D again, I’ll be impressed. …Oh, wait. Some of us are. Well, when everyone else catches up~. And stops *requiring* HD for a game to be good. And work harder on making sure games have better music! And- And yeah.

    • well hd is a gimmick too man

    • punkchobit

      An awesome gimmick.

  • Kris

    ZOE 3DS is awesome and all, but what’s AIS 2?

    • puchinri

      That’s what I was wondering. 

    • mikanko

      Ergh, I been staring at a list of Konami published games off gamefaqs trying to figure that out now.  I’m wondering if the glare is hiding more letters or something, but no matter how hard I try I can’t make it look like a sequel to Policenauts.

      • Exkaiser

        It’s ANUBIS:2.

        ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders was ZOE2’s title in Japan.

        • mikanko

          Thank you, that makes so much sense. 

          I shoulda known that, I’ve only played the Japanese ver. as I didn’t have a US PS2 till like 2006 or something.

        • Kris

          I didn’t even think about that! Nice catch on the B, by the way… Can’t wait to see this thing in action!

    • Exkaiser

      It’s “BIS 2”

      As in “ANUBIS 2.”

      ZOE2 was ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders. Hence, if this really is what everyone thinks it is, it’s really ZOE3.

  • Exkaiser

    No wait, I’ve got it. You can use the 3D camera to take pictures of things and use the pictures as wallpaper for A.D.A.

  • kylehyde

    If it happens then I will cry in joy.

    • I thought it would mean the consoles collection of the Zone of Enders games would offer Stereoscopic 3D.

      • kylehyde

        Come on, this note is about the possibility of a ZOE for 3DS, is not centric on the HD ports. No sense on your reply.

        • What do you mean, 3DS could equal 3D Stereoscopic…

          Otherwise, I dont think I meant to actually reply to your comment with that, oops, my mistake.

          • kylehyde

            All right, maybe I was being harsh (I apologize), is just that I want to enjoy a little the moment, even if in the end it turns on a thing really different than I expected.

      • punkchobit

        I wish the ZoE and MGS HD collections supported 3D like the rest of the PS3 HD remakes

  • Sho Atlus

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  • stealthgiga

    My ZOE fan but Nintendo hater friend is gonna… O.O

  • Just let me say: noo god! please noooo!


  • SetzerGabbiani

    The ‘O’ has clearly been reshaped into a ‘D’ in that mirror image.

  • Just looks like the logo backwards to me. If this is a real thing, though, I’ll have to pick up the 3DS. Maybe Konami will be nice enough to release The Fist of Mars on the 3DS Shop to coincide with this game’s release (if it exists).

  • If it does go to the 3DS great but Konami better make ZOE for the vita as well since Kojima said the ps3 versions of ZOE HD collection along with MG HD collection support ‘transfering’ with portables to transfer saved data and play it on the go.

  • Its a PSP or PSVita game actually.

  • elsalvadorps

    What should I feel, angry for a sequel of a series that I’ve been intrested in is going to a portable that I’m probably not buying or joy that it’s finally coming for those who waited so long

  • Zero_Destiny

    Well if this is really a new game and everything then I’m sold. I would love to own it. Very exciting news. If it’s true I see a lot of potential for something good. So long as it’s handled well enough. If it’s a port or remake of ZOE 1 or ZOE 2 with 3D effects it’ll depend. Hopefully it’ll add something new and use the hardware right. If they go in the same direction as Fist of Mars I just hope they step it up a bit. I liked that game but it did get a bit repetitive. Can’t wait to hear more. ^_^

  • :OOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!! ZOE for the 3DS would be great! I just hope it’s not a port. >.>

  • AoiKaze

    If this is an original ZoE game for the 3DS, this might very well be THE game to get when purchasing a new system. I’ve yet to play the original games (waiting for the HD Collection for the PS3 ^^), but I’d be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t at all interested in the 3DS version also!

  • Raiyu

    I really hope it’s not a sequel and it’s just a port of one of the first two games.

    I’d much rather play it on a console than a handheld.

    • Suicunesol

      Oh… I really hope it’s actually a new game. I’m really tired of old games being ported to 3DS. It needs some new blood.

    • blah blah

      You hope it is?
      Or is not?
      If it was 2, it’d be technically a sequel anyway.
      Besides, both of those are getting console ports now.
      And you would prefer it on a console instead of a handheld?
      I guess you would want those ports coming out?
      Just a hunch, but I think it’ll be Fist of Mars.

      • Raiyu

        Well I hope its not Zone of the Enders 3 is all. I’d rather it be a sequel to Fist of Mars, I’d be fine with that. Though to be honest with you I’ve never played Fist of Mars.

    • What? This is blasphemy! Kojima cannot continue making ports/remakes of his old works to 3DS! 3DS needs a “solid”, real Kojima work, not just ports or remakes.

      • Raiyu

        If Nintendo can do it and get away with it, I don’t see why Kojima can’t.

        • Nope. Nintendo did this only with LoZ: OoT 3D. And that was a remake we all needed. But MGS3? I doubt so. I can’t see any graphical difference than PS2 version (well, I barely see it), I only get MGS3D for stereoscopic gaming and 3D effects. 

          • Raiyu

            …what? OoT is on Gamecube, which you can play on Wii. Even if it is expensive, It’s also on the Wii VC. How is that much needed?

            And then they have Star Fox 3D and they are thinking about doing the same thing with Majora’s Mask for 3DS. So how is OoT the only one they’ve done?

          • Suicunesol

            The GC and VC versions are direct ports I believe. OoT3D, however, had an extensive facelift.

            May I also argue that it is because Nintendo has been re-releasing older games that 3DS needs new games? Nintendo’s success with its 3D upgrades should not prompt other developers to do the same, especially with PS2 era games that the 3DS can just barely handle.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Agreed. Everyone keeps saying that why it shouldn’t be on a handheld but I say why should it? Ok for spinn-offs and such, but official third should be on the home console. It’s always been in the past that the sequels are made from psx to ps2 with updated graphics and much bigger posibilites. Today it goes backwords. You don’t go from horse to donkey, it’s other way around.

      I’m sorry, I own the handheld as well, it’s just that epic games such as this deserve a worthy sequel.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    A port of the GBA Z.O.E game? That would be cool. But I’m more interested in that model in the picture. How much does it cost, and can I has it now?

  • Aoshi00

    ZoE 3DS would be cool.. if ZoE3 is on PS3, I wouldn’t mind getting a 3D TV for it either, the price is starting to come down now.. would like to try the 3D ready PS3 games and watch the blu-rays in 3D..

    • PrinceHeir

      i think it’ll probably be ZOE 3D version ala Snake Eater 3D.

      but any ZOE news is awesome. i just hope we do get a new ZOE in the near future, be it PS3 or PS4 :)

  • Covnam

    I’d love another ZOE game (ZOE 2 is one of my favorite games) but I’d rather have a console game. Oh well, if it is a new game for the 3DS it’s still good news over all. I’m sure I’ll pick it up. That Jehuty figure isn’t too bad either…

  • Being a noob, what is Zone of the Enders? And is it any good?

    • Mister_Nep

      It’s a mech action game. The first and second game have different characters, but the main character’s mech, Jehuty, is in both games. I, personally, think the second one is one of the greatest games ever created.

      Try watching this trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5jZ-920YmA

  • I hope it isn´t a new game in the series for the 3ds.

    That would for some reason just suck. Maybe it´s because I want the next ZOE game to be in glorious HD for PS3 so I can drool over all the nice mecha artwork and designs ingame.

  • raikage

    Just watched a gameplay trailer, because I didn’t know what it was about and yea it seems to be good, mechas ftw.

  • JEHUTY IN 108-

    Oh. Guess not. Well, maybe it’ll be a Fist of Mars sequel and not ZoE3? I’d rather have ZoE3 on consoles.

  • I’m sick of the usual “I hope this game is on a console. Handhelds don’t deserve this kind of games” retarded crap.

    It’s (hopefully) a new ZOE game, for crying out loud!

    That’s only good news!

    And besides, weren’t we complaining about the 3DS not having good games? Are we going to complain too because it’s actually getting them?

    Sorry, but people whining about it being released on a handheld are just being stupid.

    • theoriginaled

      Whining about a game that is entirely about fast paced action, explosions, particle effects and general graphical wankery ending up on what will be the most underpowered system of its generation is entirely warranted

      • …the PS2 was the most underpowered system of its generation, too.

        • punkchobit


        • theoriginaled

          haha, fair enough.

  • kevinposta

    Here’s hoping Kojima is not playing with us, again. But oh we all know him :p

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    Yes finally a new game I really hope this and the HD collection revives the franchise. While I love MGS its time for something else to get some lime light now. Also I’m getting a 3DS and its great its going to get some good games outside the first party and Kingdom Hearts. I just hope they wont be like Capcom (Megaman Legends 3) and Ubisoft (Assasins Creed) and say they were just kidding about making games for the console.

  • XypherCode

    since the price drop good news concerning the 3DS keeps coming in :D
    well…bit by bit i guess xD
    i just hope the “3DS” on the log isn’t just play on words

  • Code

    rar, curious~! Also the first real project that could potentially move a 3DS for me >o>; Love Zone of the Enders, also kind of a silly point, but if they do a versus mode again, I’d love if they could maybe Senko-fy it T3T;

    Actually the other important thing — I want that Jehuty model omo;

  • LynxAmali

    I don’t see the point in doing the third game on the 3DS. But if you look at the side, it says BIS Z.O.E 3DS.

    Zone of the Enders: FoM2? I hope it is because the 3DS could actually do an awesome as hell cockpit view. PLEASE LET IT BE DEVELOPED BY WINKYSOFT!

    Also; the S looks more like a Z. 3rd Sigma?

    • The S looks like a Z because what you have there is ZOE spelled backwards, which JUST happens to read “3DS”. It’s either the most genial acronym ever, or simply an amusing coincidence.

  • kojima has been hiding the big guns!

  • theoriginaled

    “What is Zone of the Enders 3ds?”
    A travesty.

  • cmurph666

    Ahhh… It’s suppose to be Z.O.E. PS3.

  • The other half of it just looked like ZOE backwards to me but I’m hoping for something, anything! 

    (Maybe a Fist of Mars remake?…remake + sequel? Asking for too much? maybe)

    • punkchobit

      Note the subtle difference in the D, it’s missing the round edges on the left to separate it from the O on the other side.

  • Just the kind of game the 3DS needs, but I’m sure people will complain it is on the 3DS and not the other platforms.  I’d buy it I just want another ZOE to play.

  • AJ

    Well, if this does come on the 3DS, then I have a reason to get a 3DS.  Granted, if I like the ZOE games on the HD collection.  We’ll see.

  • Göran Isacson

    Oooh, Kojima. You naughty little tease, you. Here’s to hoping no sudden cancellation happens…

    But- in other news. I have in fact played ZOE1, and was surprised by how short it was. I have also seen ZOE 2 being sold for REALLY cheap in used game stores… should I bother buying it, or will it be as short and underwhelming as game number 1?

    • LynxAmali

      Considering the second one is one the top ten list of hardest to find ps2 games, YES.

    • ZOE 2 is much, much superior in every regard. It’s longer, has more variety in combat, nicer graphics and cool anime cutscenes (instead of that low-key CGI from the first game). ZOE 1 pales in comparisson.

      It’s actually the second game that gave the series the status it has today. The first one sold mostly due to the MGS2 demo disc that came with it.

  • hystzen

    That Jehuty model is sexy defo worth posting a article about….wait what it meant be about that piece of paper at back who cares release that model Kojima

  • Please, Kojima, PLEASE!

  • Not going to buy a 3DS for just one game. Troll harder, Kojima.

  • thebanditking

    Could this just be 3D support for the console re-releases of ZOE? Either way if it is for 3DS its likely a port of the original, I want the series to continue of course but just not on a handheld.

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