A Rapidfire Round Of PlayStation Vita Game Trailers

By Ishaan . August 16, 2011 . 12:25pm

Rapidfire trailer time! Here are trailers for four different PlayStation Vita games from Gamescom. First up is Reality Fighters:



Next is Super Stardust Delta:



Moving on, we have Little Deviants:



And finally, Everybody’s Golf:


  • Hot Shots Golf for the win!  It looks so glorious, and the thing it did with rotating the system and such to view the field, great. This game will be awesome! 

    • Guest

      No! Reality Fighters! So I can finally kick YOUR ass for saying epic and day one baby all the time!

  • Kibbitz

    Most of this stuff looks extremely gimmicky >_> Don’t like having to shake the Vita for the shockwave for Super Stardust Delta. Reality Fighters has a wonderful ad but I’m not sure how well the gameplay is and how long it’ll last play-wise. Little Deviants looks like a nice collection of minigames. No comment on golf, since I don’t like golf.

  • Yu_TheKing

    Reality Fighters looks like a fun fighter that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    Super Stardust; Same as previous and Vita-based tweaks.

    Little Deviants: Definitely has potential to be a cool minigame-centered game.

    Golf; Seems to be an anime-esque golf game with a new spin.

    • Reality fighters looked like a major snorefest on the conference floor though maybe its fun for the moment.

  • Guest

    Meh. Golf games are surprisingly  fun but I won’t pay full price for it.

    • 39.99 is too much for it, do you know how much content they pack into the HSG games and its full on multiplayer?! 

  • Reality Fighters seems okay but I tend to lose motivation playing a western made fighter happens to me every time (sorry for regional bias!)

    Super Stardust looks fun I’d buy that.

    Little Deviants is a minigame collection?  Meh those get hit and miss to me outside of Wario Ware but looks like a fun diversion title.

    Hot Shots Golf is a solid choice, looks good.  Only played Fore so I”m not a long time fan but I tend to like golf (Pangya was a blast on PSP)..

  • MarkMario

    Glad that Super Stardust Delta going to be in the store.
    Doesn’t seem like a game someone would pay full price for.

  • darkfox1

    The vita…… imo is going to have an even worse launch then the 3DS it has even LESS GAMES. GET MAD

    • What are you talking about, there were close to 8 first party Sony games listed for launch and we know of at least 5 that are third party titles that are going to be there for launch…

      • I agree with the 1st party, but 3rd party is quiet still but looks interesting like 3DS’s supposed 3rd party lineup.

      • d19xx

        Disgaea 3 is a confirmed launch title in Japan. Do you really need anything else?

  • This is my crazy idea for Ps. Vita.
    1) I want Gravity for PS. Vita.
    2) Street Fighter X Tekken
    3) A way to transfer my UMD’s to PsVita somehow. (Or result to hacking if I have to)
    4) oh yeah, I’ll be importing mine from Japan lol.

  • Waiting for Monster Hunter.

  • Yeah, I’ll be passing on all of these…

  • Covnam

    Is Reality Fighters a full game? If so that fighting system better be very deep considering the stages consist of nothing but what your camera sees. I’m sure it’s neat at first, but since it looks like it is just window dressing, then the game basically has only one stage, green screen.

  • theoriginaled

    Hotshots Golf(everyones golf) is the bomb. Id buy a vita just for that, honestly. If youve never tried one you should give it a shot. Its wacky simple easy to pickup fun with complex mechanics for the hardcore set.

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