Dr. Strange Meet Your Nemesis In Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 [Update]

By Spencer . August 16, 2011 . 2:17am


Sure, we knew Dr. Strange and Resident Evil villain Nemesis were in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This batch of screenshots give us a look at Marvel’s hero and Nemesis’… tentacles.


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America on November 15 and in Europe on November 25.


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  • mikanko

    New trailers and character vignettes are already available as wells!

    Strange is a Mahvel version of Mu-12 with Phoenix teleports… holy hell.

    Nemesis’ range and dmg look like he’s gonna be wreaking havoc.  Wish he said his one line at least once, but maybe you need him up against Jill or Chris for it.  Still, pretty sufficient “GRRNNNGNGNGNGGSSS” from the voice actor. Props to that guy.

    Firebrand is still my favorite of the characters shown, and am really looking forward to seeing Rocket. The leaked pictures of Strange and Nemesis shared the same lighting tint, so it’s quite probable the remaining characters as they’re revealed in pairs will be Rocket/Phoenix, Nova/Frank, or IF/Vergil. I really hope everyone’s favorite defense attorney and one of the best military strategists in the galaxy are next.

    • Hexen

      I thought he’ll say that “STARS” line too. Well growling is enough to wack some foes with his giant bazooka (i lol’ed at one of its special attacks by smacking repeatedly an enemy which is he uses before when getting crowded by zombies lol)

    • NTyron52

      As far as I know, they announced, or they are going to announce Rocket Raccoon’s new comic (that’s what I’ve heard).

      So yeah, it’s actually possible. My guess is that they are going to keep these 2 characters as one of their last reveals, probably because we are speculating on how Phoenix Wright would fight and how R.Raccoon will surprise fans.

  • I honestly hope Nemesis will give us the famous “STARS! STARS!! GRRRRUUUUAAAAH!” roar.

    • mikanko

      I was waiting for it, but it just doesn’t come out!  The roars are good though.  At least there’s a good chance he’ll say it in his introduction against Chris or Jill, and hopefully it’s his taunt.

    • DanteJones

      They’ve definitely got most of his sounds down, though it’s missing that one, fear-inducing roar he’s got. That and the classic “STARS!” line, but hopefully they’ll be show in later videos.

    • It’s alright, he doesn’t have much of a vocabulary. In fact, I think “S.T.A.R.S.!!!” is all his dictionary has written in it. So I’d say it’s a pretty safe guarantee that he’ll say it.

    • PrinceHeir

      i was hoping for that :(

      at least they brought his final appearance during his supers :)

      sadly this will be a next year buy for me capcom :P

  • Matthew Shoop

    Cannot WAIT to get my hands on Doctor Strange, i’ve been wanting this character since they announced Dormammu.  He looks so good, and its great that he mentioned the defenders lol

  • Sho Atlus

    Is it just me or Dr. Strange plays just a blazblue?

    • Its you and…that doesn’t make sense

      • mikanko

        Probably referring to Mu-12s laser traps, which Stephen has a very close facsimile of.  That combined with the fast looking teleports they’re giving him, it looks like he has potential to be -very- solid.

        • Sho Atlus

          sorry i should have looked at my post before i posted it 
          also yeah what i meant is what Mikanako said so Thanks for fixing my mistake. :B

    • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

      it’s just you he is in no way similar to blazblue 

  • Sigh, no Rival Schools love.

    • Code

      rar, I love Rival Schools T3T~!

    • “Too Japanese for Americans to understand”. 

      It doesn’t help what Japan sees in the West are zombies and FPS obsession, and as a result, they brought in Nemesis to cater to zombie fans, the way I see it.

  • Seeing Nemesis gameplay….i don’t see why they came up with that BS reason for why he couldn’t be in it before.  Doesn’t look like it change the rating (like it matter?)  At least the two are looking cool and creative…still ain’t getting it :l

  • Vyrhn

    no X, no buy

  • red arremer?

    • Bakuryukun

      it’s firebrand’s other name. I guess they are calling him Red Arremer in Japan. Which sucks because that’s what I’m used to calling him from when I played Demon Crest.

      • mikanko

        Go Go Red Arremer, Lei Lei, Lin Lin, Aulbath, Gallon, Phobos, Zabel, Gouki, Bison, Vega, Balrog, Rockman etc. etc.

        This has always bugged me about Capcom’s localizations. I think today it has more to do with keeping to standards that were set years ago more than anything else. Still kinda lame!

  • Setsu Oh

    once again,  capcom delivers

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      what they should have delivered in the first place.

      Finished the sentence for you.

  • dusk

    “By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!”

    ^^This is what I want to see in the inevitable Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 one-shot comic.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I love that Nemesis turns into his RE3 final form.

    Still buying this used, though, so Capcom doesn’t get any more of my money after screwing me on MVC3.

    • There is a chance that we can see the true form of him because in the main screenshot, down to the life bar, you can read “Nemesis T-Type”.

  • z_merquise

    Wow. Nemesis looked awesome in this game. Looks like he’ll be one of the characters I’ll play. Dr. Stange looked very good too (maybe because of the moustache). But I’m more excited to see Vergil, Nova and Iron Fist. And Rocket Racoon.

  • Kibbitz

    <3 Dr Strange. Though… hasn't he stopped being the Sorceror Supreme for a while? Thought it passed on to someone else already.

    • mikanko

      It was.  I’ve heard it’s been foreshadowed that it’ll come back to him though, so I guess it’s kinda a minor detail all things considered.  People don’t seem to care too much that Magneto is a good guy and a member of the X-men now either.

      • Kibbitz

        I suppose in the scheme of things, none of it matters too much. And not to me mostly since I’ve long stopped reading (largely following through occasional wiki reads.) Though I’ll scream if Jean Grey comes back again >=O

        • mikanko

          This is Marvel comics.  I think it’s really more about “when” than “if”.

          • Kibbitz

            I know, I know… but one can dream =(

  • Code

    rar, Nemesis makes me really pine for PTX-90 from Tatsunoko again, I miss good old PTX, with it’s chainsaws and projectiles T3T’ Although I’m really fond of Capcom going out of there way to make some actual impressive giant characters, like PTX in Tatsunoko, and Hugo in SFxT, and Sentinel and Nemesis in MvsC3 owo;

    • Guest

      Wut about Hakushon Daimaou…

  • Yu_TheKing

    Well, I know who my new mains will be so far (Dr. Strange and Hawkeye :3) Can’t wait to see the rest of the reveals so my mains can change again.

  • Göran Isacson

    … Okay, I have to admit- even if Stephen Strange’s powers don’t look very exciting (then again I may have weird way to judge what’s exciting and what’s not), I gotta admit that I love his lines and how he macked on Chun-Li. That was pretty damn boss, I must admit.

  • AndyFe

    To tell the truth that kinda didn’t excite me they looked ok. nothing really different fighting terms but I’ll have to try them to find out. Also I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that nemesis did not day STARS at all
    Edit: I guess what i was trying to say was they were both underwhelming in the way they fight to me

  • Guest

    Nemisis has a tentacle reserved for each girl in the game…

    • Nemesis x Hsien-ko = #necrophilia #eww #TooMuchInformation #TMI

    • NTyron52

      Pair him with Shuma Gorath and you are all set!

  • Nice leaks, actually. :3

    That reminds me, I’m actually disappointed in only 2 things about Nemesis: he doesn’t have the way he killed Brad Vickers as a hyper combo, and two and most importantly, he needs to scream, ‘S.T.A.R.S.!”

    PS: for the sake of trolling, allow me to talk in Yipes speak: DIS AIN’T MAVHEL BAYBEE; THIS IS MAHVEL ZOMBIES BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    • NTyron52

      Actually, there’s a screenshot which seems to imply he picks the enemy up and… well, kill in the same way he killed Brad, it doesn’t show the tentacle, but it looks like it. He might say “S.T.A.R.S.!” when he fights Jill or any of the RE member.

      About what you said in the last paragraph, pass the message to Yipes!

  • Where’s the phoenix wright screenshot?! Are they lying about it!

    • NaelAM

      Capcom is revealing the media in waves. These two characters were revealed in the same screw-up that revealed Wright, but that does not mean all the characters are going to be detailed at once. Be patient.

  • aoihana

    First screenshot: Gross

  • ForeverFidelis

    Nemesis didn’t say STARS

    Not even once…

    • NTyron52

      I was kinda disappointed with it too. He might say it when he fights Jill or any of the other RE members.

  • I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

  • NTyron52

    I’m definitely gonna play both of them, Nemesis is my type of character (slow, but REALLY powerful).

    Also, am I the only one surprised because of Nemesis’s height? I haven’t played RE3 for a long time so it might be because of that. He’s so freaking tall.

  • NTyron52

    On a side of note, It looks like the Japanese fans will be all fantasizing over the inclusion of Nemesis.

    Sorry for Google-Translated Japanese. I wanted to make a joke out of it.

  • Historiata

    Oh my GOD, it’s Saya!

  • NOOOO!!! the predictions are getting hit on the nail so far!! that means no Venom!! :(

    • ForeverFidelis

      They weren’t really predictions..
      It’s not some kind of rumor or something..
      The actual roster that was leaked.
      They all even have had their official artwork revealed

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