Steel Battalion Returns With Kinect Powered Heavy Armor

By Spencer . August 16, 2011 . 3:05am


Capcom lifted the lid on Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, which uses Kinect instead of a massive controller. The game takes place in 2082 where semiconductors are in short supply. This dramatically changed the world to a low tech era (with mecha?), Capcom explains. As Lt. Powers, you land in New York where the battle begins.


Steel Battalion Heavy Armor uses a hybrid control scheme where moving, aiming and firing a Vertical Tank’s main artillery is done with a standard Xbox 360 controller. Kinect is used to interact with crew members. You can give someone a high five for completing a mission and communicate with your team so they don’t panic. Other upper body gestures have players start the engine of their Vertical Tank and aim a turret mounted machine gun.



While Nude Maker developed previous Steel Battalion games, Armored Core developer From Software is creating Steel Battalion Heavy Armor. The game is slated for release next year on Xbox 360.


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  • malek86

    Those Kinect features don’t seem particularly interesting (high fiving someone?), and with a simple joypad, no way this is gonna have the same complexity as any Mechwarrior game.

    Still, it’s made by From Software, so it might be fun regardless. Ninja Blade wasn’t that good, but still awesomely insane. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.

    • Orlando Stoneham

      I think it’d actually be fun to communicate with your players. Imagine smacking someone around when you get frustrated. I’d buy it solely for that reason

  • I want to try this and I need a Kinect.

  • You know I feel the game is missing something…

    Like a certain 64 button controller that resembles the cockpit.

    • Code

      rar, I always wanted to try Steel Battalion with that controller T3T it looked so cool — not sure if the game was good or bad, but I immediately fell in love with the novelty of that controller TwT;

  • From Software are my favourite Japanese developer at the moment. Some great games are coming from them this year. Unfortunately I’ve only got an PS3, nevermind this game looks awesome!

  • Kinect “Hybrid” games are the way to go in my opinion. I always wished Microsoft had released two “nunchuck” like controllers, one for each hand that had a couple buttons and analog sticks and allowed force feedback.

    • godmars

      Except a physical controller contradicts the “You Are the Controller” ad campaign they started off with. 

      • Right, but I’m saying that it was a mistake. You can create much better games using hybrid controls. Without them you’re stuck on rails and you have no feedback.

        • godmars

          Wait until you see those hybrid controls in action before you say that. It could just lead to a cumbersome experience. Something that doesn’t support the argument of Kinect as a hardcore gaming device.

  • Finally a reason to use this Kinect I’ve got sitting around collecting dust.

  • Göran Isacson

    Impressive and mood-building and all that jazz… but I do want to see how the Kinect will let the gamers really interact with the dashboard and levers and all that jazz before my attitude to this one becomes a positive one.

  • mikanko

    I trust From and I like robots, but it’s really hard to say much about this.  Project Draco will have to floor me to get me to purchase a Kinect.  Not impossible, I think PDZ may be my favorite game ever, but yeah.  Either way I’ll wait till I see some more from this.

    I’m sure it’s an awesome peripheral for some people, I bet mimes <3 it to death, I'm just not so sure it's for me. My arcade pop'n controller, dual shock, Saturn pad, seimitsu ls-40, and good ol' dreamcast twinsticks seem a better answer for anything you could throw at them.

    • malek86

      Didn’t really like PDZ myself, unlike PD1. There were too many pauses in the action. At some point, you would be standing still without any targets to shoot for, like, an entire minute.

      But maybe I should try playing it again. Widescreen support is a huge plus for me…

      • mikanko

        It is largely nostalgia talking I’m sure, but I think I just enjoyed the environments and the immersion I felt in the game more than anything else I’d ever felt at the time.  Parts where you finally catch up to that awesomely sized airship and wind up pulling a death star run inside the thing only to come out upon different parts of it until you slowly cripple it to ruin.  I just find the whole experience pretty glorious.  If there were one game I could wish for an HD update to that’d probably be it.

        The different route taking and dragon evolution stuff added a bit more replay value compared to 1 as well. I don’t believe I ever 100% shot down everything in a PD1 run, but I certainly did with PDZ because of it. I liked 1s soundtrack better, but that’s about it. They’re both superb though.

  • Guest

    looks like they marketed it perfect for 360 owners…

  • Eh, playing Steel Battalion without the controller is just like playing Initial D/Ridge Racer without the wheel >_< They seriously need to ramp up Kinect's connectivity with the game, not limited to high fiving only your crewmates or menial tasks like that.

  • Man, what a disappointment. I was hoping it would be a sim like the original, or that the Kinect allow a similar control scheme like the original monster controller. Oh well.

  • Phlo

    They must have REALLY wanted to use the Kinect if that’s the best they could come up with and they still did it…

  • Covnam

    Odd plot line.

  • without silicon there will be no radio or radar … the setting is not make any sense

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