New Streamlined Wii Console To Cut Gamecube Support In U.K. [Update]

By Ishaan . August 17, 2011 . 6:39am

Nintendo will introduce a new streamlined Wii in the U.K. this Christmas, according to a report at ONM. The new system will be bundled with Wii Sports and Wii Party, and will no longer support Gamecube games or controllers.


The console has also been designed to sit horizontally, as opposed to vertically, which is the case with the current Wii.


Controller-wise, the package will include a Wii MotionPlus Remote and Nunchuck. Users looking to play games with a traditional controller will require the Classic Controller.


Update: Nintendo of Europe say that the new bundle, titled “Wii Family Edition,” will be available in October. It will also be one of several upcoming Wii bundles that are yet to be announced.

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  • Guest

    Here we go

  • Code

    Wow, seems like such a bad idea, cutting Gamecube support is kind of nasty, but even more so cutting GCN controller ports won’t make any SSBB-fan’s day opo; It’s kind of sad too because I’ve recently had few friends run into there Wii’s dying lately, it’d suck to have only these on shelves; have to end up seeking older models opo; 

    • M’iau M’iaut

      This will probably end up with a sub $100 price tag stateside — sans the games. Grab the most $$ conscious customers and give them plenty of entertainment. No problem running this alongside the WiiU, as it is an entirely different target audience.

      I’d hardly expect there to be a shortage of older Wii’s, which used might even drop to $79ish to compete. You know GS and everyone else will run some sort of trade in promo next year with the U.

      • Code

        Yeah I don’t expect any big problems or anything, it just seems rather unnecessary move opo; I’ll be interested to see how much cash is shaved off the price of it compared to the current model, myself I’m skeptical the consumer is going to get the bulk of the savings in this move T3T’

        I figure they’ll probably stop production of older Wii models though when this new one lands. But yeah your right, there’s like a billion older model Wii’s out there kicking around, probably won’t be a big issue finding older models down the line, given the bulk of the Wii’s lifespan has been the older model.

        • TempestTwin

          Its not like they wouldnt have stopped the production anyway, with you know, the Wii U coming out and all. As you said, it wouldnt be a big issue to find an old wii model anyway.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Of course they won’t get the bulk of the savings, but dropping BC at this stage – much later than PS3 is something that can be gotten away with. It is not as if the buyers of a $99 wii even want to play a gamecube game on it. Hell at that price point you’ll get some current owners to grab one for the second TV.

    • TempestTwin

      Its not a bad idea, its more pointless then it is bad. I’ve had my wii since launch and I have had no problems with it, so I guess it depends on how well the people treat their console. Ebay is always an option aswell. I dont see why you would care though lol, if my friends wii’s dyed on them and they couldnt have GC support anymore then tough luck its not like I would care since its their problem, not mine (yes I know that sounds heartless).

      • Code

        I’d have agreed with the whole “it’s about how people treat there consoles” argument before this generation, but I know for a fact I’ve kept my consoles in top shape, probably better then most people, and I’ve still run into problems. Having to have replaced a laser in my PS3 after it died, and having to have my Wii cleaned out at one point because it was running kind of crunchy, and having my PS3’s power button die opo; Fact is sometimes systems just hit issues no matter how well you take care of them.

        As far as why I’d care, I care because they are my friends owo; I mean I’ve spent days, weeks finding/picking up games for friends, ordering games and parts for them, even systems. When my friend has a problem it’s my problem too >w<'' But the point wasn't so much about there problems, as much as it is, at least recently I've seen a handful of Wii's a similar age to mine die opo;

        • TempestTwin

          Yeah I can see what you mean, a lot of my friends receantly got themselves the red ring of death and the yellow light of death for 360 and PS3 which was launch consoles. However, I have seen the way some people treat their consoles. Some of my friends, leave their consoles on for long periods of time (they leave it on for past 20 hours straight), some put theirs in an unsafe environment, and others just treat it like its rubbish. When I see that I think to myself no wonder a lot of people find themselves having problems with their consoles. For me I have never once had any problems with my consoles which I guess is very lucky, and treating your consoles good is part of the reason why they have lasted this long.

          I guess if you have helped your friends with their consoles then I can understand why you would care, I have never had to help any of mine with theirs thus the reason why i dont care if their console broke down or not lol.

          • Code

            Yeah I have to admit not all of my friends take care of there systems that well, but I’m pretty meticulous about maintaining and keeping my consoles clean and good shape T3T’ Been a collector for a long time, so always keep my game stuff in great shape. Still it was a been a bit of a running joke about my systems dying on me, because first problem I ran into since the NES was my PS3 laser dying opo;; and then not more then 3 weeks later my Wii started getting crunchy and having disc read errors, then a month later my PS3’s power button died (luckily can still turn on/off with controller/eject button) opo; Luckily since that little spree things have leveled out and no problems since xpx;;

            Generally my friends help me out a lot here and there, things like drives, food, borrowing games, and other stuff, so I don’t mind taking the time out to order stuff and keep my eyes open for deals for them >w<'

          • TempestTwin

            Yeah, sorry to hear that with your consoles, thats pretty unfortunate. I would be pretty annoyed if that happend to me, and I take the best of care with my consoles that I can. Another thing with consoles breaking down is the price it costs to repair them, sometimes your better off just buying a whole new console then getting it repaired. I hope you managed to get them fixed up and you will have no more problems with them, reading this situation where you take the best care of your consoles and then they die on you is making me depressed lol because i can imagine if i were in your shoes.

          • Code

            Yeah it was really rotten when it happened, luckily I just had recently met a guy who had started a console repair business, took it too him and he had the laser swapped out for a new one for $69 within an hour, and it was literally a life saver >ww<'

  • Klarktastic

    Most people buy the Wii to waggle on Wii sports so who cares :P

  • No more support for the gamcube! Boring:(

  • AnimeRemix

    I dislike this idea… a lot. Even though I live in America, and currently already own a Wii, it sucks to know that this kind of Wii won’t be able to play GameCube games… 

    But then again, that’s just probably me being me again. I find my Wii only useful for Sonic games… 

  • Alexisonfire

    So… not only not allowing gamecube games to be playable, but games like Brawl as well.

    Smart idea, Nintendo.

    • TempestTwin

      If you noticed games like brawl wont have GC controller support on the wii U. The only reason why it would have a gamecube controller is if nintendo somehow made another one, that is wireless or maybe somehow linked up to the wii remote.

      • You can still use the Classic Controller.

    • PersonaBull

      I played Brawl with the wiimote+nunchuck, so it’s still just as playable for me~

      But, I’d say it is a pretty smart idea, actually. Gamecube controllers came out 10 years ago. You can’t expect them to continue supporting old technology which is (in theory, I know you can still buy them super-cheap online at the moment) becoming more and more limited and harder to find each day when (this is the important part now) they’re trying to move past that particular model of controller. It’s not like the PS3 controller, which has the same basic properties as the PS2 and PS1 (which is why nobody would complain about PS2 controllers no longer being compatible with the PS3). Nintendo is trying to move on to different models entirely. People constantly comparing the business models of Sony and Microsoft to Nintendo are just comparing apples and oranges to strawberries. You can’t expect the same things from all of them all the time. Someone’s gotta do something different sometime, otherwise I’m sitting here playing Pong all day with a wheel I’m turning back and forth.

  • A PSP without Wi-Fi, Wii without GameCube support.. all for Europe. Jealous!

    Next thing you know you won’t be getting CPU/GPUs with your consoles.

    • Actually, the next step is Xbox 360 without controllers…because you are the controller. :p

      • Guest
      • Code

        rar, but, buttt, I can’t play shmups with controllers T3T!? Or… can I o3o? *makes gun with hand* pewpewpew

        • It’ll be like the iPhone controls! Your ship will be controlled by moving your finger around in mid-air! If there’s too many enemies onscreen at once: “Xbox, bomb!”

          • Code

            Haha, I’d love being able to yell bomb out, to make it bomb >w<' I do kind of have a soft spot for silly voice commands like that though, lol. Although on the other hand knowing some of my friends, I'd have my bomb cache detonated 3 seconds into a run o3o'' 

    • Nah. That’s after we got an XBOX that only plays Kinect games.

    • PrinceHeir

      wtf indeed.

      i mean i bought the wii just to play Gamecube games as well as Wii games.

      where the hell can you even find gamecube component cables nowadays???

      hopefully when they do cut the price in the US. they let us keep the Gamecube backward compatibility.

  • Well this is dumb.

    • AzureNova

      Yeah it is, and I love your avatar pic lol

  • Juho Vuolo

    It seems like the guys who design these new holiday season console models have some kind of… problem.

    • TempestTwin

      Its not the designers, if anyone is to blame its nintendo, as they are the ones giving out the orders here.

  • TempestTwin

    This is pointless, but expected. Nintendo are now trying to ignore gamcube now for the up coming generation, that is why there is no GC support for the Wii U so its not really surprising that they would do this. I just find it just pointless that they would even bother cutting out GC support for the current Wii. Oh well. If people cared so much about getting GC games, they can get a second hand gamecube while they are at it.

    • kylehyde

      Being honest, very few people cared about the gamecube on the previous generation.

  • Daniel13789

    The only reason I can think of as to why they are cutting of gamecube support is because its cheaper to build a Wii with less features.

    • MrRobbyM

      That, plus they’re trying to sell as many Wiis as possible before the WiiU is released.

  • Göran Isacson

    Begun, this war on backwards compability has.

    Oh who am I kidding it’s been going on for way longer than this, I just wanted to write something punny. As silly as I know it is to be upset by companies essentially just looking out for their bottom-line, I guess I am just made so lazy by modern conventions that I don’t WANT to have several systems just to play specific games. The more games that can emulate the previous generation the better, I say.

  • Nintendo makes some foolish decisions. Redesigning the Wii NOW will do nothing to spur more sales.

  • Eh, not so good, but not unexpected after GB micro and DSi also dropped backward compatibility.

  • This is an odd move considering it eliminates access to most compelling games able to be played on the system. 

    Seems like an effort to quickly recoup losses from the 3DS price cut.

    • daizyujin

      I agree.  I also find myself using the GameCube controller on a lot of Wii titles I have played over the life of the system.  I also think it feels much more natural when playing N64 VC games than the Classic Controller due to the stick placement.

      The amount saved has to be pretty small though as the only thing I can see them being able to take out are the controller and card ports and the ability to use a cheaper one size disc drive.  The system from what I understand, never had any special hardware in it for backwards compatability but rather just underclocked the CPU for GC play.

  • daizyujin

    This makes me scratch my head.  I could have seen this redesign a few years ago when the system was still selling really well as I am sure the average consumer would have cared less, but this makes little sense now.

    On another note, I would think that it would at least be “slightly” smaller but looking at the picture and comparing it to my system based on scale, it doesn’t look like it is any smaller at all.  Perhaps it is not as deep?

  • We are in strange times. PSP with no Wifi, and Wii with no Gamecube! Remember though Sony, and Microsoft started it first. Take away BC with the new remodel PS3, and finally add it for the new model 360.

  • thebanditking

    Huh what a strange choice this late in the gen, especially with sales waning. Guess they are looking to increase profit on the hardware sold to help make up elsewhere, they did a similar thing with Gamecube by removing the component jack from the system right before it was discontinued.

  • I like the Gamecube controller even I never played any GC games in my Wii

  • No Gamecube games!? That’s most of what I play on the Wii! Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, baby!

    Will Gamecube controllers still work for Super Smash Bros. Brawl? How will people getting this Wii play it (seriously, the classic controller’s fine, but after years of playing Melee, the GCN controller is still the best)?

    These redesigns are getting bizarre and questionable.

    • puchinri

      Sounds like you won’t be able to use Gamecube controllers for Brawl even.

      But since it’s a ‘family edition’, the whole family won’t be playing Brawl anyway. Sadly. ;u;

      This is probably just for the general Wii titled games (Party, Sports +Resort, Fit, etc).

  • MarkMario

    No more gamecube.
    That sucks.
    I <3 playing with my GC controller on SSBB.

  • I forgot the Wii played Wii games.

    • puchinri

      Reverse for me. Except for when I’m playing F-Zero or Animal Crossing.

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