Pokemon: Black And White 2’s New Trainers And Rivals Hit Japan In June

By Spencer . April 11, 2012 . 10:02pm

imageNew details about Pokemon: Black and White 2 come from CoroCoro, which announced the game’s release date. Japan will get Pokemon: Black and White 2 for Nintendo DS on June 23.


Pokemon: Black and White 2 has two new protagonists – a guy with a visor and blue jacket and a girl with brown Sailor Moon style hair. There’s a smug looking new rival too. The magazine also introduced Akuroma who is a researcher dressed in a lab coat. New gym leaders include Shizui who is water type and Homika who is poison type (note: names will probably change when Pokemon: Black and White 2 comes out overseas).


Pokemon: Black and White 2 takes place two years after the previous game and begins in Hiougi City. Players will be able to register 300 Pokemon in their Pokedex some of which will be brand new. We also have some details about the two Kyurems. Black Kyurem has Freeze Volt and White Kyurem has Cold Flare.


Nintendo announced they will release Pokemon: Black and White 2 in North America this fall.

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  • actually, austalia is getting it in the spring, while america is getting it in the fall. i’m sooo jealous that you guys get it so much soon (assuming your ausi)!!! i can’t wait for it though. i’m estimating that america is going to get it between september to november, but i am confident it is september cause normally they get their’s in september and america would get our in may and june. so now i feel like it’s flipped and it will be coming soon in september here. :D austalia will most likely get theirs in late june, early july. :3

  • wait, is the rival the one with the afro like hair? o.o i couldn’t figure it out because he’s with like … all the gym leaders and elite four champs and stuff so i was all … who’s he. xDD and i haven’t seen the male player’s pic yet so … 8( i can’t wait for this game, you’ve no idea how ecstatic i am over this!! and i’m twenty. xD

    • rurin

      Yep. Kind of like a spikey afro. The male player’s hair kind of remind me of a pineapple. You can look up images on google. I think in other B&W 2 articles on siliconera they have pics, too.
      I’m so excited too!!! But I feel like I won’t have much time to play it since school will be starting by the time it comes out x.x

  • have you guys checked out serebii? they have scans from corocoro magazine.

  • yes, only a few will be new, but those ‘new pokemon’ are just forms of unova legendaries, such as black kyrem and white kyrem. and then there is landorous, thundorous and tornadous who get different looks as well. the unova pokedex, unlike the first game with their planned this is a new generation let’s make it all unova region pokemon, will feature pokemon like eevee, mareep, tailow and all sorts of other pokemon. :3 so no, there wont be actual new pokemon, but there will be new pokemon forms. 

  • the white haired girl? the only one i can think of is the gym leader and she specializes in poisen types. :3 and hey, the crystal g/s remake wasn’t all that bad. xD but she could have done better without the giant hat. 

  • there will not be any new pokemon. this is most likely another set of rumors that people did when the first black and white game came out. :/ the only ‘new pokemon’ that there are going to be are the legendaries and even then, they aren’t new. they just have new forms. check out serebii.net. they have a lot of information on the subject and already have the unova pokedex list starting up. it’s not complete just yet, but from scans, we know what number a pokemon is and what one isn’t. it’s the same starters all and all, but with a larger variety of pokemon from the past games that go in the story line before the national dex. mareep is like … twenty something currently.

  • it may be before the hometown of the first b/w games. that’s what i was thinking. new areas were added so i don’t think any were taken out, and not all pokemon trainers are born in the same home town. o.o if they were, the characters would end up more than likely knowing black and white and would probably have been friends with them. xDD it was a small town in the first ones after all.

  • there will not be any ‘new pokemon’. xD so don’t worry. ;3 the dex is just expanding to have the unova pokemon and a few of the past pokemon as well, such as mareep and psyduck. :3 if you check out serebii.net, you can find more updates on the game daily.

  • you guys, she’s not meant to have the ‘sailor moon feel’ just because her hairstyle is slightly the same. it’s not even that similar really, just the pig tail styles. she makes me think of that annoying princess from star wars. >.> but with pig tails at the end.

    • But Princess Leia only had the buns.

      Anyway, I agree to disagree. Others have stated, myself included, that’s looks similar to Usagi because she is iconic anime character with a distinct hairstyle. (Beside how many characters do you know have twin tails with buns attached.) What makes it ironic is that this the 20th aniversary of Sailor Moon anime, so it makes almost like an homage to her.

  • new to unova hun. :3 other than that though, there are the new forms that a few legendary poker’s get. :3

  • GWTrinku

    Barry reminded me of an annoying kid with ADHD who couldn’t take the hint that we weren’t friends.

    Or at least that was the story I played out in my head.

  • Janey Cho

    Kouhei and Mei (Male and Female Protagonist)

  • I just read on serebii that their New English names are Nate and Rosa.

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