Konami To Address Silent Hill: Downpour, HD Collection Bugs And Framerate

By Ishaan . April 25, 2012 . 4:01pm

Silent Hill HD Collection hasn’t received the warmest reception since release, so Konami are making a few fixes to it. A patch for the collection of games is under development, Konami say, and will be released soon. This patch will fix framerate issues and the audio-synching problem.


Additionally, a patch is also in the works for Silent Hill: Downpour. The Downpour patch will address framerate concerns and auto-save issues. No release date for either patch has been provided yet, but Konami say to expect them in “the coming weeks”.

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    Thank you, Konami. Now I can play Silent Hill 2 without
    hearing those buggy sounds when I save.

  • thebanditking

    pfft… thats not going to fix the missing graphical effects or the complete lack of ambiance in the HD ports. Nor the fact that the PS3 version requires an install and already got a 300MB patch earlier last month which fixed nothing. This collection should be recalled and then done again proper by a dev team with some actual experience like bluepoint. Honestly what is up with Konami these days? I mean why would you farm out a collection port of one of your most beloved series to some no name team (Hijinx Studios formerly Phoenixsoft) whose last game was touch master on DS?

  • Because nobody gives a damn about SH in Japan and they outsourced this to a Western studio.

  • Guest

    Fog patch

  • At least they’re acknowledging what went wrong and are doing something about it. I appreciate that. Still won’t get the collection tho, I love the originals way too much, and knowing some of the changes these games underwent in order to be part of this HD collection, I’ll keep playing those instead.

  • They’re doing more here than the bugs left in Homecoming. I saw a part in that game where your character would fall into the fog.

  • It will be very nice if someone could post another ‘playtest’ here on siliconera after the patches for the HD collection are released (just to address what the patches fixed). I want to purchase this game, but want to know that the terrible bugs were actually addressed before I buy. I am glad to see when companies address bugs/glitches and actually try to fix them. Too many times do these glitches go unacknowledged, which is unacceptable especially given the possibility to patch games now with the PS3.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Unless it’s a 2g patch, I’m not very hopeful about this.

  • Unless this patch also restores fog as well as giving Silent Hill 3 back its color (and original voices) then this patch is worthless.

  • Just how glitchy is the game? Some insight?

    •  It’s not really glitchy. It’s more that it has a lot of performance issues, especially Silent Hill 3. It stutters like hell sometimes.

      • cj_iwakura

        They also ruined the visuals, if you’ve seen the comparison screens. I’ll stick with my Xbox version of SH2 and the PS2 version of SH3, thanks. They still look better, sadly.

  •  I’m happy that they are doing this, I have higher hopes than before. Especially since they said that the EU-version didn’t have any of these problems.

    Once again though, as seen in these comments the Silent Hill fanbase is a whiny community who are bitching even though they got an official statement that they are working on a patch. If you don’t want your game fixed, then throw it in the bin and move on to other games. Your whining isn’t going to bring back the original sucky voice acting of Silent Hill 3 (Yes, it’s horrible.).

    • thebanditking

      I think they have every right to complain, Konami screwed this one up big time and this collection stands as the worst HD collection released to date and considering how the Splinter Cell one turned out thats really bad. Konami was just not thinking when they went into this and thus choose very poorly when picking a developer for this collection, and I’m not even going to discuss Downpour…

      •  I’m not talking about the HD collection itself. I’m talking about the fact that people whine about that a patch should come. When the patch finally comes they start to whine about that instead. It doesn’t matter what Konami does, everyone will cry their eyes out anyway.

        I haven’t played Downpour, and I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. But I enjoy this HD collection, especially Silent Hill 2. Since it’s a nostalgia thing for me. I honestly don’t see the problems besides bad frame-rates and some of to fog issues. But it really does look better most of the time.

        • l777l

          “I’m not talking about the HD collection itself. I’m talking about the fact that people whine about that a patch should come. When the patch finally comes they start to whine about that instead.”

          It’s necessary to differentiate. There shouldn’t have been a need for a patch, in the first place. This whole relying on patches is extremely questionable, most notably with Bethesda. And when people complain “about” the patch when it comes it is oftentimes actually still complaining about problems that lead to the need of patching, not the patch itself.

          • Look, I don’t like that games should be fixed AFTER release. But at least Konami fixes these games. They could’ve just choose to ignore it, and keep the cash the fans were paying for this.

            We’ve seen complainments about this patch here: “If it’s under 2 Gigabyte it’s not worth it.” Or “If this patch doesn’t add the old SH3 voices, then it’s a waste of time”.

  • I honestly sometimes find myself wondering if Konami is INTENTIONALLY trying to ruin the Silent Hill series so they can kill it off and blame the fans.

    This “collection” was already off to a questionable start when they decided to omit Silent Hill and Silent Hill 4 from it and focus on only the most popular two games. That’s not a “collection,” that’s a bundle. Then it got clearer things were going to turn out badly when they decided it was absolutely necessary to throw away or replace the original voice acting for new stuff; that shows a complete lack of understanding toward the series, because the voice acting was a huge part of the atmosphere.

    Sure, they claimed they couldn’t find Heather’s VA, but if they were actually trying to get her permission, they would have made an announcement for video game news sites at the very least to help them find her again. They didn’t even say a thing about providing Silent Hill 2’s original voice acting as an option until AFTER the uproar started over the plans to replace the voice acting. Most optimistic, that shows they didn’t understand or fully respect the original games; most pessimistic, they scrambled to re-include that voice acting after getting so much bad press about it. Which is better than not including it at all, yes, but still a bad sign.

    Given all that, the collection being extremely poor quality that makes the originals look worse than they really are was to be expected. None of the teams that worked with the series since Silent Hill 4 have really understood it. The PSN game Amy is actually closer to a Silent Hill game than any “Silent Hill” game to date made after Silent Hill 4, though I say that loosely because Amy allows the player to use magic.

  • I really want to pick up the HD collection, but I can’t do that unless I know that the bugs are fixed and the fog is back. The game does look sharper, and I really want to play it again, but I don’t want to get shafted.

    They really screwed up, and I really hope that keep their word about fixing it.

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