• James Beatty

    I’m exited. I’m sure e3 will surprise us with plenty of Wii U games. The launch is supposedly pretty spectacular so we’ll see

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    If the software lineup can include a pokemon game, like pokemon mystery dungeon or pokemon battle revolution 3, then Id pay the predicted $199.98 for the system as soon as I could. A pokemon launch would be unprecedented though but I have hope that Nintendo can do it.

    • Covnam

      You think it’s going to launch for $200? Is that just the rumors you’re hearing, or what you’re expecting it to be?
      Even the Wii launched for $250. I’m sure it won’t have as big of an impact as the original system (but then people didn’t expect the Wii to have a big impact either…) but I’m sure they won’t sell it for less then the system it’s replacing.
      I can understand why after the 3DS price issue, you’d expect it to be less, but consoles and portables are different markets and I also don’t expect Nintendo to be interested in having another system being sold at a loss.

      • ArcadiaSymphonia

        I see what you are saying but nintendo did say they were they’re reviewing the wii u price after the 3ds fiasco so maybe just maybe it will be $200

        • Barrylocke89

          In general, consumers expect to spend more on consoles than handhelds. Part of the reason that the 3DS was seen as a fiasco was because it was more expensive than the Wii was. It’s true that Nintendo may be more willing to sell their new system at a loss
          after the 3DS issues, but I still think 249.99+ is a more likely price for the Wii U.

        • thebanditking

           Not even possible unless they are going to take a massive loss on each one sold. The console’s internals are still up for debate but the controller is going to cost them a $100 easy to make and since the console is on par with current tech you do the math $250 (console) + $100 (controller) = $350

    • Julien_N

      Was there a PBR 2 to begin with?
      By the way, Pokémon is indeed a killer app, but mostly on the portables. XD, Collosseum, Channel, Box or PBR were not huge hits.

    • *cough*GameFreak*cough*
      edit: Or whoever Pokemon Company gets to make the console Pokemon games nowadays.

  • Auragar

    I won’t get to excited for launch. It is typically really meh. 3DS = BARF PS Vita = Meh So it would make sense to have Wii U be bad too.

    • James Beatty

      There is someone (i believe from G4) who got to see some of the launch titles and he said that the launch was going to be amazing and he usually is very negative about all things nintendo and Nintendo themselves have been saying the same for a while. I’m going to assume that the launch will be at least decent. e3 will tell all

      • Auragar

        Hmm… we will see.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      So based off nothing, you’ve already decided that the launch will garbage.
      Gee, That’s smart.

      How about this, check out what they have to offer at E3 first, then decide whether or not their launch is worth anything.

      Besides, anyone who makes up their mind before they hear the issue or see any evidence is a moron.

      • thebanditking

         There is their track record though, Nintendo hardware launches since the N64 have either been very light or downright terrible (the GBA being the only exception in that time frame). Also will depend on how much of their launch content is actually new, because in my opinion a launch padded with Assassins Creed 3, Batman Arkham City GOTY, DarkSiders 2 would be pretty lame as most of those games will already be available for months on other consoles that are likely to be cheaper to boot.

      • Barrylocke89

        I agree that waiting till E3 is best, but it’s true that IN GENERAL, launches don’t always have the best lineup. There’s always maybe one or two games that you want right out of the gate, and maybe another one to three within the first year, before more people buy systems and companies are more willing to take risks with making more interesting games.

        At the very least, I predict that there won’t be as many ports as the 3ds and Vita have had at launch, since ports tend to be a thing that handhelds do to show that it has the power of the older systems, but smaller. So that’s a plus. As James Beatty below said, E3 will tell.

      • Auragar

        I see no reason to be so harsh. Trends just tend to show the bad launch being a very high possibility.

  • ShadowWolf

    i hope we hear something about Fire Emblem 3DS.

    and Suikoden PSP, and other JRPGs and games from Japan.

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    I wonder how much before it launches will they put the date of release and price because people like me want it so they need to know when to start saving and how much to save or else that money could be put in other expenses

  • thebanditking

    Not giving a release window or price is a big mistake. They need to put this info out soon, as it could really make or break the initial reception.

    • daizyujin

      Honestly, I see it as sort of an admission that they know the price is going to be too high.  It was the same thing with Kinect.

  • Shink Alshua

    Wii 360~

  • FStubbs

    The Wii launch was very strong with Wii Sports and Twilight Princess. They won’t be able to match that. Not to mention, the Wii U or whatever it will be called will be prohibitively expensive.

  • SirRichard

    Hopefully “after E3” isn’t too long after it, though it is kind of ominous.

    Plus, price and date will make or break it.

    • Auragar

      Well the date will be late into the year as Nintendo has said. The price… yah… 200-300 I would assume.

  • Visa Vang

    Legend of Zelda, The: HD!!!!!!!



  • CirnoLakes

    >not its release date
    Buzz killing, right in the title.

    I don’t think that it’s a bad thing that Nintendo is moving even further into the digital distribution market. I’ll certainly buy some Wii U games that way, rather than spend the gas money to go to the store on a rainy day that I’m already home, inside, not needing to work or go anywhere, and comfortable. I love digital distribution and it is very convenient in many ways.

    If they’re going to let you download Wii U games, I hope that the Virtual Console will start to include Gamecube games. It’s confirmed that the Wii U will be backwards compatible with the Wii. But I doubt it’ll be compatible with Gamecube games. And I’ve really wanted a digital copy of Tales of Symphonia for a while now.

    Also, I really hope that they make the online in the Wii U as approachable as it is in the PlayStation 3. I never actually made the effort to use friend codes and do the online friend/community thing with the Wii because it was so much more of a hassle than with the PlayStation 3, where I have loads of friends.

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