Siliconera Will Reveal A Square Enix Title On Monday

By Spencer . April 29, 2012 . 12:00am

We have a treat for Siliconera readers this week with news about an unannounced Square Enix game. I can’t say anymore for the moment other than this will be a Siliconera exclusive and the game will surprise you.


Introducing Catacombs a PS3/360 retail game Square Enix and cavia started after completing Nier.

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  • How about Square stops making new games and finishes Final Fantasy X HD and Versus XIII and then move onto KH3 before they make another new game.

    •  Because they have people with ideas that they just want to get out there…and there are three new platforms (3DS, Wii-U and Vita) that they can now play around with…and they just can’t stick with a single project unless it is a main FF game…at least a main FF game in crunch time…

      However, to your post, I can agree with the fact that a priority should be put on FFXHD, VSXIII and KH3, however I would also throw Bravely Default in there as well. I really want that game, that and Type-0, but that’s a different topic.

  • Type-0?

  • I’m gonna go with Type-0. Square Enix title and USA qualifier at the top has convinced me that it can only be that game. BELIEVE!!!! 

  • I hope this is Nomura related games.

  • KotaroInugami

    It says the game will suprise me… so I guess it’s nothing I’m hoping for… :( Cuz it wouldn’t surprise me if we got our missing final fantasies…

  • The World Ends With You 2, calling it now

    • Jacob Denton

      That is waaay too optimistic to actually be the right thing.

      I’m calling it too.

      • RablaAndrews

        Caaaaaallllliinnggggggggg it.

  • Suicunesol

    It couldn’t be Type-0. :o That’s not surprising at all.

    And if it’s an unannounced SQ game, then would that mean unannounced in western territories or unannounced period? (I’d love to think the latter so I could be even more surprised, but Silicerona can’t be that special.)

  • Nyandroid

    YES! It sounds like my day off is already going to be a great one! Can’t wait!

  • CirnoLakes

    Mysterious~. Mystical~.

  • Go2hell66

    KH3 letz go!

  • Kawashima

    If its KH or FF not interested. If its TWEWY ill be interested.

  • Code

    Very curious owo! I’ll save my speculation, but if Spencer says it’s a surprise this’ll be interest >w<; Also nice work netting an exclusive reveal oAo~

  • …..p…please be TWEWY2. Just…please.

  • So TWEWY2 and Type-0 are the most expected. They are out.

    Me? I’m going full hipster and saying Sigma Harmonics even tho the game came out years ago. It would certainly be surprising.

    Just saying.

  • If its TWEWY 2, Type-0 western release, or Parasite Eve 3 you got my vote. If not then it’s most likely a new Final Fantasy -__-

    • RablaAndrews

      We already have a third Parasite Ev- *shot*

  • Ted Mahsun

    Um… Thief 4? lol

  • awesome as long as it’s not another super smash brothers clone lol

  • I knew it going be Type-0 we all been waiting for?

  • Kitsune Miku

    Im hoping at least for a JRPG on the PSVita. Man dies it need one.

    • GreekGod88

      Agito port pls

  • NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2, NieR 2…

    • XiaomuArisu

      You seem to like NieR.Is it really that good?

      • LustEnvy

         No. But the music is absolutely amazing.

      • Hraesvelgr

        It’s a bit overrated at times, but I guess it is one of the few decent console games they’ve put out in the past few years.

      • Story is good and the music is good but everything else is “do not want”.

      •  Absolutely. The BEST Kingdom Hearts clone in the actual generation.

  • please don’t let it be a crappy 2D side scroller!
    Please be KH3!

  • I Want Final Fantasy XIII-3

    • pockystix

  • landlock

    I’m going with the assumption it’s a western developed game so I’m guessing Legacy Of Kain reboot. 

  • Christ

    why wait until monday? and most squeenix games are exclusive anyway, even if it is a no-name jrpg…

    • kroufonz

      yeah squareenix have exclusive for almost every console/handheld this gen except for PS3, PS3 still have no SE exclusive game released yet

      • Christ

        if it’s FF Versus 13 I’m gonna run around naked screaming like a brainless chicken

  • DanteJones

    Tell me your secrets!

    • pockystix

  • GreekGod88

    ehh what happened to Agito/Type 0?

  • poly_real

    Come on Final Fantasy Type-0….I’m waiting for u!!!

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    It’ll be an iOS game based off an already known license/a port. Making exclusives don’t mean much to third party developers these days unless it’s in that case.

  • WonderSteve

    IF it will be….exclusive… Japanese cell phone!! I will faint.

    It “will surprise you” so I doubt it will be FF Type-0

    Could it be a remake of FFVI?

    •  I’m HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPING it’s a remake of 6. D: Since it’s their 25th anniversary and all..

      • CirnoLakes

         Remake of Final Fantasy VI?

        The internet would explode.

    • pockystix

      they haven’t even remade FFV

      if they remake FFVI before V, I will be angry

  • pockystix

    it would surprise me if they made a traditional RPG that focuses on character, exploration and just enough complexity to not feel like some steam-rolled streamlined nonsense. . . y’know, basically make another FFIX-like game lol

    • poly_real

       final fantasy type-0 is like that…

      • pockystix

         FF type-0 has a lot of problems mostly to do with it’s imbalance. But it’s ironically much more deserving of being on home consoles than what we’re getting currently.

    • ShinGundam

       Ever heard of Bravely Default? also, You need to remember that FF9 has points of no return for story and many blocked locals, the game is pretty much definition of streamlined for FF.

      • pockystix

        I think you have streamlined and linear mixed.

        Streamlined usually refers to something being simplified, or made easier to produce. Hence the term streamlined production. The entire auto attack “feature” (stressing that as much as I can) in FFXIII was a streamlined approach to the combat of previous FF titles.

        Linearity refers to a set path. While FFIX had a lot of it, it still allowed for enough exploration and discovery (Daguerreo, for example, is optional town, and is only accessible via exploring around with the airship). Something completely absent from some of SE’s recent titles, or in the case of FFXIII-2 advertised as a key feature in order to make some semblance of amends for FFXIII lacking it.

        I’ve made comments about how much Bravely Default looks great (and several mocking the whole tidbits of Square saying they chose not to call it Final Fantasy because “it would confuse their fans on the current direction of the franchise”). That being said; they really need to actually make a game like this on consoles. . .

  • Dantis

    Pretty sure he means it’s an exclusive story, not a console exclusive game.

    Y’all are silly.

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    My guesses are either Final Fantasy Type-0 (ported to the PSV) or Bravely Default.

    • kroufonz

       they say “unannounced” title

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        You’re right, and neither of those games have been “announced” for North America.

    • Auragar

      Doubt either of them.

  • Guest

    Thank you Spencer, but (no offense) I could care less about a new Square Enix title at the moment since I am still keeping my attention on Final Fantasy Type-0 to hear more news about the game being brought out of Japan. All we ever got concerning about that was this:

    And that was many months ago! C’mon, Square Enix! Focus more on that then new titles! Don’t keep us waiting, dammit (excuse my language)! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

    • They may be working on it but Square Enix has not officially announced Type-0 for an English release. So that post may or may not be wrong.

  • Zeidge

    Square taking over the abandoned Breath of Fire series because they published the very first BoF therefore feeling responsible to take up the challenge + making it in 2D HD sprites on the PS3 and surprising us all!??

    Don’t think so….

  • FF15, directed by Matsuno?

  • Nice break, Spencer. :)

  • Vagrant story

  • Angel wing

    Final Fantasy something something for Iphone

  • RmanX1000

    Before the KH fanboys and fangirls swamp this page, i would like to point out that SE has said they wont even start KH3 until FFvs13 is out. So you got some time.

    • MizuMikomi

      Nomura said in an interview around KH3D’s Japanese release that he had recently begun writing the story for the III. He also stated that development was starting ‘soon’. So any KH news we get this year– TGS seems more likely than anything we’ll hear relatively “soon”.

      So I agree in that instance. But saying it wouldn’t be started until after then– Square kind of lied as far as that bit is concerned. But hey, it’s Nomura, he lies and changes his mind all the time. What’s new? xD

  • Dynno

    If it’s a social or cell-phone only game in Japan then I will hang myself upside down for the whole day…

  • Seiken Densetsu 3, in English, for an actual console.

    …Hey, a loser can dream, can’t he?

  • Nicolas Vasquez


    xenogears 2??!!
    chrono -something-??!!

  • Danny Ramos

    My guesses are a new Super Mario RPG 2 lol.

    I hoped Chrono Cross’ sequel would be but, my brain is telling me not to expect anything, but it always forgets that my heart is a Radical Dreamer :(

  • ShinGundam

    Why we can’t think of something reasonable. XD
    But I am sure it isn’t Bravely Default or Type 0 or a game that i want from them.  

  • Type-0 Vita. Do it!

    • Syltique

      That’s a very good guess.

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      Yes~ pretty please, Square, Type-1 on the Vita XD… wait, you need to release Type-0 in the west first -__- Who knows, maybe we’ll see a port of Type-0 on the Vita AND a sequel. A girl can dream, right? Lol

  • Paradox me

    Considering the words “treat” and “surprise” were used, I’m ruling out some obscure mobile/browser game. I’d like to think that Siliconera is aware of its readers’ disdain for Square’s ventures into those markets and wouldn’t go out of their way to tease a game like that.

    I’m also wondering about the significance of the article being tagged “USA”, or whether “unannounced” means in general or just unannounced for a Western release.

    Whatever, I’m probably reading into this too much. Gonna go with TWEWY2, Nier 2 or, in the event Square and Siliconera have joined forces in an elaborate troll, Final Fantasy X-2-2, a browser sequel to Final Fantasy X-2 (minus the awesome combat).

  • malek86

    I’ll have you know that my surpriseness treshold is quite high.  It better be really surprising!

    Anything Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts wouldn’t really be unexpected. So I’m thinking either a new LOK game (which would fit with the recent re-release of Soul Reaver on GOG), or some sequel to a cult hit game, like Subasekai or Nier or  whatever.

    Or maybe they simply got localizing duty for a niche game everyone here is expecting. Thinking about it, what’s the chance they would give a single site exclusive dibs on a big game?

    • kroufonz

      probably a title that niche and core japanese game fans would actually care.

    • Oni123

       Would love to see a new legacy of kain game ^^

  • kroufonz

    while I am not hoping too much, i do think siliconera know what their audience gonna expect as a “treat” or “Surprise” from a japanese company like square enix

    but still can’t help my imagiination running wild……..
    -anything from Tri-Ace
    -a PS3 exclusive game (it’s the only console this gen that haven’t got an exclusive squareenix title released on it)
    -any HD JRPG
    -a vita JRPG will be nice too

    just please not social/browser/mobile game or western game

  • Prinnydoom

    I am gonna go ahead and say that its TWEWY. They’ve being hinting at that a lot recently what with KH DDD being released.

  • Auragar

    Well I know I can disclude anything that would actually be interesting such as Type-0. I don’t think it will be a whole new game though such as TWEWY 2 or KH3 or anything like that. That would be announced for Japan before US. So I dunno it will probably be some game I don’t have even a single care in the world for. Though it might be Bravely Default… which I dunno I wouldn’t be too sad about that. Anything else though will probably be garbage, and therefore be what it is.

    • Nathanael Chu

       . . . misclicked the like button. Crap.

       . . . anyway, I’ve really got nothing to play right now, so I’ll take anything they announce with interest. Type-0 will be awesome, though. So will TWEWY.

      Where did you get your avatar? I’ve been looking for one of her.

      • Auragar

        TWEWY would be awesome but like I said that would be announced in Japan THEN here. Type-0 would be amazing to have but I don’t have high hopes. And my avatar was cropped from a image on a siliconera post for a DLC pack for Gravity Rush.

  • Please, TWEWY 2…

  • Localization announcement for Beyond the Labyrinth ploxx! : )

    •  I know its developed by tri-ace, but didn’t konami publish that game?

      • puchinri

        I believe so. It was kind of a “pair” thing with Frontier Gate as far as development, I think?

      • Shhh! Quit crushing my dreams! : (

  • Oni123

    Final fantasy XV! 8D jk

  • Tobal 3. Calling it.

  • I hope the announce new title, not just a sequel tho anything is okay for me as long as it is good game :d

  • odd.  I figure a japanese would be announced on a japanese site first, so either this is just an exclusive as far as western media is concerned, is a western developed game, or it is an unusual approach to marketing.

    Still, nothing better than a new game to get excited about.  Color me interested.

  • can i ask which SE?Japan?Europe?Montreal?well it’s suprised enough if it is are  new Chrono,Saga or Mana and it’s not for smartphone or browser games  

    • Auragar


  • z_merquise

    Wouldn’t it be weird if it end as Grand Knights History now being published by Square-Enix and with a solid release date?

  • LustEnvy

    Dissidia x Street Fighter. you heard it here first. =)

  • badmoogle

    I don’t know why but something tells me it won’t be of any interest to me.

    • ReveurIngenu

       Yeah, probably another cheap iOS game or some other cheap game to make cash easily.  I mean, a game revealed by a small, insignificant gaming site?  That just has “fail” written all over it.

      • Might I remind you Siliconera revealed a bunch of stuff like Deathsmiles’ US release, Dead Rising 3, the Square Enix x Mass Effect collaboration, Project Dropship, Gotham by Gaslight, Dead Space 3, etc…

      • I suggest doing some research before you go around saying anything like that. SiliconEra is one of the biggest sources for most of the Japanese game information on the Internet, alongside Andriasang; if it’s not from big, popular companies (which tend to be covered by all gaming sites), it’s covered in English by either Andriasang or SiliconEra (if not both). Go find on Wikipedia a page on a Japanese game; if it’s not among the biggest titles, chances are, either one of them will be cited below several times. The sites just happens to be “low-key” because the admins are not interested in stirring up publicity.

        • Thanks for supporting us and I’d like to say that we have actually revealed stuff and we’re not just talking about localization announcements. (Although, we have done a few of those too!)

          • No worries; I am part of the site after all, even if as a mere once-in-a-blue-moon contributor. I admittedly read only a few gaming news sites, so I’m not very well-versed on “who gets the first dibs”. But what I’m certain is that the amount of info put on SiliconEra is no less than that of an an active game news site, and that the site is in no way insignificant.

      • Code

        Don’t visit game sites very often do ya opo; Siliconera is pretty much one of biggest english sources for Japanese game news. Most other game sites, use Siliconera as one of there main sources for Japanese gaming news, if you simply roll down to the sources opo; This seems to be a rather wide spread misconception with new people here I guess o~o;

  • Ronald Bixler

    Front Mission 5: Scars of War PS3 Edition?

  • RablaAndrews

    Dear god let it be be 2WY. I need more Reapers Game in my life.

  • LustEnvy

    Valkyrie Profile: Hrist

    My life would then be complete…

    • I’d LOVE that, although I almost hated the second game. But Lenneth was GREAT.

      • Eilanzer

        no way man…The second game was great o/…Well…not so epic as the first but…that game was something almost perfect /o/

  • SirRichard

    Kane & Lynch 3: Doggier Days?

    Though seriously, can’t wait. Maybe it’s the game about that artwork we saw a while back, of the guy with the long sword, fancy hat and the owl?

  • icecoffemix

    Xenogears PS3 remake…

    Actually no, I don’t want them to do that. Please don’t do that SE.

    • LustEnvy

      I’d go for it if they kept the characters 2D. And actually did the 2nd disc content properly.

      Oh who am I kidding? Wouldn’t happen. Ever.

      If anything, they’d make a sequel about the Elements, and make it all Charlie’s Angels meets Power Rangers.

      • icecoffemix

        I fear they will really do the latter given the chance and their past portfolio.

        Thank god Xenogears is pretty niche.

  • A new Mana game? A remake of Vagrant Story that isn’t brutal? SaGa games are coming our way? Any of those will do. Just no more friggin Final friggin Fantasy remakes. So help me.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Final Fantasy XIII-3, Nier 2 or at least some RPG 

  • 99 posts and no mention of Ogre Battle (or Tactics Ogre)? qq
    Though, Matsuno has long since left, so it wouldn’t be quite the same…

  • ShadowWolf

    new ogre battle? New Saga Game?

    what Square, what?

  • Syltique

    Siliconera, I love you guys.

    My guess is Bushido Blade 3.

  • Secret of Evermore 2;)

  • A Soul Reaver reboot?

  • KH: Birth By Sleep Vol. 2

    but none of those would surprise me. i’d like it to be one of them but i’d also like to see something else too xD hate surprises… :'(

  • If they want to surprise me, it needs to be::

    – A new Musashi
    – Threads of Fate
    – World Ends with You sequel
    – NieR 2
    – Maybe an FFVII remake

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      Final Fantasy VII remake… must not get my hopes up but I can’t help it ^_^ That would be a VERY pleasant surprise ^_^

      • CirnoLakes

         Would they really announce something as huge as a Final Fantasy VII or VI remake just for little old Siliconera?

        I mean, I love Siliconera, but really, really?

        • SuigetsuHiramura

          Yeah~ I know it’s illogical, but any chance of a remake makes me a little silly ^_^ lol

  • Jacob Banks

    I’ll be a pessimist:

    Some social game for Facebook or iPhone or something like that.

  • Mister_Nep

    Why must you tease me? ;__;

  • KuroiKen

    Maybe they’re announcing Kingdom Hearts 3 for Wii U?

    • yoUNg_grOUp568

      its unlikely kh3 will be on the wiiu  

      • KuroiKen

        well. considering they released all those games on DS and even 1 on 3DS, why not? Well, I don’t particularly care, PS3/Xbox360/Wii – I have them all, and I’m buying a Wii U when it comes, so it doesn’t matter which platform, I just want them to release KH3 already.

        • yoUNg_grOUp568

          tetsuya nomura said kh3 will be on this genreation of consoles 

      • Herok

         they have had 3 games on sony consoles (not counting Re:CoM) and 3 on Nintendo consoles so it really could be on either wiiu/ps3

        • LynxAmali

           Considering the main entries have always been Sony, I HIGHLY doubt it.

          • Herok

             Well when you say main entries do you just mean numbered titles because I consider KH:3D a main entry?

          • LynxAmali

            Number titles = Main series (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Birth By Sleep)

            Spin-off titles= Nintendo (358/2, Chain of Memories, Dream Drop Distance, Re: Coded, etc..)

            Maybe should’ve mentioned that.

          • Herok

             dude how can you consider BBS to be a main title but Not DDD neither of them have a number and both have major plot development? 

        • KuroiKen

          Considering that according to latest reports, Wii U will be slightly better than PS3(well, something like Wii in this generation, where it’s slightly better than PS2), it might be a good idea to release it on Wii U, because it’s way too long until PS4. Though, Wii U release date is still unannounced too, but believe me, Sony wil surely release their console after Microsoft does, and Microsoft will only do so after Nintendo, to show off how their console is “more powerful”. In the end, though, Nintendom will probably win with their gameplay innovations, just like they did with Wii, on which gameplay is MUCH better than on X360/PS3.

      • SuigetsuHiramura

        Not necessarily. Square Enix has been releasing a decent amount of KH games for Nintendo consoles lately ^_^

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      I’d prefer Kingdom Hearts 3 to be on the PS3, but maybe it can go cross-platform ^_^

      • yoUNg_grOUp568

        tetsuya nomura says kh3 would be on this generation of console 

  • They wouldn’t announce something big on a small American website. At best it would be Type-0 getting an English release, which would be awesome, but most likely its going to be something underwhelming like Chrono Trigger being released for the 1000th time on Android or a Facebook Crystal Defenders.

    • Might I remind you and other readers Siliconera revealed a bunch of stuff like Deathsmiles’ US release, Dead Rising 3, the Square Enix x Mass Effect collaboration, Project Dropship, Gotham by Gaslight, Dead Space 3, etc… 

  • Front Mission!

  • Na-na-shi, Na-na-shi, Na-na-shi, Na-na-shi!

  • Hmm…Brave Fencer Musashi 3? 

  • Herok

    if its unannounced going with TWEWY 2 or Kingdom Hearts 3

  • LynxAmali

    Nier sequel?
    Xenogears remake/ sequel?

    Versus XIII release date?
    New KH?
    TWEWY sequel?

    I don’t know.

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      It’s an “unannounced” title, so that rules out Versus XIII (curses -__- lol). I’ll be hoping for a TWEWY sequel though ^_^

  • Dynasty Warriors: Final Fantasy Gundam.

    It’d be unexpected!

  • Please be a TWEWY sequel/prequel, or Sigma Harmonics being released in English!

  • I
    can confirm it’s Mini Ninjas 2 for 3DS. You are setting yourself up for disappointment

    •  Squenix made that game?
      The more you know.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Nah, Eidos published it (IO Interactive developed it), but as you know SE owns Eidos now.

    • I don’t know where your “confirmation” is from, but that’s not it!

      • Really? Now i’m intrigued!

        • I’m more intrigued where you got your “confirmation” from because I hope you weren’t making something up…

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    Man, Nomura is enough of a tease by himeself; we don’t need you teasing us too, Spencer ^_^

  • ShawnOtakuSomething
    • SuigetsuHiramura

      Yeah, it’s about time they did something with Versus… that trailer makes me long for it even more ^_^ lol

  • You teases! 

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Better be an RPG, better be for consoles.

  • CirnoLakes

    So, am I the only one who kind of wishes they would revive the Secret of Mana series or something?

    They really messed up with Seiken Densetsu 4/Dawn of Mana. But if they made something as good as Seiken Densetsu 3 and Legend of Mana again, I’d be pretty happy.

    • Legend of Mana wasn’t really good. It had a super addictive gameplay system but it lacked the plot / drama the first three games had. And by three games I mean the original Seiken Densetsu (aka Final Fantasy Adventure), not the convoluted GBA remake~.

      • CirnoLakes

         It wasn’t that bad. It was certainly better than Dawn of Mana.

        But Seiken Densetsu 3 is my personal favourite.

        Either way, I’d love to see more Mana.

  • AnimeRemix

    TWEWY 2!!!

  • This is not for mobile phones or a browser game and it’s something that would be impossible to guess. You’ll find out soon….

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      Phew~ I figured as much, but I’m glad that that much at least has been confirmed not to be ^_^ “Impossible to guess” huh?… I can hardly wait XD

    • malek86

      Impossible to guess?

      Ok then, I’ll call it: Squenix vs. Capcom.

    • “Impossible to guess” is probably code for “brand new game.” That’s my guess. If it was based on an already established IP, it wouldn’t be impossible to guess because people come up with all sorts of crazy things.

      • But they say it would “surprise” us and I find it hard to believe that somebody would be surprised from the release of a brand new game. It would probably be a game which most people already gave up on getting a sequel to or something like that. Unless it would be a brand new game so special that it will surprise everybody.

        • Squeenix has been so obsessive with making spinoffs and sequels of things that a brand new game is the only thing fitting their currently known “creative” approach to what they make that would actually surprise anyone. Chrono series sequel? No surprise. 3rd Birthday sequel? No surprise. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest remake? Sure thing. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within game? Hey why not, easy way to break further into the FPS genre themselves. Final Fantasy XXX, a hentai game? That includes extremely sick fetishes? There might have been some doubt to that before they pretty much turned Aya Brea into a pathetic nearly softcore porn star with 3rd Birthday, but now Squeenix making an official porn game wouldn’t be a shocker at all. Everyone knows Toriyama would be the writer and director, all with Wada’s blessing.

          The only possible not-new-game announcement they could make that would surprise anyone is a project that would actually retcon something they’ve made since the merger. Their corporate philosophy involves never admitting they made a mistake unless they think it could lead to a MASSIVE loss of revenue, and never undoing damage they’ve done to an IP by retconning one of those mistakes.

          FF14 and FF13 are the two exceptions where they admitted they screwed up, but only because of an uproar that broke into the mainstream. And even then, with FF13 they followed a pattern of make up excuses to absolve themselves of any blame, and outright lie about what consumers can expect and the intentions of the team that worked on the project. Outside those two cases, Squeenix’s policy on “we fucked up bad” is to either ignore the mistake and hope people accept or forget about it with time (FFX-2, 3rd Birthday), or try to “explain” how characters and scenes and such radically changed from the source material while further forcing those changes as canon (Compilation of FF7).

    • RedShadoww

      Well that takes out all the excitement now… :(

    • Impossible to guess? Then, does that mean it’s a game not developed by SE?

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Oh, it’s not a MOBILE phone game. I guess that means it’s a smartphone ga-

      *gets shot repeatedly*

    •  Impossible to guess?
      Well there come only three things to mind and one … I would appreciate very much:
      1. A new Star Ocean title (tri Ace go, gimme ya new engine!)
      2. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (the running gag of SE) 
      3. FFVII remake (and abbandoned VSXIII xDD)

      Sorry I know this is unfair but… we’ll get Theatrythm (which was announced at a later date than VS befor that game)
      Type-0 will be released here, they already clarified that somehow … and yeah… or option 2.5 and they will announce a date for Type-0 this time.
      Ah I love guesses, probably won’t be correct but they are so much fun! xD
      A new Valkyrie Profile created by Tri-Ace would also be very, very much appreciated. :3

    • Impossible to guess huh. Does this mean this is something that’s brand new IP? or perhaps something that they bought rights from somewhere?

  • FF Type-1
    KH 3
    TWEWY 2

    Now or Never SE…
    Dont care about VsXIII Anymore…

    • KyoyaHibari

      VsXIII is the one thing I DO care about lol.

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        That seems like it would be a launch title for the PS4, kind of early to announce more on that. Though one could only hope.

    • MrRobbyM

      I don’t see how people will lose interest in a game just because of it’s long development period. Yeah, maybe losing interest just because the game doesn’t appeal to you anymore, but it’s still going to be the same game you cared about when you first heard about it. No one is happy about the time it’s taking to make, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about it or not going to buy it.

  • And I might remind readers here that we revealed a bunch of stuff like Deathsmiles’ US release, Dead Rising 3, the Square Enix x Mass Effect collaboration, Project Dropship, Gotham by Gaslight, Dead Space 3, etc…

    • Ereek

       You’ve leaked quite a bit in the past, and for years.  I don’t think some people have been here long enough to remember, unfortunately.

      • Yeah and I think some people who have been here long enough have forgotten too :( but we’ll continue to do what we do which is inform people with all of the various sources we have.

        • I totally loved your Dead Space 3 leaks, I totally enjoyed reading them, and I really hope we can see it soon, come on get us a leak trailer or something LOL

          Nice works non the less. :)

        • They are not worthy spencer, ignore the ignorant!, THEY DONT KNOW THE SILICONERA’S POWAH!!

    • CirnoLakes

       I’m sorry for ever doubting you!

  • nyobzoo

     Final Fantasy Type-0 finally coming to the US!?

    • I’m pretty sure that one is not going to happen. Ever since the announcement in November there have been exactly 0 updates on the game. And given the fact the PSP was never a top seller overseas and is (wrongly) considered dead now that the Vita is out I doubt FF Type 0 will ever see the west in English~.

      • They did state they were recording international VA. Chances are it could be getting ported for the Vita.

        • No need to get ported, just put the damn game on PSN Square Enix and I’ll be happy ! :D

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    So many posts here already~ this seems to be a pretty popular subject; I will remain here for awhile and commence spamming of the Open Thread at another time ^_^ lol

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Sigma Harmonics!!!!!
    Wait unannounced? Oh then It’ll probably be The Bouncer II!

  • Bravely Default western announcement, I’m sure ;) I’m pretty sure this will be a western release announcement rather than a new game for Japan. Or else the US flag wouldn’t be there on the top, next to “Article”.

    So yeah, hopefully a Bravely Default western announcement :D

  • Dance Dance Revolution: Final Fantasy X Dragon Quest

    •  Guest Starring Link on Wii U and Kratos on PS3.

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      We’ve already got a rhythm game for Final Fantasy… so this really would not surprise me ^_^ lol

  • Please don’t be a cell phone game. 

    • If you scroll down a wee bit, you’ll see that Spencer already confirmed this ain’t a cell phone game or browser game ;)

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      No cell phone game~ thank the gaming gods ^_^ lol

  •  Square vs Enix fighting game ? :V

    • I’d be fine with Dissidia: Dragon Quest or a new Dissidia: Final Fantasy is always welcome.

  • Final Fantasy: Marriage. Sorry guys, Quistis has been taken <3

    • Code

      Sounds like your Final Fantasy, enjoy it o3o *makes whip sound*

      • Please be gentle…. It’s my first time. 

        • …That Kaomoji just denied you a Like.

        • Please dont do that with that avatar, or i wont be able to control myself anymore

  • Guest

    Why do I feel so excited? There’s not even any hints about the game, yet I feel so excited. Maybe it’s because there’s a chance that my wish for a new Front Mission, Valkyrie Profile, or Star Ocean would soon become a reality. I surely hope so. (◡‿◡✿)

    • “This is an announcement that we are going to make an announcement tomorrow about an impending announcement to announce an announcement.”

      • Hey dawg, I heard you like announcements so we put an announcement in your announcement so you can announce while you announce!

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      I could get behind a new Star Ocean, Star Ocean 5.

  • Ty Arnold

    If it’s Siliconera exclusive, it’s probably not a major game like a Final Fantasy title or a Kingdom Hearts game. They’d save that for E3 or something.

    This increases my hopes that it’ll be something like a new TWEWY.

    • badmoogle

       As much as i love this site,i’m affraid TWEWY2 is still pretty big to be Siliconera exclusive.
      I hope i’m wrong though,this site definitely deserves more recognition.

      • We’ve done some pretty big stuff like I said before: Dead Rising 3, the Square Enix x Mass Effect collaboration, Project Dropship, Gotham by Gaslight, Dead Space 3, etc. Way back in the day- we announced Sands of Destruction for the US too.

        Sadly, people don’t remember when we do these things though :(

        • Awww don’t be sad, Spence. There are significantly more people who are waiting for the announcement compared to those who ridicule the credibility of the site.

          • Hey thanks! Yeah, these days that’s true. :) People often forget when we are the source for things, though.

            Not too long ago people were talking about Kagura’s “rumored” Western launch and when I asked for the source (because I was generally curious!) two separate readers linked back to other sites that just quoted our interview with Takaki-san believing those to be the “source.”

          • badmoogle

             Um i hope you are not including me with “those who ridicule the credibility of the site” as i’ve never said or implied something like that. :(

        • Code

          Plus, tons of other gaming sites source SE for it’s regular news coverage too, people seem to forget that opo; Aww well, at least most of the cool people remember, right o3o;; *chin palm* People are under the misconception SE is smaller then what it really is >w<;

          • Most of the cool people remember! :) And even for those that don’t we’ll continue to inform readers about what we know.

        • badmoogle

           I’ve never said you haven’t digged some very interesting news in the past or haven’t done reveals so i’m sincerely terribly sorry if my post sounded like that.:( As i said i love this site and i really appreciate all your hard work you’ve done for it.
          It’s just that for a game like TWEWY2 i thought that there are more chances for SE to reveal it either in a public event like TGS or give the exclusivity to a more known site/publication like Famitsu.

          Regardless of this announcement i want you to know that personally i think that both you and Ishaan are doing a great job,so keep it up! :)

    • malek86

      TWEWY2 in particular wouldn’t be “impossible to guess”, with all the rumors that have been flying around, the appearance in KH3DS, and Nomura’s recent words about the series. People are certainly expecting something about it at this point… so I’m going to rule it out for now.

      Unless, instead of a sequel it’s some kind of remake. That would be much more unexpected.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      A TWEWY 2 would be nice. 

    • Maumac77

      WHAT???!!! TWEWY IS A MAJOR TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok maybe not but I totally prefer it over FF and KH :p

  • AuraGuyChris

    Calling it.

    It’s a game coming only to Japan.

    • Guest

      No! Don’t jinx!

    • Auragar

      No. It has USA in the article.

  • Final Fantasy Brigade’s coming westward *yay* /sarcasm

  • Guest

    Slim chance, but I’m really hoping for a new Chrono game.

  • I’m guessing The Last Remnant for PS3. 

    • MrRobbyM

      Last Remnant 2 PS3 exclusive is more likely.

    • would be interesting

    •  I recommend the PC version, it comes with the original JPN voices optional with subs… unlike any SQUEENIX console game ( that I am aware of).

       Wasnt a bad game, though like all SQUEENIX games these days it had its share of annoying characters. ( Whose english dub voices magnified the effect, hence my loving the JPN dialogue… I actually dont mind dubs as long as they are good dubs.. )

  • This is probably going to be something stupid.

  • takopako


  • Am I the only one thinking about a new Grandia title?

    •  Grandia is a Game Arts title, and Game Arts is owned by Gungho. Square Enix wouldn’t have anything to do with it.

      • Square owns about 15 percent of Game Arts stock after the fusion with Enix and publish Grandia games since, they’re playing smart ’cause, after all, Square has way more influence than Gungho and they know that

        so, even if it’s a small one, there is a possibility that the game is Grandia, who knows
        still keeping my hopes up ’cause i really miss Grandia’s battle system haha

  • Hinataharem

    Slime vs. Chocobo: Fate of Two Mascots

  • Guest

    People say that this isn’t going to surprise me because it’s Siliconera exclusive, but if Spencer said himself that this surely will surprise me, then I believe that it’s a big title (unless, of course, he’s tricking us about that. He does have a knack for tricking people). :)

  • Neah

    Well I’m interested. 

    “the game will surprise you.” Well I can’t wait for Monday to see this bit of news. 

  • I’m most dreading that it will be a sequel to 3rd Birthday. If I try to be logical, it’s unlikely because Squeenix hasn’t talked about Aya Brea since the beginning of 2011, and if they had plans to continue ruining the series, they would have announced more by now. Parasite Eve was their big returning series mentioned at E3 2010, yet it was gone completely from E3 2011. However, I wouldn’t put it past Squeenix to let Toriyama keep destroying the Parasite Eve series if he wants to do it, since they seem to like his garbage.

    If it’s not related to 3rd Birthday, then I dread it will be a sequel or spinoff to any of their old IPs. FFX has an HD collection in the works, so they could be re-releasing FFX-2, or making another game that further forces FFX-2 as being canon. They also haven’t done a spinoff or sequel to FF3, FF5, FF6, FF8 or FF9, so there’s prime “let’s screw that up too” realty there. They also haven’t ruined the Chrono series yet, and judging by the completely pointless use of time travel in both 3rd Birthday and FFXIII-2, they may be prepping to ruin that series like all the others they’ve already ruined. Which is a shame, because I had hoped their idiocy about “CTDS didn’t sell enough copies!” would keep the Chrono series safe.

    Basically, Squeenix has been such a bad company, and treated their IPs so poorly for the past decade, that I dread any new announcement for its potential to be a shitty spinoff or sequel meant to drag a great series or game through the mud.

    If it’s a completely brand new game or a sequel to something like TWEWY, I can say that at least they’re not just whoring an old IP, and I’m indifferent. Minor plus mark. What would really surprise me is if it does turn out to be a spinoff or sequel of an old IP, but unlike just about every case so far, it actually treats the source material with class and respect. That would go a long way to making me think better of the company. Though presently I still hope it’s not a spinoff or sequel announcement. I don’t trust Squeenix to do anything right with those even if they started caring about their old IPs and actually tried to make a good game.

  • Zeidge

    Just going to throw out what I think.

    1) Its probably not related to one of their main franchises. If it were, I think they would just say it outright.
    2) New IP isn’t very surprising. I mean, there’s no expectation to surprise if its new.
    3) It might be a sequel to some obscure/forgotten title they left alone long ago hence ‘surprise’.
    4) Don’t think its a collaboration of any sort. Would have said SE X ?? title not just SE.
    5) Still in development?? It is unannounced after all.

    Lastly, if this is one of those ‘surprises’ (localisations of things that should have been said, console/handheld port, etc.) the higher ups think we don’t know or think is surprising, heads will roll.

  • Guest

    I’ll make four guesses:
    -A game from the viewpoint of zombies who just wants to coexist with the living-A game that consist of elderly people who must fight and travel across the world to obtain the elixir of life-A new SRPG-A new Chrono game 

  • Eilanzer

    localization of FF type-0 

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      A yes from me for Type-0.

  • usagi_san

    My four guesses:
    -A game from the viewpoint of a zombie who wants to coexist with the living.
    -A band of elderly people who travel the world and face the terrors of the world as they seek the elixir of life
    -A new SRPG
    -A new Chrono game

  • Final Fantasy Tactics 2

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 3 >:)

  • a new dissidia for vita. hope that noctis is in it.. XD(maybe not but still hoping.)

    • Auragar

      Nope Us Squenix won’t announce a game like that that’s Squenix Japan’s job.

  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Maybe they will announce the Final Fantasy VII rema- *gets shot*

    On a more serious note, while I don’t expect this announcement to be anything too big, I’m still curious what will it be. Honestly, I don’t think we have enough to go on to wager a good guess.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    New IP OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Godmars

    Sad that this is coming, and I’m expecting a 3/10 chance that this will be actually good.

    • Auragar

      3/10? Wow better than my expectations I am thinking that it will be 1/100 chance of actually being something good.

      • Even that’s generous. You can’t put a chance on something that can never happen. It would be like saying there’s a 0.00000000000001% chance the moon is made of beer.

        Okay, yeah, I’m being mean to Squeenix. It’s one of the few ways I have to buffer my hatred for them with the fun of mocking them. I would honestly like if they actually started being a good company again, but since they proved last Christmas and Spring that that’ll never happen no matter how much I wish for it, I take what I can get.

        • Auragar

          Heh… honestly I agree with you. To an extent.

  • EmptyStar

    *crosses fingers for Terry’s Wonderland 3D localization*

  • kupomogli

    Remakes of Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

    • Godmars

      Hey, don’t count out 13! 13-2 is the last one they actually made.

      Me, I’m expecting 13-3 while vs13 is pushed over to the PS4/Nextbox/WiiU.

      Or maybe its a WiiU exclusive.  

      • Trey Donnelly

         13 is new so it doesn’t need to be remade xD

        • Godmars

          Not talking about it “needing” a remake. There are 5-6 remakes of FF1 and I’m sure most of those weren’t needed.

        • Godmars

          Not talking about it “needing” a remake. There are 5-6 remakes of FF1 and I’m sure most of those weren’t needed.

        • Pfft, what are you talking about? FF13 is like two years old now! Those graphics are soooo ugly, it’s absolutely necessary to have a full-blown remake! Who would ever want to play a game with graphics from two years ago when they can have a game with up-to-date graphics!

          I’m being sarcastic just for the fun of it, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Squeenix actually did it and claimed exactly that reason. They’ve done dumber things and stooped far lower already, there are literally no depths I do not think they would sink to. Anything other than a spinoff or sequel to a pre-merger Squaresoft property that respects the source material would not surprise me.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      You missed Final Fantasy Sev- *gets shot again*

      • kupomogli

        I think you know what I meant, but just incase there are those who didn’t.  What I meant was that the way things are going, we’re going to see a rerelease of every Final Fantasy up to current except for the release of FF7.  Square Enix already knows that fans want it, but there’s always some excuse not to do it.

        I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

  • New Dissidia or Localized FF type-o

    • Auragar

      It won’t be any truly new game as that would be under a Japan article tg or whatever. So. Ow new Dissidia or Twewy 2 or Kh3. Also I have said many times before the likelyhood of it being a type-0 announcement are super slim to none. Squenix knows we want it but they hate us and will never give us it.

  • DuskSharkEX

    …Chocobo Racing 3D? I’ve wondering what’s been going on with that one.

  • Monday as in tomorrow ?!, I really hope it is that game about the guy with a sword and owl and was similar to castlevania, and had a dark vibe, oh and this is my opinion, but I don’t want it to be another RPG.

  • Guest

    Type-0!  Make it happen, Spencer!

    • Auragar

      As I said before I and many many others would LOVE this it is very unlikely as Squenix hates us.

  • Jirin

    Huh.  If they’re making their announcement through Siliconera it must be nichey.

  • Kingdom Hearts Collection HD made with the Final Mix and Final Mix+ content.

  • You never kno might be Tobal no. 3 old psx fighter sequel me and my cousin used to ply was just plyn Tobal No. 1 and 2 last night……

  • Final Fantasy Type-0?
    Final Fantasy XIV for Vita?
    Kingdom Hearts HD Collection?
    FF Versus XIII?
    The Last Remnant 2?

  • kroufonz

    does that 2 unnamed squareenix project count as unannounced? (a action rpg using unity and a rpg using Unreal targeting for “worldwide” audience)

  • Square releasing Tales of Xillia?!

    • kroufonz

       it’s a title that impossible to guess, so Vesperia PS3:P

    • WonderSteve

       What kind of world do you live in!? Invite me to there too!

  • Guest

    I am not going to guess because I don’t want to get my hopes up too high (though I might be failing XD), though l really can’t wait for the announcement! (^_^)

  • Aw, man, I can’t wait to find out!! 

  • Are we getting the highly anticipated game “Nyan Cat Revenge: The Revenge Story” ?


  • I hope it’s a good game with a good battle system and a good everything.

  • Sigma Harmonics? 8D
    (One can dream…)

    • imaguni

       That would be amazing. :(

  • RupanIII

    Einhander 2? Tobal 3? Busido Blade 3? New Brave Fencer?

    Hey, they’re possible. Ok, not really :P

    • Code

      I’ve been trying to stay level-headed about this omo;; but when my eyes rolled over Einhander 2, I could literally feel my pupils dilate, and the thought enter my mind. Damnit >3<~ 

  • JaimeLara

    Terranigma for the 3DS? :)?

  • Zetsomaru

    I read a rumor that there was a new Final Fantasy Tactics in the works. Could that be it?

    • usagi_san

      I hope so… I do hope so…

  • Siliconera has a Square Enix exclusive? Wow! You really have improved, guys. Congratulations.

  • SirAuron14

    FFX HD?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Was already announced bro.

  • WingsOfEternity


    They promised. :(

    • Now THAT would be something

    • Anime10121

       DO WANT!

      Curious to know though, did they ever really promise this game?  I ask because it is my favorite Final Fantasy and I would LOVE a sequel (although I dont know what they could add to the world/story because it was pretty much all wrapped up).

      • WingsOfEternity

        “IGN: Of all the Final Fantasy games, which one would you like to work on a sequel for?

        Takeshi Arakawa: FFIX.
        I was involved in the production; I expressed my ideas, but I also had
        quite a hard time in the process. And some of the characters look
        really… fanciable.”

        It wasn’t exactly a promise, but the possibility was mentioned.

  • alastor3

    new ip are always the best (nier, the world ends with you)

  • RedShadoww

    Only things that SE could surprise me with is a Chrono Break for PS3, FF7 HD remake, TWEWY2, KH3, or FFXV (with either full action rpg like KH or full turn-based, i don’t want no crappy hybrids.)

    • Godmars

      Would say, “you take our crappy hybrids – and like em!” but I don’t want them either.

      On the same token I don’t see them spontaneously becoming creative in terms of gameplay when they’ve only been about “streamlining” all this time. 

  • If it’s what I think it is, I guess it’ll be the difference between whether I need to buy a Vita or not…

    • Auragar

      Curious what do you think it is?

  • imaguni

    Yay, The Bouncer 2!

  • I’ll be as angry as Kratos in GOW III if this doesn’t concern FF Type-0 ! I’m counting on you siliconera :)

    • Auragar

      As much as I want that there is very lIttle chance of that.

      • Sorry but I don’t think so. :p

        • Auragar

          You don’t think it is a small chance of Type-0 FINALLY being revealed for US. Why? What leads you to believe it will be Type-0 and no something completely ignorant and pointless. Don’t get me wrong I would love for it to be a reveal like that. I just don’t see it happening. I have my expectations low and even so I am going to be depressed by what the actual reveal is.

          • Why ? Two simple words : Final Fantasy !

            And siliconera wouldn’t tease us if it was something “ignorant and pointless”. US Announcement + a PSP game with no update (just one in fact^^) since its Japanese release… I may be wrong but I bet on this one :)

          • Auragar

            Well you were absolutely wrong. It was indeed something ignorant and pointless. Sorry, I really wanted it too.

  • Count me interested.

  • Radiata Stories 2 or GTFO

  • rurin

    I really hope it’s Type-0!!! …but I kind of doubt it :'(
    I’ll jump for joy if if is though…

    • Auragar

      Again! Type-0 is VERY unlikely. Squenix hates us too much.

      • Why do you keep saying that? There’s absolutely NO proof Type-0 isn’t coming. 

        And even if it doesn’t, no, it’s not because Square “hates us”, but due to the shrinking PSP market in the West. Like it or not, only a fraction of the general public even knows this game exists – or own the console to play it in case they do.

        • Auragar

          There needed not be proof. It should have been known from the start that no we won’t get the one game a crap load of people actually want. And trust it is because SENA hates us. They could release it was download only if need be. They have no reason not to bring it other than them hating us.

  • A new star ocean would be cool 

  • Give me a high-powered PS3 remake of VI or XII and I’ll be a happy, happy man.

    • I could see XII on PS3, but a remake of VI would more likely be on 3DS or Vita

      • That would be more likely. It would also be more depressing and underwhelming.

    • Solomon_Kano

      A remake of XII? Unless you’re talking FF X style, it’s much too soon for that. I’d do backflips of joy if it happened for sure, but that’s way out there.

      FF VI though? I think @twitter-43900075:disqus has the right idea there. And that’d be awesome.

  • Let the dreams pour in! :)

    I’m guessing half of these comments are going to say Chrono Break.

  • What about a Final Fantasy VI remake??? 

    • ShadowWolf

       with playable Ultros

    • A follow-up to FFVI would be real nice.

      • a follow up? You mean a sequel? As for me, the original one is fine. I want the kids of today to play the game that was the foundation, the template, and for me, the best Final Fantasy game.

  • Super Mario RPG 2.

  • kool_cid414


  • Worldwide rpg game???

  • HD Remake of Tom Sawyer? I’m in!

  • Heidenroslein

    The World Ends with You 2?

    They’ve been hyping it up a lot recently so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Auragar

      That would be announced by Squenix Japan. Besides I wouldn’t expect much. Probably some stupid piece of… garbage… game.

      • Heidenroslein

        Oh I didn’t realize that this was Square Enix America (I’m assuming America) was the one revealing something tomorrow.

        Then I have no idea what’s going to be revealed lol.

        • Auragar

          Well it is called Square Enix North America I believe and includes Canada/Mexico. I might be wrong though.

  • i wanna see i new Brave Fencer Musashi title….But i’m pulling for Tobal 3! lol

    • CirnoLakes

      I sure hope it’s better than Musashi: Samurai Legend. That game wasn’t so great. Couple that with Dawn of Mana for two, very disappointing PlayStation 2 games I own.

    • CirnoLakes

      I sure hope it’s better than Musashi: Samurai Legend. That game wasn’t so great. Couple that with Dawn of Mana for two, very disappointing PlayStation 2 games I own.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Aw. I enjoyed Samurai Legend. Then again, I never played the original. So there’s that.

        • Anime10121

           If you enjoyed the crappy sequel (although a decent game on its own), you OWE it to yourself to go out and play the original Brave Fencer Musashi!  It was an awesome game in every since of the word.  IMO it was a better Zelda (never cared much for Zelda games), it plays similar but Musashi was SO much better!

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hm. I’ve never bothered with the Zelda games myself, but I suppose I’ll check out Brave Fencer Musashi.

  • Final Fantasy’s successor!
    What? Everyone else is posting nonsense.

  • Code

    You know what the problem is right, it’s because there is a bunch of commenters on this page acting like snotty children. Here Siliconera is grabbing an exclusive for it’s readers and this is how people act. Maybe it’s not the best approach to post the links it for each person. But seriously I’ve been here a long time, and I haven’t seen commenters give the site and staff, such flak. Really disappointed guys.

    • Sometimes I wonder why commenters have gotten increasingly mean spirited as the site grew. I mean we don’t writes posts like such and such makes me want to punch kittens to stir controversy and we try to stick to the facts rather than writing opinion pieces. It’s disappointing that with each reveal we’re at odds with a subset of some of the vocal readers.

      I mean we could throw around the banhammer too, but I’m not fond of that as I’d like to keep the site open for commenters. It’s a catch-22 especially since other sites have such supportive communities. Anyway, I think people will be surprised tomorrow…

      • Code

        Yeahh there’s been a lot of growth lately, and news like this really make new-commenters come out of the woodwork, who just don’t have the same history here as a lot of long time members I guess >3w<; 

  • Guest

    Hopefully it’s answers to that FFT title that had the teaser. A FFT sequel to the original is a must. I miss the bouncer that game had so much potenial for future projects.

    • Google Crystal Conquest.  You totally missed the punchline.  You might want to actually AVOID the punchline.  XD

      • Guest

        A third Chrono game would be sweet

  • Rufos_S

    A Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis Remake…

  • ZomaNeko

    I think “A game that will surprise you” isn’t some kind of sequel or remake of any old or obscure Square classic.  It’s probably a western style game that square is publishishing that we just wouldn’t expect, like some first person shooter

    • Auragar

      That would be possible since nobody actually wants that. This is exactly what it is. This person is a genius.

  • Darrel Daley

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII-2

    • Auragar

      Uhm… what? The first Versus isn’t even out.

      • badmoogle

         That’s the joke. :p

  •  Can’t wait to find out what it could be.

  • It’s not being a “whiny child.” It’s kind of necessary with so many commenters being prickish toward the staff of the site. “Oh hurr you guys actually got a scoop! You’re actually people now durr hurr.” Yeah, I’m making it sound ridiculous, but some of the commenters are being pointlessly nasty.

    The one above, of course he wasn’t among those ones, but it’s important to rectify misinformation generated by the mean-spirited types. Otherwise, without having the air cleared, it becomes the “truth” to people even if it’s complete bull.

  • RupanIII

    I’ve got it! DRIVING EMOTION TYPE S-2!

  • Palmer Nyako

    Better be kingdom hearts 3.
    Don’t put out a tease for an unimportant game, siliconera.

    • jcrush7

      kingdom hearts HD collection it is the anniversary

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    Is it dissidia 013 for the psvita? I hope so!

    • 013 is the original Dissidia. 

      • ArcadiaSymphonia

        whoops shoulda said 011 dissidia oor the third dissida game

    • Auragar

      Like I have told others. Squenix NA will not reveal a completely new game unless it is something stupid and worthless. So don’t expect anything good. Expect “Random Game Nobody Cares About”.

      • RablaAndrews

        Gee, Negitive Nancy, calm down a bit. Could be an international announcement.

        • Auragar

          I am assuming this was a reply to one of my many comments. Not sure which one. But I was right to be negative.

  • Maybe I´m the only weido who believes that finally we’re gonna see Chrono Break announced… i still hope that they revive the adventures of Crono and Co., finally revealing what happened after the Fall Of Guardia, or known of the fates of Schala and Magus… though knowing Square, maybe is another Final Fantasy :-(

    • You’re not the only one and it’s not a shocker, either. Aside from Squeenix having a history of whoring out everything they have with little regard for the source material, 3rd Birthday and FF13-2 had time travel elements shoehorned into them as if they were proxies for Chrono series ideas.

      • And one more thing… if the original team isn’t brought back (maybe excluding Toriyama… XD), im sure they gonna screw up this game quite hard… still i put my hopes on a new chrono game… chrono cross was awesome, but the ending and half of the plot was a bit… and killing robo and lucca wasnt fair :-( 
        Oh by the way, does anyone else believes that miguel from the dead sea is crono in chrono cross… i read it on chrono compendium and sounded like an interesting theory, tough is very sad that you had to defet him… sniff, memories just rushed to my head once again, maybe im gonna play both chrono games to recall old memories…

        • Eilanzer

          No he is not the same person…It´s the same thing with Guile being Magus…Or the Glenn being Frog and so on…
          For me Chronno Cross was good and bad at the same time…And not in hell comparable to the legendary Chronno Trigger =/

          • Agree… nothing like this SNES classic… that’s why im doubtful about enix making a sequel, if we were talking about ol’ good squaresoft things could’ve turned brighter for a bunch of sequels and new games… maybe XIII never had the need of a forced sequel, XIV maybe had turned into a good jrpg and not a mediocre online game, parasite eve would never spammed a lazy sequel, and a “real” remake of chrono trigger had been sold instead of that crappy DS (and now iOS and Android) port… still high hopes and fingers crossed

    • I’ll kick a small dog in jubilation if it’s another Chrono game

  • Eidolons/Espers fighter game :V

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Final Fantasy VII remake. Yeah, I went there.


  • Solomon_Kano

    It’ll surprise me? I’m scared to even come up with a guess as to what it might be. If it’s a surprise then we know it won’t be a FF or DQ game. It definitely won’t be another Parasite Eve.

    Then again, we don’t know that this is an entirely new title or the localization of an existing one. That said, my bet is on Type-0. Whatever it ends up being, I’m VERY excited.

    • Auragar

      I doubt it will be an entirely new game. As I have said… this is Squenix NA not Japan. And I don’t know why people are expecting Type-0. It is highly unlikely. If that is what it is there would be a ton of happy people. But because of that it won’t happen. I swear Squenix hates us.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Actually, according to Spencer this isn’t a localization announcement. Therefore there’s a good chance this actually ISN’T from Squenix NA. Besides, Type-0 being unlikely is all the more reason to expect it. Y’know, since it’s supposed to be surprising. Or, at least, prior to Spencer’s comment it was.

        So now that it’s guaranteed not to be Type-0… Golden Saucer mini-game collection for PS3. It’s the only logical choice.

        • Auragar

          I knew it wasn’t Type-0 which is unfortunate. But it is STILL SENA.

          • Solomon_Kano

            “After completing Nier, Square Enix Japan signed on to produce a new intellectual property from Cavia under the code name Catacombs.”

            SEJ + Cavia (Japanese) = SENA?

  • AzureNova

    Legend Of Dragoon 2! Called it. lol

    • Godmars

       That would be Sony, who still holds the IP.

      Who would also, if they were smart, let Atlus, NIS or Level 5 do it. Don’t let Square anywhere near it.  

      • icecoffemix

        Or even Falcom!

        That would be marvelous actually.

  • I’m desperate for Final Fantasy Type-0. Also Spencer, I expect the reveal to be on Monday, at 12:00 midnight. I’ll be waiting…refreshing…

  • I’m desperate for Final Fantasy Type-0. Also Spencer, I expect the reveal to be on Monday, at 12:00 midnight. I’ll be waiting…refreshing…

    • The reveal isn’t at 12:00 midnight, and “midnight” will vary depending on what time zone you’re in! It will be Monday afternoon.

      • Auragar

        I will probably be in school so… oh well. xD Also completely unrelated to anything, but I have been wondering… what exactly is your avatar a picture of?

        • It’s this wooden apatosaurs I got as a gift.

          • Auragar

            Hmm… I thought it was a dinosaur or something. Cool thanks for clearing that up.

  • Christopher Ardern

    If its NOT a Chrono game, it won’t suprise me. :)

  • Hoping for a REAL Front Mission game, The World Ends With You 2, and of course… Einhänder 2 !!! ( a man can dream..)

  • Laharl

    Parasite Eve Reboot PLZ

    • I don’t want a Parasite Eve reboot because I don’t want 3rd Birthday to be considered last word canon for how Aya Brea ended up in the “original” series. If anything were to happen involving Parasite Eve, I want it to be Parasite Eve 3, starring Aya Brea, treated respectfully and with everything about it essentially saying “3rd Birthday is not canon, it never happened.”

      • Laharl

        2 wasn’t any better. It took away everything unique about the gameplay and story of one and replaced it with a shoddy Resident Evil clone. Not to mention it took away everything unique about Aya as a RPG star and turned her into the Stock Square Enix “Pretty Magic Girl in love with a gruff anti-hero”

        • I felt less for PE2 as well, it lost a lot of what made the original game great as you said, but I was able to ignore those issues and enjoy it because Aya was still Aya and though there was a shower scene, its purpose wasn’t to be softcore porn.

  • Hey Spencer, Anychance you can confirm if this is an entirely new announcement worldwide or simply a western localization announcement?

    • It’s not a localization announcement.

      • Great! Now then, for your next question… does it contain copious amounts of bacon!

        • Sadly no, but I think one of the characters probably eats bacon? So, we might have a bacon cameo, but that’s far from copious amounts.

          •  I guess a bacon cameo is better than no bacon at all!

      •  Aw, nuts. No Sigma Harmonics, then :<

        • Aw jeez, I forgot about Sigma Harmonics. I f’n wanted that…

      • Hmmm, why the american tag under this article then? Can that mean this is an announcement from the US based SE studios then?

  • ShadowWolf

    the thing that would surprise me the most, and i have IMMENSE doubts that they, or anyone else, is they bought the right and license to Okage: Shadow King and are making a sequel for it………….but again, i doubt anyone would do that……unless someone did a kickstarter, and even then i doubt that to the levels of FPS popularity decreasing this year and another genre finally having its chance seems more likely.

    ……..but man do i wish someone would do it.

  • Please be another Ogre Battle game

  • What time is this announcement supposed to be around?
    Morning, afternoon, evening, PST, CST, EST?

    • Spencer said down lower that it would be in the afternoon.

  • It’s RIDICULOUSLY unlikely, but a Live a Live sequel for 3DS would surprise me more than anything.

    •  I think that would surprise us all infinitely.

      That’s about like me hoping that Rare gets their stuff together and producing another Battletoads.  Or Killer Instinct.

      …Man, what I wouldn’t give for Killer Instinct 3…

      • RupanIII

        Rare was awesome back in the day… what happened -_-;

        • Solomon_Kano


          • RupanIII

            oh yea. :

  • Solomon_Kano

    So now that it’s guaranteed not to be Type-0… Golden Saucer mini-game collection for PS3!

    It’s the only logical choice.

  • A new Chrono game would be great, but only if the original CT team is working on it.  Hell, a new Chrono game would single-handedly reverse all the losses S-E incurred in the last 10 years!  Nah, I’m exaggerating but I’m sure a whole lot of people will buy it.

    • Well S-E still has yet to see their Chrono Brake(Break) trademark expire as the expiration date is during the summertime. Would be nice if they stuck to that.

  • Vagrant Story 2……

    If its SQUEENIX, it almost has to be a sequel. If its a Japanese produced game ( not their Montreal team) that the west will case about, and a surprise ( I take surprise to imply that its something they think we wouldnt have seen coming but have seen before in a previous iteration) then it has to either be a FFVII remake or a new Vagrant Story.

     I am personally hoping for a new Vagrant Story… FFVII was great in its day but I dont care about a remake… SQUEENIX big problem to me is they dont do anything I find interesting anymore…. its campy and formulaic…. theyre the LucasArts of the East. Would be cool if they would break that trend and do cool stuff again. I have already played FFVII… do not feel a need to replay it with shinier GFX.

  • I was watching a video on Legend of Mana, and it made me remember how much I loved that game. I would love a Legend of Mana 2.

    • CirnoLakes

       I want a solid Seiken Densetsu 5 to make up for Seiken Densetsu 4, personally.

      I want a return to the play style and story of Seiken Densetsu 3. You may call me crazy, but that’s my favourite Mana game. It was an astounding Action RPG, unlike Dawn of Mana, which was a rather sub-par action-platformer.

  • d19xx

    Secret of Evermoore :)

  • RupanIII

    It’s after 12… how about a hint? ;P

  • oh the hype … i can’t contain myself anymore, but if it’s final fantasy 13 versus my heart will explode into a gazillion pieces

    •  too bad it wont be because the article says “news on a UNANNOUNCED SE GAME”

      and from what i recall…FF13 Versus was announced….what? 6 years ago?

      • lol yeah true but maybe they changed the name to like agitoshi or sumtn thats unnanounced-like … wishful thinking but i suspect its a game thats part of a western company they acquired

    • Godmars

      It’ll be a surprise if its not a 3DS game.

  • i hope it s twewy 2 or seiken densetsu!! <3 love!!! 

  •  Theathrithm Final Fantasy 2. And Square got destroyed istantly.

    • theoriginaled

      Theatrythm B-sides. Nothing but the tracks and characters no one remembers!

  • AzureNova

    Parasite Eve 3 please ^_^

    • LustEnvy

      Ever heard of 3rd Birthday? Yeah, there you go. Though It’s about as good as cancer.

      Parasite Eve 4 with an updated battle system from the first game? YES PLEASE.

      • TheDarkEmpress

        They were trying to pretend it doesn’t exist…a game that should’ve never gotten a birthday.

        • LustEnvy

          Well put. What irks me is that SE loves to completely alter gameplay style with each iteration. How is this a series? I can understand updated mechanics, but changing from genre to genre? WTH? First one was an RPG, second one was a Resident evil clone, and the third was a wannabe TPS. Common sense would be to keep it in the same genre… the FIRST one they used.

          As it stands, Parasite Eve has an identity crisis… both in game and out.

      • An actual Parasite Eve 3, that makes 3rd Birthday noncanon and treats Aya right, would be excellent. It would also get me to start buying their games again.

        It’s disappointing that so many people seem perfectly happy with how 3rd Birthday utterly ruined and destroyed Aya. If they cared about her at all, we could actually see an amazing Parasite Eve game with the real Aya back in action.

      • AzureNova

        I have The 3rd Birthday sir and I can tell you that it is most definitely not a part 3. If you were a true PE fan then you would know that I meant for the PS3.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Does it really matter what it’s for? I would just want an actual good Parasite Eve game, they can put it on pretty much whatever they want for all I care.

          • Agreed. If they announce Parasite Eve 3 or some game that makes 3rd Birthday no longer canonical, and it treats Aya respectfully, I’ll buy just about any system it takes to play it… except 360. Only one I won’t get.

            But it’d still at least make me start buying Squeenix products again.

  • I hope it’ll be Kingdom Hearts 3 or at least Kingdom Hearts HD Collection with BBS

  • Sebastian Trelles

    So unlikely, yet… Secret of Mana 5? Mario RPG Remake? When will the game be announced anyway?

  • Something good for Vita would be great, 3DS has already KH & Theatrym FF for this year.

  • Gabriel Dias

    Does anyone here, other than me, consider the possibility of being a remake of FFVII?

    •  I think that would be a possibility ANY OTHER time. But I doubt that they’ll skip FFV or FFVI. VI more than V. But I don’t think it’s any of them… this game is unannounced. It could very well be FFXIII-3. They’re seriously milking the Fabula Nova Crystallis “series,” like they did FVII’s.

  • If This exclusive was Parasite eve on the PS3 …. I’m totally dying cuz i’m one of the biggest fans of the series ~ !!

  • Bo

    it upset’s me to see that no one even mentioned Versus 13

    • theoriginaled

      its been mentioned a few times. In fact there was already a vsXIII-2 joke made

  • Rolando Morada

    It could be “FORTRESS”, the spin-off/sequel to Final Fantasy XII. 

    • I thought they confirmed they canned the development of Fortress

  • Ferat Altun

    The 4th Birthday, please !! ='(

    • YES! THIS!

      why does nobody but me(and this great man or woman) seem to really like the game and wish for the next

      • Syltique

        I would love 4th Birthday.  3rd is one of my favorite games this gen.

      • CirnoLakes

        I read your post… but all I can think about is PINKIE PIE!

        By jove… that’s it. I’m sorry, but you’re not getting your 4th Birthday game.

        For the project announced today is…..


        Well played Siliconera… Square Enix… well played..

        •  The bad part is, that actually sounds like a game title.

      • Ferat Altun

        Haha, thank you !

        I’m a big fan of Aya Brea, so I hope this is a new episode of the Parasite Eve series ! (Or “Birthdays” series)

        [And Sorry for my bad english but I’m French..]

    • Hell no. Parasite Eve 3, with 3rd Birthday retconned out of existence and Aya Brea treated with respect again, or nothing at all.

      • Ferat Altun

        Yes, but Parasite Eve no longer exists.
        But I’m Agree With You, Even Though I liked The 3rd birthday.

        • I have a feeling that something could be worked out to have the title of Parasite Eve back, most likely involving the author of the original book having full control over how it turns out. It’s probably even necessary, given the lack of creative talent at Squeenix, and their apparent star script writer repeatedly turning great already established IPs into awful, sleazy fanfiction.

          But even if a game with the title Parasite Eve isn’t possible, it would still be far better to have a game that makes 3rd Birthday entirely noncanon. In other words, not 4th Birthday, since a game titled 4th Birthday would be further fixing 3rd Birthday as being canon.

  • Shouldn’t announcement have  been made already?

    • CirnoLakes

      It’s only 7:37 in the United States on Central time.

      I don’t think they’re very behind schedule, personally.

    • According to our clock it is not the afternoon yet… but it will be soon.

  • is it a square enix crossover vii-2 or better yet a kingdom hearts compilation

  • I think the only thing that would surprise me its a GOOD Final Fantasy sequel, cause the last good one was FFX…

    •  That’s very generalized and subjective, you know. In their own rights, X-2, XII, XIII, and XIII-2 were all very good games. Stop making comments thinking that your opinion is law.

      • I’m not saying that im absolutely right and everybody must agree with me. I played all FF and i feel like the series its losing its charm. How come people are desperate to play a FFVII sequel, aside from loving the game, its because till FFX the games had great story, characters, gameplay, strategy, etc.
        But with each new release i fell more and more disappointed.The type-0 was a great release( for Japanese only), but i’m just concerned that the consoles got so much better in quality, and im just still waiting for a another breathtaking game. That’s all.

        •  It certainly read more offensive than you claim that it was; and I’m going to have to disagree wholeheartedly about the console games within the series just losing their luster. Final Fantasy X had great stories and great characters, but it still had its faults, such as the final boss being weaker than the boss that immediately precedes it and it playing on the, “it was all just a dream” trope with Tidus. People want a remade VII or a VII sequel because honestly, despite it not really measuring up with the rest of the series (this is my own opinion, of course) because of having a very droll lead character, and a very STUPID main villain.

          And before you play the card that because I’m young, I don’t know what I’m talking about… I’m sixteen, but I’ve played the majority of all Final Fantasy games and I think that some of the EARLIER games honestly lacked strategy, story, and the like. Especially FFI and FFIII; honestly their stories and their characters were nonexistent up until the point that WoL was included in Dissidia, and they remade FFIII for the Nintendo DS. Type-0 will likely be released in English, but we do not know when that will be.

          And personally, XIII and XIII-2 are VISUALLY breathtaking and also hold an amazing story, so I don’t think that you’re being fair when you say that there hasn’t been a good Final Fantasy since the tenth installment. Honestly, that’s just being incredibly bias, close-minded, and unfair.

          • icecoffemix

            Honestly that’s just being of having an opinion.

          • epy

            I really don’t see how his statement was offensive. He just stated what he felt about a series he plays and also… how are people supposed to know how old you are and why would that matter? Not being rude or anything, just curious.

          •  I wasn’t stating that people should know how old I was, I just said that as a point in what I was saying…

          • Gabriel Dias

            I’d just like to point that the stupid villain was already acclaimed the best RPG villain ever in some magazines and websites, including that he has his own music theme, with his title in the music name and his very name proclaimed during the music. Thing that no other villain achived even after the releases of 13 games of the series. But… I think that really doesn’t matter, right?

          • I was stating my opinion on Sephiroth, and I think that as a whole he had potential that he didn’t meet. The fact that they made him into a glorified mama’s boy didn’t help him at all, either.

        • Jirin

          There are five Final Fantasy games I’ve liked:  IV, V, VI, IX, and XIII.  I think the series’ been in a rut for a long time, and I love the way FFXIII sped up the combat for the first time in the 3d era.

          The only reservations I had were with the overlong tutorial period, and the long three hour walks through ship corridors.  (I like long games, but I detest overlong dungeons unless they have interesting puzzles like SMT).

      • icecoffemix

        So I guess everyone has to comment with IMO on the end of their sentence every time?

        •  So I guess no one can challenge an opinion to try and see their understanding?

          • icecoffemix

            No one saying that, but you could do one without jumping the gun and assuming thing he doesn’t even say.

      • Hmm.

        When we are referring to subjectivity this is an accurate statement. Everyone puts priority on different things. Some care more about graphics, others story, others gameplay, et cetera. There are a lot of potential factors that go into judging a game.

        However, there are also objective ways we can judge each game. FFX was the last time a Final Fantasy world was created with the idea of a self-contained game in mind, with concepts that can be considered innovative and meaningful while staying true to the series’ atmosphere and themes. Also, while getting rid of airships, it at least tried to make exploring ruins more enjoyable. Oh, and it had meaningful minigames.

        FFX-2 had good gameplay, but its story was absolutely atrocious and thoroughly degraded the splendor of FFX with a sleazy sex-based tone, all while trying to handwave stupid changes to Yuna and many other characters as “two years passed, anything can happen in two years.” Personally, I liked FFXII, but it was underwhelming compared to its predecessors, and it put far more emphasis on political intrigue than on the mystical side. It was also the first game where you were only allowed to control one character. Exploration and airships both suffered. Plus there weren’t many minigames.

        Meanwhile, FFXIII tossed away all semblance of what made Final Fantasy what it was by turning everything into science fiction, even the summons, and trying to mask it by referring to that sci fi junk by mystical terms; you can call a computer God as many times as you like, it is still a piece of technology, not a mystical, magical entity. Add lack of exploration (linearity) and real minigames, both meaningful elements to the series, and you have a new game pretending to be a Final Fantasy game. So that leaves us with FFXIII-2, which many people have claimed makes up for the mistakes of FFXIII. But then, your only two regular playable characters with story relevance are Serah and Noel, the rest are monsters. And it’s still set in the FFXIII world anyway; even though the game does actually introduce more exploration, more minigames and adds in actual gods, it’s still tainted by all the science fiction junk overriding a series known for having a magical atmosphere. The series has always had a mix of technology and magic, and in every case until FFXIII, magic came first and was more important by a longshot.

        I’ve done my usual long-winded spiel, but in sum you’re right that when it comes to subjective ideas of what is “good” and “bad” then nobody can be “right.” They could make a Final Fantasy game that’s nothing but looking at Cloud’s dong for five hours and someone’s going to think it’s great. But when we look at these games objectively, FFX was the last truly innovative and meaningful Final Fantasy game. It was the last Final Fantasy game that could be said to feel like you’re entering an actual world focused on fantasy and magic and wonder, as opposed to a world focused on obsession with sex (FFX-2), political intrigue (FFXII) or science fiction (FFXIII and FFXIII-2).

  • Harpuia

    Probably it’s not game from japanese studio, maybe it’s Secret of Evermore.

    • It could very well be from a Japanese studio, since it isn’t a localization.

      • Harpuia

         I know that’s not localization, but this article have USA tag.

        •  I understand that, but I don’t think that it means anything.

          • Harpuia

             And I hope that you’re right.

        • But we’re in Siliconera! A place where we get most Japanese video game news! So this game should be from a SE Japan. >.<

  • Christian Wright

    a twewy sequel please! >_<

  • CHRONO BREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zen209

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Cross platform with 3DS/WiiU with GC game play!!!

  • I kinda hoping on a TWEWY game since I never played the first one and it gotten great reviews.

    • Nathanael Chu

      Play it. NOW.

  • TYPE-0 Huzzzah!

  • So about that there new title, it seems to be Monday.

  • Monday’s almost up in this part of the world :) +8 Time Zone. Heheh.

    • Our site’s clock is on PST so all of our posts are scheduled around that. It won’t be too long until it’s the afternoon in Wyoming though!

      • I bet many can’t wait now ^_^ But patience is virtue. Heheh. :)

      • I’m from Italy!
        Will I see this game before midnight? :)

  • Somehow I have a feeling it’s not going to be that FF6 remake we’ve all been waiting for.

    • 4shiki

      I’m not waiting for a FFVI remake because FFV needs to be remade before its precursor. I’m also waiting for the tears this will surely cause.

      • Why remake FF5, though? Its biggest draw is pure gameplay, and that doesn’t really stand much to gain from a technological facelift.

        I mean, not that I’d complain if it were remade, but FF6 and 7 seem a lot more deserving.

        • 4shiki

          Because…FFV appeals to me more than FFVI? I mean, while I love the latter to bits and pieces, there’s just something about the former that fills me with an emotion I cannot absolutely explain every time I play it.

          I won’t complain if FFVI gets the remake treatment first, by the way! Just telling you my feelings on those two games.

          … oh, and also because I’ve read somewhere FFV is more popular than FFVI in Japan (don’t bother them about it), so…

          • But what I’m asking is, how would FF5 really benefit from a remake? The game isn’t known for its storytelling or technological innovation – its appeal lies purely in the gameplay (Job system, customization, dungeons, etc.). All a remake could really do to enhance that is add in a bunch of gimmicks and balancing tweaks. VI and VII, on the other hand, are centered around storytelling, tech and aesthetics (the gameplay is good too, but it’s subservient to the aesthetics) and therefore could stand to benefit considerably from new tech.

    • FF6 remake, now with 1000% more Toriyama writing Celes as a stripper, Terra as a prostitute, and the Opera House remodeled as a brothel for the purpose of repopulating the planet.

  • Hey, Spencer, how much longer till the reveal?! 8D

  • Square Enix. You disappointed us in the past but my fingers are crossed and I still have hope in you. 

  • MK

    When is the announcement?????????

  • what is it what is it what  is it what is it what is it what is it????????

  • So…What is it? I’m hoping for Valkyrie Profile 3 or Kingdom Hearts but expecting FFXIII-3 or Just Cause 3

    • KuroiKen

      Valkyrie Profile isn’t developed by SE, but by tri-Ace, if my memory’s right.

      • Darrel Daley

        It’s still a Square-Enix game.

      • Yep Tri-Ace developed it, but Enix published the first one and Square Enix published Silmeria

  • console exclusive? 3DS confirmed….just kidding. I’m calling an expansion of FF13-2..

    •  Depends whether ‘to be continued’ counts as an announcement or not. ;)

  • Syltique


  • Quest321

    I’m waiting three more hours and then I’ll go to sleep. It could be sequel of FFIX, FFV or FFVI.

  • CirnoLakes

    Well, it’s 1:00 PM here in the Central Time zone. Or otherwise known as “-6”.

    I do hope at least they’re not planning on keeping us too much longer.

    • I think we should follow whatever the time in Wyoming is. Spencer mentioned it in one comment. Afternoon – Wyoming time.


        … Nah, doesn’t have the same ring to it as JAPAN TIME.


    • “You’re going to announce me, you’re going to announce me, you’re going to announce me… did it work?”

  • I’m waiting too…I think it should be soon…

  • Sebastian Trelles

    Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    • You guys are being silly. :)

      Calm down, it’ll happen at some point. It might not even be worth the high level of anticipation. Unless you’re at serious risk of dying in the next half a day, I think you guys can wait. :)

  • C’mon already…jeez

  • Your european readers are waiting for the announcement too (It’s already 20:37 in France) ^^

  • You guys are waiting for nothing, im sure it’ll be a ”iOS” game. Something like that…

  • Sebastian Trelles

    Man… Final Fantasy XV? Ran out of ideas!

  • Sebastian Trelles
    • Auragar


  • What about next Monday? :P

    • AnimusVox

      Haha Spencer didnt say which Monday so you may be right

    • Auragar

      Sorry man we got “Catacombs”.

  • From internal resources it is going to be just cause 3.

  • where is the gamE ?!?

  • hey!!
    where is your game!!!

  • Visa Vang

    Ehem, it’s Tuesday already though…

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