Fire Emblem: Awakening Gets More Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Cameos

By Spencer . May 3, 2012 . 12:55am

Elincia (right) from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its sequel Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn will be available as a downloadable character on May 10. Players will get a new map along with Elincia for 350 yen ($4.37). Micaiah (left) from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is available today for 300 yen ($3.75).


image image
image image


Players can also recruit Alm from Fire Emblem: Gaiden for 400 yen ($5). Yes, each character has a different price. Roy is 250 yen ($3.11), Leaf is 350 yen ($4.37), and Hero King Marth is 300 yen ($3.75).



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  • Awww! Poor Roy. I.. it’s okay! That flame sword will make you cooler! Just like Marth’s Falchion! And look where he is today.

    • boundries_san

      Well i am so happy for Roy’s cheap price, as i believe, i will purchase that first for my first Nintendo DLC.^^

  • What in the name of Ashunera did they did to those two?

    Micaiah looks so… so…uggh.
    And Elincia apparently became a Mahou Shoujo after Radiant Dawn.

    Those designs are so unfitting. At least Aim looks good.

    • boundries_san

      Well, in fact i really likes Micaiah design however for Elincia……. no comment here on how wrong it goes here.

      And for Alm here, i can said that is not as good as the other as it looks kinda plain here.

    • Suicunesol

       Are you kidding? Micaiah I can understand, but what in the world is wrong with Elincia’s outfit??

      • From Royal Queen to Mahou Shoujo! Elincia Magica will get all of your +1!

        That’s my problem with it, basically. It’s nitpicky but then I am nitpicky like that.

  • And now we’re seeing the Fire Emblem series going the way of paid DLC

    • Yeeeaah, but these guys wouldn’t have really made much sense in the storyline. And cameos like these haven’t really been a staple of the series or anything either. I’d say this isn’t a bad DLC.

    •  Game is awesome enough without the DLC. If you want to satisfy your itch after finishing it and/or you like one of these character you’ll buy the DLC.

      Take note game developers, this is how you do DLC. Optional, not obligatory.

      • SeventhEvening

        It’s strange. This is how a LOT of games do DLC, but everyone criticized them when they did it. IMHO, 5 dollars for a new character in a SRPG isn’t a good way of doing DLC.

        • They also come with a new map to play.
          From what I know, which is very little, the DLC maps have their own storyline.

        • But the characters are A) not included in the cartridge (As far as I know) B) Not integral to the story C) Are just fanservice D) Inflated by the Yen’s current strength.

          • SeventhEvening

            That is exactly how I would describe the DLC for Saints Row 2 (except for the Yen part). Or the DLC for Blazblu. Or the DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2. For Fallout 3. New Vegas. Mass Effect. Borderlands. Agrest War. Neptunia. Disgaea 3. Disgaea 4. Nier. Folklore. Uncharted 2 and 3. Just Cause 2. Alan Wake. Ar Tonelico 3.
            None of that DLC was obligatory and you had a complete package without it. If you wanted more, you could download more. People act like all DLC is on-disk, when a vast majority of it isn’t. When it is on-disk, it’s understandable to get upset. And a lot of it is optional too. There are a few times where a developer does cheat the consumer, like Arkham Asylum with Catwoman or ACII with the two missing sequences, but I’d say most DLC you could completely live without. Heck, you don’t even know for certain that this isn’t on the cartridge. 

            Nintendo does something that is, more or less par for the course and perfectly normal, something other developers have been doing for about five years, and suddenly other developers should take note and people act like Nintendo is doing something revolutionary. 

            It’s like seeing the Playstation Move and saying “That is how you do motion control, other developers should jump on that bandwagon.”

        • raymk

          They come with other things like maps and music and they aren’t on the disk.  People problem comes from things being on the disk so it makes them feel they are intitled to whatever is on it when they buy it.

          • SeventhEvening

            I understand disliking on-disk DLC, but it isn’t really the most common kind of DLC. Most DLC isn’t on-disk DLC. Sure, there have been some high profile examples of on-disk DLC happening, and some developers have said they think that is the way it should be done, but my console’s hard drive wouldn’t almost be full if all DLC was on disk. Nor would my copy of BlazBlu need to be patched so I can still play online every time a new character is released.

    • icecoffemix

      Yep and at this rate, the game would probably cost over $100  to get them all.

      I’m fondly remembering the day where I do some fun side quests to get Cloud or get rewarded of a True Rune extra character for completing past games. >.>

      • XiaomuArisu

         Well I dont think you need the dlc,because Fire Emblem games have always many interesting characters which are part of the story and have support conversations.If you think about it you dont miss much if you dont buy the dlc characters they dont have unique classes(I think)or some bonus story they just glorified reskins of classics characters.BTW Hero King Marth was free in jp for the first week maybe they do the same for the others…or they could make a bundle every dlc for 10$/€.Still better then DCLC DS Cartridge Locked Content.

      • William Carpenter

        The important thing to remember is that the game is still a complete package without this DLC. Often times when games go off for certification and printing and whatnot, the developers have “extra” time where they’re just twiddling their thumbs waiting to start their next game. With the advent of digital distribution and patching and whatnot, they’ve been able to use that extra time to make more content… but, since the game has already gone gold, any more content produced is “extra” and not part of the initial product and is therefore worth paying the developer for. Cloud in Final Fantasy Tactics and McDohl in Suikoden II were all added into their respective games during the main development phase; it’s not like you have any proof that developers are plucking out content meant to be in the main game and charging extra.

        Also consider the fact that by keeping this DLC free for the first two weeks or whatever, Nintendo is revolutionizing the Season Pass. Everyone always picked on Nintendo for “not getting” online play or distribution, but now it’s clear they were just sitting back and watching while EA fumbled and messed up with their Season Pass stuff. Nintendo learned from those mistakes and I think they’ve come up with a more consumer-friendly method of fighting used game sales thanks to it.

        • icecoffemix

          The important thing to remember is that the game is still a complete package without this DLC.

          Is it really?

          it’s not like you have any proof that developers are plucking out content meant to be in the main game and charging extra.

          Right back at you. Unless you’re one of the devs for this game.

          • William Carpenter

            In this particular case? You’re right, I have no proof of what the game looked like before this DLC was conceived. But I do know many people in and around the video game industry, and most will tell you that the majority of DLC is developed during the certification process. I was like you once, and thought I was being nickeled and dimed by DLC, but my industry friends made a good and educated point. None of them know what’s going on inside of Nintendo or Intelligent Systems, of course, but they would know better than you or I.

          • icecoffemix

            And I bet the decision to have DLC concepted during the very first meeting regarding the game.

            Look, I’m fine with DLC if it’s something substantial or at least worth its price, $3-5 for a single character is ridiculous, I’d rather them have $20 extra scenario DLC which has good amount of extra character in there and hours of extended gameplay.

            But of course, it won’t be as profitable to the game company than the currently popular shotgun method.

      • raymk

        Nothing changed its still like that. Back then you would never have gotten most things you would have just been left with nothing. There’s still characters in this FE game that you have to unlock so what are you getting at here?

  • boundries_san

    All looks good and cool, but i don’t really like the design for Elincia here. It is just not as good as what i hope here.

  • Prinnydoom

    Scantly clad elincia well done ^___^ Man though fire emblem is really going the whole hog with this dlc isn’t it

  • *That’s* Micaiah? I’m a bit… apprehensive about her character design.

    I guess the same goes for some of you guys, too, about the other characters, huh?

    • Linhua

      … I agree… who is allowing these strange illustrations…??

      … stop hurting my friends!!

      T^T … no hurt… no hurt…

    • Enma_Kozato

      You should see Serenes Forest, Micaiah’s design spawned a (currently) 18 page long thread about oversexualization, subjective artsyle, and pose possibility.

      • 4shiki

        I want a link!

        … never mind, found it.

  • I’ll be getting Roy. Innes is DLC too right?

  • wha? Oh for da love o’ Mork, whatz wif dese humiez and havin ta show off da skin o’ da femalez?

  • wha? Oh for da love o’ Mork, whatz wif dese humiez and havin ta show off da skin o’ da femalez?

    • William Carpenter

      You are my favorite Siliconera community member, please never stop commenting.

  • ivanchu77

    …What happened to her nose?

  •  Here’s hoping for Lyn DLC :P

    • Linhua

      … yes… YES!

      … i’m happy that Micaiah somehow made it… but if there’s Roy… why not Lyndis…??

      … and if she does… i’ll say $4.15.

      … what say you, Derek…?

      •  I do not play FE much. But I did play the GBA with Lyn. I would not mind a high price for her since she would most likely be the only DLC I buy.

  • Trivia that’s not mentioned in the article: Micaiah is done by Wada Arco (Fate/Extra), Elincia by Shiki Douji (Full Metal Panic!) and Alm by HACCAN (Mushihimesama).

    Wada Arco could have done better, man. ):

    • XiaomuArisu

       Now that you mention it…boobs,big eyes and tight clothes….now im gonna play fate/extra again.

  • Are they sending some sort of message about character popularity with the varying prices? :D

    If these prices hold for western releases, I’m glad Roy is the cheapest, because he’s the one I want most. His design in this game is awesome. The female characters, however, aren’t faring as well. I wish the designs were more uniform. And do some characters not have new designs, like Innes? Come on, that guy is the MAN! Doesn’t he deserve a new picture? XD

    I will say this, though. Lief looks fantastic, and I’d love to see the artist from Sacred Stones return to the series. Favorite Fire Emblem…

    Still waiting to see Ephraim in this game. I’d pay a lot for that. ^_^

    • The SpotPass characters don’t get new art, or unique 3D models.

      Only the paid DLC characters get the fancy treatment.

      In Marth’s where Ike is a Green Ally unit, he gets a generic Mercenary model and uses his PoR art.

      • Oh, that would explain it. Still a bit disappointing, though.

        Now I wish Innes WAS paid DLC.

        •  Well, apparently Marth and Tiki, the ones from their original appearance, are spotpass characters.

          So there’s the possibility that any of the spotpass chars also be paid DLC.

  • KotaroInugami

    Yeah, sure, give you more money, AMERICAN RELEASE DATE!

  • I don’t dislike the new Micaiah’s outfit, on the contrary actually.
    But… well, it’s a pretty huge turn if you consider her previous design.

  • 4shiki

    Ahh, they look quite lovely. ♥

  • axelfire250

    Anybody else notice Ike in the screenshots?


    • Micaiah is a dark mage and Elincia is a Falcon Knight.

      I think there is no light mages on awakening which is why Micaiah was given the dark mage class.

      • They gave Marth and Alm unique classes though!

        • Suicunesol

           Even if they did have unique classes, there are no light magic spells in the game right?

          •  Yeah, but still, if I’m going to have to pay real money for a character I’d like them to have something to set them apart from other characters in the base game other than name and artwork.

            At least they have unique battle models…. right?

          • Suicunesol

            Yes, the paid characters get custom models (and some with custom classes). They have a scenario/map/quest for recruiting them as well, so you get a bit of story too.

            Don’t know about voices, though.

  • XiaomuArisu

    I just played the first Ike game so I thought the green haired chick is from the second Ike game…Just remembered how she looked in part one. Smart girl trying to seduce Ike with her new outfitXD Personaly im a IkexLethe fan…maybe they get a loverending in the third Ike game(I can hope)

    • William Carpenter

      Heck yeah, IkexLethe for life.

  • As much as I like Elincia, all I see here is Ike. I want Ike in this, in every FE T___T

    • XiaomuArisu

       Maybe he wont be used because the game would get to easy.Spamming Aether all day baby!

      • Hero_ZaFakeo

        Aether is already used by two other blue-haired people in this game…

      • It’s because he is so hardcore that I want him. Strong MC’s are the best MC’s~

  • Suicunesol

    I don’t see what’s wrong with Elincia’s! She’s got the appropriate color scheme, and she’s got armor where it counts. Sure she’s showing a little bit of leg, but what is that compared to Micaiah’s “clothes”? You guys are being picky here!

    And she’s got a nice lance. What’s wrong with that?

    •  lol, I don’t really have a problem with their appearances personally.
      Miciah’s new look is just kinda from left field, Elincia’s I kinda like the poofy leg… things.  And I like Miciah’s gold neck brace thing.

      The only thing that would make me sad is if Elincia doesn’t come with Amiti.

      • Suicunesol

        Actually, Micaiah’s clothing is based off the appearance of female dark mages in this game (which Micaiah actually is here). So it isn’t really a sudden, random design. It just doesn’t suit her, is the problem.

        Also, to my understanding, none of the DLC characters get special weapons.

        •  I meant compared to her RD clothes.
          That’s the other thing that bugs me, it’s mostly based on the Awakening Dark Mage design instead of based on her RD design.

          Elincia’s outfit at least in terms of colors resembles her RD design, Miciah’s doesn’t even have that.


  • *waits for Heather*

  • klkAlexar

    Oh wow, that’s expensive. I hope that if it comes to NA that it won’t be that expensive; I’m not going to spend that much money for the current quality.

    • Suicunesol

      I wager it’ll be something like 1.99 per DLC scenario. It shouldn’t be over $3.00~~

      (Maybe 99c if NoA is generous, but I doubt it~)

  • raymk

    Well I like the designs its just the faces and the artstyle itself that makes them look weird as they chose a moe style of art. 

    • Suicunesol

      Well, the designs are all done by different popular artists. So, chances are, you won’t be seeing Micaiah-style artwork again if you don’t like it.

    • 4shiki

      Micaiah I can see, but Elincia? Nah, she looks classy.

      Then again, I have no problem with moe (in fact, I love it!), so feel free to disregard my opinion. :p

  • Alexandre Poulin

     Suggestive designs?  Interesting step, Nintendo.


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