Next Tales Of Game Will Be Announced In June

By Spencer . May 9, 2012 . 12:00pm

imageShonen Jump has a teaser for Tales fans. The magazine says the Next Tales of title will be announced during Tales of Festival 2012, which will be held in the Yokohama Arena on June 2 and 3rd.


It sounds like this Tales title won’t be a remake or "re-imagining" since the Next Tales of game takes place in a new world. Namco Bandai is saving all of the key details like the platform(s?), release window, and story info for Tales of Festival 2012.


If you’re in Japan, check out the official Tales of Festival 2012 site for information on how to attend.

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  • digitaldevil0

    Western release date: 2016

    • kroufonz

       that’s xillia western release date:P

  • Opn

    was hoping for a announcment on a TOX or TOGF anime but this will do…probably wont be released in NA though :(.

    • Opn

      hmmm maybe i spoke too soon just saw the latest tales of interview and the description said a surprise awaits us for the final part xillia? :O

      • Anime10121

         Where did you see that at? Been looking and cant seem to find anything about a surprise.

        • Opn

          here you go

          quote from the description: Don’t miss the final part as a surprise awaits you fans!

          • Anime10121

             Cool thanks, I see that its the NB’s EU youtube page. On the American site there’s no mention of a surprise.  Not getting my hopes up in case its just a EU release date.

          • Opn

            ah yeah your right my mistake i didnt notice that guess its just the release date for graces F for europe unfortunately (for us americans its good for the europe guys/girls though ^_^)

    • As far as I know, TOX will be receiving an anime. That’s already confirmed =)
      In the US it exists a lot of fansubs to you can download it when it starts airing (Probably will be a OVA series like Tales of Symphonia)

      • Opn

        probably should of made it more clear but i was talking about the new tales of game for probably wont be released in NA though my bad lol and curious but where did you hear about TOX getting an anime?

        • Anime10121

           Its not it was rumored at one point and had a mock magazine cover and everything but it was if I remember correctly an April Fools Joke.

          • Opn

            ah i figured thats what he was talking about still kinda disappointing one probably wont be announced here oh well.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Japan by default.


    Baba: Screw you, Americans. Especially you, Europeans.

    End of the story.

    • Anime10121

      Japan by default (of course, the game is made in Japan, its like saying Halo 4 America by default)

       Baba doesn’t decide that, Namco Bandai (his employer) as a publisher decides whether there is enough profit to release the game in the west.

      Never did understand how people seem to think employees make decisions for their parent company (Baba with Tales releases, and Nomura for information on vs.XIII) when it all lies with the publisher itself and their shareholders.

      • AuraGuyChris

        I didn’t actually say Baba had the right. I just picked somebody at random. :P

        • Raharu95

          Picking the head of the dev team and the creator of the series at Ramdom might not have been a good idea.

    • icecoffemix

      Yep yep, blame the devs for not releasing the game only on their home country, proven console for the series and not on the unprofitable region.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Well, maybe if all the idiots didn’t start their Tales of Graces F boycotts, we’d be 100% sure whatever was coming was going to come to America.

      I love that people were boycotting a game they called a two year old Wii port because they didn’t get a four year old 360 port. It wasn’t a port for me because I don’t a Wii and I don’t speak Japanese, so I’m loving it right now. I’m saddened that people didn’t put their money where their mouths were on Graces F.

      • Dimentionalist

        I completely agree.

        One hypocrite even said he would be skipping Graces and waiting for Xillia because –get this–  Graces uses motion capture. Which, according to him, is the sign of a “cheap game” and a sign that it was made by their “A team.” News flash — motion capture is more expensive than animating by hand. And it’s not like Xillia has the most motion capture in the series… oh wait, it does.

        •  Seriously? and people thought they would actually get Xillia if they skipped Graces? Why are there so many retards in this world. Only thing they would accomplish is getting tales localizations extinct once again.

  • Klaus00

    better be Tales of Versus 2 Kappa

  • Anime10121

    North America wants more Tales!

    • Solomon_Kano

      While I agree, that means North America needs to buy more Tales. Hopefully we did well enough with Graces and Abyss. Otherwise, well…

      • Anime10121

         Well I did my part and bought Graces F, although I didnt buy Abyss since I already bought it for PS2 and couldn’t justify spending money on an exact port that I would probably never play (since I prefer to play it on my tv).  If they would have added something new to the game (besides 3D as it hurts my eyes), I DEFINITELY would have bought the game as it is my favorite game in the series.

        • Solomon_Kano

          That’s understandable. Hopefully there was a large enough audience that did buy Abyss though. I can imagine more than a few people passed on it for the same reason as you. I missed it on PS2, so I intend to get it once I get a 3DS. I still need Graces as well.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Better be Xillia Complete or something lol. Or a new game might be nice, provided it comes to North America >.<

    •  Its a completely new game so I doubt it.

  • Tôn Thất Thiên Vũ

    I hope that it’s not made for the 3DS. I hate the goddamm region-lock…

  • TheBlackKnight3

    I’m done with Tales of Graces f, I want some more please!

  • solbalmung
    Looks like its confirmed to be a Mothership title and not a remake or reimagining of some sort.
    The artwork mentioned, about a modern day city and a train is rather intriguing. Will the new tales of walk the path that 7th Dragon 2020 did? Can’t wait >_< !!

    • Interesting… how would a modern-day world Tales game would be like with its story and characters?

      Can’t wait, and I need to try out that 7th Dragon 2020 for once!

    •  *imagines Mother-like Tales of game*

      well, that’s interesting idea

  • June… You cannot come soon enough!!!

  • CirnoLakes

     It’s obvious what platform it will come on.

    The PlayStation 3. All other system versions have been Betas. The only other option really would be the Wii U which is highly unlikely.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this title.

  • And Xillia and the PS3 version of Vesperia have yet to be annouced for America. God damn it, Namco Bandai.

    • MrRobbyM

      I’ll give you a hint. One of those has no hope of getting localized.

      • @LynxAmali:disqus @MrRobbyM:disqus I love you two.

      • Dimentionalist

        Finally, a realist!

        It may be a shame to do so, but Vesperia PS3 is something people need to let go. It’s simply too risky. At least we got ONE version of the game localized, which is more than we can say for most of the series.

        • MrRobbyM

          As much as I love Vesperia, I’m not going to go whining about it in every Tales post.

    • LynxAmali

      Does EXCLUSIVE FOR XBOX 360 mean anything to you people begging for Vesperia PS3?

      North America and Japan have different definitions of “Exclusive.”

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      Start learning Japanese or get a 360. That’s all I can say

      • Anime10121

         I hate when people make these type of comments about learning Japanese!  Learning a new language to the point that you’ll understand the games without looking at a dictionary every 5 minutes is NOT that simple.  Ya’ll make it seem like learning a language based on characters when one is used to words only takes a few months, hell it takes years and even people who major in certain languages have a hard time understanding someone/thing fluent in that particular language.

        • KotaroInugami

          Friggin THANK YOU!

        • BadenBadenPrinny

          I definitely could have chosen my words better on that one. But if someone is going to complain about something that has absolutely no chance of happening, in theory that energy could be expended on something more worthwhile. In any note, being an aspiring trilingual myself; I’ll try to watch it next time

  • That’s pretty exciting! I’m guessing it will be on the PS3 but I’d be happy with that or the Vita since neither is region locked.

    It’s funny to think that a new game will be announced only a few weeks after Tales of Graces F gets released here (which I’m really looking forward to! <3 ).

  • Firion_WR

    Mhm new tales game hope it eventually comes over

  • hot damn!

    let’s hope we get Xillia some time this year, so we can get this one later~

    love me some Tales of~

    • kroufonz

       european haven’t even got their graces f so this year for xillia sounds like a dream.

      • Brandon Jackson

        Its a simple fact that games sell better in America than in Europe. That’s usually why we get things first… and then there is the whole multi-language issue. Just be happy you guys got Abyss 3 months before us, and you’ll be getting Graces F around 3-4 months after us. The JRPG market has started to swing in your favor recently anyways. I think we could reasonably expect Xillia in the States by December to January (if its coming), unless there is a DC version.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Call me crazy, but I think it would be cool if this new game was another attempt at a non-standard Tales game, such as Keroro RPG. I thought that was a neat idea, taking an existing series (in that game’s case, a f***ing hilarious anime) and adding Tales series trappings to it.

    Granted I’ll be happy no matter what this game turns out to be (as long as it’s for a system that I own and it gets localized), but I’d be even happier if it does something unexpected.

  • MrRobbyM

    Highly unlikely, but if it’s for Wii again I’ll slit my wrists. Graces f feel way too restricting. The only thing the game has going for itself is the battle system.


  • New Tales, new characters, new battle music… YEAH!

    • Anime10121

      If only they’d go back to Go Shiina. Motoi Sakuraba ran his course YEARS ago.

      • Yeah, didn’t he do the Gods Eater (Burst) OST? That should probably hint to Bamco that he’s become INCREDIBLY GOOD at musical composition during his absence.

        • Anime10121

           Yes,yes he did also do that glorious ost!

  • AzureNova

    Yay a new Tales game! I love the Tales series and hope to see many more.


    Thank You, that is all. =^_^=

  • E15

    “Tales of Localization”?   :3

  • Heidenroslein


  • Darkrise

    I’m hyped!!!!

  • if localized, me an’ da boyz will probably buy it………hopefully dere won’t been none o’ dat moe stuff.

  • KotaroInugami

    I’m more interested in the platform-jumping remake of the ‘new game’ with additional content than the ‘new game.’

  • Solomon_Kano

    Oh? I’m cautiously optimistic here. I dunno how Graces and Abyss have been doing, but hopefully they’ve done well enough that whatever gets announced hasn’t already been written off for a chance at localization.

    That said, this would be the next mothership right? So PS3 is practically guaranteed. I’d be pleasantly if it ends up being for either of the new portables though.

  • KuroiKen

    Hope it’ll be a game developed by Team Destiny(developers of Phantasia, Destiny, Destiny 2, Rebirth, Destiny DC, Graces). 
    Either that, or I’m not interested in it.

    •  One of the best combat system eve, they are awesome doing that. I could play hours of battles always having fun with the combos, skills and movement. Grace was amazing in that regard in a 3D game and Destiny DC/Rebirth were similar being the best 2D tales.

      • KuroiKen

        Yeah, that’s why I love Team Destiny. They’ve had the idea of CC system for long, and first put it to use in Destiny Remake and DC, and successfully, I have to say.
        Rebirth had quite a complicated system, at least for me who didn’t know japanese that well at the time, but when I got better, I fully understood what’s what, and the game became even better. And it’s storyline was so touching. Especially moments with Agarte and Claire. Veigue is also arguably the best main character in the series.
        It’s exactly because Team Destiny made such games as Destiny/Destiny2/Rebirth/Graces that I love them. They’ve innovated the series, and in a good way, while Team Symphonia continues to bore me with the classic battle system and all. The best of them was Symphonia, but considering it came out AFTER Destiny 2 and Rebirth – it’s pretty deep down in the series rankings for me. Though, I TS were to make something – it’d better be an HD remake of Symphonia, their best game.

    • MrKappa

      I just hope whatever this new game is it comes out as good as Destiny Remake or Graces as far as the battle system goes.
      ToX was just a step back and could of been so much more.

    • MrRobbyM

      Hopefully the story isn’t a cliche mess as Graces was. I usually mind cliches but holy geezus Graces was TOO cliche.

    • raymk

      You not being interested unless its by team destiny is why the tales in the west is struggling as it is.  We got a team destiny game and it didn’t sell well at all.  I think it even sold less than the tales of abyss on 3ds.  Sure the combat was probably the best but the story was far to clique for tales standards i’m talking about.  They also really need to not let the team destiny artist draw for this game the artwork is to big a turn-off to many.  Even with that I still did my part and bought the game.

      • KuroiKen

        I don’t care about the west, mind you. I learned japanese so I can freely play any japanese game, as well as communicate with japanese people and know the country I like more.
        I only buy japanese versions of Tales of… games, and never bought a localization, because of “dub only”. And you know what? Not only I ditch localizations because of the “dub only” concept of Namco’s localizations. A big bunch of people I know didn’t buy english ToGf ONLY because it doesn’t have dual voicetrack, only one of people I know bought it.
        Also, Team Destiny, and Team Symphonia too, btw, make Tales games NOT FOR THE WEST, but for JAPAN, that’s why you line about artwork is useless and wrong in many ways. Tales of… games are oriented on japanese gamers, don’t forget about it.

        •  I’m trying to learn my way around japanese so I can import the japanese games and not have to rely on localizations but having a localization is better than not having one. I have the japanese Tales of Xillia and although its a lot of fun its hard understanding the story without the language.  Still being able to understand the story is better than any decent to horrible VA. I’m a big fan of japanese VAs and would love it if more japanese localizations had the dual audio option in that huge blu-ray.

          I’m more of a fan of the art style in Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Xillia than the one on Graces f but I don’t mind it.

  • Souji Tendou

    I need another Destiny (remake) gameplay style, and not for a handheld. Make it, Namco.

  • ANOTHER PS3 EXCLUSIVE! I’M CALLING IT NOW! With the success of Xillia, they are aware the fanbase is there and so is the profit!!!

  • omenaaa

    ToV PS3 budget versions plz

  • isfuturebright

    I think they just randomly pick a plataform and then release an enhaced version for the second choice.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    3DS or  PS3 would be awesome

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    Tales of Vesperia 2…

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