Soul Sacrifice Has Gruesome Monsters And Even More Gruesome Spells

By Ishaan . May 9, 2012 . 1:32pm

Following their magazine counterpart’s feature, have released the first screenshots of Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita, along with more details on the multiplayer game. As previously reported, Soul Sacrifice is a three-way collaboration between Keiji Inafune, Sony’s Japan Studio, and Marvelous AQL.


In Soul Sacrifice, you play as a wizard who is slave to a cruel magician. During your enslavement, a demon in the guise of a mysterious book appears in front of you. The contents of the book appear to be the events you experience in the game. Famitsu’s report mentions that you can customize your player character, with the above image meant to illustrate the different kinds of appearances you can take on.


Since you’re a wizard, you fight using magic. As revealed last night, magic is cast by sacrificing things around you in exchange for magical effects. You can sacrifice collected items or, for more powerful spells, you can sacrifice your own body parts. Here’s “Excalibur,” which involves you ripping out your own spine:



Here’s Greipnir and Gorgon, which turn your hand into a weapon or turn your eyeballs into laser beams respectively:



And here are a few screenshots of players in battle and some of the game’s gruesome monsters, such as a Harpie (second screen), a Minotaur (third) and Kraken (fourth). Soul Sacrifice supports up to 4 players for cooperative play.


You can find more screenshots and artwork from Soul Sacrifice over at The game is scheduled for release sometime this winter and will be published by Sony.

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  • The_Real_Oyashiro

    Looks pretty awesome! They will be releasing a trailer for this tomorrow. Can’t wait to see this in action!

  • mattaka_hala

    While that looks pretty freakin hardcore, I just have to wonder if your ripped out limbs regrow, because I cant really imagine walking around with no spine

    • SlashZaku

      From Andriasang:

      Why would you torture yourself to kill your foes? This is actually
      part of the background story. You play as a slave who serves a cruel

      It appears that you may be fighting people like yourself.
      Screenshots show massive creatures who apparently used their powerful
      magic too much and lost their human form.


      And in some shots over at Famitsu, you can see some characters kind of ‘transforming’/looking deformed.  So I assume that the more you use a certain type of magic, that part starts transforming.  So maybe too much magic, you end up becoming like what you’re fighting?  Needing allies to better balance out so you don’t end up using too much yourself?

      EDIT: Here’s the shot:

  • OKay, I really like all these concepts! The eyeball lasers thing is genius, and so are the serrated fingers. But that monster full of leg tentacle spikes is probably the coolest monster design I’ve seen in awhile.

  • SirRichard

    Now that’s some proper black magic. None of that “globs of darkness” or “basic attack magic” nonsense here!

    It definitely looks like it plays closer to Monster Hunter than Demon’s Souls, but that could just be dramatic angles implemented for the shots. Either way, can’t wait to see it in action.

  • Rudy Soto

    I wonder what’s more a pain, casting the magic through sacrifice body parts, or restoring/reattaching the sacrificed material.

  • Shadowman

    This game…..This game is brutal.

  • Revorse

    (O.o) what the hell did I just see? Seems pretty “intense”. I can’t really find another word to describe it. So for gameplay purposes how would this work? I mean eventually a person would be literal fragments of their former selves. I can’t exactly imagine how a person with no eyes and no spine would pose a threat.

  • shuyai

    I hope it doesnt Sacrifice my fel=male char’s cup size though. Imagine you make a char with F cup and turn into a A cup at the end of the game-worst ending ever!

    • puchinri

      Well if she’s pulling the insides of her breasts out, you will only have saggy flesh bags left. If she pulls off her breasts entirely, you run around without breasts, period.

      Either way is terribly funny.

      • Ronald Bixler

         Launch the Oppai Missles!

        • Göran Isacson

          Or she turns her breasts into fanged mouths.

          Which then extend from her body like octopus tentacles.

          You’re welcome for the mental image :)

        • puchinri

          Hah! I really want that now. 

  • This reminds me of Berserk.

    I want this BADLY now.

  • amagidyne

    Well, that’s metal.

    • Ronald Bixler

       Not enough flaming skulls for it to be metal.

  • usagi_san

    I would like to find a western gamer, who’s into these types game, find something wrong with this game’s premise. 

    Who said Japan doesn’t still have creativity? Could this help push Vita sells? 

    EDIT: Made such a STUPID mistake.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That’s a good question.

      At the very least, Inafune’s talk of global appeal? Yea, that was more than talk. This genuinely looks like it could find -some- audience anywhere. I can’t wait to see how it does.

      • usagi_san

        To me, it looks like it should have some appeal to both the east and the west. 

        Just from the premise and the artwork, I find it to be just as you said, “This is so… so… charmingly gruesome.” I find myself wanting to turn away, yet, strangely drawn to the concept.

        Me too. Also, I really want the Vita to do well cos I like to be spoilt with choice. 

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, I like choice too, so I definitely hope to see the Vita pick up. Nobody really “wins” when a system fails.



  • Oh my… O_o

  • Barrit

    Sooo.. what can I get for my spleen?

    • thebanditking


      what’re ya buyin?

      • “Got a selection of Good things on sale stranger…”

  • riceisnice

    Hah, Sony knows us so well.

  • Ereek

    Wow.  This sounds like a dream come true.  Hopefully it lives up to its promise.

  • As brutal as this looks, it’s not doing enough for me right now (nevermind the fact that calling it “true fantasy” was a bad idea imo). I need more than Cronenbergian body horror-magic to get in…..but i’m sure i’m have this game beating my face to death by gaming magazines in my native tongue.

    It’s interesting, but call me when there’s some more details about gameplay mechanics and/or story.

  • Dantis

    The graphics here are pretty amazing. It almost makes me sad to compare Sony’s titles, which are virtually PS3 quality (This, Uncharted, Gravity Rush) to third party titles, which often are looking more along the lines of PS2 games. Sometimes even worse.

    • badmoogle

      Eh,as much as i like the game the textures definitely need some improvement.:/

      • Dantis

         The monsters look great, it’s just the floor which is a bit low-res. It’s still a great looking game though.

        • badmoogle

           I agree,monsters and characters look great but the environments…not so much.
          I think Vita can do much more than that.

  • Now that guy shows us some eyeballs and backbone here !
    [Insert more Schwarzenegger Puns here]

    Can’t wait for more info on this one :D Good to see some Concept Artwork of the characters you could create. Better than manly gore is gore with chicks ! :D

  • badmoogle

    Ok this is hardcore!!

  • Zenkaider

    So…it’s like Berserk meets Bastard!!!!’s over-the-top magical attacks[is that Exodus in the third gameplay screen?] set in the crapsack world of the first,with magic working in that vein and character customization?All good.

    The only thing that’s making me a bit of…eh…is the way you “rip out” your spine.Kinda gross and stupidly unreal…the Kimimaro way is much more preferable for me[rip your spine from the top of your spine…from your back].

    • puchinri

      Hah! That’s a fantastic way of putting it. x’D
      (This main character probably won’t run around nude frequently like DS though, sadly.)

      But yeah, some of this does look stupidly unreal (putting aside “it’s fantasty/video games/whatever!”). It looks more funny and humorous to me than dark and I feel like I can’t take it seriously. 

      • Zenkaider

        The monsters and the finger bullets along with the eye lasers,suggested,to me at least,that there are points were the game immerses in it’s own spirit and tone,almost taking itself seriously at those points…which is…kind of appropriate for a dark fantasy…I guess. :)

        Nonsense,DS doesn’t walk around nude!He just parades his natural beauty for the ladies in and outside of the manga. XD XD XD XD

        • puchinri

          Hehe, yeah. I thought for a while that it wasn’t going to take itself seriously, but appears to actually. I just can’t at all. Hahah.

          I like that phrasing. Beautifully put. x’DDDD

    • Guest

      We really do need new games for those two series *sigh*

      • Zenkaider

        If only me saying “amen” could fix it…*sigh*

        Anyway,love the nick and avatar.Never thought I’d meet another Gatchaman fan here.

  • I have somehow managed to become hungry from reading this article.

    This looks like a cross between Demon’s Souls and Xenoblade Chronicles with inklets of Prototype sewn for good measure. Another game I’ll be looking forward to when it comes out :3.

  • ( ≖‿≖) I’m even more intrigued. Guess I’ll be keeping this under close watch.

  • icecoffemix

    Dude, this game…

    • Ronald Bixler

       …is actually Prototype Portable! Surprise!

  • OkamiKing

    I just ate lunch… I’ll wait for a trailer

  • dis iz one o’ da orkiest lookin’ games EVER!

  • How creatively morbid.

  • Solomon_Kano

    This is so… so… charmingly gruesome. I’d like to see it in action even more now.

    This concept is terribly interesting and with Inafune, Marvelous, and Japan Studio behind it, I’m pretty much guaranteed to love it. Nice Sony, nice. Now let’s hope you keep the punches rolling.

  • puchinri

    It looks kind of silly, so I can’t see it as dark as it sounds. But it is an intriguing idea, and I can see certain crowds loving it. 

  • d19xx

    The white monster thing kinda reminds me of Claymore. Can’t wait to see this in action.

  • This game is sick but I like it.

  • Guest

    This is exactly what I need to cure the disease called sleep. ಠ_ಠ


    • Herok ♞

       You know since you already sacrifice a ton of body parts you will instantly be the master of this game?

      • Ronald Bixler

         So does that make the Black Knight the grand champion?

  • LustEnvy

    This game looks awesome. I’m half expecting a Devil May Cry/God of War hybrid.

  • Kitestwinblades

    That’s just… INSANE! I honestly cant say much more than that. 
    Color me interested and shocked.

  • sherimae1324

    Is this what a “True Fantasy Game” look like?!……

    ……its so Nightmaric and Horrific! those artworks are like from….. 

    ah. ummm lets say MTG’s New Phyrexia or Innistrad ^_^

    maybe a “Horror Fantasy” i presume….. ^_^

  • enorka miho

    Right, I just hope this will not be the only future of gaming.. Because I will really cry..

    Well,I am not really a fan of gore…. Anyway, I hope that they will give more solid background story to the whole game and characters, other than you know, “creative” gameplay..

  • Ronald Bixler

    How many swamps do I have to tap to cast those spells?

    “When the ogre called him spineless, he didn’t expect to be proven so wrong.”

    “They call them “fingers”, but I have never seen them “fing”, only flay.”

    “An eye for an eye… for an eye, for an eye, for an eye…”

  • Zertan

    If this guy somehow makes it in Mortal Kombat he’ll be taunting everyone after getting hit with their fatality.

  • Go2hell66

    Looking good, looks like vita will have some solid games after all

  • rurin

    This is…really scary…

  • I like how the Japanese concept  of “Dark” is insane nightmare fuel. Lol

    Day 1 My God I love Japanese games.

  • Jake Deerberg

    Dude this looks like something straight out of my Heavy Metal collection. Awesome…

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