This Week In Sales: Mario Party 9 Shines During Golden Week

By Ishaan . May 9, 2012 . 2:30pm

Period: The week of April 30th – May 6th (2012)

Top-seller: Mario Party 9 – 144,585

Nintendo 3DS sales: 91,868 | Total sales: 5,909,409

PlayStation Vita sales: 10,583 | Total sales: 690,759


Last week, sales tracker, Media Create, reported that Mario Party 9 only sold through 40% of its initial shipment in its first week on the market. Any worries caused by that low number can now safely be discarded—Mario Party 9 barely saw a drop in second-week sales, which means it’s sitting at over an 80% sellthrough by now.


This can be credited to Golden Week, an annual week-long holiday that was celebrated in Japan last week. Sales of popular software was up across the board, and Mario Party 9 was the top-selling game for the week, followed by Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Popular Nintendo 3DS games like Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Monster Hunter Tri G, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin all saw notable boosts in sales for the week, too. The Nintendo 3DS itself saw an increase in sales, selling over 90,000 units for the week.


In a surprising twist, PlayStation Vita sales actually dropped during Golden Week. However, Golden Week did provide a nice leg-up to recently released PSP titles such as Conception: Please Deliver My Child!!, The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z: Regeneration Chapter, and Konami’s Pro Baseball Spirits 2012.


The top-20 software sales chart for the week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
02. 01. Mario Party 9 144,585 297,468 Wii Nintendo
01. 02. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 52,428 304,953 PS3 Capcom
03. 03. Fire Emblem: Awakening 42,347 345,260 3DS Nintendo
09. 04. Super Mario 3D Land 28,528 1,563,527 3DS Nintendo
14. 05. Mario Kart 7 22,881 1,695,305 3DS Nintendo
15. 06. Kid Icarus: Uprising 18,788 261,883 3DS Nintendo
11. 07. Monster Hunter Tri G 16,496 1,433,370 3DS Capcom
21. 08. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 13,810 157,337 3DS Nintendo
05. 09. Conception: Please Deliver My Child!! 10,193 40,039 PSP Spike Chunsoft
20. 10. Wii Sports Resort 10,058 935,555 Wii Nintendo
18. 11. Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 9,843 128,409 PSP Konami
16. 12. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance 9,532 308,484 3DS Square Enix
22. 13. Pokémon Conquest 9,069 318,067 DS Pokémon Co.
10. 14. Dynasty Warriors Vs. 8,614 24,192 3DS Tecmo Koei
23. 15. Wii Party 8,503 2,345,476 Wii Nintendo
19. 16. Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 6,853 152,934 PS3 Tecmo Koei
29. 17. Mario Kart Wii 6,783 3,561,199 Wii Nintendo
17. 18. The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z: Regeneration Chapter 6,546 328,432 PSP Namco Bandai
27. 19. Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin 6,408 179,148 3DS Marvelous AQL
32. 20. Go Vacation 6,002 271,087 Wii Namco Bandai


<< Last week’s software sales chart

Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media-Create and

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I’m glad Fire Emblem is doing so well.  NOA is certainly going to bring it over with those numbers.

    • It’s kind of incredible how quickly it caught up to Kingdom Hearts, and at this rate, it could even outsell it in the long run. At one point, I thought KH would naturally have a longer tail and sell consistently alongside the 3DS for longer than Fire Emblem, but now I’m not so sure at all.

      It really goes to show how Square Enix botched the series. KH3D should have done just as well as BBS, but it’s nowhere close. 

      • Anime10121

        But you have to look at the fact that 3DS install base is about a fourth of the install base of the PSP in Japan and 3D’s sales are about half of BBS.  KH isn’t really a system seller (though it is for me) so more than likely more people will pick up the game as the 3DS gathers in sales.  As you said before I’m sure Square probably expected more sales but if the KH fanbase hasn’t got a 3DS yet, the series isn’t going to sell that well to casuals this far in.

        Oh and just for a little perspective KH3D is (barring Monster Hunter as that game will sell like crack no matter what) the #1 piece of third party software on the system in Japan.  Nothing on the thing is really selling all that well besides Monster Hunter and Nintendo software.

        • “If the KH fanbase hasn’t got a 3DS yet, the series isn’t going to sell that well to casuals this far in.”

          While it’s true that the 3DS userbase is lower than the PSP’s was, it’s a situation Square Enix should have been prepared for. This is every bit a mainline game, just like Birth by Sleep was. If they planned to put it out this early, they should have developed or marketed the game in a manner that would have maximized sales.

          “Nothing on the thing is really selling all that well besides Monster Hunter and Nintendo software.”

          This isn’t really true, as sales come down to perspective and individual publishers. Harvest Moon is seeing some of the strongest sales the series has seen in years. Resident Evil: Revelations did well, too. Code of Princess sold through most of its shipment as well. It’s unfair to compare anything to major Nintendo titles or Monster Hunter, because they’re the only games of their kind. (And Dragon Quest, too, of course)

          • Anime10121

            I get what you’re saying but if the fans ain’t ready to jump into 3DS yet Square cant force them even with enough marketing.  Considering Kingdom Hearts 3DS is the only original JRPG for the 3DS, fans of the genre itself may be holding back until more hit, especially if their not interested in Nintetedo games and aren’t willing to purchase the system for one game.

            I myself kinda fall into that category and haven’t cared for most Nintendo franchises in years (dislike 3D Mario, never liked Zelda, Donkey Kong has gotten stale, although I would LOVE a Kirby game one hasnt been announced as of yet).  I bought my 3DS exclusively for KH3D and Megaman Legends 3 (around the time the Prototype was supposed to release in May last year).  The only game I have for it is Sonic Generations and thats only so I would have an actual 3DS game (I have TONS of DS games though). 

            I am however looking forward to New Super Mario Bros 2 though.  But nothing else on the system interests me at the moment, because like the Vita, its still hasn’t got much in the way of original games (in NA at least).

          • “…but if the fans ain’t ready to jump into 3DS yet Square cant force them even with enough marketing.”

            But this is exactly my point. While the goal should be to make your franchise less and less reliant on its hardcore fans and more appealing to a wider number of people, Square did the opposite. Right now, it would seem like the only people that still care about this game are the hardcore KH fans. 

          • Anime10121

            Replying to your later comment: Ahh okay then point taken! Yeah, I think that only the hardcore fans are left and that’s because SE stupidly spread the series across so many platforms, it wasn’t a smart idea to spread a single continuous story out like that.

          • Yup, that was my point! Not to mention, KH3D sort of assumes you’ve played all the games before it and are up to date with the story. Birth by Sleep was a “fresh start” in some ways because of the new characters, but KH3D is like an overload of elements from the last ten years of Kingdom Hearts stories and characters. 

      • According to the chart, it has already outsold KH.

        • I mean in the long run, maybe in a year from now. Certain kinds of games hold up better over time than others.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    When or what will Sony do to get these ps vita sales to take off. I can only assume that its not good if it is taking it this long to finally crack 700K. How must it be doing overseas if they annonce not even a gram of unit sales.

    • Anime10121

       I think people are expecting Sony to do what Nintendo did and drop the price of the system.  What Nintendo did was extremely smart/underhanded dropping the price to what it should have been in the first place after Sony was gonna release the console at the same price.  Sony on the other hand have the system at the cheapest they can probably sell the thing without losing money like they did on ps3.

      At E3 when Sony announced the price everyone was excited and talking about getting one because it was so “cheap” then the price of the 3DS dropped and now all of a sudden the Vita’s price isn’t right anymore and its to high.

      This is coming from someone who owns a 3DS and doesnt hava a Vita yet.  I’m just holding out for 3rd parties to support the thing with more than ports.

      • James Beatty

        The 3DS should not have been 170 at launch. 200 maybe. 

        • Anime10121

          and @Suicunesol:disqus  I meant around the price it is now. 200 is just about the max what it should’ve been.  It should’ve been a little more than the highest price for a DS which was 179 for the XL.  But everyone and their mom knows the 3DS was NOT worth 250 with the tech it contained within.

          And I can not believe regardless what Nintendo says that the system is selling at a loss for 179.99. If it is they cant be losing more than 5-10 dollars on the thing.

          • James Beatty

            The tech is pretty impressive. It’s more than worth the money especially since it’s being sold at a loss (that was confirmed at the investor’s meeting). It can make games like RE revelations. I do agree that for most people it wasn’t worth the money but Nintendo set that price because of how well it was received and analysts suggested it. I have made proper use of it since launch so i feel satisfied with my purchase. There was a study done to measure the specs of the hardware vs the Vita. The 3DS cost approx $110 to make and the vita cost about $150 to make it. Other things make the system cost more for the company so yeah, the 3DS is being sold at a loss for approx $10 (my own estimate) and I believe the vita is not being sold at a loss. I believe that was confirmed (correct me if i’m wrong) and they [sony] are making more money with the memory cards. 

          • Suicunesol

            Who knows; it could have been worth $250 at the time, or a little less than that price. We shouldn’t forget that the 3DS has a parallax barrier screen (something that undoubtedly costs more than a regular screen) and in using it must render a game twice from two different angles, a taxing process for any mediocre hardware. I know that PSV would have trouble doing that because it utilizes its power for more conventional visuals instead. For this reason, I think it’s believable that 3DS is being sold at a loss, especially if you factor in the research and development costs of the actual 3D technology. And cut out the part where the retailers get their share.

      • Suicunesol

        I thought the Playstation Vita was being sold at a loss like the PS3?

        Also, I can’t agree that 169.99 was the right price for the 3DS all along when 3DS is currently being sold at a loss for that price.

      • boundries_san

        It is business lol. In business there is no suuch thing as underhanded method just smart moves as for yself, selling a product at last is never a good choice lol.

      • Domii

        Wrong. Sony can afford to drop the price significantly if they want to, because it doesn’t cost them much to manufacture Vitas. Sure they have to take marketing cost, and other minor expenses in to consideration, but they can sure lower the price and still make a profit on each Vita sold if they want to. I personally think that Sony isn’t too worried about Japanese sales as of now, instead they are prepping all their resources to be dominant here in the west first, and avoid having another psp situation here. I also believe that their e3 presentation will be huge.

        Here’s the link.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          I think you’re being a LITTLE bit too dismissive about the costs of manufacturing, marketing, R&D etc.

          Furthermore, Sony itself has already confirmed that they are selling the Vita at a loss:

          • Domii

            Look at the date of that article you posted. It’s been noted recently how much the Vita cost Sony to make, and after that discovery, Sony hasn’t comment on weather they trully are losing on each Vita sold. Unless you can provide me with a resent article?

          • Tom_Phoenix

            How exactly does the date of the article undermine anything I said? Sony itself has confirmed that they are not selling the Vita at a profit. Even if the parts alone don’t exceed the price, that doesn’t mean that the TOTAL expenses (meaning including things like manufacturing and shipping costs) don’t.

            By your logic, Nintendo should be making a lot of money on every 3DS sold right now, beacuse the costs of its components are about $100:


            Yet, Nintendo has confirmed time and again that, due to the significant price cut, they are currently selling the 3DS at a loss and the hardware won’t start paying for itself until the third quarter of this fiscal year:


            The main point is that there is more to it than just the cost of the raw materials involved.

            Besides, it’s not like it’s unusual for Sony to sell their devices at a loss. Ever since the original PlayStation, they’ve been selling their devices initially at a loss and making up for it through licensing deals and accessories (which is precisely the reason why Sony loves using proprietary formats).

        • Anime10121

          Well all Im saying is that if that article has any hint of fact in it (which you cant say for certain since there is more that factors into the cost than components for ex. salaries of the people who made the thing for the last 2-3yrs) then there is no way at all that 3DS should have launched at the same price, they were ripping people off just because they knew people would buy it.

          I still would like for the Vita to be cheaper dont get me wrong (and I’ll probably wait for a price drop myself b4 jumping in), and I dont think the system is going to sell well until they drop the price, but it’s still a FAR better bargain right now than the 3DS was at launch.

          • Domii

            I never said anything about the 3DS. That joystiq source is one of many that mentions Vita’s cost to make, just google it if you want. It’s possible that with marketing, and other expenses the Vita can barely be profitable for Sony, but I doubt it since they are selling those babies about $100 to $150 more than the manufacturing cost. As a marketing major, I know for sure it can’t cost Sony that much to market each system.

            Also I agree that with a price reduction, or at least figuring out how to lower those damn memory cards, they can increase Vita sales obviously. Although more cool games wouldn’t hurt either.

          • Anime10121

            Yeah you didnt say anything about the 3DS, but that’s what I was originally commenting on, how Nintendo ripped people off for the first five months until they decided to drop the price because people weren’t buying it and they knew that having the Vita at the same price would be HIGHLY disadvantageous.

            Oh and about the article you posted, I read most of them when they were first released, but they are estimates based upon their own research and not definitive by any means. Console makers NEVER give information to the public about how much it costs to manufacture their systems, because they feel that would be TMI for us.

    • they still needz more appetizing games fer it.

  • klkAlexar

    Go FE! Wow, that’s sad about the ps vita. 

  • Darkrise

    FE is selling so well! Makes me happy to be a FE fan but still, I’ll hold back since we haven’t seen an announcement for a NA release.

  • look ‘pointz at fire emblem sales’ over 345k copiez……..dis iz good newz for da West!

  • boundries_san

    Yuhuuu Kid Icarus seems steadily increase by 10k each week lol. Hope that it will be able to reach 500k in the end of this year.^^

  • boundries_san

    Lol, the chart is really dominated by Nintendo product here. 10 3DS product one a week chart seems overkill for me.

    Here i am hoping that Vita will be able to quickly gain more game and sales to attract more gamer.

    • James Beatty

      Well Nintendo has been a good sport and all the success that they are getting now is well deserved. I’m loving the handheld at the moment and i can’t wait for the summer to play mario tennis, kingdom hearts, and theater rhythm 

  • komiko12

    What I’ve noticed in real life parties is that people party harder when the party is about to come at a close.

    Anyways congratulations to Ninty!
    I imagine they’re going all party party over there.

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