New Eidos Montreal Game Focuses On An Explorer Searching For A Way To Save His Love

By Spencer . May 10, 2012 . 5:30pm

image A source leaked details about an upcoming title from Eidos Montreal to Siliconera. This upcoming game has three main characters and the player takes control of a 30 year old explorer.


The lead character is in love with "Nova," which started out as an infatuation. His feelings developed into a sense of responsibility for Nova and the Hero wants to save her. To do so, he needs to find an "architect" who the Hero believes knows how to save Nova.


After a long journey, the Hero meets a 25 year old female mercenary who has located the architect. Described as a "dark beauty" and "femme fatale," this character is happy to help the hero out, but she has her own agenda too. She likes to flirt with the Hero and has a habit of turning on people. The mercenary views "Nova" as a rival and all three characters form a love triangle of sorts.


The two characters meet at a barren landscape under a colorful night sky. A path lined with rocks meanders towards a tower in the center of the scene. The Hero strides up the path with a sense of urgency in each step and calls out to the "femme fatale" mercenary who is waiting for the hero.


"And what makes you so sure he’ll be here? The Architect could be anywhere in the Nebula," the Hero bellows. "Could be," the Mercenary coyly responds.


"So why here," the Hero questions. "Don’t you trust me," the mercenary smirks. "He’s my last hope," the Hero says with a sense of purpose. "I don’t know how much longer Nova has…"


The mercenary interrupts him by leaning in for a kiss. "Would losing her be really that bad," the mercenary says smiling as she walks down the rock-strewn path.


Our source provided a few other details about the game. The Hero uses a sword and shield, and the Hero is troubled by his past. A series of failures chipped away at the Hero’s confidence and he hopes that saving Nova will be a way for him to prove himself. The center of his doubts comes from his brother and the Hero interactions with him. Exhausted and frustrated from traveling for a long time, the Hero is described as a bit "jaded." He wants to see proof that the "architect" is there and that he will be able to save Nova. The Hero is called a "navigator" in this world and our source says he does not realize his own power.


When asked about platforms, our source wouldn’t give us a clear answer only saying information will be announced in the not so distant future.

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Some of it is vague and pretty standard for the genre but it is nice to see a new IP from the Western half of SE. Kind of hooked on it.

  • AzureNova

    I’m liking this so far, and I pictured the scenes and interactions in my head. So now I just need to see if Square Enix can match or outdo my imagination. Good luck Square lol

    Also, please be a console game.

    Thank you =^_^=

    • Anime10121

       Im pretty sure considering Eidos Montreal (and not Square Enix proper) is the one developing it, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a console title:)

  • That mercenary makes me think of Fujiko Mine.. 8)

  • SirRichard

    Given that it’s a completely bare-bones plot synopsis of sorts, it would be unfair to make any real judgements now. I just hope that this explorer will have actual exploring to do as he looks for the architect.

  • Anime10121

    Now THIS sounds interesting.  With this game and Tomb Raider coming up, Eidos has my monies:)

    • Closet_Ninja

       it does sound interesting

  • Auragar

    Meh I really don’t care for Eidos games… I don’t really like Western games in general. :/ I like Japanese games, and am disappointed when they aren’t localized. Square Enix NA is basically becoming their own company. They are releasing less and less SE JP games and making more Western games via Eidos. For shame. :(

    • Paradox me

      We’ve gotten the vast majority of Square’s Japanese games (save for mobile) and they’re being localized faster than ever before.

      Besides, they didn’t acquire Eidos for them to not make games. Things haven’t really changed much at all.

      • “I don’t think so Jim”

      • Auragar

        They are moving away from JRPGs unfortunately. I am losing faith in them. :( It makes me sad.

        • ShinGundam

          I don’t think they have moved away from JRPGs as much as JRPGs(adventure type” are less viable option to developers in general. Also, it is not like Square “Enix” made a lot of 3D JRPGs to feel they have moved away from making them.

    • OK, last warning. I’m getting really tired of this. If you don’t care for western stuff, stop commenting/complaining about it. I was nice enough when I explained this the last time. If you do it again, I’m afraid we’ll have no choice but to ban you.

      • Auragar

        I really don’t care. If it is such an issue do it.

  • This sounds insanely interesting. I will definitely be following this game. Cannot wait to see what comes of it.

  • I love Deus Ex Human Revolution and I’m sure this game will be as awesome as well.

  • Guest

    Now, this sounds interesting.  I will keep my eye on this.

  • puchinri

    Honestly, that sounds so condescending and somewhat stereotypical. It would be awesome if it was intentional and it came out to be a giant play on tropes (subverting and averting them). I don’t see it happening though.

    Playing as a 30 year old explorer sounds fun, but I’m not really digging most everything that they set up here.

  • papuruka

    The description of these characters sounds like Eidos Montreal’s going for high fantasy sci-fi concept. Sounds unique, to say the least :o Hopefully some sort of footage will show up at E3 :)

  • I thought I’ve seen this plot before somewhere… Nevertheless, I need to see it in action before I judge it…

  • This sounds really cool but what is it with studio’s infatuation with the “femme fatale” character type? Every female lead has to be some sort of snarky, wise-cracking jerk. Clearly, male leads suffer from the same problem but it’s annoying when both leads are the exact same character but one has boobs.

    I’m not saying every female has to be a “princess” type either but we have a varying spectrum of male lead characters but the same two or three female types.

    •  Because that’s what sells. It’s not ideal, but that’s what has market value.

  • Umar Kiiroi Senkō

    Shweet sounds nice I’m a sucker for romance … love is a powerful story telling tool. i was particularly blown away by Pandora’s Tower and how far a man will go to save his love. I’m getting married in December and i would die for my fiance and go the ends of the earth to save her if i must.

  • badmoogle

    This sounds interesting but i must say that i didn’t like the art direction of Deus Ex at all so hopefully this one will look different and be more colorful.
    I also hope it will be in third person.

  • The wise one

    Sounds like an uncharted game but this time Drake’s searching for love lol

  • There was mention of a Nebula, I wonder if it has to do with the location of where the game is taking place? The game does sound interesting, hope to see more details soon enough.

  • No Legacy of Kain ? screw you Then

  • Trey Donnelly

    It doesn’t sound that interesting to me. It’s basically a guy saving a girl, with the help of a “mean” girl, who will probably fall in love with this guy. Hopefully it has good gameplay, because the whole damsel-in distress thing got old in the 18th century.

  • Göran Isacson

    Then the twist of a life-time occurs: “Nova” is not the name of a  woman. It’s the name of the main characters beloved childhood estate, and he needs an architecht in order to restore it since it’s on the verge of collapse due to being ancient or something, and the architecht is the only one who knows how to rebuild it properly.

  • Well, that certainly sounds interesting.

  • Sounds quite rubbish to be honest… they need to get back to Legacy of Kain

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