Lightning’s Story Is The Final Piece Of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

By Spencer . May 14, 2012 . 10:17pm

Square Enix spread the downloadable Final Fantasy XIII-2 coliseum fights and costumes over a couple of months, but after May there won’t be any new Final Fantasy DLC. These packs are the final pieces of Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Snow’s Story: Perpetual Battlefield
320 Microsoft Points on XBLA / $3.99 on PSN

8411Snow_04 8408Snow_01 8409Snow_02 8410Snow_03 8412Snow_05 8413Snow_06 8414Snow_07 8415Snow_08 8416Snow_09 8417Snow_10 8418Snow_11 8419Valfodr_01 8420Valfodr_02 8421Valfodr_03 8422Valfodr_04 8423Valfodr_05 8424Valfodr_06 8425Valfodr_07


Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess
400 Microsoft Points on XBLA / $4.99 on PSN

8399Lightning_03 8397Lightning_01 8398Lightning_02 8400Lightning_04 8401Lightning_05 8402Lightning_06


White Mage outfit for Serah
Black Mage outfit for Noel
A Wondrous Wardrobe for Mog (16 costumes in one bundle)
240 Microsoft Points / $2.99 on PSN (each)

8403mog_01 8404mog_02 8405mog_03 8406mog_04 8407mog_05 8426whitemage_01 8427whitemage_02 8428whitemage_03 8429blackmage_02 8394blackmage_01 8396blackmage_03


3714Valfodr_RGB 3713mog3715Serah_White_Mage_RGB 3706Noel_Black_Mage_RGB

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  • now to wait for the game of the year edition

    • kamikki

      Even if it was very good, as if a jrpg would win Goty anywhere

      • Happy Gamer

        I would have to say Xenoblade Saga could have won. Too bad it came over after begging and saw an extremely limited release.

  • There better be a Final Fantasy XIII-3. The Farron sister’s fates at the end of the canon storyline didn’t sit right with me, and Caius was playing everyone like a fiddle just to get want me wants. If that’s the end, I’m gonna be so pissed.

    • boundries_san

      ………… man that is going to make the fans go gaga again lol if FF 13-3 is released.

  • There goes my hopes for cameo costumes. Oh well

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I liek that you used the word “final”

  •  Sounds like loving this game puts small dents in your wallet. I don’t think I’ve seen a jrpg with so much dlc that wasn’t the usual bonus costume.

    • Anime10121

       Oh trust Disgaea has FAR more DLC than this game does (usually totaling about $50-100) and it gets no where near as much complaining (this is coming from someone who loves Disgaea).

      • Oh right, completely erased the fact that I bought so much disgaea 3 dlc before they came out with a complete bundle >.>. Fandom blocking the mind at work…

    • Most, if not all, Gust games on ps3 do.

  • boundries_san

    Lol the white mage costume for Serah looks gorgeous.^^ Hmm maybe after that will be my first and last costume DLC for this FF13-2 game.

  • Nitraion

    If your girlfriend asking to fight you….

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      1) fiance
      2) “… you may want to check those marriage documents before they get processed.” =(

      • Nitraion

        Personaly i like how serah in FFXIII she was nice and sweet….
        then in FFXIII-2 she become……i can’t explain 
        “people change” same case on yuna in X and X-2
        glad dissidia bring FFX yuna

        • karasuKumo

          It was because she was designed as a non-fighting character for XIII, they can make as many excuses as they want about it but it is true. By the end of XIII-2 Serah’s arms should have been bigger than Snow’s lol.

          • Nitraion

            I hear you
            its not i’m complaining about cute girl being tough…
            but… i can’t explain…

  • Covnam

    So how many pieces of DLC does that make? It seemed like it was a lot, but it may have just been all the announcements. Either way, I hope that there’s a GOTY / International / whatever edition that comes with everything down the road.

    • Herok ♞

       25 pieces overall if you count everything individually 9 pieces if you only count coliseum and episode dlc

      • Covnam

        Wow. Thanks for the info. Guess it really was as much as it seemed.

        • Herok ♞

           True but only 3 things matter which are the episodes

  • kool_cid414

    Until I play it not sure how deep the lightning story will be so if this is the final dlc then this is an almost definite announcement for 13-3 and the first sequel to a sequel in the series lol.

    • Guest

      hopefully not

  • I’m looking forward to the eventual re-release with all the DLC included. 

  • SuperSailorV

    I tried so hard to like this game.

    • Skeima

      It was fairly easy for me

    • Nitraion


  • Dantis

    What happened to the proper ending then? It looks like the Lightning DLC is more like a prequel…

    • Syltique

      It never was a proper ending.  When everyone was freaking out about them selling the real ending, people tried to explain that.

      It’s going to add more context to the ending we got, showing events that took place before the ending.  We’ll still have that huge cliffhanger at the end.

      • Guest


      • Dantis

         In that case, the ending is atrocious and ruins the whole game. I’d have rather they sold the ending as DLC if it would have actually concluded the story.

        • Kingdom Hearts 1 had a cliffhanger ending but no one complained for that game, they just waited patiently for the sequel..

          • Anime10121

            Its because the internet wasn’t near as big and full of crybabies/complainers as it is now.

            Edit: Not saying anyone here is one of the crybabies/complainers or not, Im just saying generally speaking.

          • ^THIS what the hell? People are really picking on this game for no reason. Just goes to show that Kingdom Hearts has a much better fanbase :P

          • theoriginaled

            well it would be more appropos to say that Kingdomhearts TWO had a cliffhanger since that as this was a sequel. and I dont think people swallowed that as easily either. What do they call the sequel to the sequel of a numbered entry in a series? Final Fantasy 13-2a? at a certain point it does get a little silly.

        • Monsley

          I loved the ending! Sure, it’s a “bad” ending, but it’s what saved the game for me, since I found the story to be quite uninteresting until the end. I guess I can see why most people didn’t like it though.

          Anyway, I really hope they continue the story somehow (FFXIII-3, please!) since I loved FFXIII and ended up enjoying XIII-2, too. :)

      • I seriously hope they finish the story at some point. If there’s no DLC ending I presume it’s going to be a full game… unless they run out of money and go with novella. ;)

  • SirTeffy

    I so want the Imaginary Range Mog outfit.

  • Skeima

    Well there’s alway final in final fantasy…

  • RmanX1000

    Need. Satisfactory. Ending.

    • Well everyone don’t get what they want so get over it.

  • Christ

    From what I saw in the trailer Lightning gets engulfed by the darkness. That totally looked like KH for one, and second, I see a FF13-3 coming, since there won’t be any DLC after this.

  • I have to say if these are really the final DLC then I’m a bit disappointed because I quiet enjoyed the colosseum and wished there was more.

  • Jim Scoma

    Just saw the trailer and fight you get to see EVERY dlc character in it so its everyone plus noel and serah against lightning snow and valfodr but ya realy only fight valfodr and snow while valfodr has a wooping 20,000,000 hp to start and if it increases each levle we maybe be talking almost a 100 million hp

  • Its awesome that we get all of this today.

    • yet another day for people to complain.

  • And as soon as they release the DLC bundle of all the stories, I will finally open the box.

    • Herok ♞

       I see no need for a bundle its only $14 for all three episodes

  • badmoogle

    About time they move on.

  • Givemeblood…Nyaa

    Even though i was pretty sure it would happen, i guess its official now XIII-3 is coming…

  • theoriginaled

    this is one of the few games I was actually hoping they WOULD just keep chugging out the content for. Oh well.

  • SerendipityX

    Well Sqenix handled all this DLC pretty well. I tip my hat to them. Wonder if they’ll use the same model with Versus XIII.

    • Nozomi

       You wonder? I hope not.

  • there will be part 3 :) hope so…hehe ;)

  • ZBaksh386

    So is there going to be a ff13-3.

  • CrimsonalCore

    My god, Lightning looks beautiful as ever~ And SERAH WITH HER HAIR DOWN?! Maybe… NO! She’s married to Snow. >.:3

    • Chiupon

      Milla Jovovich pretty much IS Lightning.

  • eilegz

    still waiting for the goty version… do it release a complete version at a reduced price…

    • Then you’re going to wait an eternity.

      • Nitraion

        If they released GOTY version what’s your reaction?

        • I’ll congratulate them like every other game that is able to get a GAME OF THE YEAR.

          GAME OF THE YEAR, GAME OF THE YEAR, GAME OF THE YEAR, that doesn’t really fit into a Japanese RPG to be honest. I’m afraid you people think GOTY is some sort of edition for game that has loads of DLC =/

  • AoNoise

    So… FFXIII-3?

    You’ve got guts S.E. Not in a good way, but you got them…

  • so the madness finally ended. 

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