Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Enters The Ring In June

By Ishaan . May 14, 2012 . 9:00am

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on consoles is less than a month from release. Sega announced today that the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network version of the game will be released on June 5th for PSN and June 6th for XBLA. The game will cost $14.99/ £9.99/ AUD$18.25/ €12.99 on PSN and 1,200 Microsoft Points for Xbox Live Arcade.


Downloadable content will be available day one, too. Sega will release character customization DLC packs for all 19 fighters. Each pack will cost $5 and will contain 600-950 customization items. Two additional packs, consisting of nine and  10 characters’ worth of DLC items, will also be released at launch. These will cost $15 each.


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown adds two new characters—Taka Arashi from the third game and Jean Kujo, an entirely new character. The game has an 8-player Online Room Match Mode, and a feature for recording, replaying and uploading matches.

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  • Linhua

    … hell yeah. It’s about damn time.

    … just when I was beginning to forget this was ever coming over via digital content… I get a release date that’s soon… AND some.

    … thanks, Ishaan.

  • People are really cashing in on DLC. $5? For all 19 characters? Damn.

    •  I think it’s $5 for each character ($5 x 19 = $95). Or $15 for one bulk pack (there’s 2 for a total of $30). Sounds weird, but I think that’s how it’s going to be.

    • SirTeffy

      It’s $5 PER CHARACTER or 2 bundles @ $15 each. Game plus both bundles is $45 so still not bad.

      • Guest

         Well I wonder if those items (or any items) could still be unlocked through gameplay. Honestly that was part of the addicting fun of playing quest mode in VF4 and VF5…

  • I’ve never actually tried Virtua Fighter, but for that price and with the potential for all that customizable content… I think I’m going to have to give this a try.

  • Shadowman

    Alright something worth buying and I thought this game was gonna be on disc.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    Time to get that $20 prepaid card…

  • Nitraion

    Time to get back, i like this game…… :)

  • Ryan Baer

    Does this still have all the single player and everything from VF5? Or is it just online?

    • Carlos Daniel Flores Loreto

       Anyone know this? Is this an “expansion” of VF5, or is it “VF5 + new cool stuff”?

      •  There’s offline and online play. It’s VF5 + new cool stuff. You don’t need the original VF5 to play this.

      • SirTeffy

        VF5 + new stuff. Character customization seems to have been DLC-Locked though, which was one of the major new features in the JP VF5FS

        • Carlos Daniel Flores Loreto

          Sweetness, now if only PSN Store would work and accept even 1 of my credit/debit cards….

  • Ooh, nice! Hey, @TheCleaningGuy:disqus, I’ll challenge you to it after practicing! Seems to be a 4-button game, so I don’t suppose it’ll be too hard to control, at least.

    Now the question is: US or EU version? I have 29$ in my US account, and I can buy easily from EU store. Hm… Would it support cross-region play?

  • Jake Deerberg

    Just $15? Damn that’s a hard bargain to pass up. You win this time sega xD

  • June 6th? Wow! That’s soon! Time to dish out some pain!

  • MrKappa

    Such a low price for such a quality game. It seems like they plan to make up for any other cost with DLC though…

    • To be fair, the DLC looks more than the cost would imply.  The game is mostly focused around customization of characters to look as unique as possible.  A good amount of money for an equally or better amount of content.

      This kind of DLC I can get behind, especially when 15 bucks lands 6-9K worth of differing things.

      • Guest

        For example:

        If this were Capcom (SF) or Namco (hi Idolmaster), the game would be $60 to download and then the added $15 for items.

        So despite the fact that the 2007 game had you unlocking items (which was part of the addiction to the quest mode) I guess we can’t really complain with a $15 dollar game.

  • ivanchu77

    Day 1, I loved VF4 back on ps2 so no doubt I´m going to buy this, specially at that price.

    …I just hope the online community to be active for a few months at least, when I see great games like KOFXIII where I never found an opponent no matter how much I searh it makes me rage.

    • Guest

       VF4 is on EU PSN for $10 too

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Paid Day One DLC? For shame, Sega.

    I hope it’s not a download-only game because if it’s a large file to transfer to my console since this is VF we’re talking about and also having to download it again in case the yellow light ruins my PS3 like my first one.

    Despite this, PLEASE give this game a physical media release.

    •  SEGA is totally not going to make a physical release. Too costly for them.

    • Patrick Lawson

      SEGA is moving away from physical form 3rd party console content because their re-organizing into a multi-media conglomerate who’s 3rd party structure will be NON packaged.

      The game will NOT get a physical form release.

    • “Paid Day One DLC? For shame, Sega.”
      Paid Day One -Cosmetic- DLC.

      You pay a rather cheap amount for the full cast of characters and core game, and then are welcome to pay extra for unnecessary (to gameplay) cosmetic features.

      Point being, I find this to pretty much be the ideal pricing scheme for a fighting game. You’re not being charged for superfluous crap, but are welcome to plunk more money down to enjoy the game a bit more. Shame? I can’t give Sega enough kudos for what they’ve done here.

      • I agree. The pricing scheme is very tempting for somone who generally doesn’t buy digital games on PSN/XBL because they’re priced ridiculously. I would like to see these kinds of pricing in the near future.

    • There was a physical release – in 2007, that is. I’m not a close observer of game economics, but I can’t imagine a successful physical release for a game that came out 5 years ago; even longer if we’re counting the Japanese arcade release that is the first version.

      From what I understand, one of the reasons this release comes to be – at least for the PS3 side – might be because the 2007 PS3 release didn’t have any online features, while this is the latest version comes with them. Kinda makes sense, you know: If you’re gonna play online, you need an internet connection, so you might as well download the thing at less cost. PS3’s internal Download Manager seems pretty solid and error-proof, as far as I’ve been using; you’d just need to be a bit patient.

  • I really like how Sega priced it at 
    £9.99 for the base game and options are 
    À la carte in comparison to other digital releases. 

  • At least among the fighter community, I’ve heard nothing but absolute love for this game. Will likely end up getting it. If nothing else, to support what I consider to be a -great- decision on the pricing scheme on Sega’s part. (Plus to help support what many consider a damn good fighter)

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Hah, thats a pretty obnoxious DLC plan.

    • Guest

       Try Idolmaster

      • Nitraion

        lol i seen the dlc prices for idolmaster….XD
        1980 yen for costume try calculate yourself

        • Guest

           It all adds up to like almost $900 in DLC

  • Guest

     Hey Ishaan, there’s a cool video trailer that goes to this. Why u no upload?

  • Kitestwinblades

    Definitely ready for this. I haven’t Played Virtual<-(still calling it that lol*Virtua) Fighter since my childhood on the Sega Saturn XD

    I'm Looking forward to learning Elieen & Aoi and trying Lion & Pai out from the old days :3  Not too sure about jean and Vanessa. I haven't seen their styles in action yet but both of them have a pretty wicked design. I hope Shun Di still drinks X3

    Does anyone remember this? XD

  • Wen Pin Chua

     Are there PlayStation 3 Trophies for this game?

  • I’m a huge fighting game fan and Im very satisfied with this pricing model. We’re getting an incredibly deep game for only 14.99 with the option of expanding on it at our discretion. Day one DLC is perfectly ok in my opinion when the initial price of admission is so cheap. I for one am happy to support sega in this decision and plan on buying this and some DLC on launch day =)

  • boundries_san

    Here waiting for people to complain about the DLC again……… wut?? They already complained here?

  • boundries_san

    Well, i am hoping for physical release here but seeing Sega is having problem at the moment and i as a Sega fanboy, i will give u chances with this Digital release.

    ….Hope my internet DL won’t take forever here.T_T

  • protofox

    600-950 customization items per dlc…holy crap. and its not like u have to buy it. and this is gonna be a freakin good game at only 15 bucks. ah sega you fixed some of sonic and now fighter about porting some of that phantasy star online 2 to it was only a thought T_T

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