Nomura Knows Fans Want A Final Fantasy VII Remake, But He’s Working On New Games

By Spencer . May 15, 2012 . 11:18pm

imageFamitsu has a special feature for Final Fantasy VII’s 15th anniversary, which includes an interview with Tetsuya Nomura.


In the piece, Nomura commented on the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake acknowledging the many fan requests. However, right now, Nomura is working on new titles, which are a higher priority at the moment. Nomura says he will try his best to make a game equal or possibly even more successful than Final Fantasy VII.


Nomura added he wants new Final Fantasy games to surpass classic Final Fantasy titles and sees Yoshinori Kitase as the successor for the series. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is one of the games Nomura is working on.


There are some neat tidbits about Final Fantasy VII in the article like the game was supposed to portray Yuffie, the materia stealing ninja, on wanted posters. Each poster would have a different face and the "Yuffie" that joined your party would be based on the last poster you saw.


Aerith’s death was decided on at the very beginning of development, but since Final Fantasy VII still needed a heroine Nomura created Tifa. Another surprise is Aerith and Sephiroth were originally planned to be brother and sister! You can see traces of this, Nomura says, in their similar hairstyle.


It sounds like there’s more to this feature so stay tuned for more information.

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  • Sakurazaki

    Sephiroth and Aerith were sisters?

    I have to go laugh. I’ll be back in a minute, lol.

    • Just a minute? I’ll see you guys in an hour.

  • LustEnvy

    I always felt the connection between Aeris and Sephiroth was downplayed and/or should’ve been a major plot point. Dunno why it was scrapped.

    And yes, I prefer saying Aeris without the ridiculous lisp. It sounds more effeminate, mistranslation be damned.

  • Code

    Haha fun facts >w3<~ Honestly though, I think it's better to push forward, then to simply keep remaking past games. Would I love FFVI, and FFVII remakes someday? Sure owo; But I think right now Square's been out of the shape long enough they need to hit there pace again first.

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    I agree I rather see new FF games than a remake I mean I dont want square to mess it up ff7 is finished and should stay that way bring on ffv13!

  • Fans stopped wanting anything relating to Final Fantasy years ago…make something new that doesn’t suck the life blood from existing series like some sort of game-vampire.

    • Hinataharem

      Speak for yourself. I happen to still like Final Fantasy, and I’m eagerly awaiting Type-0 and Versus 13.

      •  I speak for the sales figures and floundering support from their core market.  Square is struggling, quite honestly with their future plans they show nothing but “the same” from what we’ve seen in the last five years.  Looking at their sales records, they’ve sold a lot, but they’ve also produced double to triple the amount of games/off-shoots.

        The sales they made back in the mid to late 90’s far surpassed those from today (market growth and economic climate changes being accounted for).

        So while they are making more off of things now, those things they are making are costing vastly more in comparison.  In the long run, they are losing ground in the market and it’s only getting worse as far as the global health of the company is concerned.

        A smart business (of any type, not just gaming) would look at this as a warning sign and start considering other options, SquareEnix however has decided to keep trying what hasn’t worked in very many years until it starts working again.

        It may work out for them, but not after quite a few more years of losses in the company as a whole, and it may cost them more than just money.

        A small bit of effort in another direction for some fresh perspective instead of milking their already milked to death series would be time well spent.  They could easily keep their existing series going in tandem with a completely new, fresh, and different market centered project.

        When it comes to business, hearing a fan say “I can’t wait for (insert thing here)” may as well be dust in the wind, cause it matters just as much.

        The gaming market is fickle, harsh, and unforgiving these days.  Especially for the Japanese niche market style games.  And sadly, let’s face it, -all- JRPG’s (even the most popular of them) have become a “niche market” genre.

        Food for thought!

    • I still want Final Fantasy games. It’s just a shame that Squeenix stopped making them nearly a decade ago. FF12 was the last one that counted. Everything else has just been remakes (e.g. FF4DS), ports (e.g. FF4 PSP), awful fanfics masquerading as sequels and spinoffs (e.g. FF4:TA) or brand new games with Final Fantasy names slapped on them (e.g. FF13).

      The fact that Squeenix absolutely refuses to fix the damage they’ve done to their IPs with games like FFX-2 and 3rd Birthday doesn’t help them either. It shows they have so little respect for the IPs and their fans that they can’t be bothered to make a new game to set things right and make up for their mistakes. That’s perhaps the worst thing about their corporate philosophy. Many people, myself included, would still want to buy at least some of their games if the company was willing to listen to their fans and outright retcon things they never should have done.

      As it stands, buying anything from them is a risk because Squeenix has repeatedly shown that they refuse to listen to fan complaints. Their best example was in responding to fan complaints about the clothes ripping off mechanic in 3rd Birthday being too sexual by claiming it’s for realism, then turning around and adding sexual fetish costumes. The only complaints they’ll ever listen to these days are ones that hit critical mass where they overwhelm all discussion of the company, as we saw with reaction to FF13 and FF14. And even after all that, Squeenix still tried to weasel out of taking responsibility for FF13’s mistakes at first by claiming towns would be “too difficult” to make in HD, or that linear dungeons were “needed for the story.”

      I’d love to buy and play Final Fantasy games, but Squeenix has given up on anything even remotely resembling quality and professionalism outside their graphics and sometimes their gameplay.

  • I respect his decision to making new titles. I mean, if you really want to play it, it’s very easily attainable now. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind a better translation for the game after someone pointed out some of the flaws in that case of the original.

  • SolidusSnake

    Dear Square Enix:

    Please don’t touch Final Fantasy VII, or any of your old games from back when you were a good company, ever again. You have already done enough damage to this game with Advent Children. For many people, FFVII, and, indeed, the Final Fantasy name in general, is practically a joke at this point. I would appreciate it if you would let us cherish our good memories of this game, and others, rather than dragging them through the mud some more in search of the almighty dollar.

    Love (not really),

    Edit: To be completely fair, Square Enix has done a few decent things in the past several years, like publishing the godly Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but there’s no way an FFVII remake could not be terrible. And we all know it.

    • Day2Day

      Well, as a counterpoint, if they did a remastering of it, just touched up the graphics so that Cloud’s arms don’t look like dumbbells, and touch up the environments, but refrain from altering the gameplay under *any* circumstances, it could be a solid remake.

      Granted this is an “if,” and I don’t trust SquEnix with any of the older Final Fantasy games any more than you do, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that there’s no possible way that they could do it justice. Square Enix only did the CGI for Deus Ex:HR. Eidos, the company behind Batman Arkham Asylum and the Hitman series, was the developer of the game. However I thought the CGI in Deus Ex:HR was fantastic, and if the Luminous Engine is any proof, if Square Enix put some effort into *just* updating the visuals and not pulling another Advent Children, a Final Fantasy VII remake could lead to an astounding reimagining of the Final Fantasy Universe.

      • SolidusSnake

        Sure, if somehow (and like you said, it really is a big “if”), SE were actually willing to stay 100% loyal to the original game aside from giving it a graphical facelift, it could potentially be good. On the other hand, maybe not.

        You’re right of course that SE *only* published DE:HR, but the publisher definitely has the ability to influence the development of the game. Which is understandable, since it’s their cash that is making the game happen. If some other company like, say, EA had been in charge, the suits could have had the game rushed or altered to be more “commercially viable” and less good.

        So although I can’t really comment on what SE did or didn’t do to influence the development of the game, the end results were very, very good. In fact it would be hard to over exaggerate how good that game was. Arkham Asylum was also fantastic. From what I understand, the success of Deus Ex actually helped their bottom line quite a bit. Hopefully SE are able to keep publishing excellent games from Eidos, regardless of the fortunes of the FF franchise :3

      • Guest

         meh you can do that yourself with the PC version

    • Paradox me

      Final Fantasy name in general, is practically a joke at this point

      The overly dramatic fanbase has made sure of that.

      but there’s no way an FFVII remake could not be terrible. And we all know it.

      Whether or not it’s actually terrible would be irrelevant. People would go out of their way to find things to complain about, such as a change in spelling or an item that’s not quite in the same place as it was in the original.

      • SolidusSnake

        Huh yeah, FF13 and 14 were masterpieces for sure. So was Advent Children, what a gripping display of cinematic mastery. I dunno what’s up with this overly dramatic fanbase ruining such great games for everyone. Surely it’s impossible that the games are actually bad, because corporations are great, and gamers are all a bunch of whiny, entitled chumps who are ruining everything.

        • Monsley

          The problem with the Final Fantasy fanbase is that they seem to assume that everyone else thinks EXACTLY whatever they think. So, if they say FFVII is the best game ever and FFXIII sucks, then it must be true.

          There’s also this idea that the older the game is, the better it is, which is quite silly if you ask me. And it’s something that’s always existed, at least since the PS era FFs… I remember people’s horrified looks every time I would say I liked FFVIII, and when I bought a PS2 to play FFX I remember someone telling me not to spend money on a new console for “the worst FF ever” because “if you like Final Fantasy, all you need is a Super Nintendo and a PlayStation”. (For the record, I’ve never really loved FFX, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone wanted me to believe.)

          So, yeah, maybe FFXIII (and pretty much everything after VII) was a huge disappointment for many “hardcore” fans, but that doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t enjoyed it. I consider myself a fan of the saga, the first FF I have ever played was on the Super Nintendo (well, actually it was on an emulator, but still) and FFVI is probably my favourite (while I never really liked VII), so I guess I’m an old-school fan, but I also happen to like some of the “newer” FFs a lot… and I believe I’m not the only one here! :D

          PS: I can’t say anything about FFXI and XIV since I don’t like MMORPGs, but I’ve never considered them to be part of the “canonical” series anyway…

        • Paradox me

          That you’re going to both shove words into my mouth and spell doom for Square and the Final Fantasy series based on one mediocre singleplayer title and an MMO that wouldn’t be acknowledged even if it were good only strengthens my belief that Square “fans” are loud, obnoxious and irrational.

          It’s potent mix of unrealistic expectations, nostalgia goggles, lack of foresight, selfishness, rage and knee-jerk reactions that makes the fanbase insufferable.

          • SolidusSnake

            You literally blamed the series bad reputation on the fanbase. I don’t see how I’m shoving words into your mouth. Aside from that, there are plenty of people outside of the unwashed, die-hard final fantasy nerds who think SE’s recent titles are terrible. I know it stinks when you like a game and other people think it sucks, but many people outside “the fandom” played these games and thought they were garbage.

          • Paradox me

            I didn’t even like XIII and XIV, but unlike the portion of the fanbase that I’m criticizing, I realize that the world hasn’t stopped turning because Final Fantasy XIII was a disappointment.

            Rather than raging about Square Enix and Final Fantasy to anyone within earshot, I sit down, take a deep breath and understand the fact that the series isn’t dead because it’s had a few stumbles in recent years, during a generation which has seen more than a few Japanese developers struggling to find their place in the modern industry.

            No, Square has ample opportunity to make the necessary changes to please fans that found XIII disappointing. Final Fantasy X was unlike any title before, as was XI, XII and now XIII. There’s no reason to believe that Final Fantasy XV will be anything at all like XIII.

            However, the fanbase (and non-fans) apparently don’t understand this. Despite twelve excellent games preceding XIII, XIII has apparently forever tarnished the brand. It’s game over. Square Enix may as well not even make an attempt. You yourself have said as such in regards to the VII remake, all in the name of preserving your memories of the original; memories that, like the original Final Fantasy VII itself, wouldn’t be impacted whatsoever by even the worst of FFVII remakes.

            Final Fantasy’s status as a “joke” is both the fault of Square’s lackluster offerings and (as I said earlier) fans’ emotionally charged overreactions (Final Fantasy XIII killed the series!), selfishness (XIII didn’t appeal to me, the series is dead!), unrealistic expectations/nostalgia goggles ([Game] isn’t as good as [favorite], where circumstance played as big of a role in it being my favorite as the game’s actual merits).

        • Herok ♞

           The thing is 13 is a masterpiece,I really wouldn’t say any FF is bad they all have their good and bad points, so people who put the older games on a pedistool of perfection just can’t see it based on nostalgic bias, I wouldn’t even say FF7 was groundbreaking it was just a graphic overhaul with a vanilla ATB rpg underneath nothing new except the visuals, but I am not saying its bad.

      • Yes, there would be people going out of their way to find things to complain about, but Squeenix has also shown over the past decade that they would practically hand people reasons to complain on a silver platter. When remakes have been outsourced, such as FF3 and FF4, they’ve turned out great despite a few minor things (e.g. the Augment system in FF4 cheapens the whole point of the class system in FF4 since now anyone can Sing without being a Bard).

        Squeenix doesn’t approach these things with subtlety. A sequel to FFX, or a third Parasite Eve game, should have been very easy and straightforward things. Take the characters from the previous game, in the same world, and show them take on a brand new threat while undergoing character development and meeting new characters and concepts. Instead, games like FFX-2 and 3rd Birthday threw out past characterization and forced in completely inappropriate personalities and random ass changes on already established characters. Not to mention that the whole atmosphere of both games got changed into something different.

        Here’s what would happen to an FF7 remake. Toriyama would write and direct. Kitase would executive produce. Nomura would draw pretty pictures and be a consultant. All the characters would wear completely new costumes, particularly the women; Tifa would probably wear a bikini or a sports bra, and Aeris would lose the dress in favor of a miniskirt and tube top. The script would end up with a complete rewrite that has Cloud acting more angsty and depressed about not fully knowing who he is, some new backstory would be concocted where the whole Planet was the result of an alien science experiment or some crap and Jenova was sent to wipe out the “experimental data,” and so on and so forth. Oh, and one of the already established male characters would get turned into a perverted self-insert of Toriyama, just like he did to Brother in FFX-2 and Maeda in 3rd Birthday. I haven’t figured out who would be the most likely candidate, though. Probably Biggs or Wedge so they can tell Tifa how nice her tits look before Sector 7 falls on them. We could just say they already have that perv in Don Corneo, but this is Toriyama we’re talking about here. He needs to get his jollies in canonically butchering characters.

        All of that is the kind of crap they would pull out of a misguided idea that they need to “update” and “improve” the original game “for modern audiences.” It’s not going to be anything minor and stupid to complain about like “Oh damnit Cloud’s hair is a darker shade of blonde.”

    • Guest

       Also saving Sleeping Dogs. That game looks gooooood

  • Go2hell66

    ah i see he’s finally back on Vs XIII thats good news

  • Pfft. Don’t worry about us, Nomura. Keep making those new games. We’re just fine never seeing a remake of one of the most legendary RPG’s of all time, right?


  • LustEnvy

    With the way they have been for the past decade… I prefer them NOT remake my beloved FFVII anytime soon. Once they finally have a winning formula, then maybe. Versus looks like it’s going to bring them back to form, but I’m still skeptical.

    And if they ever get good at making games again, I’d prefer a full fledged sequel than a remake.

  • LustEnvy

    With the way they have been for the past decade… I prefer them NOT remake my beloved FFVII anytime soon. Once they finally have a winning formula, then maybe. Versus looks like it’s going to bring them back to form, but I’m still skeptical.

    And if they ever get good at making games again, I’d prefer a full fledged sequel than a remake.

  • Croix

    If you take a look at the game market lately, it’s highly oversaturated with remakes  and sequels. What we really need is new ideas which are executed well the first time. The problem here is that it’s a risk to try something new rather than sticking to an ‘old and trusted’ approach, even if that leads to a gradual waning of success. It’s hard to make a break out title, and even if you make one, it doesn’t mean for certain that you’ll get good sales out of it.

    I’m glad he says he’s willing to take the risk. The Final Fantasy games use a lot (a LOT) of common themes and mechanics, but in the end, they are all different games. And lately they are branching out a lot more in a variety of directions. In particular, the last two non-online, major numbered titles in the series (XII and XIII) took approaches that were polar opposites of each other. What I would personally like to see now is a better balance between the freedom one has to control characters in battle and the structure of the narrative and strength of the characters.

    Speaking of taking the FF series out of the box a bit…what’s up with Type-0?

  • Sephiroth was gonna be a girl and Aerith’s sister? Fanfiction time!

  • amagidyne

     This is for the best. If you want to play FFVII again, just play it again. It doesn’t need to be remade. Especially not while so much of the original staff is gone and certain other elements remain.

  • DeaththeKidXIII

    like a good neighbor state farm is there….. a remake of FFVII is there….. state farm commercial lied <.<  

  • I’d buy a remake, but I definitely do agree that fans should move on.  I’m hoping Squeenix returns to form soon because the Final Fantasy series is a big part of what got me into RPGs

  • Setsuna ♥

    Its nice to hear Versus XIII is being worked on at least, the TBA release date still haunts me.

  • i hope versus will be muting ff7 fanboys.

  • kupomogli

    Just because they’re new games don’t mean they’re any good.  Final Fantasy 13 is one of the worst RPGs anyone could ever recommend someone to play.  If I was to recommend that game to someone, they’d think I hate them for recommending them such a terrible game.

    • Yeah, but I think his point is that he’s trying to make new games that are good. While a lot of people don’t view FFXIII to be anywhere near as good as FFVII, it’s also a terrible idea to remake old games. A revamped edition of FFVII would suck for many reasons. (I’ll name them some other time.)

      But most importantly, the industry should move forward and not backward with remakes. You learn from your mistakes, and you move on and improve. Eventually FF will hit a great note, I’m sure.

    • Ben Sylvia

      I kinda liked 13, flashy battles…. okay that was about my favorite part of it, and I never finished it, but I’ve never finished any Final Fantasy lol.

      • SolidusSnake

        Don’t forget the music. I tried very hard to like FF13 and was unable to do so. But the soundtrack was not bad, not bad at all.

    • Christian J. Prokop

      Since “the game that must not be named” still exists, I can’t call 13 one of the worst, especially after I read that postmortem last year and found out what a mess things were behind the scenes.

      • CirnoLakes

        The game that must not be named? Are you talking about Final Fantasy XIV? I’m sorry, but in the case of XIV, it is a massively underrated game. A lot of the problems in the game were exaggerated and the people who left were already the demanding minority that could afford the major computer hardware to play the game. If you think an MMORPG HAS to have an Auction House and there are no other alternatives, and a game has to have a perfect UI from the get-go, then I think you’re a bit too picky, and your priorities are in the wrong place.

        The game certainly has its drawbacks. But I think it also excels in many ways, too. Certainly it made many improvements over Final Fantasy XI, and I think it still has the potential to be a much, much better game than Final Fantasy XI. And I would certainly rate Final Fantasy XIV more highly than Final Fantasy XIII. Having played both, I personally consider XIV the much better game.

        • Christian J. Prokop

          unfortunately, i’m not talking about XIV.

          • komiko12

            Now I’m curious..

            So what is the game that must not be named?

          • I’m guessing FFXII

          • Christian J. Prokop

            If I told you, you’d probably accuse me of cheating.

          • komiko12

            Now @twitter-189782120:disqus , keeping it to yourself is cheating… I’m really curious.

    • Herok ♞

       Just because they’re old games don’t mean they’re good either, in all honesty I would recommend FF13 to a person who wants to get into rpgs over any other game in the series, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

    • komiko12

      Hmm. People talk about how FF13 was different from the classics before it. All Final Fantasies is different from the one before it. It was never a requirement to make the next FF to be similar to the previous one.

      Final Fantasy, for me, is about “putting an end to the fantasy” hence the name and if we go by that trail of thought then you could say 13 is a Final Fantasy by its own right because Lightning and the others put an end to the fantasy of the fal’cie. Besides, it is a good game by its own right.

    • kool_cid414

       I disagree. Final Fantasy 13 was actually the gateway that made me want to play the others. I loved the game and I really love the sequel. It’s a different style in ui, graphics, and gameplay but to me it was exciting and fun and I thank it for giving me an interest in the series. The sequel (which I spent around 8 hours yesterday on the lightning dlc) is an improvement and is a solid game that was just fun and the fact is I love this game and definitely would recommend this game to anyone. I know you don’t like it but calling it the worst rpg ever kind of pi…. annoys me. It’s a fun game and those who will like it will and those who don’t won’t

      • icecoffemix

        And my cousin disagree with you, he now probably won’t ever touch any RPG again after FFXIII.

        It’s good that you didn’t resort to ad hominem even though you don’t agree with his opinion though. :)

        • kool_cid414

           There is never a reason to attack people for differing opinions. I like what I like and dislike what I dislike and would have it no other way.

  • I don’t really care or want a VII remake, yeah its a good game and if they make it that’s cool, but its one of those games that it doesn’t need improved graphics in order to be better.  Just play the Original and stfu.  But i would like Square to stop making re-releases of IV and start doing it with V and VI…i mean COME ON :l

    • CirnoLakes

      I wish that Square made a full, HD remake of IV to begin with. It certainly warrants it.

      Definitely with you on VI, though I would fear that it would just be a handheld title with barely 3D graphics.:/

  • Paradox me

    Good. I want new games and new experiences. I don’t want an HD version of my childhood every time technology takes a few steps forward.

    Will everything that they put out match my favorites? No way, but at least the possibility is there. For all I know, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, XV or XVI could replace IX as my favorite game of all time.

  • Judo

    I honestly don’t mind a remake. I just don’t want Nomura to be the one making it.

  • Christian J. Prokop

    I’ve felt for a long time that FF7, 6, etc. should not be ‘remade’. Most of the yells for a remake are far too rooted in nostalgia, essentially just wanting the same game with updated graphics and giving no suggestion that justify such an undertaking (akin to the main problem I have with most OSR games…. and my distaste of Pathfinder). 

    Of course, the fact that everyone treats every entry in the series that doesn’t fit their idea of what a FF game “should be” doesn’t help matters either….. nor does the propping up of “the good ol’ days” by fans.

    •  I did used to think that it’s because fans have played these games over the years that they have the feel of what a FF game “should be,” but it’s really all just self-entitlement from the fans. Square-Enix should be happy they didn’t “finish” the FFVII story that supposedly ends with Genesis due to the Dirge of Ceberus secret ending. All it does is milk the FF name as whole, catering to these fans. And can you blame them? We’re all slaves to nostalgia, after all. But aren’t the digital releases of FF5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 enough for us? If you care so much about FFVII, buy the freaking game for $10 and just play it.

      I love Breath of Fire IV more so than the former, but I don’t want it re-done. I bought the PSN digital port to play, so I’m happy again.

      • Christian J. Prokop

        Regarding that secret ending to Cerberus, I’d personally have them finish simply because I don’t like leaving things half-done….but i’m not holding my breath. but that’s neither fish nor fowl..

        If I may play devil’s advocate for a moment, I think that the demand for a remake has NOTHING to do with the actual quality of the game itself, but all about trying to revert back to when Final Fantasy was new (making an easy comparison to the OSR crowd).

  • xxx128

     This is so unlikely for square. I mean c’mon there is money to be made, lots of money? Millions? Hello…

  • I want me some Versus XIII please. When I want to play VII, I just pop in the discs and play VII.

    And if they should remake any of those at all, I would rather like myself a remake of VI or IX.

  • badmoogle

    I’m sure my grandchildren will love your new games Nomura!please take your time lol.

  • Kebo Martin

    Make a 3D FF6 instead! I wanna experience the world getting destroyed…in 3D.

  • Dyne

    I be ok with just a good FF game…

  • CirnoLakes

    Basically, it’s not going to just be a graphical update. But an entire update to the story, progression, exploration, and gameplay. That’s pretty good as long as they know what they are doing, leave what was good about the original in, and add in reasonable new content. I’m sure they have a dilemma whether to take risks, or play it the safe route like they did with Chrono Trigger DS, only adding new content and not modifying the original content.

    I think one way possible to make all parties happy, would be to add a classical mode that is just a graphical update of the old game. It shouldn’t be that difficult to do, given that the new version would be mostly a graphical update with new content and possibly modified old content. And this would even be possible, though more difficult, but nonetheless stunning, a list of options between classic and updated gameplay elements that you can choose upon first opening the game or a New Game+ or whatever. If they don’t set the updates too much in stone or incompatible with the old game, they could make a plethora of optional changes.

    What would I look forward to in an update? I always wanted to explore all of Midgar. Due to the plot and such, you only got a taste of Midgar. But there would be opportunities to sneak in exploring all of it, if they fully CG developed the whole thing. I have to say that the opportunity of being able to explore all of Midgar, seems like a Godlike scenario. Even better if there was lots of content there. Lots of NPCs, and even lots of quests and things related there. I think it would be worth changing the plot a little bit, just to allow for proper Midgar exploration before things go to all hell. I’m also really looking forward to a Gold Saucer update. Can you imagine how many fun and games an updated remake could have there? I’m also looking forward to Yuffie in HD glory. Quite a lot of things, actually. But those ring into my mind first and foremost.

    The fact of the matter sounds like it’s going to happen eventually. Which is pretty cool. I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up about anything Square Enix anymore. But even if the game gets panned, it can’t wind up that much worse than the original. Surely. So I think I’ve reason to look forward to it, whenver the heck it comes.

    Advent Cirno, ho!

    •  Sure it will. In 10-15 years after 2 console changes.

  • kashiwaba

    Does those new game include FFVsXIII? if so then probably we will never see FFVII remake xD.

  • SirRichard

    The Yuffie idea is pretty neat, I wonder if they considered using it anywhere else.

    Also going to add another cry of “Finish Versus already!” to the pile, because dammit, I want to be amazed, I want to sit spellbound in front of the TV like I did with old Final Fantasies.

  • I really don’t see the point in a FFVII remake. It’s still playable even today.

    Now a FF6 remake would be amazing. There are moments in that game that need the next-gen treatment to convey the amazing story. I’d be happy if they were in the same vain as the DS remakes.

  • RmanX1000

    Good for him. Not giving in to peer pressure! Now, on the other hand, a IX remake would definitely be the absolute greatest thing in the universe… 

  • Spider-Man

    I’d rather not have a FFVII remake. When I was younger and a graphics whore, I wanted a remake. Mostly because I liked graphics and whatnot. But now, the game would lose its charm. I love VII for the gameplay, story, and unique art style. 

    Many scenes would be removed or changed so badly. The Wall Market scenes, Barret/Cid’s swearing, etc. Just leave VII alone. The Compilation tarnished it enough. However, if they did remake it, keep it the chibi style like in FFIII/IV remakes. To keep the charm and stuff. Like Barret throwing one of the Avalanche members at the screen. I can’t see that scene making it into full rendered HD characters. Or that dialogue. 

    Would have been nice to see Tifa’s Orthopedic underwear scene in HD though. The Don Cornero scenes! And her slap fight with Scarlet. I’m sure that’d be a QTE. >_> 

  • boundries_san

    I don’t understand all the fans who keeps asking for FF7 remakes here??? As remake in the end is still kinda the same game here no matter what.

    I myself would love to see more new games and also appreaciate oldies classic game here.

    It seems that this generation of gamer does not appreciate anymore oldies game here. I myself still play SNES,Genesis and my Saturn is some basis here and the old graphics for me is more than enough lol.

    Does most of the gamer this generation cares more on graphics rather than a whole new game and expereience here?

  • Mohammad Ali Moslemi

    You cannot remake nostalgia…

  • LustEnvy

    This is now a discussion about how S-E should’ve included Dalton and Golem in FFXIII-2. I mean, COME ON! Dalton and Golem disappeared into the void! They would’ve totally fit the whole Colosseum vibe, and made pretty awesome ‘monster’ characters.


    BOOM, right in your childhood, admit it.

  • I was always thinking that it would be awesome if they remade VII using the VI engine

    • LustEnvy

       A retromake? I’d so get that.

      • komiko12

        Interesting .. 16-bit Cloud, Tifa and the others putting their hands up and down when they win battles

  • For me, it’s not necessary for a graphics update though it wouldn’t be a bad thing. I just really want all the loopholes and confusing parts to be fixed. If you didn’t do thorough research, a lot of key points would be missed. Touch nothing else.

    ~ Kieli ~

    • MrRobbyM

      A revised script would help a lot. That translation didn’t help anybody.

  • cik_fazu

    then finish versus quickly n stop blabbing

  • Oni123

    I would love to see FFVII remade on the 3DS =D chibi sprites and 2D backgrounds just like the original! HD is overrated

    • JMaster3000

      I would not ._.
      I would like to see it on Vita

      • thebanditking

        Agreed, Vita would be my platform of choice. Though at this point I would settle for PS1 support and the original. Though the more I think about a remake the less I want one. There are just so many things (like the Classic Resident Evil titles) that would/could get screwed up by modern game design, I would much rather see an upscale/remaster up the poly count/detail on the chibi and battle sprites leave the games 2D backgrounds but just put them in at a higher resolution and upscale and anti alias the CG scenes.

        • MrRobbyM

          I thought about this long and hard too. At first I was excited but, just as you, the more I thought about it, the less I wanted it. But then I realized the original game will always be there and there’s no way a remake would be the same but that doesn’t mean it won’t be great. My point is, I wouldn’t mind seeing FFVII in a slightly different light. A few changes here and there while still keeping most of the things the same that made FFVII so memorable. The only thing I would be worried about is, for me, FFVII had this underlying non-seriousness almost whimsical feeling most of the time. Despite it’s dark and serious plot, there were lots of little moments where it pretty much tells you “I’m a game. Have fun!”(The Gold Saucer helped a lot in this). Much like the Tales of series but less puzzle-y. That’s something I’m worried a remake, or at least a remake without most of the original team members will not capture.

          • thebanditking

            Agreed, though the time frame to capitalize on this is shrinking, imo. Much like my post above I feel the fan base for this game is directly tied to a group within a specific span of years that the nostalgia/culture resonates with and none of them are getting younger. Square will have to commit to weather of not they want to do this sooner then later.

            Honestly what Nomura and Square should focus on is not recreating FF7 but focus on what made the game so popular and loved and put that back into their game design philosophies. Japan needs that kind of game right now, and the success it brought. swing the tide a bit and help to reinvigorate Japanese game design.

        • Not gonna happen. Developing a game for the Vita is like developing a game for a console. 

    • MrRobbyM

      Coming from the guy with a chibi 2D Sora avatar.

      But really, when I was younger, I always imagined what a 2D or a 2.5D FFVII remake would look like. It would definitely have lots of charm but then you’d lose a lot of little things that made FFVII so memorable that you can’t replicate in 2D. I would like to see some form of FF 2D game then gen but not a FFVII remake.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    The only way I’d want to see a remake would be if they did it full HD, Advent Children-style with completely updated graphics and fully voiced dialogue, like a mainline Final Fantasy title. Keep the story the same (how awesome would Cloud’s crossdressing be in HD?) except with a few added references to Crisis Core here and there, and keep the battle system the same.

    If they aren’t going to do a remake, then why not just continue from where Dirge of Cerberus left off and finish the series with FF VII-2? That would be huge. 

  • Muggshotter

    I think FF7 has had enough already as it is with a prequel, spin-off and hell, even a movie (which I personally enjoyed). You’d think the universe would be pretty fleshed out by now but I wouldn’t be too sure about that since I have not done my research (oh such a scumbag I am) yet.

    But… what about FF8? I don’t remember that game getting anything aside from a PC port and the PS2 tech demo. Am I just being ignorant or has that game really got nothing else to it?

  • KotaroInugami

    I personaly think that FF7 is square’s trump card for if EVER in the future they are hurting for money. An instant giant lump of money. That’s the same theory I have behind there being a MMO pokemon game.

  • I agree with Nomura. I honestly prefer SE focusing on new games and IPs rather than constantly relying on former glories. FF VII is a great game as it is, no need for remakes. Just keep moving forward and try to achieve the sucess you once had!

  • thebanditking

    That Yuffie idea would be really cool, shame it never made it in. Also Sephiroth and Aerith being brother and sister would have been a great WTF moment especially if they revealed it after or close to her dying.

    “Nomura says he will try his best to make a game equal or possibly even more successful than Final Fantasy VII.”

    Not likely, FF7’s success was in my opinion based on three things.
    1. the massive change in technology from SNES to PS1 (polygonal models and CG cinematics) driving the narrative in a way that was completely new to the series.
    2. the actual gameplay, characters and setting of the world
    3. the last and maybe most important part, where the industry and people were culturally

    Anime was was already popular in Japan so naturally Nomuras designs struck a cord there but what made it such a pop culture hit was that western audiences were just starting to really get into Anime/Manga and the parts of Japanese culture that go with it. Anime in the 80’s was something you bought on bootleg tapes at a flea market, but by 97 the R1 industry was coming into its own and FF7 hit at just the right time to capitalize on this. It was a perfect storm of sorts and would be difficult to repeat, its hard to beat nostalgia. I don’t know about the rest of you but FF7 was a game my entire Junior High played, it was not limited to just gamers, or particular social groups. Everyone was talking about it and that caused more and more people to buy it, people who don’t even play games.

    “Nomura added he wants new Final Fantasy games to surpass classic Final Fantasy titles and sees Yoshinori Kitase as the successor for the series”

    Does not compute. lol

  • Michael Vu

    I’m still waiting on a sequel to the series, it seems like everyone forgot the secret ending in Dirge of Cerberus! I wish somebody would ask him about this!!

  • 肉@バカ夜空

    How about making a soul successor or a game as beautiful and fresh as XII? Because I think it’s the pinnacle of Final Fantasy and all succeeding games should try to surpass it.

    •  You’re in the minority there liking such a dull game.

      • Chiupon

        So dull it was. I was hopped up on sugar and candy and just starting my sugar rush when I got the game for my 13th birthday or something like that. I was out like a light during the sewers thing or whatever was going on. It was so boring I couldn’t even stand it— and I stayed awake during Xenosaga.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I enjoyed XII too but, yea, we’re definitely a minority. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it the series’ pinnacle though. Oho, certainly not.

      • 肉@バカ夜空

        If by ‘dull’. you mean an intelligently-crafted storyline without having to resort to a romance story and teenage drivel, a battle system which rely on real strategy instead of grinding, a world so massive and immersing that it pokes the little kid in you to EXPLORE, then fine. I think I’ll take that in.

  • “Nomura says he will try his best to make a game equal or possibly even more successful than Final Fantasy VII.”

    Not going to happen. In a biased way, I could say that given the kind of crap Squeenix has put out in the past decade, there’s no way they’ll win back all the old fans they lost by pulling crap like 3rd Birthday and FFX-2. FF7 was at the crossroads between respecting their fans and IPs, and appealing to new ones. In an unbiased way, FF7 was the company’s break-out game that turned them into a video game household name, making FF7 so legendary that it sank all through pop culture. Nothing Squeenix makes is going to top it. Yes, they might end up selling more copies of a future game, but they’ll never have a game as culturally successful or one that makes their company look as great as FF7 did.

    “Nomura added he wants new Final Fantasy games to surpass classic Final Fantasy titles and sees Yoshinori Kitase as the successor for the series. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is one of the games Nomura is working on.”

    When I started writing this post, I was going to say that I was indifferent toward Kitase, but then I looked at his history again. While he was a director and scenario planner for several great games, he was also a producer for FFX-2 and 3rd Birthday, he actually tried to defend FF13 for a lot of the things fans complained about, and worst of all, he’s the reason Toriyama has so much creative power at the company. So no, I don’t think Kitase is good for the company anymore.

    The sentiment of wanting new FF games to surpass classic ones is something I understand and can respect. It’s always desirable to push past the limits and reach new heights. It’s just that as I said above, I don’t think it’s possible. Still, I encourage it far more than what they’ve done in the past decade, in which they’ve butchered old IPs and characters because they tried to force ideas for new IPs where they don’t belong.

    “Another surprise is Aerith and Sephiroth were originally planned to be
    brother and sister! You can see traces of this, Nomura says, in their
    similar hairstyle.”

    This isn’t a surprise to me. When I played the game when it came out, I honestly thought they were brother and sister after the first time I saw Sephiroth, and I thought they were for exactly the reason he cited, their hairstyle. The story proved that was no longer the case for the end product, but even as a young teen I was still able to pick up on it.

    I’ve also considered a fic in the past where they turns out to be the case, so it’s nice to know that if I do it some day, it fits the plans the team originally had for Aeris and Sephiroth.

    • XiaomuArisu

       If my memory serves correct they were supposed to be a couple in an early story draft….later they changed it to siblings AND lovers….Good thing they changed it.

      • Tenno Seremel

        Good? But that could be something new in Final Fantasy for once :}

  • MrRobbyM

    I always thought their hair looked similar. If Aerith didn’t have her hair in a ponytail, they would share similar hairstyle.

    While I have some faith in Nomura, I wouldn’t want him to be in charge of everything. We need at least a few more old members of the FFVII team for it to be as magical as it was back then. I feel Nomura understands the greatness of FFVII and would try his best, but it’s not something he can pull off alone. Besides, if he was in charge of everything, everyone’s redesign would consist of more belts and zippers than a raincoat factory.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

     I would love to see a new IP…


      • Guest


      • ShawnOtakuSomething


        •  You wanted a new IP, he gave you the address to it =p

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            yeah I see the joke Har har har

          • Guest

            yeah I see the joke Har har har

          • Niermyico

             Not sure if Shawn just doesn’t get it or he’s just trolling. xD

      • Niermyico

         Well played, sir. Well played. :)

        *thumbs up*

  • IMO FF7 deserve to be remaked on HD because the original graphic is feel teribble after play FF8 & 9, i prefer Nomura working his own series like KH or TWEWY than working on major FF titles,surpass classic FF? well as long as Motomu Toriyama being director or scenario writer you just get FF brands damaged and the developer on SE japan  right now are not as talented as Square/Sakaguchi Era,Yosinori Kitase was great as director(FF 6 FF7,FF8) but not as producer, i prefer Hiroyuki Ito as head of FF main series coz this guy was do the gameplay design the FF i loved

  • KingGunblader

    “You want Final Fantasy VII remake?

    TOO BAD.

    Waluigi time.”

  • Domii

    Why doesn’t he shut the hell up and get Final Fantasy versus 13 out the door already?!

    This is exactly what I mean by Square being poorly managed as a company. Because their is no excuse for a company the size of square to have a game announced 6 years ago, and not have that baby realese already or atleast a relistic release window. No excuse.

    • Its called Final Fantasy XIII-3. Sadly I think they’re waiting to finish pushing their trilogy, and since they said this game is linked to XIII in some way, maybe it wouldn’t be plot appropriate? Then again who knows, maybe they’re just taking absolutely forever to make this one xD.

      Maybe if he wasn’t making a billion KH handhelds and just made 3 there wouldn’t be this issue either xD

      • Domii

        Unfortunately that’s all part of poor management decisions my fellow gamer.

        • Well I understand the need to flesh out the story a bit more before 3 releases, (in regards to KH), but the releases have been all over the place (multiple platforms) and I’m sure not every KH fans have a portable system. If he’d released these games on the ps2/ps3 it’d be one thing because it would all still be on one platform, but I guess SE wants to maximize profitablity by spreading it out across 4-5, although you would think if these games released for both handhelds at least the majority of people could play them, rather than just those who own a psp for birth by sleep or those who own a ds/3ds for 358/2, recoded,  and 3D.

          Not to mention the more projects they keep giving him at one time, the longer it’s going to take for the major console projects to get done. He’s been working on Versus XIII for..what…6 years now? And he’s released 5+ other games in that time? I wonder where he even finds the time to work on Versus with all the other projects SE makes him work on.

      • Yeah, skip everything story-related! Let’s release III and risk everyone getting fucking confused!

        • Funny as I recall he’s adding in a database that explains every important plot point in the story. So yeah, lets do that ;)

    • Solomon_Kano

      Given that the game apparently wasn’t even in full production until last year, it’s pretty easy to see why its taken so long. Given how long it took to get XIII proper out of the door, it’s only right that Versus would take longer considering all that’s supposedly being done with it.

      • Domii

        I’m sorry to say this, but although I love Square, I’m not going to justify the pathetic management decisions they’ve done when it came down the FF franchise this generation. Seriously just like many mentioned it already, why announce Versus 6 years ago if they weren’t gonna commit to the development?

        It’s even more frostrating that they made the crap that was FF13-2 before Versus; a game they announced 6 f*cking years ago!!

        Ps. Sorry bro my frustration is with Square not u. I respect your comment.

        • Solomon_Kano

          It’s cool.

          I’ve gotta say though ,the 13-2 one is simple. The XIII team went into that following XIII’s criticism. I’d have liked Square to put that entire team on finishing Versus, but I can understand why they didn’t. It sure would’ve been a hell of a kickstart for productivity on that side though. If they finished a whole new game in, what, a year or two? I’m sure that would’ve been a great help to the Versus team, especially since they had to stop working on Versus to help with XIII.

          So yea, SE has made some questionable choices in that regard. I do think XIII-2 was a smart move though. It wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, but it showed that they take criticism seriously when it comes to the FF brand.

          Anyhow, I just hope it’s nearly done. Perhaps we’ll hear something at TGS (I’ve absolutely no hope that we’ll hear anything at E3, that’s too soon in Nomura time).

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Just finish the storyline and be done with the series. Forget trying (and inevitably failing) at remaking the past glory of FFVII. Move on.

  • After the last ten years, I wish they’d just put Sakaguchi back in charge.

    We’d never have had the debacle with Versus 13 and Type-0 that we’re getting now.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Type-0 debacle? What debacle was that? I hope you’re not referring to it getting localized, as Sakaguchi being in charge would do nothing to change that.

      As for Versus… you mean it taking so long? XIII took a while too. Versus being the more ambitious of the two games was bound to take longer. Especially when the Versus team apparently took some time out to help finish XIII proper. Have patience.

  • Before, I would’ve wanted a FFVII remake, but I don’t know anymore… I feel like a remake would lose all of the polygonal, grammatical mistake-ridden charm. I think it’s best to let the legend lie as it is.

    • Handsome Luigi ♢

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Uhm, if you subtract one from the roman numeral and just do something about Final Fantasy VI, I will care more Nomura-san. ^^

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I know fans are separated on which FF is the best and when SE announced a FFX HD remake I’m sure it raised quite a few eyebrows on why FF7 wasn’t getting the same treatment but I have always had this thing where I think some games just should be left the way they are, FF7 is undoubtedly a great game (although shamefully I have never actually beaten the game myself xD) but I dunno maybe FF7-9 should be left the way they are. I am excited to see if FF5 and 6 will be going to the 3DS like supposedly hinted but I guess we won’t know until they tell us xD
    Again I know some people will only argue with me but I dunno I just wouldn’t like to see them make mistakes that could hurt the game’s status they did so well to get.

    • Nyandroid

      My question is: Why such a big jump to FFX? What about V, VI, VII, VIII and IX?

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

        That is true, I think they used the 10th anniversary as a point or something. I never played FFX so I can look forward to it I guess.
        V and VI have been spoken about breifly for the 3DS kinda like what they did with III and IV for the DS, but only time will tell I guess.
        VII definetly seems the most requested though so I wonder why SE have been holding it off for so long, hmm.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Excuse my cutting in here lol, but X got one first due to the anniversary as well as the recent craze over HD PS2 games.

        In addition to that, it’s not a ground up remake like the DS versions of 3/4 or like they’d have to do for V/VI. Plus, they’re probably saving V/VI for lower budget 3DS remakes like the DS ones before them. As for 7-9, it’s because it would take a significant amount more work. Apart from perhaps 6, each was much larger than any of the SNES games prior. 7 was expensive on PS1, remaking it would take a TON of money and resources. Time, too (and time is practically the #1 complaint with SE if we’re not talking quality lol).

      • Availability. Its not about making a shiny new product, but making old products readily available on current gen systems. Every game up to the PS2 era is available for the PSP, Vita, PS3, Wii, and DS, and Mobile Phone platforms. But Square currently has no way to make money off their PS2 era. What would you do if you found out a product that once made you millions of dollars is no longer makes you money, but in fact makes other people money?

        They only way the PS1 era will come back if the playstation network stops providing PS1 classics.

    • Solomon_Kano

      “and when SE announced a FFX HD remake I’m sure it raised quite a few eyebrows on why FF7 wasn’t getting the same treatment”

      I hope it didn’t, since there’s a very clear and very simple reason why they went with X over VII. I already have so little faith in the FFVII fanbase, but I think I’d lose that much more if people actually complained about that.

      As for whether they should ever touch 7-9… I’m inclined to agree with you. Now mind you, 9 and 7 are my favorite 2 games in the series. It’s just that… well, for one, the games really aren’t in need of any sort of update. Past that, I actually think about stuff like resources and cost and whatnot, so I’d hate to see SE put so much time and money into remaking games in the series that are better off when 5 and 6 have yet to see the treatment (though 6 is probably gonna take a while too).

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

         I have heard that X is a great game but I can’t say I know why it was picked because I myself have never played it. I guess we can only look forward to the new games Nomura is talking about.
        You make a very good point though about the time and money so I can’t help but agree with you there xD Hmm, but it is nice to see that they are considering it. Hmm, I wonder how long the X remake will take though, is it out this year?

        • Solomon_Kano

          It is indeed great. If you’ve heard the complaints about XIII though, well (though people never really say this), X is kinda the same. In terms of player freedom, I mean. I found X much better overall though. I hope X HD is done this year. I think it will be, since they usually don’t take too long to remaster these games.

          As for why they picked it, well… if you think back to what HD remasters we’ve gotten so far, what do they all have in common? They’re all PS2 games. And that’s because it takes minimal work to get PS2 games up to an acceptable level of polish. With a PS1 game they would actually need to remake the game from the ground up and, frankly, the risk isn’t so far from the reward as FFVII’s fanbase would have you believe. Really, part of the blame goes to the term remake being a confusing. They aren’t really starting over from the ground up with X like they’d need to do with VII, but the term makes it sound that way. People like to ignore that and get riled up though lol.

          People asked the same question when Kojima did the MGS collection. Much as I’d have loved a remake of MGS, people just kinda glaze over how much more work that takes.

          • There’s an even simpler reason.

            Companies don’t want to lose solid money makers. When it comes to franchise series, people are buying these games all the time. The problem is they’re buying them used. Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars of second-hand profits that these companies aren’t seeing a dime of.

            So the natural conclusion is to offer versions of the game that can do what these old PS2 games can’t: Play naturally on current gen consoles, with HD and 3D support.

            The reason PS1 games aren’t being remade? Because they’re perfectly available for all PS3s on the PSN. They still make money there, with 0 efforts, X, XII, Kingdom Hearts 1/2/CoM all however have no modern access, nor can they send money back to their creators.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s another aspect I hadn’t thought of. Well, not here at least.

            It’s really ingenious of them. Fans love to say “OMG Square if you remake FF7 MILLIONS will buy it.” Problem is, they always leave off the “used” part. For as many people there are that would potentially buy a FF7 remake, Square can’t possibly predict how many would buy it used. Hell, some of the very people asking for a remake have also said in the same breath that they wouldn’t support SE so they’d buy the remake used. So, yea, it’s brilliant of them to leave the games on PSN.

          • KHSoraKeyBlade

             Well I always knew they were remasters rather than remakes but I haven’t played any of the games that have been re-released under this format, FFX will most likely be my first and I can only dream of a KH HD collection xD
            A VII remake would have to be a proper full remake given it is a ps1 game but who knows, the whole VII remake will definitely always be a topic of discussion until SE do it and then if they do fans will just want VIII and IX to get the same treatment. Ah well, I’m excited to see what they can do.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Lord knows if they announced a KH HD collection at E3 I’ll be dancing all across my living room.

            But yea, discussion of a VII remake will never go away. Between the compilation and the PS3 tech demo, they just made it seem to close to a reality for people to let it go like that. And yea, if they do it, I can see people wanting a remake of VIII and IX. Personally, of the 3, I’d only want IX. I don’t want any remakes past VI but, if they did them, IX would be the one I want most. That was a beautiful game on PS1, seeing it in a nice HD polish would be mind-boggling.

    • Testsubject909

      I didn’t raise an eyebrow when they announced an FFX HD game.

      It’s on the PS2, I’ve seen what they do for HD remakes. They bump up the graphic, polygon count, smoothen the edges and up the textures. It’s just a beautification of the original content.

      Final Fantasy 7 on the other hand… Well, just about as challenging as making a 3D console quality remake of a 2D game.

      *coughs*Romancing Saga*coughs*

      Actually yeah. Square has shown it’s quite capable of remaking a game and really has little excuse so… eh, screw it. And if FF6 goes to the 3DS. I hope to all divine beings that they’re not going to make poor gimmicky use of the 3D effect and just focus on making a naturally good presentation. That is what Square-Enix excels at though, but there’s always that nagging feeling of the misuse of visual gimmicks.

  • AzureNova

    (Looks at article)…… (Learns some facts, O_O)……nice. Sooooooooo where’s Final Fantasy Vs. XIII?

    • Brandon001

      Nomura Told us to be patient >_>

      • Niermyico

        Nomura should just stay quiet. Actually, S-E in general to just stay quiet and stop announcing games 6 years ago that’s gonna take like 7-10 years to complete.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Really, they’d have been in a tough spot either way.

          Announce Nomura’s new game a decade too early? “OMFG WHERE’S VERSUS!?”

          Announce it after 6+ years when it’s ready? In that time period: “OMFG WHERE’S KINGDOM HEARTS 3!? WHAT IS NOMURA DOOOOOOOOOOOOING???”

          • Niermyico

            I for one know that Nomura hasn’t started developing on Kingdom Hearts 3 (or maybe he has started basic ideas with that recent article I read) so I’m not complaining about that.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Oh no, I know you aren’t. But had Square not told anyone of what he was doing, well, can you imagine?

            People whine about KH3 knowing he’s said it’s coming after Versus. Picture how much worse that would’ve been if they just didn’t say anything of what he was doing following KH2. That’s a long time to go dark.

  • If a prospective FF7 remake would be directed by Nomura, I think I can live without it.

  • CrimsonalCore

    Working on Versus XIII? All rightly then. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was the reason I bought my PS3 last Christmas. :3

    I can hold on to couple of years before it complete.

  • It’s like this company is deadset against not being successful. Remake FF7. Make Kingdom Hearts 3. Release Versus. Make a new Chrono game. Create a Final Fantasy with an ATB system. It’s obvious all of this experimental and innovation crap isn’t working out.

    • Barrylocke89

      I guess you missed the last Square Enix article about S-E having a successful year last year. They may not be making things that YOU want to see (and don’t get me wrong I’d love to see a new Chrono game as well), but they are still making money, so I think it’s a bit off to say that their ventures aren’t “working out”.

  • Handsome Luigi ♢

    Oh don’t really mind about that one Nomura, I don’t care for a VII remake since I love the chibi poligons and the comedy it had in it, with the actual voice actors and ideas you had lately Im afraid you’ll ruin my childhood so thanks but no thanks!

    “Nomura added he wants new Final Fantasy games to surpass classic Final Fantasy titles”
    Haha! Good luck with that.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Good. A VII remake is honestly something I’d never care to see out of SE. Would I buy it if it ever happened? Certainly. Would I have wanted to see it over their output from the last decade? Nope. In spite of all the doom and gloom “Square Enix hasn’t had a good game since they stopped being Square!” folks, I’ve gotten lots of enjoyment out of SE in recent years (XIII aside).

    So if the choice is ever new game vs. remake, then it’s gonna be new game every time for me. That said, hopefully Versus is somewhere near completion by now. I’m willing to wait, but it’s hard to do when the game looks so good. Especially since we’ve only seen snippets of it in motion or otherwise…

    • Testsubject909

      I will say, in defense of the people who dislike Square-Enix, myself included.
      It’s not so much that they don’t make good games. I quite enjoy a lot of games Square-Enix has made.

      For me, specifically for me and coincidentally probably for a few other people…

      Square-Enix has simply not been able to recapture a part of the magic and feel that some of their older games as individual companies have been able to muster (Final Fantasy primarily). And this goes beyond just nostalgia. I’ve played some of the games made by Squaresoft and by Enix much later in my teen years, going back to the Nes and Snes era while the PS2 was going strong and enjoying some of their earlier titles.

      It’d be hard for me to put to word without starting a huge essay, so I’ll just leave it to.Square-Enix does make good games, very fun, some innovative. But at the same time, Square-Enix has poorly handled some beloved franchises and games and hasn’t been able to capture my heart the same way it did with earlier titles… And then there was the fans who confused Tri-Ace made games as being developed by Square-Enix, and we all know how blind fanboy/girl-ism makes one react…

      PS: Mind you. I do own Dragon Quest 8.

      I haven’t played it yet because at the time, I was tackling different dauntingly long games. I know there are quite a lot of excellent Square-Enix games and perhaps, hopefully, some of them can give me some of that sweet magic but…

      I’ll give Kingdom Heart as an example. Kingdom Heart 1 was Squaresoft. Kingdom Heart 2 was Square-Enix. In the first Kingdom Heart, the magic and whimsey of Disney was mixed wonderfully with Squaresoft’s IPs and you felt you advanced as you went on through the world… Kingdom Heart 2, while good and all, with memorable music, great visuals, fun gameplay and the likes. Is a natural progression of some strong foundation made by Squaresoft, much like Final Fantasy nowadays. But where it lacks is in that feel, in the story and pace and whatnot. Kingdom Heart 2’s story is primarily in the beginning and at the end, with the many Disney world becoming nothing but filler and, at times, just a grind as opposed to the original effect KH had.

      • Solomon_Kano

        See, you’ve a reason for why you’re of that opinion. I’m talking those people who act like Square Enix has produced nothing of quality. Like ever.

        That said, not as good as they were? I’ll agree, though I can probably say that about every developer I’ve ever liked. Hm… ‘cept Level-5, actually. They’re still as good to me as they were originally.

  • The_Real_Oyashiro

     Just let Level 5 handle the remake. That way it will still have a chance of being good!

    • Testsubject909

      Level-5’s hasn’t been completely excellent though. I mean. Look at Rogue Galaxy. That game is as mundane and mediocre and tiresome as a mediocre okay game gets…

      I dislike it because of the fact that it’s exactly that. Mediocre okay. If it was mediocre bad, I’d at least get a kick out of something. If it was mediocre good, it’d be mediocre but at least be good.

      The game is just… mediocre and okay. It’s never very exciting, never very boring, the action is just okay, the strategy is just okay, the depth of gameplay is just okay. Everything’s just a bland gray mess of okay that gets old fast.

      edit: And did I mention that by regular gameplay, not even consulting a guide, by the second “dungeon”, I got the third best weapon in the game…

      Which is given to you in the first chapter of the game, but simply requires a very stupidly easy straightforward path to making it into one of the strongest weapons in the game… And there’s really no advantages from having any other weapon… And I could go on to make a very long rant about many of it’s other problems that makes it mediocre…

      Ever since Rogue Galaxy. I couldn’t look at Level-5 the same way as I did before…

  • LiamMusume

    I love how we keep finding out stuff about this game even now, like on youtube there is a person posting video of them using cheat engines to find secrets in the game the developers forgot to take out.
    That Yuffie wanted poster thing sounds so cool and WOW AERITH AND SEPHIROTH WERE MEANT TO BE BROTHER AND SISTER?! -dies

    • Solomon_Kano

      Took me to see it in all caps, but… AeRITH and SephiROTH? Lol. I wonder if that was part of them being related too or just me looking into stuff?

  • Göran Isacson

    That Yuffie-wanted poster idea is super-baller, although it would probably have ruined the sequels since how do you decide which Yuffie to pick? Alternate versions for ALL of the different Yuffies? No sequels at all?

    … Maybe they SHOULD have gone down that route…

    Kinda glad they kept Aerith and Sephiroth separate though. “Luke I Am Your Father” doesn’t need to be in EVERY story ever, and I’m okay with Sephiroth being Hojo’s freak-baby and Aerith the child of that kindly professor.

  • P4ine

    Does anyone else feel this humongous excitement whenever he or she reads the words “FFVII” and “remake” in this order?

    Too bad it always ends in a disappointment.

    • Testsubject909

      Quite the opposite to me.

      And don’t get me wrong. I liked FF7. But… Well read my other posts, it should be ample clear.

  • ZBaksh386

    FF7-2 please or versus 13 or KH3.

    • Testsubject909

      I have your FF7-2.

      It’s called Dirge of Cerberus, And Advent Children.

      If you want your prequel, it’s called Crisis Core and Before Crisis.

      You might have some trouble getting your hands on Before Crisis, what with it being a Japan only cellphone game, but you can easily get Final Fantasy 7-0 on PSP (Crisis Core), Final Fantasy 7-1.5 on DVD (Movie) and Final Fantasy 7-2 with Dirge of Cerberus (PS2).

      That said, you’d be aiming for a FF7-2 DC2, because Dirge of Cerberus’s true ending finishes with a freaking cliffhanger…

      Does anyone begin to see why I feel there’s really no more need to retread on FF7?

      • ZBaksh386

        It would be nice tho but i get your point.

      • ZBaksh386

        It would be nice tho but i get your point.

    • >FF7-2

      Tifa, Yuffie and a suddenly much older Marlene (made into a cheap knockoff of Aeris) wander the world in bikinis and hot pants singing and dancing for money. Their pimp Don Cor-… I mean, Barret, uses a newly created AVALANCHE to gather intel to tell them where they should be strippi-… I mean, completing missions, next, but he makes sure to perv out over his daughter before she sets off to the next location. Eventually they discover that a reincarnated Aeris and Sephiroth are busily doing it in the Mako Crater to bring to life some horrible monster that is only possible through the combination of Jenova and the Cetra bloodlines.

      Written and directed by Motomu Toriyama.

      • ZBaksh386

        Sounds like this is something you’ve been thinking of for a while.

        • Not really, I just paused and channeled Toriyama’s thought process for the duration of that reply. He would be the one in charge of it because it’s high-profile, and Squeenix wants to give him more responsibility with every shitty game he makes.

  • I’m OK with this.  It would be different if FFVII was a rare find, but it’s on PSN and for now, I’m good with that.  I do want SE to do some serious thinking before they leap into another 5 year dev cycle on which games have done well and why.  Come on guys, I know you have it in you!  Bring FF back to glory.  Or at least get me more TWEWY-style games!  

    And Sephiroth and Aerith as siblings is an interesting idea.  And I like the Yuffie one too!

  • Just reading this article gives me hope, not for a remake, I don’t really care if we get one or not. I understand Square may have fallen off lately, but it’s nice to know Nomura’s trying, at least.

    I’m not hard to please with video games, so just something like this hits the spot. I know SE can come back from this.

  • Testsubject909

    Final Fantasy 7’s got WAY too much time in the spotlight with a movie, multiple sequel-spinoff games, an upcoming retrospective uniquely for itself in full.

    You know what actually would benefit from a remake? How about Final Fantasy 6? Or Final Fantasy 5?

    Final Fantasy 1 got a remake with crisper graphics on the PSP. So did Final Fantasy 2.

    Final Fantasy 4 got multiple remakes and a Complete version with a sequel and interlude.

    Final Fantasy 3 got remade with a completely new story tacked into it and new 3D graphics.

    And in the meantime… Final Fantasy 5 with it’s awesome Gilgamesh and Bartz got what? The shaft.

    Final Fantasy 6 got what? A slow loading PS1 version and a censored port to the GBA. Wooptidoo.

    I know Final Fantasy 7 is your big hitter that helped a lot and heard it a thousand times. But you know. It’s not just Uniquely 7… It’s the franchise As A Whole that merits the attention and the loving and the… Eh, you know what? Too much energy spent…

    Edit: Also. Glad he’s focusing on new games rather then another FF7 related item… Freaking hell.

    • I personally don’t consider FF4:TA or the Interlude to count at all for FF4. Since FF4:TA was half-assed garbage, and Interlude was just more stupid crap tacked on to further force FF4:TA as being canon despite everything blatantly wrong with it.

      Also FF4 only had one remake, FF4DS. The rest of the things you’re calling remakes were just ports.

      • LustEnvy

         I’m actually just finishing my first full run of The After Years, and while it doesn’t live up to FFIV, it’s still a decent game, IMHO. The band system really shined through, though you don’t get all the good bands until the very end, which was stupid.

        • Gameplay is probably okay, but my problem with it is story-wise. The worst of it is that the game undoes major character development for Cecil and Rosa just to ultimately have an excuse for Kain to Gary Stu and defeat “evil Cecil,” not to mention it reduces Rosa into the bland damsel in distress too many people like to pretend she was in FF4 as part of that scheme. Outside that issue, the game demolishes the concept of crystals as mystical items by making them nothing more than the result of a science experiment, lazily recycles plot devices like the Sand Ruby and frying pan, and utterly wastes the potential of all the game’s new characters just to cater to the Kain fanboyism. That last one is most glaringly obvious with Ceodore. Even though the tagline for the game CLAIMS it’s Ceodore’s journey, in reality Ceodore just follows Kain’s lead for almost the whole game, and ultimately he ends the game even worse off than when he started; now, because Kain is in charge of the whole Red Wings force, Ceodore can never rise higher than he started the game at in the Red Wings’ ranks until his dad dies and he becomes king.

          Story-wise, FF4:TA was half-assed and it shows. It should have been treated as a silly non-canon side game before the team created a real sequel, whether it starred Kain or Ceodore or someone else. Instead, they just called FF4:TA a “true sequel” and moved on.

      • The_Real_Oyashiro

         FFIV in the complete collection was a remake ala FF1/FF2 psp.

        • A remake would include a graphical upgrade that goes to the next level of graphics quality or higher, as we saw with the transition from FF4 to FF4DS, or FF1 and FF2 to FFOrigins.

    • V and VI are planned were the DS.  The problem is a combination of technical planning and the advent of the 3DS caused a number of problems to crop up.

      They just aren’t high priority games. It’ll happen when it does, probably in the next two years when they’ve got a solid hold on how they can translate the games to the 3Ds. They obviously aren’t going to make them for a defunct handheld.

      They won’t be console games. There isn’t enough interest within the company itself to land a Team 1 or 2 interest.

    • What about 8? and 9? 

  • Testsubject909

    On a side note.

    How does Sephiroth and Aerith being siblings work exactly?Lucretia gave birth to Sephiroth that much I get, but Aerith was an Ancient (whom Hojo wanted to mate with RedXIII to repopulate the Ancient… never figured how that was meant to work).

    If they’d be siblings, that’d pretty much require them to rework some to a lot of side story details wouldn’t it?

    edit: Then again, plans at the beginning and end products, large gap in time, very lengthy and troublesome development time, there’s no big surprises that there were such changes along the way…

    • Not reworking. The game plot was dramatically different when this idea was promoted. Originally the game was supposed to be set in real life New York with fantasy elements combined in a noir murder mystery plot. Sephiroth was supposed to be a either a PI or detective who Aerith has a fascination with, not realizing they’re long lost siblings.

      THis was long before the current concepts came into play.

    • Guest

      I read that originally Ifalna was supposed to be who they got cells for SOLDIERs from, not Jenova.  And if I remember correctly, (been awhile since I read this) changing it to Jenova made them change the sibling idea.  (Actually, Ifalna makes more sense than Jenova to me. *shrugs*)

      Also, Sephiroth and Aeris were supposed to be lovers.  That changed at the last minute as Square felt Sephiroth killing his lover was too much.  And that is why Zack feels just thrown in there, because he was.

      I honestly like some of the tossed away ideas more than what was final.

  • “You can see traces of this, Nomura says, in their similar hairstyle.”

    They were supposed to be brother and sister sharing the same HAIRSTYLE? This is one of the dullest things Nomura could have said.

    • Guest

      Actually they share more than that in common; they have the same eye color too.

  • ZEROthefirst

    In my opinion I don’t like Final Fantasy VII, I think it’s just to hyped up and remakes for FF games should go to some of the older titles. I won’t lie though, if/when a remake for FFVIII is made I hope I love it as much as the PS1 version and can playthrough it happily as I have the PS1 ver. which who knows how many times it’s been now :P

    • Guest

      I like FFVII, well, mainly some of its characters.   The story on the other hand, while I did enjoy the original game, it seemed out there.  And I won’t lie that some parts wasn’t all that good to me.  Crisis Core’s story I liked a whole lot more. (^_^)

      FFVIII is definitely my fave main FF title, and I wished it would get more attention one day.  I went into that game after hearing a lot of hate on it, which I came out of it not knowing why, as I loved it. (^_^)  I have re-played it a lot myself, and it is the only game so far I have done so many times that has a good length to it.  I hope for the same thing if/when a remake of it is made.

  • Screw the new Final Fantasy games! FFX-2 was the last good Final Fantasy game. They have only gotten increasingly horrible since. I live for RPGs! And the always new combat systems suck. Visually, yes, they look amazing. But there is no reason you can add that kind of awesomeness to the combat system of FFX-2, or just about any FF game’s fighting system before it. The storylines for the more recent Final Fantasy games would be better in movies or series then the game. Because switching to different groups doesn’t make me like all the characters, and feel invested in there stories at all. In fact, I get less interested, because I get bored when playing characters that don’t suite my play style when I know there are other characters in the game that do. Just remake FF7 already!! And give us outfit customization, if you are trying to add anything. 

    •  I agree with you 100% in your comment. FF X-2 battle system was the best of the series and after that FF stopped being a classic RPG for me.

    • Guest

       Good game huh the same game that had no Auron, Wakka, Kimahri and practically a feminist game. The same sequel to a game where its predecessor lost boss Yevon that looked like a turnip only needed a zombie attack and a Phoenix down to be beaten…..OH yeah what an awesome game  FFX series was.

      • TalesFanGirl

        Uh, do you even know the definition of feminism? FF10-2 is NOT a feminist game- in fact, it’s pretty much the very OPPOSITE of a feminist movie since it pretty much objectifies the three main characters.

  • Rufos_S

    Just do a Before Crisis Remake! SE will do a FFVII Remake someday anyway…

  • Yuzh

    where is mah FF7

  • Hines Green III

    How about a remake of The Bouncer? I sure you can put in all that stuff you left out that E3 demo long ago.

  • Hines Green III


  • l777l

    … alright, there’ve been requests for this remake for over a decade now. And somehow these people always stumble into developing other/new games and then use it as an explanation for why they are not doing that remake. Fantastic. 

  • Guest

    The bouncer 2 let go, KH3, Versus is gonna make FF13 look like a hobo. The sad part is Crisis Core was on psp and was still better than FF13 just saying

  • Zadion

    Am I the only one who thinks it would’ve been way more awesome if Aerith and Sephiroth actually were siblings?

  • Kimmy Arnold

    The thing is, I think in some ways they should do a remake as it seems no-one recalls that it was an early translation and in a period of time where cross-country importation was very meek. There is a lot of errors in all areas for example, Tsung’s age being mistranslated or the unexplained Red XIII’s cub or even the funny ???? ability I’m sure you completists remember :P alas, the overkill bugs which are famous, there’s also a few holes in storytelling (in the game itself, not including spin-offs to explain it), that don’t make 100% sense. Even FF9 did the same with Necron just jumping out of the blue despite Kuja being the so-called villian. A remake would solve this, but really I’m on the fence however of making a remake, clearly it’s had to have spin-offs just to rectify what FF7 was original trying to gauge and 7 isn’t the only one to receive such injections. It’s up to SE in the end, I’m happy to play the old but lovable thing and still wonder what some parts mean despite the spin-offs, But a new one wouldn’t be bad IF they give it the attention it needs.

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