Snapshots Of Devil Summoner: Soul Hacker’s New Animated Opening

By Spencer . May 16, 2012 . 11:20am

l_4fb385c14c4a5Atlus is working with Macross Frontier animation studio Satelight again. Satelight created a new opening anime for Persona 2: Innocent Sin and they are also making one for the Nintendo 3DS version of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. Famitsu shared a few stills from the new animated movie.



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Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers for Nintendo 3DS will have full voice acting. On the left we have Spooky, the clever founder of the hacker group Spookies, is voiced by Kazuya Nakai (Wakka in Final Fantasy X and Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise). Six, a gun maniac and who will face the past he forgot, is voiced by Daisuke Ono (Snow from Final Fantasy XIII and Silver the Hedgehog in various Sonic games).


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Guns? Yeah players use GUMPs (short for Gun Computers) to shoot bullets and summon demons. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers comes out in Japan on August 30.

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  • Wonder if they’re adding any extras besides this intro to the game?

    • As long as it comes to NA, I don’t care if they add anything or not.

      (But a soundtrack would be nice)

    • cj_iwakura

      Limited edition GUMP! Leanan Sidhe sold separately.

  • malek86

    *looks at third image*

    Hitomi, what happened to your face? You look like a man now ;_;

    Still slogging my way through the game. I defeated the third boss, but things are starting to get rougher.

    • DDanny

      She looks somewhat more Kaneko but also older. Soejima did the in game portraits I think just like P2.
      Yeah… the faces on that third picture are really off

      • cj_iwakura

        Yep, he did. SH was one of his very first projects with Atlus, if not the first.

  • cj_iwakura

    Really don’t like Satelight’s depiction of Kaneko’s designs. The main for example doesn’t look nearly as cool.

    • raymk

      Good getting tired of cool guys ;).

    • Julien_N

      I also feel the main character’s apperance was damaged in the art change. A shame because he looked quite badass in the artworks.
      However, being a first-person dungeon crawler, I suppose this issue won’t bother us too many times when playing the game. %)

  • usagi_san

    With Ghostlight’s recent 3DS license approval, I’m just waiting for confirmation for a localization (which is now a must, thanks Nintendo). That’s how confident I am.

    *Inside thoughts* Please gives us a localization!!! 

    • Samurai_Heart

      And we know Ghostlight checks around on this site =p, do it Ghostlight more partnership with Atlus. Really wish they were Xbox 360 publishers as well XD, so that they don’t lose out on some games ala Catherine. We need a publisher annoucement for P4 Arena =) but Arc System Works does have a European company now. Ghostlight and Rising Star Games (can’t think of any other right now) are like the our Atlus, Aksys and Xseed, truely the European Heroes to lovers of J-RPG/Niche Games.

      • usagi_san

        Ain’t that the truth. I think if the 360 had done a lot better in Japan more companies would’ve backed it, in turn increasing the number of localizations for the 360 giving the fans more choice. 

    • Julien_N

      I mentionned the game on their blog (in the Devil Survivor article), and Ross said he would talk about it to his boss. 
      While this does not mean anything solid, it shows there might be a way to get the game in Europe. I am waiting for a localization as well~

      • usagi_san

        I’m glad to hear it. At least they acknowledge then fans with games we would like to see even if they themselves don’t/can’t localize the game. I’m happy with the recent offer for Europe concerning Tales of Graces f, but with the recent .hack//Versus and a possibility of a Solatorobo sequel campaigns having no sign of acknowledgement.

        I would love for these companies to show some acknowledgement to the fans to show we do have a ‘voice’.   

        I would love to have more Atlus titles in the west. So I hope they can make this happen.

        •  Yeah, Ghostlight are amazing, and they usually take their fans feedback into consideration and always try to give us what we ask for (assuming the requests are reasonable, off course!)

          I love ghostlight!

          • Farid Belkacemi

             Ghostlight = Xseed in Europe ! Of course we love them :)

  • Göran Isacson

    Guns that are also computers.

    I can’t quite decide if that is awesome, or very, very silly.

  • Farid Belkacemi

    Never played this game, a day one purchase if this is released in Europe :)

  • cj_iwakura
    • klkAlexar

      Omg, what did they do to him? They even made him older. 

    • Ninten

      By the way, you couldn’t even see what the protagonist looked like in the original, right? Sure, he was on the cover, but still.

      • cj_iwakura

        Nope, just a silhouette. I think the 3DS version changed that.

  • klkAlexar

    I hope they don’t come up with the excuse of losing the game code or something, and don’t localize this. 

    • puchinri

      How often does Atlus not localize a SMT related title though?

      • klkAlexar

        They didn’t localize the Devil Summoner port for psp. I think their excuse was that they lost the code or something and couldn’t hack the game to translate it. 

        • puchinri

          Ahhh. That is weird. Well, their track record has been a bit better lately though. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again, and I would think that they’d want to try and take advantage of the large and growing userbase of the 3DS in other regions.

          I guess we can only hope~.

        • Julien_N

          The Devil Summoner 1 PSP port is emulated, if I remember. So it is the same game as the original one, without any modifications.
          Here, given that there are several updates such as the opening video and the voice acting, it is very likely that they do have the source code and that ATLUS USA/Ghostlight can localize it, so don’t worry about that issue. ^.^

          • malek86

            There are modifications in the PSP port of Devil Summoner. There are two difficulty levels (the original only had one), so the game wasn’t untouched. However, like we discussed in another thread, it’s not impossible to have the emulator modify the game itself. Kinda like what happens with Action Replays and stuff. Essentially, they emulated the game, and then applied “cheat codes” through the emulator, sort of.

            So yes, it IS possible that this version is emulated too. It is far more unlikely though. Adding voice acting and battle animations via emulator should require a lot more work than just lowering monster stats. Besides, the graphics look like proper HOR+ widescreen, and the portraits are bigger than before. Too many changes, therefore it’s relatively safe to assume it’s an enhanced port, and not emulation.

          • Julien_N

            Thanks for the clarification!
            In any case, Soul Hackers’ source code is still available, so a localization is possible. ^^

          • cj_iwakura

            It’s also nigh unplayable by modern standards. Anyone clamoring for DS PSP should go look at how ugly it is.

        • Hraesvelgr

          It’s not an excuse if it’s a valid reason.

  • Atlus come on. My 3DS needs some RPGs.

  • puchinri

    Oh, goodness. Atlus, please, please give us a dual audio option for once. ;u;
    It was hard missing out on the JP cast for P4, I don’t want to miss Kazuya Nakai and Daisuke Ono together too.

    • boundries_san

      Well as this is for 3DS, i am not holding my breath for dual audio here. As long as Atlus brings this game here, i am mroe than happy here.

      • puchinri

        Yeah. In general, I haven’t known Atlus to do dual audio. I do want the game, either way. But it would be nice for them to give us dual audio for once. ;u;

    • Hraesvelgr

      Personally, I just wish they didn’t add voice acting to it at all. Kind of difficult for me to support that addition for this style of game.

      Also, Daisuke Ono is seriously like the Yuri Lowenthal of Japanese video game voice acting.

      • cj_iwakura

        I kind of agree on one hand, but on the other…

        Voice acted Victor. You know you want it.

      • puchinri

        I don’t really mind either way, personally. But if there is going to be voice acting, and they’re going to have prominent seiyuu again, I don’t want to miss out. It’d be a shame not to hear Kazuya Nakai’s voice while playing. 

        As for Ono, I like his voice work for Kenji (Koutetsushin Jeeg) and Shizuo (DRRR!!), but he’s not too important to me otherwise. However, a pair of voices like that together is really nice.

        Also, I feel kind of bad because I have no clue what that means. Is he in too much stuff? Doesn’t fit well with games versus anime? 

  • boundries_san

    Atlus! U see my wallet here? It is full of Macca. As long as u annouced the game here, ALL MY MACCA FOR U!!!

    • Technically Macca doesn’t exists/used over here…. GENIUS!! 

      • boundries_san

        Welll…… how about….. all my Magnetite!!!!!!

  • neetyneety

    It looks (dare I say it) devilishly intriguing so far, hope it comes to the West. Atlus, you know you want my money/Macca/forma/demons/or-whatever-the-hell-in-game-currency-this-game-uses.

  • Does it have anime cutscenes? Is this related to SMT or spin-off lk DeSu?

    • cj_iwakura

      Spin-off. It has cutscenes with 3d animation, and moving stills. Very classy stuff.

    • Julien_N

      Soul Hackers is the “true” Devil Summoner 2, in fact. =P

  • cj_iwakura
    • Tht cosplay dude/chick seriously looks….. unsetting. MC looks okay though.

      • cj_iwakura

        Who do you mean?

        • Tht dude/chick in maid costume….. He/She kinda creep me out….

          • cj_iwakura

            That’s a woman. Mary.

          • OkthtwhatdidIjust….. That one manly looking woman.

          • cj_iwakura

            There’s a reason for that, mild spoiler-

            Mary’s a robot.

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