Neptunia V Will Have Upgraded Character Models

By Spencer . May 18, 2012 . 3:00pm


Neptunia V takes place in the ’80s with a mostly familiar set of characters. Pururuto is new and she transforms into Iris Heart.


neptuniav5 neptuniav6 neptuniav7 neptuniav9


Compile Heart says they will remake all of the models for reoccurring characters and polish them for Neptunia V. They also plan to tweak the game’s loading times when switching into monster encounters. Here’s a look at Blanc, Vert, and Noire from Neptunia V.


neptuniav2 neptuniav3 neptuniav4 neptuniav10 neptuniav11 neptuniav12 neptuniav13 neptuniav14 neptuniav15 neptuniav16 neptuniav17 neptuniav18 neptuniav1

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Yeah, pretty sure this was already known but its good to see’em. The maps and everything else look upgraded too. I hope the framerate has been smoothed out even more.

  • I heard somewhere that the CPU candidates (Nepgear, Uni, ect.) wouldn’t be playable. Looking at the first screenshot at the top, I’m relieved to see that’s not true. Neptune is paired up with someone that looks like Nepgear (human form).

    • Raharu95

      You are right. That is Nepgear. Wonder how she and the other candidates will fit in the story

      • Uni was seen in a recent scan, so her appearance is likely. And since we already know Nepgear is present, Rom and Ram can’t be too far behind.

        • Really? That just adds farther relieve. I don’t know about other people but I don’t really like it when they cut characters out for almost no reason. Like RED in the transition from MK1 to MK2. Funny thing is that I never used her in the first game.

          Well, now all we need is the confirmation of the non-goddness characters.

          Also, may you post a link to that scan with Uni. I can’t seem to find it?

          • Raharu95

            I missed Red. I love her for her personality. In combat she is actually pretty useful if you don’t have the goddeses. She is the most physically oriented character, believe or not, from the humans. Hope they manage to bring her back in this game. I lamented inside when it was pretty much confirmed she would not appear in MKII

          • Oddly enough, this is all I can find right now. She’s in the upper left hand corner of the scan.

            There was another scan in which one of my friends pointed out that she was on the turn order, but I can’t seem to find it in my picture folder. =/

            Nevertheless, until I have confirmed what they’ve said is true or not– I’ll keep looking.

      • EusisLandale

         If I had to guess, I’d say that later on in the game Neptune finds a way back and gets help from everyone but the other goddesses, to avoid doubling up on the same character, with whatever is going on.

  • And, it runs at 1080p apparently


    •  Most likely bullshots but it would be cool if it did.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        MK2 is in 1080p when I play it.

  • AzureNova

    Awesomesauce! AzureNova approves this message =^_^=

  • Yea graphics are noticeable improved. If only it was an action-rpg. =/

  • puchinri

    Iris Heart is really pretty. She reminds me of a badass, relaxed older sis type. And makes me think of Millenia from Grandia II.


    Can’t wait for this game.

  • Natat

    Hah, I love the Famicom look for Blanc. The graphics look a lot improved in this one. Looking forward to it even more.

  • malek86

    Sigh. I’ll say it here too, those 3D models just don’t do the art justice. Look at the screenshot with Green Heart’s boobs. Her melons don’t look like they have volume from upfront. You can only see they are big because they come out from the sides. Compared to the art, it looks terrible.

    They should have used models that amplified the effect. More black lines, a more cel-shaded look that looks closer to the art, could have probably helped. Essentially, make the volume more visible.

    If they are going to do boobs, they should at least do them well. *pouts*

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Lol there there malek there are always 3D boobs to look at.

  • pgover

    I love all the old school color schemes for the girls (Famicom for Blanc, Original X-Box for Vert and PSOne for Noire). I also love the design for Iris Heart, so badass.

  • ivanchu77

    Blanc looks beautiful (*°∀°)=3  her new ourfit looks great on her.

    Personally I don´t care much about graphics but an improvement is always welcomed, and it looks much better than previous games, specially the environments

  • SuperSailorV

    I really, really want to get into Neptunia. Can I start with mk2?

    • Nitraion

      actually i am about start with mk2… it said the story isn’t related my copy is on the way

    • Neptunia resets the continuity with every instalment, so go ahead.

      • Neptune V is 3 years after Mk2’s ending– according to the Japanese articles.

        So to correct you– the first game is; mostly, irrelevant. On the other hand, Mk2 will likely be needed if people want to jump into V.

        • Neptunia V is about being trapped in the past, so no, people won’t need mk2 to understand V.

          Not to mention that it snarls on continuity by giving Pururut a Neptune doll when she either doesn’t exist or wasn’t anyone important back then.

          • People need Neptune Mk2 to know any of the references or continuity from it for V. Don’t think I am just talking out my ass here, I’ve been following this game via other sources since it was revealed.

            V’s story starts three years after Mk2; in a time of PEACE after Arfoire’s defeat. Somehow; presumably at the start of the game, Neptune ends up being sucked into an alternate dimension that is similar to– but not confirmed to be, GC 1989. Meaning it could be the past, but as far as we’ve been told– it’s most certainly not.

            Also.. it’s not hard to gather that Pururut obviously won’t have a Neptune plush as her first weapon. As you can see her actual weapon in one of the screenshots. It’s a plush of one of those cat-moogle abomination things, it’s in this very article– right beside the image of Vert.

            If the Neptune plush is in the game, Pururut would have to make it after she meets Neptune. Since she makes her stuffed animals, or it could even be Tsunako’s; the series’ artist, personal touch for the character art.

            Don’t take character art and use it as an excuse to void all continuity between the titles. Especially hen it’s been stated that this game continues after Mk2 and isn’t an entire reset like previous title was.

        • SuperSailorV

          That’s just what I needed to hear! I want to get in on it as soon as possible. I JUST picked up the Disgaea series and I wanted to try Atelier, too… I wish I didn’t put these all off so late in the game!

        • Kitestwinblades

           I’ve been dying to know this as well X3 Definitely buying Mk2. Thanks! :3

  • Göran Isacson

    So we have a character that appeals to not just the people who fancy wee little waifs, but also buxom babes? My friends, this is as deep as the rabbit hole goes, we’ve hit BONERCEPTION.

    Also, why is the Xbox-character represented when they weren’t a part of the eighties console business? Or am I not supposed to think that hard about this?

    • raymk

      Microsoft PC wasn’t around at that time?  Then again I think she maybe doesn’t have a world yet like neptunia.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        neptunia never had a PC goddess to begin with they just say Vert is everything MS.

        • Göran Isacson

          That could explain it. I was just thinking that MS was never really part of the console-war until Xbox came along, and since I thought Neptunia was all about the console-wars and just ignored the computer-market, one might see where my confusion came from.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             Yeah I can see where you got confusion honestly.

    • Ladius

      She could very well stand for MSX this time, given the game’s alleged timeframe.

  • My love for Neptunia series only grows and grows!

  • The cool thing is, CH is actual getting better software wise overall yeah.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Get your flame shield ready.

      • get your tissue boxes ready

        • Luna Kazemaru

           yea that wasn’t even close to funny.

          • William Hsia

            i lol’d….

          • u gay or something?i think the game should come with its own tissues mk2 really needs them. that conquest ending was very sad man

  • Muffum

    I love how they’re touting better graphics as a selling point. That kind of thing is to be expected, we’ve already seen the in-game graphics, and it’s not as if the Neptunia series has ever had graphics that ever rose above passable.

    • raymk

      For a small budget company like this advertising graphics as its selling point is fair game.  Especially since they didn’t have to do that and the fans would have still bought the game even without the graphics upgrade.

      • If Neptunia fans are that apathetic about the quality of the product they’re paying for themselves at a high price… all I can say is that it’s really not a smart move.

  • Angeru_Lito

    That graphics sure… what tahw? oh I got distracted by boobs sorry so what is this game again?

  • Somazu

     i like how the cpu versions of the returning characters are themed off the first console by the company they represent. white heart = famicom, black heart = playstation(1), green heart: original xbox

    • Kai2591

       ooo you’re right I didn’t notice that~

    • Guest

      Why’d you skip Iris Heart = Sega Master System?

      Also it’d be cool if we had an Atari rep, and a Sharp X68000 Rep

  • Carlos Escalante

    What console is the new characters supposed to be?

    • Pururut/Iris Heart is the MegaDrive, Blanc is based off of the Famicom, Noire is designed after the PSX, and Vert seems to be based off of the original Xbox.

  • canarinta

    EDIT: See post waaaay up there.^

    • boundries_san

      Umm where is the panties here?

      • canarinta

        Right there.

        • Darkrise

           Pics or it didn’t happen.

          • canarinta

            Pics are /right there/.

        • boundries_san

          I see none here?

          • canarinta

            Nevermind. Not a very obvious metaphor, I see.

          • boundries_san

            Umm if u mean the body suit, thats not panties lol. Thats like kind of plug suit not panties.

    • jonoepic69

      hmmm wow one person that shouldint get the game

  • PK212

    Loving the new screens, can’t wait for this game :)

  • jeremy_germ

    After looking at the first picture, I immediately thought it was Turn based.
    Or, at least, if you do, enhance so it becomes 10000x what the original was.

    • The Dengeki and 4gamer articles say this game’s systems and mechanics are based off of Mk2, but more polished– and tweaked according to user-feedback in regards to Mk2.

      So don’t worry, as far as we know– it’s not back to that horrid behind the characters view, where you can do nothing but choose your attacks and hope for the best.

      • Arrei

        I had the same thought so I looked at a few more screens… and one of the shots of Green Heart in the official gallery had what appears to be Mk2’s system, with a blue movement ring and Noire off in the background facing her own target.

        I also noticed the AP and SP system seems to have changed, from the fact that everyone in the screen has a 500 SP bar.

        •  Earlier screenshots were like Mk2, however they showed SP values in the 3000s, so yes. The battle system is the same, but it seems to have undergone some major changes and balancing tweaks– which so far have been good for this series.

          The EXE Drive Gauge that is present is also rumored to control HDD mode. Which if true… is a much welcomed change for me, hopefully it means we can use their HDD forms more often.

          • jeremy_germ

             Oof, thank god…
            Well then, I have no problems with this anymore and shall await its’ arrival

  • IshimaruKaito

    awww hell yea!

  • Darkrise

    I love how polished the characters are compared to the previous games! I’m wondering if the gameplay is still the same as Mk-II’s though, cuz it sure does. Not that I have a problem with that, but I do like improvement.

    • Most articles thus far have said Neptune V is based off of Mk2’s systems and gameplay– so the likely answer is: Yes.

  • Luna Kazemaru

     I swear I want that nep nep doll.

    • Darkrise

      I would kill anyone for it. 

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Oh we on the same page then.

  • Nitraion

    Ow man… Pururut i love both form and also yes don’t revert battle system to original please

  • just bring back the super sexy transformation sequence…XD

    • jonoepic69

      never ceases to amaze me

  • CrimsonalCore

    Every characters are beautiful… I wish they exists. :< Well, we can dream and imagine in our head, though, just to make yourself happy. :3

  • Stranger On The Road

    I want to say “SHUT UP and take my money”… but I can’t, I want to hear their voices :-(

    • jonoepic69

      who cares about voice acting just be thankful were getting the game

      • Stranger On The Road

         sorry, I meant that I couldn’t say “shut up” because I want to hear their voices.

        I guess the post was ambiguous.

  • The goddess looks more sexy in the past? And White Heart is even more crazy?

    Who Cares??? We want fan service.

    •  Not the past– well, not confirmed.

      So far all we’ve heard; those of us following the Japanese sites, is that it’s an alternate dimension that is “similar to”– but not the same, as Gamindustri in the 1980s.

      • This is getting weird….

        •  What’s even weirder is that the translations I’ve read show that the Japanese don’t even know how to classify the first game. It’s always listed as “Unlabeled/Unbranded”.

          Either way… the game looks great, and I think that is all that matters right now. xD

  • komiko12

    The contrast between Pururuto and Iris Heart is almost frightening…

  • Nerroth

    There’s a Dengeki Online article (spread over five pages) that has a gallery of higher-res images; including art for the G.C. 1989 versions of the four main cities.

    • boundries_san

      I am loling at the fact that the city for the four main city is still more advanced compared to the old Neptunia city here.

      But seeing Japanese oriented building, i am guessing that is good old Nintendo there.^^

  • Spider-Man

    These girls look tasteful. Love the outfits, weapons, and breasts. I will be buying this. Someone hand me their wallet.

  • Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY, ALREADY!!!

  • Pre-ordered the moment it was up on AmiAmi ~
    I seriously cannot wait for this game, it looks so much better… I actually LIKE Noire now, both her designs are just— YES.

    • boundries_san

      WUTTT!!! Ur faith should all be given to lady BLANC here!!!!

      •  I follow only Lady Purple Heart, Noire is merely a backup in case I am scorned by my lovely Nep-Nep ~

        On another note… Blanc’s new design is stunning. Makes me like her a lot more than I did; I actually liked her more than Noire before V, so yeah ~ =P

    • s07195

      Suddenly, your avatar… WANT. 0_0

      • Haha, you like it?
        From what I’ve read, it’s from an image that will be used during little chapter intermissions; like Disgaea has, the name escapes me however… due to lack of sleep. ^^

        Either way, Neptune’s excitement in the image got to me, I just had to make an avatar of it. xD

  • Luna Kazemaru

     Dude lol I think you need to learn what Hype is because no one is over hyping the game at all.

  • Luna Kazemaru

     >Lack of comment sense

    Just because I told you that you may not understand what hype is I am upset? The only one that seems upset is you seeing how you replayed back. The comments are comments neptunia normally gets this isn’t over hype “shut up and take my money” and comments about people saying that they love the game is all normal comments.

    Only thing people been doing is praising neptunia V is how the game feels so updated and not half done. Before you tell me do research on what Hype and fantardism is how about you do it yourself dear because If you want to see major fanboi’s and over hype just go to any MMO site and look up Diablo 3 or guild wars 2 then come back to me.

    • jonoepic69

      lol u amuse me. really you do but im done with this . its becoming pointless

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Yes because You would just make yourself look more of a fool.Since you know…Lol you have no Idea what you are talking about.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Yes because you are making yourself look like a fool because you have no idea what you are talking about. Next time if you going to back a point make sure you learn to do better.

      • Are you from /v/ or something? I’ve never seen this much autism outside of 4chan.

    • @facebook-100002595922411:disqus
      And look up ANY MMO forum on Nexon while you’re at it.

  • Not true. What interested me in Hyperdimension was the humor and funny story. It was never because of the fanservice

    • jonoepic69

      uded be surprized. it is deffinittly because of that. thats common sense. majority of the people obesess about either green hearts tits or black heart and now iris heart n yet most have not a clue about the iris heart excepte pics, and shes a goddess. i dont see the point of obesessing about a characters people have no info on. i mean the hype about this game is pathetic it hasent even hit japan shelfs yet and people claim to know everything about it. i would suggest u go read every artical on here. then you will see.

      • It’s like that for some, not for everyone.

        • jonoepic69

          i get what ur saying

          • Cool. As long as you understand where I’m coming from :p

        • jonoepic69

          yea man i do lol. other people though are getting anger issues caus eof my opinions lol. and aperently wanna correct my spelling. i dont see how spelling a big issue when they tell me to learn how to spell yet they can understand enough to reply?? werid i thought this was a video game site?? not a spelling B lmao . people and there stupidity never ceases to amaze me. and fyi i can spell just type to fast and honestly get a kick when people complain about typos XD. its like worry about something else XD

          • Doctor Nebula

            Correct your grammar and maybe I will try to read your comment.

  • Guest

    Luna was definitely not upset, so I see no reason why you stated such a thing. Luna also wasn’t attacking you so there was no need to be so defensive. All Luna said was that no one is hyping, which I agree. Many are just saying that they love the game, what they love, what they wish, etc. If you want some true examples of hype, check my weird excuse of a brother Michael, as he does this frequently lol. The point is that you’re terribly misunderstanding and I request that you stop before you truly do look odd.

    • jonoepic69

      i respect your opinion . the point is i know what im talking about might wanna re read the last post i made. and i was just replying to her comments with my on views. also ur only going bye what u see in this artical about this game. go check the other HDV articals on here and u’ll see what im talking about all i did was post my opinion on here and i got told other wise so if anyones being deffensive its the people replying to my comments saying i have no idea what im talking about with i am. and loving a game t much can be considered over hype and fanboyish. look at the tales series once thats another big fanboyism there. hence why alot of people wont get into theses games is because of over hype and people thinking they know everything about a game dont worry im not attacking u im just replying to ur comment and giving u my views

  • EusisLandale
    “Don’t care for a particular game? OK, cool, but there’s no need to ridicule others for enjoying it.”
    Having some difficulties reading your posts, but from what I gather, while you claim to like the game, you’re still mocking people for their reasons, or reasons you think others have, for liking the games. Please go away.

    • jonoepic69

      actully i never  said i didnt like it i happen to. so f ur so affened either get over it or dont comment and ignore it. aprently i cant give an opinion? ur funny kid and idc if people like it. need to read more carefully . i just dont like the fanboyism point is everyones gonna give an opinion. and telling people to go away isint gonna make then

      • EusisLandale

        You can give an opinion. You can’t go around insulting other people though.
        I’m asking that you go away, so you don’t dig yourself into a hole and get banned from the site for poor behavior.
        I’ve provided you the link to the site’s rules, which truth be told should be easier to locate it seems, it’s up to you to follow them if you want to stay here.

        • jonoepic69

          ohh dont worry i get what ur saying. i actully didnt i just said the truth not like i cussed anyone out. just gave my opinion. but if u say so then i gotcha

  • Luna Kazemaru

    I normally don’t get into long ass reply’s but here we go lets break this down.

    >”ive played and beaten more jrpgs then you have video games period”

    This is funny because you have no idea who I let alone know me in real life to even base this as true. Also I honestly Have no idea what that has to do with hype lol.

    >” sorry luna ur the fool. and making ur self look bad. so dont compare u
    to me when i clearly have more intellect and gaming exsperiance then u.”

    Use spell check before you come out and call me a fool. At least I have enough intellect you understand what hype is and know when something is being over hyped. I give you to big examples of over hype and you say I lack common sense…Try harder ok.

    >” i mean ur responses are pathetic and clearly ur just mad cause u cant handle others opinions.”

    I still don’t see how I am mad seeing as how I am posting with intelligence unlike you who lack the brain cells to use spell check and are clearly upset. If I was upset I would be posting random crap that you are trying to prove some failure of a point that you are better then me.

    Try harder next time or at least learn to use spell check when you come at someone and say you are smarter then someone.–article_image.jpg

  • boundries_san

    Good job on streotyping the whole fans buying this game here.

    • jonoepic69

      all i did was give an opinion everyones gonna have one. and i said people and i also didnt say everyone. and didnt point out certain people so your sereotyping* theory dosent exsist 

      • boundries_san

        Well u mention on ur comment below that majority player play this game is for boobies??? I don’t even really care about that so much here. I only love the game because of the funny conversation of each char here.

  • boundries_san

    Can’t wait for this game to come this time.^^ I wonder if we will get new company again for this series??

    Who knows they will have “Irem”? or Monolith? as the new char here?

    Neptunia here i come!!!^^

  • LustEnvy

    Question is… will it actually be fun this time around? Not touching a Neptunia until they get gameplay down.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      I take it you didn’t like Mk2

  • Bio_liquid

    Wow… the background landscaping… looks good for once O_O

    White Heart looks even scarier now. yum :D

  • Hyosuke575

    Oh god, she got Pirachu!

  • Looks so pervvy. Love it, haha

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Now I could careless about this game :/

  • Pretty much how I feel about the new characters, updated character models, and just the game in general.

  • canarinta

    EDIT: I guess opinions aren’t allowed here. Nevermind then.
    “I didn’t like this series and this is my opinion on why.”

    • boundries_san

      …….. I am not an Otaku, i don’t feel that this game so called “Sex Sells” is attractive for me while i really like the game concept of “consoles war” and their funny conversation.

      The character costume has beeen like that since the first and i believe they won’t change here. It is all depending on how u see this game here. I don’t feel that their transformation clothes is so problematic as that is just like how “Sailor Moon char” changes form.

      And let me tell u, this franchise is never going to kill Japan.(and other Asian countries for that matter…. NOT)

      I feel that u really don’t like this game here and pliz if u don’t like this game can’t u just avoid this game? as there are still people loving this game.

      Anyway good job on stereotypying people wanting to play this game as “Closet Otaku” here and for ur information, not everyone who plays this game is “Otaku”.

      • canarinta

        >I am not an Otaku
        That’s okay. I’m not one either, but I’ve played it.
        You say you like the game for it’s humor and setting. That’s okay too.

        >The character costume has beeen like that since the first
        That’s right. I’m talking about the whole franchise.

        >It is all depending on how u see this game here 
        It’s impossible to deny it’s fanservice. You can /try/ to think innocent thoughts, but the fact is, it really is fanservice.

        >And let me tell u, this franchise is never going to kill Japan
        There you go again, taking metaphors at face value. 
        Japanese fertility rate is about 1 per woman.
        Birth rates are dropping, and the elderly are outnumbering the young.
        Otaku culture encourages the growth of that problem.

        >I feel that u really don’t like this game here
        No, no really. I’d just like it to be a little less flamboyant.

        All in all, I feel as though you didn’t understand my points properly. I don’t know whether the fault is with my way of writing, or your interpretation skills. In any case, I apologize.

        • boundries_san

          “It’s impossible to deny it’s fanservice. You can /try/ to think innocent thoughts, but the fact is, it really is fanservice.”

          There is no such thing as impossible here but okay, what i meant here is the drive that attract me into this game is not fanservice at all. It is the consoles war so for myself the fanservice is not the important attribute that brings me to bought and love this franchise.

          “Japanese fertility rate is about 1 per woman.Birth rates are dropping, and the elderly are outnumbering the young.Otaku culture encourages the growth of that problem.”

          So now we are talking about the nation itself??? Let me tell u the reason why the birth rates is decreasing in Japan here. It is easily caused by the cost of living in Japan not by some games here.

          Living in “Tokyo” or “Osaka” is like living hell. U need to work real hard each days till u lose time for u to even socialize outside ur working environment.(Which is the reason there are still arranged marriage there) People are slowly becoming more dependent beings there rather than social beings which is why some people “who is married” thought that it is okay to not have any children as they thought having children is troublesome and this is not only happening in Japan lol. This is also happening in other developed country like “Singapore”

          It seems u are following “Ishihara” way of thinking here. Are u also thinking “Hentai” game causes rape cases here?

          Well i think this is all my thought here.^^

          • canarinta

            It seems you misunderstood again. I never said it was the cause, I said encouraged.

            You have to learn that not everyone shares the same opinion of the game as you.

            I respect your opinion that Neptunia is a good game series. 
            I hope you can respect mine.


            I know, because one facet of Japanese culture is the root contributing the issues of Japan as a whole?

            For your information, otaku are a minority in Japan, whilst the problems are happening to Japan across the board. If anything, the growth of otaku culture is not a contributor, but reaction to the problems.


          Video games are serious bsns amirte? Next, we should blame police brutality on CoD.

          • boundries_san

            …… While i don’t want to admit this, Video games is indeed serious business lol. Gamer can go crazy for one game and in the end blame the game for brainwashing them lol.


            He has to be trolling.

          • boundries_san

            Well i had a believe that their defence attorney is the one giving them the idea here lol. Just like some case, the culprit claimed that he is insane to avoid death sentence lol.

    • Bhunivelze

      If you don’t like these kind of games, you could just, you know, not buy them. A genre of vidya game isn’t killing Japan. If this sort of thing is all that it takes to kill a nation’s birthrate, then most of modern civilization should be gone by now since the internet is full of porn. These games are small beans in the grand scheme of things. You just want something to bitch about. 

      • canarinta

        >Implying I said a videogame single-handedly destroyed birth rates
        You keep telling yourself that.

        I played it expecting a pretty okay RPG. I didn’t like it. I can have an opinion.

        • Bhunivelze

          you called it “the cancer that is killing Japan.” >_> 

    • Luna Kazemaru

      And another person popping into the comments to generalize the people who play the game and make a silly comment saying this is killing Japan. Seeing as I lived there since my birth before I moved to the US I know what is hurting Japan and games like this has nothing to do with it. Honestly..nvm I had enough ranting last night about this…I feel sorry for who ever liked that comment.

      • rebecasunao

        I do find the way the game portrays girls really troublesome.

        • boundries_san

          Well the plugsuit had already been there since the start of the series so i can not see they taking it off now.T_T

          But the girls personality is just like all kind of normal girl which is totally the exact opposite of their attire which makes its okay for me.^^

      • revenent hell

        I totally love that attached file lol<3

    • Luna Kazemaru

       I really get sick of people hiding behind the its my opinion thing now when they know they WILL spark something BUT opinions are fine. Just making baseless comments and generalizations are not.

      • canarinta

        I really wanted to share my opinion without it. I really did.

    • boundries_san

      Opinion is okay lol. But what did u mention here? U said this game is killing Japan(O.o?), Panty Parties game and most of the people who play this game is only looking for “fanservice”

      But that does not happen to us which is why we retaliate to ur opinion here. While there are probably some people who play this game for ur reason, there are also people like me or maybe other who play this game because of the “console wars” setting or the funny conversation and people like me just think that the fanservice is just some plus to the game not the main factors of the game.

  • revenent hell

    I dont mind fan servicey games because I happen to be a fickle person and I enjoy pretty things and seeing certain things not 100% rated PG is a nice change for me from the other games I play. Pluss a nice lil comic relief game is nice to play every once in a while and I dont own manny of those.

    That said the only major problem I have with this particular series is it dosent seem to have a valid goal I guess you could say. Playing MK2 felt almost exactly like playing the orriginal game to me and I have to say based on the premise of this game I dont forsee to much changing in this one.

    I do like how this game is looking and I want it alone for that but I enjoy a decent storey as well and while I do enjoy a nice easy comedic game once in a while I dont think I can stomache playing the same thing for a third time in a row. To purchase this game I twould need to have the storey line be deeper and all new charecters,nope a costume change is not good enough,or have  the reoccuring ones as  NPC’s.
    I do think its nice to have past charecters you have played in a series in the new game but I think after playing the first two games  it just feels repetative to me.

  • kroufonz

    sweet 3d model and lovin the new nepu, noire and  blanc normal costume, patiently waiting for NISA localization

    all those beautiful 3D model make me wish capcpom put more effort on PS3 version character model in their upcoming ex trooper game.

  • love the whole series and it gets better every time (especially the sound track which no one seems to point out). cant wait for a gameplay trailer and a preview of the opening/ending theme song of this game.

    BLANC FOR THE WIN!!! Liking that smile!!!

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