Crimson Dragon Swoops Into Xbox 360 On June 13

By Spencer . May 23, 2012 . 12:32am

cimson5Microsoft set June 13 as the release date for Crimson Dragon, an upcoming Kinect game made by former Panzer Dragoon developer Mineko Okamura’s company Grounding.


Crimson Dragon is a rail shooter where players ride a dragon and control it using Kinect. When the game starts can control the Blood Skin, a well rounded dragon that shoots plasma rays. You can get other dragons as you progress through the game.


cimson6Blood Skin


cimson7Dark Shoulder is a heavy dragon that blasts enemies with Fire Cannon.


cimson8Snow Wing has white fur and is the fastest of the bunch. Lightning Arrow is Snow Wing’s special attack.


cimson9Blackborn specializes in locking on to enemies even at a low level. Homing Ray is its main skill.-


cimson10Golden Mohawk is tough with high strength and defense. Plasma Bullet is its main skill.


cimson11Silvertail has the highest will, but the lowest strength. Lightning Vision, Silvertail’s main skill, hones in and auto locks on to enemies.


cimson1 cimson2 cimson3 cimson4

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  • malek86

    Visually speaking, this looks pretty impressive.

    • Godmars

       Pity it been strapped to motion control though. Might actually consider getting an Xbox if it were just a regular controller game. Was more fleshed out on to the level PD Saga was.

      • midgard229

        kinect ruins everything

        • Godmars

           Motion control in general my friend. Move might have some saving graces as a  light gun, if anyone made light gun games, but even the thing with Sony over rumble and trying to use six-axis to cover ruined another dragon title: Lair.

          • Julien_N

            I wouldn’t say that. Motion gaming can be very cumbersome sometimes, but when it is implemented in games designed around that, it can prove to be an interesting and pleasurable experience. You mentionned the light gun games for example that work very well with the IR pointer. I would add both No More Heroes that made the finishing blows oddly enjoyable, and point’click games that work with a remote at least as well as with a mouse. The same goes for touch screen controls that have some potential when exploited in ingenious ways. 

            As with everything, it is a question of proper implementation. ;)

          • Godmars

             Except that’s not the case here. Instead of MC being used to compliment Panzer Dragoon type game, the name of Panzer Dragoon is being exploited to promote MC. At least such seems to be the case to me.

            I mean even if the game turns out to be good or at least decent, as a DLC title its more of a mini-game than a full blown title. PD deserves better than that.

          • Julien_N

            A mini-game? O_o It does not look like a mini-game at all, I don’t see where you are going with this idea…
            Anyway, I think I understand what you meant when you mentionned the relation between the tech’ and the game itself. But unless Crimson Dragon is launched as an obviously unfinished and unpolished tech demo’, I don’t see why it could be a bad thing to have a game which objective is to promote the accessory, as long as the game mechanics work well and provide  entertainement and enjoyable action to the level of the Panzer Dragoon series. We’ll see when the game will be released for everyone to play.

            If you take Sin&Punishment for example, the motion controls introduced in the sequel gave the game more possibilities with the level design and S&P 2 is just as good as the original (Well, to be honest, I prefer the first but the reasons are not related to motion gaming at all, it is more in terms of length, scoring, boss milk and arcade-like interface)

          • Godmars

            Its my understanding its a download title designed to compensate for Kinect’s shortcomings. Like Child of Eden. It might be another Gunslinger, but that wont change the fact that it’ll likely be a game tailored around one premises or game mode with a menu selection that’s been disguised as gameplay.

            Also pretty sure S&P is a light gun game.   

          • Julien_N

            Digital distribution does not necessariy mean the game is bad, or lacking in content. And Child of Eden was as cool as Rez; even if it was compatible with Kinect, it didn’t end up sub-par.
            Also, I am sorry but I don’t quite understand the “disguised gameplay mode” argument. If the game has an arcade feel and is focused on a single mode with plenty of care in the level-design department, then why would it be an issue? It is way better than multiple broken game modes here just for the sake of having several modes. As I said before, “wait & see”. ^^

            And S&P2 is not only a light gun game, in the vein of House of the Dead. It is more of an hybrid. The only genre I could put it in is “Crazy awesome streamlined arcade-like action game” XD

  • Kitsune Miku

    I was hoping this would become a Dragon raising game, not disimilar to the old Monster Rancher (Farm) games. Seems I’ll never be able to literally Train My (Your) Own Dragon. :(

    • Julien_N

      It is more of a spiritual sucessor to Panzer Dragoon, which isn’t surprising as one of the persons behind this game also worked for SEGA’s rail shooter series, as said in the article. ^^

  • Oi, a dragon ridin’ game with motion controlz! dis ain’t been done before! coughLaircough

    Humie Translator Robot: yeah the ork knows sarcasm, and yet again, im inclined to agree with him.

  • Julien_N

    I wonder if aiming and moving the dragon on the screen (if there is any way to move it) are independant. This is the reason I find Sin&Punishment very clever and rewarding, compared to Star Fox for example. You have to multi-task which is complicated at first (especially in the first game), but very interesting level-design-wise as you have the freedom of not being always in front of the target you aim. The same goes for Kid Icarus Uprising’s flying sections, but they are more straightforward and mindlessly circling around the area allows you to dodge the whole majority of the attacks.

    • malek86

      If this is like the previous games, not really. In PD you move by aiming in one direction.

      But then, we still don’t know if this will be like the previous games. However, since it uses Kinect, I don’t really expect the player to have much freedom in terms of movement (though it’s not a given – The Gunstringer allows you to move and aim as indipendent actions).

      • Julien_N

        I never played Panzer Dragoon games so I wasn’t sure about their mechanics, but yeah, it is not the same deal as in S&P.
        As the game is for Kinect, maybe moving can be assigned to a hand and aiming to an other? Oh well, I guess we’ll see how the game will turn out. ^^

  • boundries_san

    Only one response for this game lol.


  • LustEnvy

    Please tell me you can play this with a standard controller. PLEASE.

  • icecoffemix

    Never got into Panzer Dragoon franchise, but this make me wish for Drakengard 3. :(

  • Göran Isacson

    Those dragons are so gorgeous I ALMOST wish I owned a Kinect. I am just such a sucker for PD-designs…

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

     It’s worth mentioning, it runs on the UE3 and the gameplay is similar to Child Of Eden.

  • better not suck

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